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Exclusive: Unite London/Eastern slams Graham’s silence and union’s inaction over Israeli war crimes

Regional organisation tells general secretary to organise immediately in support of Palestinians – and donates £10k each to pro-Palestinian groups

The London and Eastern region of the Unite union – representing more members than the entire CWU union – has written to Unite general secretary Sharon Graham deploring her and the union’s lack of support for Palestinians against the war crimes being perpetrated in Gaza by the Israeli occupying regime – support for Palestinians is a union position voted in by its sovereign conference.

Graham has already been challenged by insiders over her silence on Gaza – a stark contrast to her clenched-fist posturing in front of a Ukraine flag – and has been exposed using proxies to order a senior union official to cancel a pro-Palestinian event at Labour’s conference fringe last week.

And now the London and Eastern regional secretary has written to Graham on behalf of his committee, noting the complete lack of solidarity shown so far and demanding immediate action to ensure the union is fully represented at the next pro-Palestinian demo – and that Sharon Graham personally write to every branch of the union urging them to participate:

Skwawkbox understands that the branch has also made donations, of ten thousand pounds each, to Medical Aid for Palestinians and Palestine Solidarity Campaign,

Sharon Graham has previously used proxies on other issues related to Israel and Palestine. In July, she told assistant general secretary Gail Cartmail to cancel a showing of the film ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn/The Big Lie’, which exposes the political abuse of antisemitism accusations against left-wingers in the Labour party and discussion of Asa Winstanley’s forensic book Weaponising Antisemitism: How the Israel Lobby Brought Down Jeremy Corbyn. The union has banned showings of the film in any of its buildings, despite widespread interest from members. The weaponisation of antisemitism against the left for factional purposes was confirmed even by the Starmer-commissioned Forde inquiry, but its inconvenient findings have been ignored by the party regime.

Graham’s tenure as Unite boss has also been marked by a string of other allegations – which neither she nor the union has denied.

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  1. The rank hypocrisy of the Western leadership – in both governments and in certain NGOs – is breathtaking.
    Standing with the Nazis of Ukraine, and the genocidal ethnic cleansers of Israel is appalling.
    It is clear that, in spite of the best efforts of the MSM to frame the current situation in favour of Israel , many people in the West have come to understand the truth about how it has come about.
    It is, however encouraging to see that our politicians are now starting to realize that they stand implicit in war crimes if they continue to talk in the way they have been.

    1. Not just politicians but also media outlets and the so called individual ‘journalists’ who amplify the lies justifying the war crimes and who smear anyone challenging The Official Narrative (TON).

      Aiding and abetting any crime should not be given a free pass. All those involved need to be brought to account and this time their should be no hiding place nor place to run to nor safe spaces for those involved.

      1. Dave – If that’s the case then I’m looking forward to seeing Putin and his propagandists held to account for their crimes.

  2. Respect, London & Eastern Regional Committee for upholding sovereign Conference policy.

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