Breaking: Bird announced as Green candidate for Birkenhead

Jewish left-winger smeared and hounded out of Labour, who hammered Starmer party in local election, will stand for Greens

Jo Bird, the Jewish left-winger repeatedly smeared, suspended and ultimately hounded out of Labour by the Starmer regime, will stand for the Greens in the Birkenhead parliamentary election.

The news will deeply worry the Labour right, who engineered the replacement of popular left-wing Birkenhead MP as candidate in the next election by the hard-right Alison McGovern, who currently sits in Wirral south.

Bird, a popular local councillor, trounced Labour in May’s local elections despite a dirty and intensive Labour campaign.

Wirral, where Birkenhead is located, has been the scene of constant right-wing smears and machinations during and since the Corbyn leadership of the party. The party had just announced its shortlist of three for Wirral West, including a former councillor who quit accused of bullying and a woman who previously stood for the Tories. The party suspended the local ‘CLP’ to deprive members of a say.

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    1. Well said. In her NEC video Jo Came across as a lovely woman, a genuine person who is the epitome of a socialist.
      Yours until victory always Jo!

  1. Every time the Labour Party agrees with the Conservatives, it closes down a line of attack. The Conservatives are thus emboldened and helped.

    The shameful abandonment of the ULEZ scheme during the recent Uxbridge and South Ruislip by election is proof of that. The Conservatives saw Labour run away and decided to chase after them.

    Well done, to Cllr Bird on her selection.

    1. I’ve never known an opposition so passive and attack shy; or an opposition so bereft of any new ideas or proposals after 13 years in opposition! Even calling them an opposition seems to be a bit of a misnomer. Do Starmer & Reeves have any guiding political philosophy, beyond cosying up to the rich and RW focus groups?

      They think they can wake up in power by hiding away. But people need positive reasons to vote. Expect an ultra low turnout.

    1. Yeah, but look at what the Greens are supporting in Scotland. FWIW, it’s not just the Wirral. Since Starmer started his ‘new management’, I’ve found myself voting Green in a Leeds CC election. It didn’t feel good, but neither had voting Labour before it. A real nose peg job.

      Nose-peg-voting can be bad for our democracy, but yeah, if more Greens were like Jo Green, #GetGreensElected wouldn’t seem so wrong… still waiting for an obvious Red/Green democratic socialist bus tho’.

      1. qwertboi – How many seats did the Greens win in the recent LCC elections?

  2. A total disgrace that Mick Whitley hasn’t been shortlisted for Wirral West. The cynic in me believes that before the next GE Starmer will find a way of withdrawing the Labour whip from more MPs members of the SCG at the last possible moment and imposse its choice in some of the safest Labour seats now in the hands of the SCG.
    Already, Starmer has dispossed of 5: Jeremy Corbyn, Claudia Webbe, Diane Abbott, Sam Tarry and Mick Whitley. What are the rest of the SCG’s MPs waiting for? Time to form a separate party.

    1. I’m hopeful, people like Mick Whitley, and others shouldered aside by Blackfriars Labour, will see fit to stand as Independents.

      The same goes for the many failed prospective candidates who weren’t even short-listed – apart from Paul Mason, of course.

  3. I am thinking of moving to Birkenhead just so that I can vote for Jo ! . It says everything you need to know about Starmers Labour when she and other fine people like her are smeared and hounded out of what is now a Zionist hard right party
    Solidarity Jo!

  4. Bird For Birkenhead v one of the Right Wing Lightweight Labour Gang of Three.

  5. Well its nice to see the greens not bowing diwn to the israel lobby who attempted to smear the green party over those suspended from labour over the scam antisemitism saga

    1. Reply to Jill
      Starmer didn’t bow down to the Israel lobby – he is an essential and active part of it.
      He says he is a Zionist without qualification and his actions show that this is so. He is prepared to destroy the reputations and lives of decent ordinary Jewish people like Jo Bird simply because they believe Palestinians are human beings with the same human rights as everyone else including their Israeli oppressors that he supports “without qualification”

  6. On 8 June 2023, the Green’s only and first ever MP, Caroline Lucas, announced that she’d not stand for re-election at the next general election. Imagine, if one of Starmer’s 3-stooges becomes the Labour PPC and pisses-off the voters of Wirral West only half as much as the sectarian priggery which creates their candidature annoys us, then there’s every chance that Jo Bird could win.

    Starmer’s unadulterated centrism, the tories’ difficulties with austerity-caused NHS collapse, integrity and honesty, and the democratic left’s inability to get their act together would mean that Wirral West could become a new Brighton Pavilion.

    With Jo in parliament, the Greens would become an obvious choice for eco-socialist voters everywhere.

    Jeremy Corbyn was kinda right again: “Red-Green is the Future of Labour”. But thanks to Keir Starmer’s deep-blue short-sightedness, Labour has no future. It’s just a constant re-run of Election Night, 1992.

    “A reconstruction of society, which would raise living standards exponentially for everyone, is not an ideal or a fantasy, it is a necessity both historically and ecologically. But it can only be realised through democratic and courteous socialism.”

    And Jo Bird MP could be a major part of that.

  7. Rumours Angela Rayner could be demoted in Monday’s reshuffle. Many always assumed Starmer would find a way to force her out, her being the sole token lefty in a Shadcab full of a mixture of right-wingers and toady ‘yes’ men and women.

    It only takes ~39 MPs (20% of the PLP) to force a leadership election and with all the threats to the SCG they ought to seriously consider their moves. Rogue Tory establishment infiltrator, Starmer, would surely be removed by the membership and union members, in any vote under OMOV. Don’t think he’d even contest again, against even a centre-left challenger; he’d know the game was up.

    1. Reply to Andy
      There won’t be too many people shedding tears over Angela Rayner if, as you say, she is demoted in a reshuffle.
      Angela is and always has been ever only interested in Angela – she wouldn’t know a socialist principle if it jumped up and bit her.
      She helped perpetuate the AntiSemitism lie by calling on Jeremy Corbyn to apologise for antisemitism in the party and saying she would expel thousands and thousands of f “antisemites” so she needn’t look for any sympathy or support from me and the tens of thousands like me who have been smeared as antisemites because we believe that Palestinians are human beings and entitled to the same human rights as everyone else.
      As far as I am concerned Angela can take whatever is coming to her – as the old saying goes, she made her bed so she can lie in it

      1. Smartboy
        True. I too have little suympathy and share the belief she has either forgotten her roots, or ‘sold out ‘ on her principles for the high life of a fat deputy leader salary; glossy magazine photoshoots and wealthy backer donations.

        But my main point is, she could potentially be dangerous to Starmer if he tries to completely freeze her out. There’s still 30 odd SCG MPs, plus however many Rayner could bring. It wouldn’t be far off a challenge As bad a Rayner is, anyone is better than Starmer wasting five years in office. They might not get another chance if Starmer gets a majority and that 20% bar rises, because the number of SCG MPs won’t rise proportionately, the new intake will be Starmerites.

      2. Yes Andy Rayner might be dangerous to Starmer but only if it suited HER. She will always have her eye to the main chance and could never be depended on. She is as self interested and as self promoting as the rest of them- a real snake in the grass if ever there was one

  8. Good that Starmer is facing challenges from independents and people like Jo Bird. But let’s not expect too much from politicians in Westminster or elsewhere. We have to be the agents of change and it’s our moral opposition to injustice which is the greatest force.

  9. What’s going on in Ukraine? – Kolomoisky has been arrested. Zelensky biggest backer banged up. Will Zelensky be next? It may be best for him if he found a reason to visit Finland again very soon. Or is he biting the hand that has fed him for twenty years?

    1. And now Reznikov has been given the order of the boot. Something is afoot, surely.

  10. The idea that she could actually win this time did initially seem a bit fanciful.
    However, the Green Party does have, and I have checked this, 10 of the 21 councillors in the constituency (although Jo Bird is not one of them).

    I do think that she is in with a chance. She would need to heavily outcampaign Labour. But that is possible as Labour has to spread its efforts across many constituencies.

    Those local election results took place before MP Alison McGovern defeated Mick Whitley for the nomination by 250 to 186 votes. On the face of it, this does seem a rather curious result seeing that he was the incumbent MP for all but one of the wards of the newly-drawn constituency and she was the incumbent for just one of the wards.

    Good luck to Jo Bird!

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