Video: BBC does actual journalism to expose IDF Al Shifa claims

IDF’s ‘evidence’ of Hamas presence at Al Shifa hospital falls even further apart under BBC analysis

The BBC has done its job of scrutinising ‘evidence’ claimed by the Israeli military (IDF) to show the presence of a Hamas base at the Al Shifa hospital in Gaza – and the Israeli claims fell even further apart under even that rudimentary scrutiny.

The IDF had already been widely and rightly derided for the feebleness of its attempts to persuade the world that it had found evidence of a Hamas base, after it pointed to a calendar claiming it showed the names of Hamas fighters when it showed only the days of the week in Arabic – and deleted a video showing a supposed ‘Hamas laptop’ was in fact an IDF machine, then released another version with the laptop blurred out.

But the BBC’s analysis:

  • showed that the supposedly ‘one take’ video put out by the IDF had in fact been edited
  • showed that weapons ‘found’ near an MRI machine in the hospital had in fact been multiplied between the IDF’s video shoot and the BBC being allowed in to film
  • noted that the IDF claimed the additional weapons had been found ‘throughout the day’ – but the regime did not explain why they appeared in a location that supposedly showed a weapons stash ‘as found’
  • concluded that the IDF had yet to provide any believable evidence to support its attempt to justify its slaughter of civilians in Gazan hospitals by demonstrating a significant Hamas presence:

The BBC did not mention the nonsense of the fact that stashing a pile of metal weapons next to an MRI machine – which would have been in use until fuel ran out in the last few weeks – would also be disastrous, because even a metal bracelet would be pulled into the machine’s magnets, but the point still stands.

Every time Israel has provided ‘evidence’, it has collapsed and been rightly ridiculed – but the wilful collusion of western governments (and in this country the so-called ‘opposition’) has enabled Israel’s genocide in Gaza. Al Shifa hospital is now in the middle of a forced and probably deadly evacuation, after the IDF destroyed the hospital’s last oxygen reserves to force doctors to comply who had been refusing for the sake of their desperately-ill patients.

Now if only the BBC would continue to hold governments to account – including the UK government’s continuing assault on the poor, vulnerable and disabled and all of our human and civic rights – as well.

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