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Labour takes over yet another selection after LOTO favourite loses 6/7 branches in Uxbridge and Ruislip

Notorious London region annuls branch results, sacks selection committee and monopolises process after only local candidate smashes nominations

The London regional office of the Labour party – notoriously accused of rigging and abuse of process in a series of London selections and even in Liverpool after being imposed on the West Derby selection process when the party officer originally in charge was removed for refusing to sign off on West Derby’s branch nominations because the process was so corrupt – has seized control of the selection process in Uxbridge and Ruislip after Keir Starmer’s reported favourite bombed in the branch nomination phase there.

Danny Beales, whom locals regard as the leadership’s anointed, succeeded in winning only a single branch nomination, while local favourite Connor Liberty won the remaining six:

LOTO favourite Beales managed only a single branch nomination

Beales is a member of party leader Keir Starmer’s constituency – Starmer has long been accused of having his allies stitch up all ‘CLP’ processes in the seat – and gushed his ‘honour’ at speaking in support of Starmer at the Kentish Town branch nomination:

The news follows outrage last week after yet more interference by the party machine in the selection of Labour’s candidate in the London seat of Camberwell and Peckham – while earlier last month the party concocted excuses and smears that had nothing to do with Labour members in order to dismiss the selection committee in Kensington and Chelsea.

And earlier this week, members further north in Dennis Skinner’s old Bolsover seat sent a lengthy complaint detailing extensive corruption to advantage another ‘LOTO’ favourite, which general secretary David Evans is almost certain to ignore:

After campaigning for the leadership on a promise to strengthen members’ say in selections, Starmer and his cronies appear to be shameless in rigging selections and disenfranchising members.

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  1. But the most notable thing is that they are almost always successfully shamell.

  2. “Honoured to speak up in support of Keir being re-selected as our Labour candidate for @hstplabour – an excellent constituency MP, a great Labour leader & all round good guy.” I have no idea about how well he works in the interests of the people who live in Kentish Town, but everything else is a joke!

  3. Just watched a video of a Dirty fucking Israeli soldier killing a young unarmed palestinian man for nothing and this is the regime that the LFI in the LP supports starmer should be due an award for supporting these MURDERING BASTARDS

    1. One of the purposes of the Labour anti-Semitism brouhaha was to prevent the election of a Labour prime minister opposed to the apartheid oppression of the Palestinian people. The Labour right are complicit in crimes against humanity.

  4. – Annulling branches’ results;
    – Sacking duly appointed Selection Committee;
    – Acquiring control of selection process.

    I can see why many people call him – and his apparatchiks – Stalin-esque.. It’s a warning.

  5. Remember when keef shithoused the second referendum policy, thereby alienating labour voters and ensuring de piffle would become pm?

    Brexit was NEVER gonna happen – until keef did that. Then – to nobody’s surprise – keef binned remaining almost immediately after shithousing his way to the leadership

    I digress…

    De pifflle’s not one of those toerags thats spewing their seat come the next election, is he?

    No, he’s contesting his seat again (Probably because nobody else will touch the fat oaf with a bargepole, and he’s not a banker like javid)

    …And it just so happens de pifflle’s seat is the exact constituency where keef has just given the CLP a massive fuck you – as is his wont.

    If I didn’t know better, I’d say keef actually prefers Johnson over his own wannabe(s).

  6. You need to get your “thinking “heads on and withdraw your money and support for a fascist endeavour the labour party.Complaining is over and the “fat ladys singing”
    The labour party are drowning in hypocrisy and corruption that we are all familiar with by now.The whole party is corrupted from top to bottom and its more about the labour party being in the way and a distraction for real change and a new working class party of the majority working class. “Get out of the way labour”

      1. Very kind of you Stevie H…..but I am not much intersted in another neo liberals veiws on Ireland ,when shes pouring money into proping up a nasty group of Nazis in the Ukraine or Nato forces on a mission to eternal War.with Russia and China.

      2. Joseph – It comes as no surprise that you have such a blinkered outlook.
        Have you listened to the current BBC R4 series on the Communist Party in the UK

        Britain’s Communist Thread
        Historian Camilla Schofield explores a century-long thread of communism in Britain, But what happens if we challenge that a little?
        Like fascism, we often think of communism as alien – as an external threat – a threat to the British way of life. But what happens if we challenge that a little – and think about communism as a British story?

  7. Falkirk
    Just start a feckin protest movement and take Direct Action, fuck democracy that is totally corrupt
    600 000 members and 14 million supporters

    Boycott Divest Sanction

    Now who or what would be the first target
    For me it would be the Banks and Energy companies

    1. Remove all the traitors from positions of authority, wherever they are embedded. Media, politics, unions filth columnists all. Most of them have prospered sufficiently so they can retire in comfortable ignominy.

    1. From that link:

      Martin Abrams is a Labour councillor in Lambeth, London, and a London and Eastern region representative on Momentum’s national coordinating group.

      Not for much longer, he ain’t.

      1. The main reason that I read LabourList is the wide variety of articles that they publish articles from contributors who hold many differing views from right across a broad spectrum of political opinions.

  8. The article by Abrams has a link in it to a Guardian piece about the corruption
    in the Labour Party regarding the selection process. John McDonnell has a thing
    or two today about it and is trying to organise an investigation ..

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