Labour announces Wirral W shortlist – including ex-Tory and bullying-accused ex-councillor

Left-wingers ruled out by regime in favour of three ‘suitable’ candidates

Labour has announced its shortlist of prospective parliamentary candidates for Wirral West – one that, of course, has excluded all popular local left-wingers who applied.

The ‘suitable’ candidates – according to the Labour regime the only criterion, because of course it doesn’t exclude the left or turn a blind eye to the records of right-wingers – include a former Tory candidate and a right-wing ex-councillor who quit facing bullying allegations.

Matthew Patrick quit his councillor role in 2018, at a time when the Labour right and their media allies were conducting a mass smear campaign against left-wing Labour members in the Merseyside borough, but Skwawkbox revealed that he was facing allegations of bullying a woman Labour member. When contacted for comment, he did not deny that the complaint had been made and declined to answer any questions. He later reportedly claimed that his decision was because of a new job in London. He has said he is ‘delighted’ to be on the shortlist.

Another of the candidates, Sue Percy, stood for the Tories in the Wirral ward of Prenton in 2006:

The third of the trio, Jen Thornton, is using ‘from Wirral, for Wirral’ as her campaign tagline. However, she reportedly moved away to London twenty years ago to work for a right-wing MP:

Wirral West Labour party was suspended by Labour, allowing the party regime to impose its preferred candidates. Keir Starmer campaigned for the leadership on a promise of greater power for local members, but the suspension of CLPs and control of shortlists to deprive members of choice has been widespread.

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  1. An improvement on ‘Hobson’s Choice’, I suppose.

    Three nags for the price of one. Take your pick.

    No longer seems any point to CLP’s – apart from canvassing/phone banks, and, of course, their votes.

    1. Yup. Wirral West Constituency Labour Party was suspended ‘for complaints being made’ in May 2023.
      In September 2023 three PPCs that (obviously) the local party didn’t select were selected. Sir Keir’s Labour still hasn’t revealed any details about any alleged-complaints.

      A choice of taking what is available or nothing at all is no-choice at all – until and unless the members ditch the party.

      Ditch Labour. Their direction of travel is little more than a member-free dirt track to perpetual austerity.

      1. Qwertboi, I suspect the real reason for the suspension is to stop the CLP from shortlisting Mick Whitley. and then selecting him as the Labour candidate.
        I hope that Labour members refuse to canvass for whomever is selected in Wirral West and a real socialist local candidate stand as an independent/Green.

  2. The Green candidate for Birkenhead was announced earlier – Jo Bird. She will get a huge proportion of former Labour votes. We can predict Wirral West may go Tory (again – Esther McVile was MP before Margaret Greenwood) and Labour will be lucky to hold Birkenhead. Mind you, given their record of shifting canvassing effort away from socialist candidates at the risk of losing a seat, they would rather lose than have a principled MP in their party. Meanwhile Tuesday sees the first Wirral public meeting of Transform:

  3. Control always tends to the absolute for the simple reason if it isn’t total it isn’t control. Hence the corrupting nature of power, any power. Only the recognition of our shared human nature and the rejection of the notion that some have special powers and should be permitted to tell others what to do saves us from more or less total control by elites.

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