Israel accuses United Nations workers of being Hamas members to justify killings

Arrogance and deception overflow as oppressors pose as the oppressed

Israel’s representative to the United Nations has accused UN Relief Agency (UNWRA) workers of being Hamas member, exposing the towering arrogance of Israel yet again.

In an unhinged rant at the UN, as the appalled World Health Organisation head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus listened stony-faced to the smearing of murdered health and school workers, Gilad Erdan told the UN that ‘many’ UNWRA workers – Israel has killed over one hundred in just a month, with many more missing and presumed dead – are members of the organisation and then went on to insist that ‘UN facts’, ‘Hamas facts’, ‘journalist facts’, anyone’s facts but Israel’s ‘facts’, are lies and deception:

Clip spotted by Saul Staniforth

Israel, in fact, has repeatedly attempted to deceive the public about its bombings of hospitals, including apparently faking audio and reversing video clips to make missiles appear to be coming from Gaza instead of Israel – and has refused to allow journalists to monitor its activities in Gaza unless they surrender all their footage for approval first.

And Erdan’s claim that Palestinian journalists knew about Hamas’s attack on 7 October and accompanied Hamas operatives on their raid into Israel is a farce. The Egyptian and other regional governments have said that they warned Israel in advance about the attack, yet Israel did nothing and allowed Gazan fighters to break through its notorious border wall, despite its motion sensors and guard towers.

Erdan and his delegation have taken to wearing yellow stars to the UN to portray themselves as victims – a gross insult to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust – instead of the occupying oppressors and perpetrators of war crimes, ethnic cleansing and apartheid.

UNWRA’s workers in Gaza that have been killed by Israel have been medics, teachers, engineers and others providing desperately needed humanitarian aid in schools and hospitals. Israel has repeatedly bombed those and other schools and hospitals despite knowing they were packed with civilians seeking shelter as well as the sick and wounded. Around forty journalists have also been killed, while others have seen their whole family blown apart.

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  1. Lets just recap.

    The position in which all Palestinian people have been conveniently re-classified as members of Hamas – and as a result ‘legitimate’ targets for slaughter – has now been extended to include UN aid workers such as doctors, health workers, nurses, educators etc. In practical effect anyone who is helping Palestinians.

    Presumably this explains the Guardian report timed at 17:17 GMT yesterday (Friday 10th October)


    “One person killed, many children wounded after Israeli snipers target al-Quds hospital, according to Palestinian Red Crescent

    The Red Cross statement calling for the protection of patients, healthcare workers, medical facilities in Gaza comes as the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PCRS) said Israeli forces opened fire on the intensive care unit at al-Quds hospital in Gaza City.

    One person was killed and 28 others were wounded in sniper fire by Israeli forces at the hospital, the organisation said.

    The majority of the injured were children, it said, two of whom are in critical condition.”

    Meanwhile, Bernard over at MoA is reporting that Israeli warplanes attacked a truck in Zahrani, in the south of Lebanon, 40 kilometres from the border. Presumably, under this convenient classification doctrine, the population of Lebanon are now members of Hamas and have become ‘legitimate’ targets for similar slaughter.

    The trajectory here does not bode well for the future. If women, children, populations of neighbouring States, UN aid workers, doctors, nurses etc are being re-classified as members of Hamas in real time the question arises as to how long it will be before civilian protestors across the planet receive a similar designation from the unhinged end times Israeli and so called ‘Christian’ Zionist zealots?

    How long have protestors across the Collective West got before these rabid Zionist maniacs insist all who oppose this fascist ideology be re-classified as members of Hamas to be similarly exterminated to achieve the objective of ‘removing Hamas’?

    How long before pressure is bought to bear on the puppet Governments of so called ‘Independent’ Western Countries to employ their armed forces and security services to treat such protestors as ‘legitimate’ targets?

    Assuming of course that such conversations have not yet taken place?

    One guarantee which can be counted on is that should such an occurrence manifest itself the leader of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition would impose a three line whip to vote in favour of such measures and against any condemnation of such actions.

      1. There is a line of often detailed argument* available (including historical) which takes the implicit position that the UK being the junior partner in the so called ‘Special Relationship’ is a convenient myth and that it is actually Washington who is the attack dog proxy puppet for the continuation of the policies which projected the power of British (ie English) elites imperial ambitions.

        With London actually pulling the strings behind the scenes with its ‘Chatham House Rules’.

        Such sub-contracting out of the maintenance of the Anglo-Saxon empire, with its ethnic based hierarchy of peoples which puts the English permanently at the top, makes a great deal of practical sense from that perspective. The key being who is actually in overall policy control rather than whose nominal empire it is.

        Perusing the historical record does seem to throw up consistencies over time. Makinder’s Great Game against the World Island’s Heartland (Russia) had been in full swing decades before Makinder and continues to be the overriding policy context of the English Ruling elite and their families to this day.

        It is notable, for example, that it was Johnson on behalf of the Organ Grinder rather than the Monkey Biden who went to Kiev in early 2022 to scupper the peace talks between the RF and Ukraine.

        Given the long historical background of English policy support for Zionism going back to at least Shaftsbury and Palmerston the role of Charles Saxe-Coburg Gotha which Kit Klarenburg outlines is predictably consistent.

      2. Dave – Really⁉️ ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

      3. They can delay, procrastinate and prevarication but sooner or later this is going to be about man to man soldiering. I remember training and the discipline it took to wait and wait even letting opponents pass by on several occasions. The prey is being lulled into a sense of victory. Listen again to Nasrallahs speech. There has to be talks but it looks as if the Israeli citizens will have to play their part. They don’t like seeing their youngsters in bags anymore than other people. How much do they despise BB.

  2. BBC & Channel 4 news say 300,000 marched in London today, so of course the million Skwawky mentioned elsewhere today (where there’s no comment thread) is likely to be entirely correct.

  3. Israeli president herzog on kuenssberg just now…

    An “exclusive”

    Holds up a copy of mein kampf translated into arabic.

    “This was found in a children’s living area inside gaza.”

    The fucking thing was hot off the press. Still shiny and untouched. Must’ve been taken from the ONLY dwelling area to have been untouched by the violence.

    And WT absolute F is a “children’s living area” ffs?

    Just fuck RIGHT off, you lying prick. Just FUCK RIGHT OFF.

    1. Why would any kid want to read Mein Kamf? How thick can proponents of child murder be. The logic must be, kill the kids and pregnant women and no one will read MK. This after the ADL announced that Azov is not an extremist organisation. They are beginning to unravel, time for the adults to talk.

    2. Was he wearing a yellow (for coward) Star of David for added dramatic effect, like that prick Erdan at the UN?

  4. Toffee
    These are the same people who came up with Russians raping babies
    The same people who have killed more civilians in 3 weeks than Russia has killed in 2 years
    The same people who can bomb their own citizens to kill Hamas forces because they can’t fight their way out of a paper bag
    Bottom line if there was a Blitzkrieg style ground attack against Israrl they wouldn’t last 5 minutes
    Genius is knowing when to stop

    1. The last thing that this psychopathic gang want is to free the hostages. The ones that have been freed are effectively silenced. Odd that.

      1. But not before one, Yasmin Porat, had testified that some hostages were killed by the IDF in heavy crossfire, deemed expendable in the interests of killing the kidnappers, as per the Hannibal Directive. Others reported that houses the kidnappers were using to hold the hostages were shelled, killing both kidnappers AND hostages.

  5. Herr Flick
    WTF were the Fuhrers supporters doing at the Cenotaph yesterday, that’s the Flag shaggers lost at the next GE, which just leaves the last few from the old National White Peoples party left
    What does your Ersatz polling company say

  6. Can I say the IDF rape Palestinian women and film it so they can blackmail them into spying for Israel on the BBC without any Sanction, what are the rules
    At the very least every Israeli interview should be recorded and fact checked so it can be edited before release
    Their record on misinformation, propaganda and dehumanising the Pslestinians to justify the Genocide is well documented

    1. Thanks for the link. I had forgotten about zero street,rectified.

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