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NHS campaigners’ coach stopped en route to Manchester to protect Tory conference

Keep Our NHS Public (KONP) coach pulled over by police

A coach carrying NHS activists to Manchester to protest at the Conservative party conference has been stopped en route by police, on the grounds that it would ‘disrupt’ the conference.

According to Keep Our NHS Public (KONP), the police told the activists that they had “reason to believe they were going to disrupt the Tory party conference”.

A spokesperson for the group added that:

Legitimate protest is dead under the Tories.

Not just under the Tories. Keir Starmer’s Labour has colluded enthusiastically in the mass government assault on civic rights of protest and disobedience and moves to give police immunity from prosecution for criminal acts committed while infiltrating protest movements.

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    1. Oh but it’s Corbyn’s fault…..That Jerombly Corbingly has ruined Labour.

      Where’s he gone?

      1. Given that baz2001’s question “Where’s he gone? was:

        a) in the context of the almost week long non appearance of the Turd Polisher Second Class and therefore;

        b) not in relation to Corbyn

        that has to be Zombie Kill of the Week on the grounds that the Zombie shot itself in the head.

        Put some effort in Billy. You are making it too easy for us.

      2. Dave – Wow! Has Corbyn actually announced that he will be standing

        for election?

        Having read through your numerous comments over the last few days It is very gratifying to hear how much you have missed me. 😘

      3. Dave – I have no desire to hear what you are doing to yourself in the privacy of your 🐰🕳️.
        Some things are best private.😔

      4. Do you not know, Billy, that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?

  1. Fascists in both Houses (See: Conservative; Labour & Lib Dem Friends of Israel to see who is taking the shekel), jackboots on patrol for dissenters whilst society; or rather that mildewed view of how society used to be, should be, as lost as that someone special who has recently died, reels from the open range mentality of
    The Corporate Oligarchy and suppresses opinion with: laws, changes to policy released on the last day of parliament when no-one is around, the myriad of reports that have taken £millions and years to carry out, shelved and forgotten about, propaganda laced news/talkshow programmes and the laissez-faire attitude and indignant self belief in blustering & bullying will see the day through. BJ paid out some £10m each to The Sun, Daily Fail, Daily Express, Telegraph at the start of the pandemic.

    Actions taken in dealing with dissenters by jackboots since 2016 are always heavy handed and seek to escalate and bring a peaceful protest to an emergency status and as such was alien in concept in being British. Not now. This is the new now. Has been for more decades than anyone will admit.

    Careful what you write. Currently I have my insurance policy as a journalist and can rely upon a QC and a healthy legal bankroll, next year I won’t. To circumvent the fascists loopholes I am going to reset (retire) and revert to memoir mode.

  2. So that’s how it pans out. A protest is planned, coppers get Intel about it. Then decide it may cause disruption, make arrests. Of course it doesn’t even go to court because the CPS knows there is no case to answer because no crime was committed and that no crime would have been committed, so the coppers are like “oops sorry, only trying to a hard job…”

    So even if no charges are brought, that’s beside the point: the protest, the totally legal protest even under the new harsh anti protest laws, did not happen. And the cops will get away with it because they’re “just trying to do their job and we thought that maybe perhaps there might have been… the law’s not clear anyway so you know we need to make a judgement call and it’sa tough job and how you’d handle the pressure lad.”

    1. The Mets old pocket book of things to do during The Great Strike. 1. Stop serious supporters of the pickets from leaving The Smoke, at the Blackwall tunnel. Well chaps and chappesses we know the rest.

    2. It will be interesting to see how many Quakers who protested at the London Arms Fair, are charged with ‘making prayer in public’ and brought to court in handcuffs.

      1. YOU SHOULD BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR this is just one of the things that the Tory Party has in store for you.

        “Policing Minister Chris Philp has just announced that he is planning to subvert ALL Brits’ passport photos into a giant police facial recognition database.”

      2. Will this be like the all singing, all dancing, NHS Record Computerisation debacle* from the other year?

        Its one thing to have an aspiration, it is, however, a totally different matter when the incompetent Professional and Managerial Class who couldn’t find their own arse no matter how many hands they have try to implement something more complex than sticking two Lego bricks together.

        * It never happened, period. Because it was contracted out to the Private Sector as per the TINA doctrine and the expertise did not and does not exist.

        At one point there were loads of patient Records of those Patients who were moving practice because they either wanted to switch or had moved stuck in a black hole for at least several years in a private contractor facility in Preston, Lancashire.

      3. Dave –

        Is a naive hope that the Tory’s are too incompetent to add data to existing systems really the best riposte that you could manage to come up with. With a minimal amount of training even you could manage to do that.

      4. Seriously Billy?

        You sincerely believe that it’s enough to announce an initiative and entrepreneurs will leap into action to introduce a technology that magically works perfectly from Day One because the discourse of The Official Narrative believes it to be so but which in reality has so many technical and practical flaws?
        Technology that depends on algorithms to make facial matches. Algorithms which are more effective for some groups, such as white men than other groups such as women and people of colour due to lack of representation within the data set on which the algorithm was trained.?
        That creates unintentional biases in the algorithms, which in turn translate to biases in whatever action the technology is informing, such as arrests.?

        For example,
        in 2018, civil liberties organisation Big Brother Watch published evidence that facial recognition technology utilised by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) was incorrectly identifying innocent people as criminals 98% of the time.

        Or what about other real life practical issues which impact on the efficacy of such systems?

        Like data vulnerabilities and hacking…

        …..which also has the potential for criminals to commit identity fraud.

        In a similar vein other factors can affect the technology’s ability to recognize people’s faces, including camera angles, lighting levels and image or video quality or mild alterations of facial data.

        Bottom line is that for a host of very practical reality based and technical issues its not the simplistic plug it and play panacea naive numpties think it is.

        Much like similar technological panaceas that the chattering classes got excited about in the recent past like the Internet of Things (IoT); driverless vehicles; or electric cars.

        And the reason for this is because, like all bodge it and scarper merchants, those who wet their underpants over such matters can’t be arsed with the detail. Its too boring and beyond the extremely limited attention span of those who dismiss the detail of reality as “an assay” and think they can get by on the fly.

        Come back if you ever have anything of substance to contribute Billy. Though on your track record no one on this site is holding their breath.

      5. Is a naive hope that the Tory’s are too incompetent to add data to existing systems really the best riposte that you could manage to come up with.

        Yeah, Dave. Remember the rip-roaring success that was the £140m write-off from the IT for universal credit?

        And of course keef employed a fucking whizz-kid to sort his party’s data security, didn’t he? Former Israeli intelligence boffin in cybersecurity or somesuch, and you just can’t get better people, apparently.

        You really shouldn’t be so skeptical y’know.

        Jesus wept.

      6. And talking of computer nerds, keef doesn’t like the (homegrown) ones, especially ones that have genuinely proven themselves capable – by hacking into the pentagon.

        So much so that keef wanted him strung up.

      7. Anyone remember keef’s position on this?

        That’s right. Didn’t have one. Didn’t make so much as a murmur.

        Except it’s patently obvious that he does because he allowed the slycops bill to pass, so we know exactly what he’s about when it comes to giving plod more “authority”.

        Given his “acquiescence” regarding philps’ proposal (Yet to hear a peep from him about this latest wheeze) , it’s only too reasonable to expect that the next time there’s a big flu/covid outbreak, keef won’t only be demanding to send the kids to school – but you’ll be fined if you DO wear a mask especially in places where these cameras/this technology is deployed. .

        “No ifs, no buts, no equivocation”

        …We haven’t forgotten, keef.

        And a certain someone who pleads he ONLY voted keef because “he was the best of a bad bunch”.

        (No – it’s the god’s honest!!)

        Now tells you that you should BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.

        …Without any trace of irony, hypocrisy OR shame.

        Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the wacky world of the smarmerite sycophant, steve h.

      8. ……In which case, with “things” having ‘moved on’, why did we not see the successful roll out of PPE during the Covid outbreak?

        All put out to tender to their mates who bunged them money and who had expertise and competence in negative numbers.

        How come with “things” having “moved on” the NHS record computerisation project still remains nothing more than a twinkle in the milkman’s eye?

        How’s that very practical and technical project which requires qualities like competence, expertise, experience and knowledge known as the High Speed Rail (HS2) coming along now that “things” have “moved on”?

        Or how about the impact on “things” “moving on” has not reached the point in which electric cars are not spontaneously bursting into flame or don’t do what it says on the tin in terms of mileage due to basic physics like drain on the system from using the lights or the in car stereo etc?

        Moving on, how’s the “moving on” doing in regards the Mackinder project to subjugate the Eurasion landmass?

        You know, the one where these out of their depth Wally’s like Ben Wallace think that just stating an intention, like replacing elderly troops going into battle with their Zimmer frames with younger people will magically* take place without any consideration of those pesky practical details like population demographics – as detailed in the graphs shown here:

        Or are we going to see yet another dusting off of infantile excuse #1, playing the man rather than the ball to avoid having to face up to the real world?

        Or will it perhaps be infantile excuse #2, it’s an “assay” with too much detail for me to cope with?

        Maybe it will be my personal favourite infantile excuse #3, where you flounce off like Larry Grayson, after a row with Everard, with the standard issue ‘you’re not as clever as you think you are’ bullshit.

        *Exeter University have just announced a study program for next year on the subject of Magic and the history of Witchcraft. Which just about sums up the state of play in a collapsing Collective West that thinks wishful thinking and an imposed Official Narrative is an effective substitute for objective reality. Billy boy would pass with triple honours if he had the shed load of funds to waste on such bollocks.

        Stick to counting the railings Billy.

    1. Fook him, Dougal.

      Let’s hear it from the horse’s arse himself…What’s keef had to say abar it?

      He can’t say it’s wrong to deny them their right to protest.

      Wouldn’t surprise me if he tried to blame the train drivers’ overtime ban; which ‘forced’ the protesters to make their way via a charabanc instead.

      1. We’re Headroom to show any sympathy with these dissidents he would be a supporter of Common Law. Trouble is he isn’t one. Didn’t he used to be a lawyer for the government. Must check.

  3. Ten minivans (not in convoy) arriving in a staggered fashion from different directions are a much more difficult target for the cops.

    1. That particular approach didn’t work during the miners strike in 1984-85 when such vehicles carrying flying pickets were regularly stopped and prevented from entering places like Kent and Nottinghamshire for example.

      Police had spotters on the bridges across all the main motorway and dual carriageway routes passing intel of suspect vehicles carrying pickets to be stooped further down the line. Even regular cars carrying three or four people were stopped and turned back.

  4. barriereid noted, “it will be interesting to see how many Quakers who protested at the London Arms Fair, are charged with ‘making prayer in public’ and brought to court in handcuffs.”

    Wait ’til the Honourable Member for Davos becomes PM, it will be an arrestable offence to actually haves a free thought, a random idea, which didn’t arrive to your cerebrum ready-formed and packaged by a Murdoch-owned media conglomerate (or similar. “other oligarch mouthpieces do exist”, as the BBC amplifier of them might once have said).

  5. SKWAWKBOX: “It seems Rodney Starmer made more than just tools. Shame on Keir Starmer for abusing his parents’ memory endlessly for a worn-out political soundbite.”

    We went to war for less…. hence why Mr Rodney Starmer supported Corbyn and would be horrified by his son’s treatment of him….


    Outright Labour WIN in Rutherglen & Hamilton West by-election

    Labour – 17,845 (58.4%)
    SNP – 8,399
    Tory – 1,192
    Greens – 601
    LibDem – 895

    SNP to Labour Swing 24%

    1. Toffee – I see that the support for the ‘socialist’ candidates has remained consistent, they both lost their deposits.

      Scottish Socialists – 271 (0.9%)
      TUSC – 178 (0.6%)

      1. Toffee – “And?”

        You mean apart from the obvious that it clearly illustrates that only a very, very few think they have anything at all to offer.

  7. Oh.

    Well guess what?

    That’s right. >70% of rutherglen & Hamilton think keef has nowt to offer.

    And they’re not the only ones, are they?

    1. Toffee – but the point is that more than 58% of those that voted did.

  8. And it’s reverted to the infantile wingding once again. Ho hum.

    Those that voted. , indeed.

    Thought keef was dead popular? Surely they’d have been falling over themselves to put pencil to paper in the keef box, hmm?

    Except they weren’t. And that combined 1.5% of the socialist proportion will cost keef a fair few seats, when it’s replicated up ‘n’ down the land. Even their own respective share may cost him in a few.

    So much for blowing the doors off. He’s gonna need to blow the beatles and the stones off, too,if he’s gonna get near #10

      1. Wut??

        brilliant news is it?

        Care to explain just why that’s so? Doesn’t affect you – you’re not a UK resident, so you say.

        And keef has consistently, and unmistakably demonstrated himself to be no different from the toerags.

        No different whatsoever.

        In fact he agrees with just about all their policies. HS2 being the latest.

        So what’s brilliant about it, hmm?

      2. Toffee – I’ve got better things to do than waste my time arguing with a ToryBoy troll.

      1. Yeah we know…And?

        It isn’t about socialist candidates, it’s about smarmerism inflating it’s own piss-poor result in the style of the dayglo Donald when applying for a loan.

        It just isn’t the brilliant news you’ve kidded yerself into believing.

        Blew the doors off what…a feckin doll’s house!?


      2. Toffee – You can rant away to your heart’s content but you can’t escape the fact that Labour won this by-election with a substantial overall majority and that all the polls are consistently predicting that Labour will also win the next general election with a substantial majority.
        Have fun😘

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