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Video: Israel’s latest ‘evidence’ of Al Shifa Hamas base is embarrassingly feeble

CCTV footage – in a hospital the Israelis claimed had taped up all its cameras – showing wounded men being taken into a hospital is supposed to be proof Al Shifa hospital is a Hamas base

IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari claiming a ‘hostage’ shows no signs of being hurt

The Israeli military’s attempts to justify its incessant bombing of Gaza’s hospitals and schools by claiming that Al Shifa – Gaza’s largest hospital – was a Hamas base started feebly and have become an international embarrassment.

‘Evidence’ so far put forward has been full of holes, including claiming an IDF laptop on a desk was a Hamas computer – and a claim so transparently false that even the BBC felt obliged to point out the obvious problems and changes in a supposed weapons stash between the IDF publishing a video of it and them allowing the BBC in to film.

And now, IDF propaganda-pusher Daniel Hagari is telling us to believe that Israel has ‘concrete evidence’ of Hamas’s use of the base, because of CCTV footage showing them bringing in two men – when at least one of them is clearly badly wounded and the other is staggering like he might well be and appears to have blood on his shirt.

It’s impossible to tell from the footage – if it’s genuine at all – whether the wounded men are Palestinian or Israeli – or, as Hagari claims, from the Far East – but we’re supposed to think that bringing two wounded men into a hospital is ‘conclusive proof’ of anything except that, well duh, you take wounded people to a hospital if you’re a humane human being.

Hagari also claims ‘Hamas’ bringing military trucks into a hospital is illegal, yet then goes on in his own presentation to show they are bringing wounded people into the hospital for treatment – the war crime would be to not bring them to the hospital:

And even if the men in Hagari’s video are hostages, Hamas is unlikely to have shot them and then try to save their lives – and evidence is now piling high that the deaths and woundings at the Beeri kibbutz were caused by Israeli troops ordered to destroy houses and vehicles even though they knew they might be killing Israelis – including an inadvertent admission by a senior Netanyahu spokesman – though this is unsurprisingly being ignored by the UK’s so-called ‘mainstream’ media.

When in a hole, you should stop digging – but Israel is so desperate to justify its war crimes that it is embarrassing itself more with each attempt. It would be funny if they weren’t trying to cover genocide, ethnic cleansing and war crimes.

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  1. Yes it is surprising that even the BBC has felt compelled to point out the flimsiness of Israel’s story yet we can be sure of one thing – there will be no criticism from Genocide Joe Biden or that apology for a human being Keir Starmer

    1. Hold on, let’s have a bit of realism here. I saw the IDF pointing out a newly minted tunnel and it was dry yet. That’s soldiering for you. The tunnels are unfinished. Right, in you go boys and girls.

  2. Dr. Norman Finkelstein, an author and academic who has written extensively about Israel/Palestine, pointed out the odd nature of a military as advanced as the IDF fearing “booby traps.”

    In any event, have no fear: it’s certain that Israel will figure out how to deactivate the
    booby-trap—after it finishes constructing the tunnel.

    — Norman Finkelstein (@normfinkelstein) November 19, 2023

    1. Oh that old: self hating jew, anti semite, wrong kind of jew, thingybob denier… hang on. These attack aren’t working anymore. We and the media are the only ones left who push this stuff.

  3. RE; The alleged “second” hostage.

    Is this the one on the trolley? Looks wounded to me. So much so that he’s lost his lower right leg.

    Also, he not only seems pretty pale skinned for a supposed Nepalese/Thai person; but rather tall, too.

    As for the first ‘hostage’ in fairness he might have blood on his shirt but doesn’t seem weak-kneed enough to be badly injured.

    Doesn’t automatically make him a hostage in any way, though.

    Not having it. They’re more arsed about having their jeeps stolen. Trying to legitimize their attacks on the hospital because of two military vehicles – that don’t even have any mounted weapons on board.

    Bad bullshitters.

    1. One other thing, just a trifling matter, really…

      WHY are the hostages the only ones with their faces blurred – especially the first one? Surely you’d want to be able to recognize them; to try to match their faces with any photos of them before their kidnapfor confirmation purposes?

      I suppose the israelis are respecting their dignity or somesuch. 😕

      1. Or the Israeli actors’ union insisted their members faces be blanked out!

    2. After seeing the second (trolley) victim again on a bigger screen (tv) it appears that you can just about make out his lower right leg below the knee. Can’t see his calf/ foot hanging below the horizontal either on the phone or tv when which is what led me to say it.

      Still looks more Caucasian than Asian/oriental though.

    3. Yes Toffee. Forget facial recognition technology (in which Israel is world-leader), it’s the ‘low-tech’ journalist-variety that Israel is protecting itself against here. Several Israeli alternative press commenters are making the same point.

  4. This is just propaganda to justify all their war crimes so they concoct a video hoping we believe them. not once have they produced any Hamas dead fighters that they have supposedly killed or are the 6000+children the real terrorists. Fucking dirty disgusting Zionist murdering cowards supported by a human wrights lawyer Sir fucking keir starver

    1. I would like to take this opportunity to tell the world that they should set their alarms an hour or two earlier each morning because as during Thatchers years we can despise this Labour project longer.

  5. In a Sun article posted on their website the day before the big demo on November the 11th (and updated on the 11th) and headlined ‘Cenotaph will be kept under 24-hour police guard for first time during Remembrance commemorations as PM appeals for calm’, it says the following:

    Meanwhile, veterans were advised by military officials not to wear their medals or berets when they travel to Remembrance services today to honour the 1.3million servicemen and women killed in action since 1914.

    The Sun doesn’t stipulate WHY they should be advised not to wear their medals or berets, but the implication is obvious of course – ie that they risk being abused or assaulted by pro-Palestinian protesters en route to the demo if they do – and this of course is just a few days after millions of people had been led to believe that a 78 year-old poppy seller was punched and kicked by protesters at a pro-Palestinian rally the previous Saturday at Waverley Station in Edinburgh. Mind you, the story didn’t break until the Monday night when the Mail posted it on their website at 22.22, and by the next day it was headline news right across the MSM. It’s a mystery why it took until the Wednesday for the police to announce that they had thoroughly investigated the claim and interviewed witnesses etc and, as such, found no evidence that said assault had happened – only AFTER millions of people had been led to believe it HAD, and didn’t learn otherwise.

    Anyway, getting back to the ‘advice’ supposedly given to veterans, it is/was a complete and utter falsehood, because if it was legitimate, the the whole of the MSM would have covered it. As I said in a post three days ago, neither the Guardian or the Indy reported it, and I checked out the Daily Mail and Express earlier, and neither of them reported it either. But GB News and Talk TV covered it BIG time, as did several other outlets. Just check out this GB News video on youtube (7 mins) with the presenter and a Colonel Richard Kemp lying through their nasty rotten teeth about the ‘pro-Hamas’ protesters….. the poison just oozes out of them naturally. And it’s been viewed 203k times since it was posted nine days ago, and has 4,002 comments, just about all of them along the lines of the following:

    Wear your uniform with pride,your medals with honour!!! This is Britain, a proud country not a country for religionphobia and hated!!!!

    As a vet myself, I will wear my medals. This is enough now people, we must stand together once and for all.

    The British people must protect the elderly vets as well as the cemotaph.

    I’m English, 63 and was born and live in Portsmouth. I wanted to put a Union Jack in my window to show support for our veterans. My dad would be 103 and fought in WW2. My friends & family advised me not to. I live along a fairly main road. They said I might get a brick through my window or worse. Why should I bow down to foreigners who I don’t even know, in my own country? I can’t take much more, I’ve had enough.

    If veterans have been advised not to wear their medals, if people are told not to hold the English flag, if poppy sellers are advised not to be there, if monuments etc are having to be guarded then this is not a demonstration!

    I have little doubt that just like the Mail, GB News has its own shills (a couple at least) posting numerous comments on there, and giving many of the most inflammatory of them hundreds of Likes so as to keep them near the top of the comments.

    1. For some absurd reason I can’t post the link, having now tried five times…… And every time I post now its literally several minutes before it appears in the comments!

  6. Looks like they have run out of dead cats to throw on the table to distract you from the Genocide
    This was their last chance before the ICC launches their case against the Savages and Barbarians responsible for the slaughter
    Hopefully that will include Sir Gaza Kid Killer, veteran Human Rights Lawyer, can they fit in the Veteran War Criminal and Peace Envoy
    Anticipation is the greatest pleasure

    1. While the vile one was laying a wreath the bombs were dropping on children. Still in the party SCG?

      1. Sorry. I should have started the above post with; after the terrorist attack by Hamas in which scores of hostages were killed by, no that’s not it. After Hamas beheaded all of those poor babies and Israel then took preemptive anti terrorist actions in Gaza tha ambitious leader of what was once the Labour Party laid a wreath etc.

  7. No matter what ‘evidence’ the IDF produce. It doesn’t change the facts that Israel is a Zionist terrorist State run by Zionist terrorists. They lie through their teeth to justify their murder and apartheid against Palestinians. Hamas is a resistance group which has had enough of Palestinians being cornered in a cage, and in desperation decided to do something about it. When you treat people like animals, you don’t get the right to tell them how they should fight back.

  8. Gaza has been described as an open air prison and as a concentration camp. However I believe a more apt description is a ghetto as in my opinion it has been specifically designed by the Israelis replicate for Palestinians the degradation and dehumanisation experienced by Jews in Nazi run ghettos principally in Warsaw but elsewhere too.
    The Warsaw Ghetto was a small area in the city of Warsaw where Jews had lived for many years. However once the Nazis took over the ghetto was surrounded by huge perimeter walls with watch towers and armed guards. Jews from Poland and from other countries occupied by the Nazis had their homes and lands confiscated and they were forced to relocate to the ghetto losing everything . Anyone leaving the ghetto to work had to have an exit pass. The ghetto was severely overcrowded and the Nazis controlled access to food water medicine and fuel. People were randomly shot dead on the street or killed for some minor incursion of the rules,insanitary conditions and no proper burial of the dead bred disease and more deaths. People were robbed of their possessions and their dignity, some committed suicide others struggled on only to die of starvation.
    In 1943 -80 years ago- the Jews imprisoned in the ghetto decided to fight back . They staged an uprising, attacking the Nazis without warning and inflicting severe casualties on them. The Nazis responded by “liquidating” the ghetto, reducing the buildings to rubble and eventually killed nearly all survivors in the gas chambers.
    Sound Familiar? It should do for history is repreating itself in Gaza only this time those in the ghetto are Palestinians and the Nazis are the Israelis

    1. Smartboy
      Can we refer to Gaza as a ‘Death Camp’
      There will be more deaths from starvation and disease very soon

      1. Reply to Doug
        Yes I think that aptly describes Gaza as well.
        Whatever anyone choses to call it ,Gaza demonstrates without doubt that the Israelis are using Nazi methods, propaganda and dehumanisation techniques to destroy the bodies and souls of Palestinians. They have been doing it for years but it is only now that that their depravity has been so openly ,even proudly displayed for all to see.
        However such is revulsion of decent people everywhere at Israel’s total embrace of neo nazism that never again will this cruel degenerate state be able to exploit the Holocaust and the memory of 6 million Jews who lost their lives in the Gazas of the past to justify its barbarity to the Palestinians of today.
        Despite the all the fake “antisemitism” accusations (and the resultant destruction of reputations and careers ) and the work of Israels apologists and lobbyists whether paid or unpaid many of us have known for a long time that Israel is a rogue terrorist state Now the whole world knows it too.
        However the USA and the UK still support Israel and the USA continues to use its veto to prevent the UN security council taking action against it – clearly money oil and gas matter more than the massacre of innocent men women children and tiny babies in the great “Western democracies”.

    1. Reply to Steve H
      Truly disgusting video which exposes once again the vicious hatred and poisonous racism Zionists have for Palestinians and the extent to which they are able to indoctrinate their children and others that Palestinians are ” human animals” “cockroaches” etc undeserving of life.
      This is not confined to Israel either – you only have to look at the venom Zionists across the world are spewing out to see how fascist and hatefilled they are.
      How can any decent person regardless of their political opinion rejoice in or defend the massacre of babies and little children- the obliteration of the next generation of Palestinians? The answer is they can’t and those on twitter, in parliament, in the BBC and MSM etc excusing the massacre of these innocents (and condemning those of us who call it out for the genocide and war crime that it is) are complicit. They are in my opinion the scum of the earth , the lowest of the low.

    2. It might be back-firing SteveH.

      Although its fascistic aggression is immediately obvious and off-putting to most people, a strictly orthodox (Charedic) acquaintance who sent it to me last week pointed out out that its having the exact same (off-putting) effect on Jews in Israel, amongst whom open-support for the plight of Palestinians is increasing daily. Nevertheless. credit to Electronic Intifada for publicising it.

  9. Following on from my earlier posts……

    I was just searching for something on Tik Tok that I came across the other day, and came across the following video, and it’s precisely the reaction and the mindset that the likes of Kemp and GB News and the Sun et al set out to foment with their lies and falsehoods, and it’s scary to think how many people are out there with such attitudes, and all built on lies, lies concocted and contrived by hatemongers to manipulate what people feel.

    I wonder what this guy would think, and what he would feel, if he learnt it was all lies, and that he was duped and deceived and manipulated:

    2 mins 33 secs

  10. This is what I was looking for on Tik Tok….. not the video, which is just a 2 minute clip from the GB News video with Richard Kemp (which I posted up the page, twice!), but for the comments, of which there are 623, and the fact that it’s been viewed 73.4k times (as stated in the listing). Anyway, here’s a selection of the comments, with a note here and there by me in brackets:

    I will be wearing mine tomorrow!

    Absolutely not. These veterans gave gone through hell to earn their medals.

    this is shocking ,it’s their right to wear them ,with no fear but with pride

    Surely this can’t be true 😔 [it’s not]

    Those veterans have earned and fought for these medals. What has this country come to

    It’s true I have also been told not to wear my uniform and medals until arriving [you lie!}. This country is at war and no one realises it yet!

    this is getting out of hand ,so sad for England 🇬🇧 😢

    This is true iv received a Email that says exactly that .. [you lie!}

    No. this needs to stop. Wear your medals with pride, we salute you and will never forget 🙏

    absolutely shocking they fought for peace for all of us


    Only a week or so ago this kind of testimony was being dismissed as a ‘conspiracy theory’ on a well known alternative site.

    Whatever the claims and counter claims the fact remains that without any corroboration or testing with evidence of the original claims The Official Narrative and its lynch mob Wild West mentality has once again gone off half-cocked with real life consequences.

    For all the talk about ‘Western Values’ incessantly spewed out by the willing executioner mouthpieces of our Professional and Managerial classes on behalf of the Oligarchs pulling their strings – with its unspoken but implicit assumption of superiority over everything and everyone else – once again the supposed core value of due process is conveniently absent.

    Which does not bode well for the rest of us under such a – what’s that phrase again? Ah yes – ‘only viable’ system. There is no one within this Class at any level with the capability and competence to run a whelk stall. For anyone with even only a smidgen of gumption neither the first, second, third or even fourth eleven have any credibility. Such is the rot.

  12. What sums up our world better than anything these days is the Devils Trifecta between Rishi Sunaks family, BP and Israel
    Follow the fecking money

  13. “The chimaera being presented is one that by reaching back to earliest Zionist ideology, Israel can turn the catastrophe in Gaza – as Finance Minister Smotrich has long argued – into a solution that once and for all ‘unilaterally resolves the inherent contradiction between Jewish and Palestinian aspirations – by ending the illusion that any kind of compromise, reconciliation or partition is possible.”

    – Alistair Crooke

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