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Exclusive: Graham, Unite, ‘tried to force cancellation of Palestine solidarity fringe’ at Lab conference

Insiders allege that two proxies attempted to make organiser call off fringe in support of oppressed Palestinians on behalf of general secretary – but were sent packing. No response from Unite to request for comment

Sharon Graham (backdrop a pro-Palestinian march earlier this year in Liverpool)

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham has been accused by union insiders of trying to force the cancellation of a Unite Palestine solidarity fringe organised during Labour’s annual conference in Liverpool earlier this week.

According to allegations by Unite sources, Ms Graham first sent Chris Stiles – a union official allied to Graham and previously associated with an attempt by paid official Derek Thomson to rally support for her on the union’s newly-elected executive – to Simon Dubbins, the union’s director for international affairs, who had organised the fringe, with instructions to cancel the event. Dubbins refused and said that if Ms Graham wanted it cancelled, she needed to come and tell him herself.

The insiders say that Unite’s assistant general secretary Gail Cartmail then went to see Dubbins and also told him that Graham wanted the event cancelled, but Dubbins sent her away with a similar response that he would not be cancelling it and if the general secretary wanted otherwise she could and should come and convey the instruction herself.

Ms Graham did not appear, so the fringe went ahead. The Palestinian ambassador was a guest at the fringe.

Sharon Graham does not appear to have commented on the Gaza situation since the violence began. Skwawkbox asked Unite’s senior press officer:

During Lab conference Ms Graham tried via first Chris Stiles and then Gail Cartmail to make Simon Dubbins cancel the Unite Palestine solidarity fringe. He refused, saying [she] needed to tell him herself if she wanted it cancelled and the event went ahead. Please provide Unite’s relevant comment no later than 5pm and also why Sharon Graham hasn’t commented yet on the Gaza situation.

The union did not respond.

Sharon Graham has previously used proxies on issues against events related to Israel and Palestine. In July, she told assistant general secretary Gail Cartmail to cancel a showing of the film ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn/The Big Lie’, which exposes the political abuse of antisemitism accusations against left-wingers in the Labour party and discussion of Asa Winstanley’s forensic book Weaponising Antisemitism: How the Israel Lobby Brought Down Jeremy Corbyn. The union has banned showings of the film in any of its buildings, despite widespread interest from members. The weaponisation of antisemitism against the left for factional purposes was confirmed even by the Starmer-commissioned Forde inquiry, but its inconvenient findings have been ignored by the party regime.

Graham’s tenure as Unite boss has also been marked by a string of other allegations – which neither she nor the union has denied:

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  1. I guess you must be kicking yourself that by refusing to back Steve Turner even when Howard Beckett pull out and publicly endorsed Steve Turner, you play your part in enabling Sharon Graham to win.
    Beckett stood down because he realised that most of his support was from the much smaller Community branches, while the industrials branches were backing the other candidates.

    1. What’s to say Steve Turner wouldn’t have been every bit as compliant and obsequious to SirKeir’s New-World-Order-New-Management as Sharon is? Mark Serwotkas and Mick Lynchs don’t grow on trees, you know.

      1. Spot on Qwertboi. Turner was backed by many Labour MP’s especially Starmer.

        The alarm bells went off for me when I discovered that. As I suspected Graham, Turner and Coyne all ran to keep Howard Beckett out of the running, and it worked well didn’t it?

      2. PRECISELY Baz2001. Properly-motivated left-wing candidates that resonate with the Many are rare.
        Howard Beckett was one in my opinion. Speaks volumes that Graham, Turner and Coyne all ran to keep Howard Beckett out of the running!

  2. The kindest thing that could be said about Graham is that she’s doing an Eichmann (“just following orders”). The second-worst is that she’s in the wrong job. Either way, I wouldn’t want to rely on her union to protect my employment or human rights.

  3. Moral Hazard, Free Markets and Creative Destruction, are the pillars of Capatalism, all gone, they don’t exist anymore
    Again, it’s a Dead Parrot

    1. Toffee
      The Muriel
      I defy anybody with no prior knowledge to identify the two Jewish bankers
      The fuckers all look the same to me

      1. Now, I know exactlywhat you mean.


        “The fuckers all look the same to me”

        …Will be giving the easily offended the screaming abdabs.

        And all because you didn’t make explicitly clear that you’re referring to bankers rather than Jews.

        They thrive on any inkling of ambiguity.** Any excuse.

        Apparently they’re taking offence to an alleged pound of flesh” *trope*

        So take a look at this….×2200+0+196/resize/840×560!/quality/90/?

        Nothing there to suggest any antisemitism neither, wouldn’t you agree?


        IF I was one of these petty arseholes, I’d probably link the scales to weighing in pounds…. pounds… of flesh

        Which makes THAT cartoon…

        ANTISEMITIC!!! 😡😤😡😤😡😤

        So my message to that type is.


        **As does someone else

      2. Toffee
        Would never stand up in court, the test is one of reasonable assumption and the test for that is ‘what would the man on the Clapham Omnibus think’
        The only other precaution is to make sure, you have nothing to lose financially, no assets or savings

    1. So put that up in front of 50 people on the bus and the consensus would be the ‘boxing gloves’ give it away
      Self harm

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