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Videos/images: 1 million march in London for Gaza, more in Glasgow, Dublin

More than a million people have flooded the streets of London, with hundreds of thousands more in Glasgow and Dublin, to support oppressed Palestinians and demand a ceasefire in Israel’s slaughter of civilians.

After Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations tried to smear everyone who believes the evidence coming out of Gaza – smears aided and abetted by both the Tories and the so-called ‘Labour’ ‘leader’ Keir Starmer and his hangers-on – the people of at least three countries have shown that they will not be told who they can support and that they are with the oppressed, never the oppressor.

Palestinian ambassador Husam Zomlot gave a birds-eye view of the sheer scale of a London march that will inevitably be presented by ‘mainstream’ media as much smaller than it really is:

The full video, of which Zomlot had only posted a part, gives an even better impression of the scale:

The crowd chanted ‘Keir Starmer shame on you’ because of Starmer’s support for Israel’s genocide and ethnic cleansing and his refusal to call for a ceasefire:

Others carried placards condemning Starmer’s support for the war crimes being committed to achieve the Israeli regime’s goals of destroying or driving out Gaza’s more than two million innocent civilians:

On the ground as the march filed past, the spectacle was no less compelling:

And unions – though shamefully still not Sharon Graham’s national Unite regime – were out in force:

And Labour’s former leader continued to highlight the appalling nature of his successor just by being a decent human being:

Jewish people were also out in numbers to demand peace and justice:

The ‘mainstream’ media, as so often, took every opportunity to misrepresent the marchers. The far right idiots ‘protecting the Cenotaph’ started fighting police at the Cenotaph – but when London’s right-wing rag Evening Standard covered the fighting, it did so under a header image showing Palestinian flags held by pro-Gaza marchers:

In Glasgow, the march was also huge:

And a comparably large crowd of human beings flooded the streets of Dublin in solidarity with the oppressed and murdered:

Israel, meanwhile, has attempted to justify even its slaughter of UNWRA aid and relief workers by claiming they were Hamas members – and that everybody else is lying about what is happening in Gaza except Israel and its dwindling band of supporters.

When half a million people gathered in London for Gaza last weekend, the media reported them as around 150,000 and removed images of the many Jewish groups there in solidarity with Palestinians. Today’s million will certainly be presented as far fewer on what passed for the ‘news’ in this country.

Shame on the Tories, red and blue. Well done those who turned out to support the humanity of those being murdered and purged in Gaza – and solidarity with the people of Palestine and all those who are oppressed and struggling for freedom and decency.

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