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‘Centrists’ let 30p Lee off hook to mob Abbott for being outraged at refugee deaths

Abbott deletes perfectly accurate and relevant tweet attacking Tory heartlessness to desperate refugees – but so-called ‘moderates’ side with extreme right to let monstrous Tory off hook by focusing on Abbott’s justified outrage

So-called ‘moderates’ have sides with right-wing extremists to attack Diane Abbott, after the posted an on-point tweet echoing the heartless words of Conservative chair ’30p’ Lee Anderson, to highlight the monstrousness of the Tories’ assault on desperate refugees.

Anderson, a former Labour right-winger who defected to the Tories and was already notorious for claiming poor people can live on 30p a day, said last week that if refugees don’t want to live on a barge they can ‘fuck off back to France’.

Abbott highlighted the end-result of Tory cruelty by echoing Anderson’s words when, a few days later, forty-one migrants drowned in an attempted boat crossing. She subsequently deleted the tweet.

The hard right promptly attacked Abbott, with the S*n rag presenting her words as if she was the one being callous about the deaths instead of outraged about it – but so-called ‘centrists’ decided to side with the racist right by joining in the attack, letting Anderson off the hook by amplifying right-wing fake outrage, while – in a show of lack of self-awareness that should be staggering but isn’t – claiming Abbott had let Anderson off the hook instead of brutally exposing the psychopathy of Tories, as she had clearly done.

Thousands have flocked to Abbott’s defence, however, deriding the complicity of Keir Starmer and his fan club in the assault on desperate refugees – Starmer has said that what now masquerades as Labour will not end the policy of forcing refugees onto barges (or essentially any Tory policy):

Of course, the Labour right siding with the racist Tory/fascist right is unsurprising. Ms Abbott has been the target of appalling racism and misogyny from the Labour right for years, as has now been thoroughly exposed – even by the Forde Report that Keir Starmer reluctantly commissioned and then ignored – but just as thoroughly ignored by the so-called ‘mainstream’ media. The party has also relentlessly targeted women MPs from Black and Muslim backgrounds for deselection.

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    1. Regardless of Diane Abbott’s intentions it was an incredibly stupid thing to tweet.
      Perhaps it’s time that, at near enough 70, she accepted that she is not quite as bright as she once was and retire at the next election before she inadvertently sullies her admirable legacy.

      1. What was stupid about the tweet, most intelligent people understand her comment and realise it was a retort to the foul mouthed Lee Anderson (Labour rigtist or Tory scum both applicable)

      2. steve hilling – My issue is that she again didn’t think it through before posting the tweet.
        A tweet that she has now taken down.

      3. It is Starmer that needs to be removed from the leadership, because with him as leader the best that Labour can hope for is a hung Parliament.
        The cynic in me believes that Starmer doesn’t wish to win the next General Election, if anything he plans to lose it in order to enact the amalgamation of the Labour Party with the LibDems.
        Starmer’s agenda is to perpetuate the two party system but following the US’s model in which the Democratic Party gets financial support from the Trade Unions but no say whatsoever into the running of the Democratic Party.
        In order to achieve the his vision Labour needs to lose the next General Election, weaken the left within the Labour Party so that the membership will accept the amalgamation with the LibDem.

      4. Maria – “It is Starmer that needs to be removed from the leadership, because with him as leader the best that Labour can hope for is a hung Parliament.”

        Given where the party was after the 19GE that in itself would be an amazing improvement but as things currently stand Labour under Keir Starmer’s leadership are on track to win the next GE with a substantial majority. Who would have thought that a change of leadership would achieve such a massive improvement in the Labour Party’s electability.

      5. How old are you, nonce enabler?

        Dunno why I’ve asked really, you’ve never once shown yerself to be the sharpest lightbulb in the picnic basket.

        And what exactly is this “Admirable legacy” you speak of? You’ve shown nothing but contempt for Corbyn and Corbynism, yet Abbot was/is Corbyn’s oldest parliamentary ally – and as such, a staunch protagonist of Corbynistic policy.

      6. A link to Abbot’s wiki page?

        What the complete and utter fuck is that supposed to be, nonce case?

      7. Toffee – You were the one enquiring about Diane’s legacy, read it and inform yourself.

      8. I asked YOU

        Not wikipedia.

        So it looks like I’ll be having to ask again, so I’ll rephrase my original question slightly.

        What do YOU find admirable about Abbot’s legacy.

        Explain in your own words.

      9. Toffee – I have got better things to do than play your silly childish games, haven’t you?

      10. “Centrists are misrepresenting Diane Abbott’s words and turning fire on her

        They’d rather do that than be asked what they’d do to help migrants. Because the answer is “nothing” – Kerry-Anne Mendoza.

        You seem to be providing the evidence that proves Kerry-Anne Mendoza is correct: “turning fire on her”.

        Your early-dementia card disgusts me.

      11. Got better things to do have ya?

        So when you come back, will you be ready with an answer then?

        No. You’ll carry on annoying the fuck out of people with your contrary, irrelevant, infantile bollocks, apropos of nothing, as per bastard usual


      12. why was it ‘incredibly stupid’. Seems most apposite. It seems incredibly cowardly of you to dissociate yourself from it. It is only a pity that once again Abbot backs down and deletes something instead of standing by it. That is the real problem.

      13. tony greenstein – Or maybe it is just another reminder that she is past her ‘Best Before date’.

      14. I>SteveH11/08/2023 AT 1:40 AM
        tony greenstein – Or maybe it is just another reminder that she is past her ‘Best Before date’.

        Again – how old are you??

        Old enough to have (supposedly) buggered off from the UK to continue to spout your own bilge about how we who remain should think and vote.

        You’ve never had a best before date I can’t remember a single instance of anyone ever buying your nonce-apologist, thinly-veiled racist, misogynistic, right-wing-masquerading-as-centrist tripe that you never back up when put on the spot.

  1. Solidarity, Diane!! I hope that when Labour’s whip isn’t returned before the next GE you and Corbyn stand as independents.
    Please don’t allow your seat to be allocated to another right winger, please fight for for the residents that have support you for many years and deserve to be represented by you, rather than by a right winger.

    1. She’ll walk back into the house with an increased majority. Looking at the pair of em, Hodge and Diane, I reckon that Diane could do her. I know she’s not well, but she just needs the first dig. No way Hodge could dodge a Left hook. Go on D I’ll hold Hodges tiara.

    2. Absolutely!
      Incidentally, I find it hard to believe that Anderson’s views were a complete mystery to people when he was in the Labour Party.

  2. I understand her tweet, you would have to be right wing or a Starmeroid not to, enter the stage right SteveH.

    1. My issue is that she lacked the political nounce to anticipate how her tweet would be misinterpreted.
      Even Diane has tacitly admitted that it wasn’t the wisest thing she has ever done.

      1. You and everyone else recognised it as a dark, sarcastic take on Anderson’s ‘fuck off back to France’ comment. Without a doubt so too did those who are now feigning outrage.

        Just another opportunity to score factional points.

        Immigration is another thing Labour say they will magically ‘fix’ while offering no indication as to how.

      2. Andy – On the contrary

        Dangerous Channel crossings must end. Unlike the Tories, Labour has a real plan’
        “So what is Labour’s alternative? Our values tell us that the dangerous Channel crossings must end. Our comprehensive plan is based on common sense, hard graft and quiet diplomacy.
        ▪ Firstly, Labour would redirect spending from the unworkable Rwanda scheme to set up a new cross-border police unit in the National Crime Agency to crack down on smuggling gangs upstream. Officers would be based in the UK and throughout Europe, in collaboration with international allies and Europol. This would go far beyond simply puncturing dinghies and slashing tents on the French beaches.
        ▪ Second, we would clear the backlog by fast-tracking processing and returns for low grant rate countries. The Home Office is making 9,000 fewer asylum decisions a year than in 2015, leaving people waiting in limbo for an average of 450 days at an extortionate cost. This decline in standards relates directly to the Conservative government’s decision in 2013 to downgrade decision-maker pay and status.
        ▪ Third, we would negotiate an agreement with France and the EU on safe returns and family reunion.
        ▪ Fourth, Labour will act to fix the problems starting with the current resettlement programmes – including the broken Afghan schemes.
        ▪ Finally, we would tackle humanitarian crises at source helping refugees in their region.
        We have confidence in our sensible plan. The Conservatives have lost all common sense and decency. They are wasting time and trying the patience of the British people. They should get out of the way and let the adults take over.”

    2. “If you give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest of men, I will find something in them which will hang him.”

      – Cardinal Richelieu

      Once again steveH deliberately ignores the context to suit his warped little mind.

      According to the memorialist Françoise Bertaut de Motteville Richelieu was in the habit of saying that with two lines of a man’s handwriting, an accusation could be made against the most innocent, because the business can be interpreted in such a way, that one can easily find what one wishes.

      And so it is in this case within a wider context in which faux outrage and manufactured offence is unleashed on the flimsiest of pretexts in order to shut down debate and challenge to the favoured Narrative.

      In these parts such tossers are considered Mardy Arses and rather than indulging their dishonest, ignorant and peurile tantrums – as Abbot has in this case – they should be told to grow up or or made to STFU.

      Because once you go down this route all criticism is off limits and treated as beyond the pale.

      It is unsurprising that the childish sufferer from Bonheoff Syndrome, steveH, has deliberately taken this position. He knows what he is doing is dishonest and has no merit beyond his egotistical grandstanding.

      1. Dave – If only we were all as clever as you think you are.🥱😪😴💤💤

      2. How predictable – reduced to a second rate Major Frank Burns tribute act.

        By the way, is that the Royal “We” steveH?

        Because it certainly is not anyone else on this site apart from yourself – of whom Wurzel Gummage is a towering intellectual in comparison.

  3. How revealing that someone commenting here joins in with the attacks on Ms Abbott, rather than expressing any condemnation of that pile of excrement, Anderson.

      1. Exactly. Not a word of criticism of Anderson.
        By their silence shall ye know them ………….. as Anderson apologists.

      2. goldbach – Exactly, if it wasn’t for Diane’s careless contribution everyone would still be talking about Mr 30p.

      3. Maybe everyone else, but not you.
        Can’t bring ourself to utter one word of criticism of Anderson.
        I reckon that you are the sheep rather that the puppet master, but I may be wrong.
        “Like sheep in a field, a stupid person can be guided, steered, and manipulated to do any number of things. Evil is a puppet master, and it loves nothing so much as the mindless puppets who enable it — be they in the general public or inside the corridors of power.” – Bonhoeffer

      4. goldbach – Are you feeling OK❓😟
        You’re asking the wrong guy, if you want a string of pointless expletives then Toffee is your man.

      5. A word of condemnation does not need to be expressed in vulgar language, but it is necessary unless you are to be regarded as endorsing the words of the lout, Anderson.
        Oh, and thanks for enquiring about my health.
        As usual, the ministrations of the NHS prove reasonably effective but it is just a matter of time before they are needed again.

  4. jonathan pie’s dropped a bollock with his ha’porth’s worth, too.

    Disappointing. 😕

      1. Toffee – Who else would I be addressing. Not the language that I would have used, but it is undeniably succinct and to the point.

      2. Didnt start your post referring to me. You invariably do as a matter of course

        So yes, I queried whether it was directed at me.

        Satisfied, you arrogant knobhead?

        Now that’s tell us all just what YOU find admirable about Abbot’s legacy?

        Or you can try to pretend you have better things to do and reinforce everyone else’s certainty that you’re a gormless shithouse, thoroughly lacking in conviction.

        Your choice.

      3. Toffee – ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯
        What gave you impression that I care what you think.

      4. What gave you impression that I care what you think.

        Not just me though, it it, soft ollies?

        Just about every post you make on every thread almost certainly guarantees you’ll get your arse handed to you.

        If not by me, then there’s anyone else to choose from. Take this thread, for example. It’s happening again. And it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

  5. Not the language that I would have used, but it is undeniably succinct and to the point.


    Not the language is have used

    Keef’s answer when dawn butler called out the fat meff de piffle Johnson.

    …And when rayner called out the very same imbecilic scruffy toff.

    And that’s EXACTLY what the knobheads were saying abar the dead hard (he’s from yorkshire tha’ knurrs) anderson.

    So it’s NO coincidence you had to use that exact platitude, too.


    1. Toffee – “And that’s EXACTLY what the knobheads were saying abar the dead hard (he’s from yorkshire tha’ knurrs) anderson.”

      I think you’ll find that Lee Anderson was born and brought up in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire.

      1. Who gives a fook? He’s got a qunt of an accent to match his qunt of an attitude.

        I’d like to see him go to Lodge Lane (L8) and spout his shite about immigrants. Mind you, I’d like to see him sound off like he does in any other deprived inner city area about it being the poor’s fault for not having a pot to piss in.

        Better still if you accompanied him.

  6. SteveH10/08/2023 AT 5:25 PM
    Andy – On the contrary

    ‘Dangerous Channel crossings must end. Unlike the Tories, Labour has a real plan’
    “So what is Labour’s alternative? Our values tell us that the dangerous Channel crossings must end. Our comprehensive plan is based on common sense, hard graft and quiet diplomacy.
    ▪ Firstly, Labour would …..

    Not what shady immigration minister kincock said t’other day, is it? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    “Labour would keep housing asylum seekers on barges if elected, shady minister kincock admits

    The Labour Party has said it has “no choice” but to continue housing asylum seekers on barges and ex-military bases in a bid to curb small boat crossings….

    So, the difference is?

      1. I don’t have to provide the solution. I’m not elected to.

      2. Toffee – …..and your problem with the proposals that Labour have outlined in the 2 articles that I have linked to is?

      3. Solution?

        Dead easy.

        Prevent the flow of refugees by removing the root causes. We could commence by ceasing to bomb whole countries back to the stone age in order to fleece them of their resources by exporting capital and repatriating mega profits which impoverishes tens and hundreds of millions across the Global South.

        If that’s not to your liking stop bellyaching about the consequences and start taking responsibility for the bullshit policies you are pushing.

  7. I wonder why the sad Steve H even bothers to post here when there are so many other blogs and sites in turn with his Starmerite views. I guess lacking all talent he is forced to come here.

    He writes ‘Who would have thought that a change of leadership would achieve such a massive improvement in the Labour Party’s electability.’

    Most people with a couple of brain cells would understand that the British Establishment, once it felt it could trust Starmer not to do anything too radical, would drop its opposition to a Labour Government. After all the facade of democracy is important. Having 2 parties both committed to neo-liberal capitalism is the ideal, however much they abuse each other they stand for the same thing.

    That was what poor Corbyn didn’t understand. Once he had set out his stall, however modest it was, then a vicious war would be waged against him and his supporters.

    I suggest that people treat Steve H from now on as an oddity whose lost his way and ignore him. He has nothing to say

      1. …..and on your own. A vacuous ignorant gang of one. Spouting evidence free bile into the ether and convincing no one but yourself of anything. Desperately using this site as a crutch to reinforce your stellar levels of ignorance.

        Living proof of Bonhoeffer’s thesis.

    1. Spot on, tony.
      As in the US, we have the uni-party here in the UK.
      It’s worse here though because the way they organise representation in the US does give some margin for dissenting opinion.

    2. I’ve been saying that for a long time Tony Greenstein. I honestly don’t know why anyone here responds to ‘SteveH’s patronising bullshit. Or indeed why he bothers posting; the sad person that he is must get some sort of thrill from winding people up.

      1. Julia – Whether you choose to wind yourself up or not is of very little consequence to me. That’s your issue, not mine.
        Although given that Diane Abbott has already tacitly admitted that publishing this tweet wasn’t the wisest thing she’s ever done I’m struggling to see why you are winding yourself up at all.

    3. ‘SteveH is a full-time paid shill who monitors the site fourteen/fifteen hours a day. His MO is to disrupt the comments section and wind posters up. In this thread he has posted replies to practically every one. No one on this planet spends practically every day posting comments/replies on a website in practically every thread. And he undoubtedly has numerous secondary personas.

      At the time of writing he has posted 27 of the 69 comments in this thread, and posts around 300 comments a week – ie about 1200 a month, and getting on for 15,000 per year.

    4. Tony, I never venture into those sort of sites, knowingly. SteveH is a constant source of information for me. Not his links, but his posts educate me about the mind and thinking of the dark side.

  8. I used to live on Lodge Lane, Liverpool 8……..I look in the mirror and repeat the words ‘Gammon Faced’ and know that racial slurs do not all originate ‘on the right’.

      1. 2nd April,1980 St. Pauls, Bristol 2 (my mother’s birthday). I was living in Toxteth, Liverpool 8 and working as a local youth worker. My parents had just closed the ‘White Lion’ pub, Lower Ashley Road, B2 for the last time and opened a ‘Wool Shop’ on Stapleton Road. I got an urgent ‘phone call from my dad asking me to drive down NOW! and bring a baseball bat as the shop windows had been smashed. 3 hours later I arrived to find my dad outside, defending his shop with a pick axe handle and being threatened by a hostile mob of rioters. We eventually ‘persuaded’ these local thugs to move on and that a trip to hospital with a fractured skull would ruin their day. I found my mother and my elderly grandmother taking shelter under the stairs, both terrified. This confrontation continued on/off for 3 nights.
        July, 1981 living in Sefton Park Road, just off Lodge Lane, L8 and the familiar smell of burning in the air, I walked the length of Lodge Lane witnessing the burning and looting of shops. The mob was wrecking every shop front and the local dairy, but I knew many of these kids and as soon as they recognised me they disappeared. I ended up @ the bottom of Upper Parliament Street, evacuating elderly residents from a local hospital threatened by fire.
        The majority of the kids involved, both in Bristol and Toxteth were Afro-Caribbean and the burning and looting was not caused by Gammon-faced white van drivers from other areas (as the liberal popular narrative now suggests), the rioters turned on local shop keepers regardless of their ethnicity, but in Bristol those they targetted were ‘White’ or Asian.
        I wonder why so many voters in working class areas voted ‘leave’ and object to their culture and their communities being displaced by immigrant groups. I was born and bred on Stapleton Road, now described by the Daily Mirror as ‘a lawless hell hole, where murder; rape; shootings; prostitution; knifings and violent robbery are commonplace. The most dangerous street in Britain. If you dare say it……… must be a gammon faced racist.

    1. I read an article in ‘Consortium News’ yesterday – ‘The very Unchristian Nagasaki Bomb’. Something that I was totally unaware of was that the crew of the US aircraft carrying the bomb were ‘Christians’ (they were unaware of their mission it has to be said) and their target – the largest Christian cathedral in East Asia. As the substitle says ‘What Imperial Japan could not do in 250 years American Christians did in 9 seconds’ years. A shocking account of that terrible time.

      1. Julia – Have you really?
        Whether you choose to wind yourself up or not is of very little consequence to me. That’s your issue, not mine.
        Although given that Diane Abbott has already tacitly admitted that publishing this tweet wasn’t the wisest thing she’s ever done I’m struggling to see why you are winding yourself up at all.

    2. Tony – Do you think that Putin would have invaded Ukraine if they still had their nuclear weapons.

      1. Go and look at the answer I gave you when you previously raised this question.

  9. Herr Flick
    Proves he Is not only our Resident Nazi he is now our very first honorary DogNonce 9n this site
    Can i be the first to congratulate him on his promotion

    1. Doug – I have absolutely no idea what you are prattling on about, do you? Have you lost the plot? 😟

    2. Doug, the resident Chief Turd Polisher obviously gets a massive hard on winding people up. Just ignore the warped wanker.

  10. Here’s some other ,rather interesting, news:
    I wonder if the members of Barnes and Richmond Labour Club know what happened to their money.

      1. Like most autocrats, the current ‘Mr Rules’ alleged-leader of Labour only champions the rules that help him, any and every other that does not, being twisted, contorted or ignored – a bit like the cost-of-living crisis, child poverty, or heinously unfair anti-trade union legislation.
        Sir Keir still hoping for a massive corporate donation from P&O Ferries Holdings Limited.

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