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Starmer tells ex-wife and daughter of ‘antisemitism’ Ware his worry about food – in Parliament’s canteens

Chatting happily to family of the maker of the BBC ‘Labour antisemitism’ hatchet job as millions go hungry, ‘Kid Starver’ – or ‘Keirie Antoinette’ – raises his driving vision for better nutrition in parliamentary eateries

Keir Starmer has appeared on a podcast run by the daughter and ex-wife of John Ware, the man behind the 2019 Panorama hatchet-job on Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party – to chat happily about food and football.

And while milllions of UK children are going hungry in ‘deep’ and desperate poverty, Starmer did raise the issue of inadequate nutrition – in the parliamentary canteens where well-fed MPs and staffers fill their faces on subsidised grub.

Starmer told the Wares that food in Parliament – which is heavily subsidised from the public purse – is ‘nothing special’, before demanding ‘a nice restaurant’ for MPs and staff to eat in:

He went on to say that the Commons needs ‘a really nice salad bar. A fresh salad bar’.

Starmer’s lack of care for the 2.7 million children in the UK who are in ‘deep’ poverty – with nine out of ten of their families unable to afford basics like food, clothes and heat – has already appalled the nation enough to dub him ‘Sir Kid Starver’.

But this disgusting lack of self-awareness or compassion – in a cosy, middle-class tête â tête with the family of John Ware for added flavour – is a ‘let them eat cake’ moment that would, in a sane world, see the end of his political career – particularly coming hot on the heels of Labour’s claim there is no ‘convincing’ evidence for taxing grotesque bank profits and briefings to the media that Labour will not end the disgraceful ‘bedroom tax’, while more than 14 million people in this country live in poverty.

But ‘Keirie Antoinette’ is so protected by the media and the state that he will continue to get away with it with little or no ‘mainstream’ scrutiny, at least for now.

This article originally described John Ware as the ‘reported part-owner’ of the Jewish Chronicle. Mr Ware has advised that, contrary to media reports, he had no role or financial stake in the paper.

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