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Labour cancels NEC Forde update

Party accused of cover-up and doubts raised about new promised date for briefing on party’s actions on Forde’s recommendations

The Labour party cancelled a scheduled briefing for its national executive (NEC) on Monday night, ahead of Tuesday’s NEC meeting – and gave union and member representatives no paperwork either for the Forde briefing or even for the NEC meeting, leaving reps expecting a stitch-up of right-wing measures sprung on them without notice.

Party insiders told Skwawkbox that they have heard nothing on Forde for months and believe the party simply wants to bury the report, which highlights the racism and weaponisation of antisemitism by right-wingers – to what would be the extreme embarrassment of the Starmer regime, if only the UK’s ‘mainstream’ media would report on it.

A briefing on the report has now been promised for next week, but scepticism about the prospect of it actually happening is high.

The party’s eagerness to pretend the Forde report never happened – its author has condemned Labour’s failure to engage with his findings or even meet him or answer emails – is entirely in line with the approach taken to the cast-iron revelations of Al Jazeera’s The Labour Files’ documentary, which like Forde exposed racism, rigging, fraud, smears, abuse and targeting of left-wing Jews: ignore its existence and rely on their pals in the media not to put them on the spot by covering it.

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  1. You can run but you cannot hide, the whole rotten edifice will fall very quickly
    The only interesting thing is what brings it all crashing down
    A half decent Union pulling their funding, could cause the domino effect
    Don’t forget they are practically bankrupt anyway

    1. Wasn’t the Forde Report all about what happened during Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure?

      1. Yes, you’re quite right, for once.

        It was all about how some staffers and some PLP MP’s treacherously sabotaged our Labour Party’s chances in – first – the 2017GE, and – again – our Labour Party’s chances in the 2019GE, while stabbing Jeremy Corbyn in the back at every opportunity.

        Not only did they betray our Labour Party, they betrayed the 600,000 strong Membership, the people who – were – working so hard to get a Labour government that would be beneficial to ‘the Many, and not the Few’, and – as we’ve seen – in the process gave the whole of the UK, another three-and-a-half, to six more years of chaotic Tory governance.

        In addition to that, it left this Labour Party with the most dishonest leader, leadership and party administration, in the party’s history.

        No wonder they don’t want to discuss The Forde Inquiry Report.

        The reasons they carried out their treacherous sabotage?

        Because they’re money-grubbing people – not politicians, who, in the final analysis, do not believe in Human Rights for all people, most of all, the Palestinian people. That would go against the wishes of their Israeli and City paymasters.

      2. Yes, you are correct.
        The Forde Report was commissioned by the Dear Leader to investigate the circumstances of the much larger report prepared by some Labour staffers that revealed all the shenanigans that right wing members of the Labour bureaucracy were doing to undermine the Corbyn leadership.
        This included explaining how disciplinary matters in the party were dragged out, basically for factional purposes and, it must be remembered, were only properly dealt with when Jenny Formby became Gen Sec.
        The Forde Report unfortunately demonstrated that the larger report was accurate, and that Labour is riddled with all manner of issues most people would find distasteful and downright racist, all deriving from the actions of the Labour right.
        So you are right in reminding us about what happened “during Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure”, but your implication in the way you phrased the question is clearly disingenuous.
        As usual.

      3. Martin Forde is a KC and was appointed by Keir Starmer, yes. And yes, his Inquiry was necessarily into Labour 2015 onwards, or, as you say ‘Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure’. This was the time in which the Labour right were hyper-active to destroy the chances of Corbyn-lead Labour Government. It is this activity that lead Forde to the conclusion that r-wing Labour facilitated and created a ‘hierarchy of racism’.

        Forde confirmed the fundamental truth of Professor Harvey Goldstein’s analysis.

        Corbyn was both the target and the victim of right-wing Labour’s campaign; Institutional racism was its method. Keir Starmer and his corporate sponsors were its beneficiaries.

      4. qwertboi – Perhaps you could quote what the Forde Report said about Keir Starmer.

      5. Herr Flick
        The Forde report was about Vexatious claims of Anti Semitism which are hate crimes and should be prosecuted
        At the very least they should form the basis on which Red Tories are cleared out of the party

    2. It does make one wonder why Jeremy lacked the political nounce to replace McNicol as soon as he entered office and how things would have turned if he had.🤔

      1. It does make wonder why McNichol was such a back-stabbing, treacherous, twat, in the first place.

        The only reasons I can think of is money, and the promise of a place in the HoL, for life.

        Again, nothing to do with politics, or serving the Membership.

      2. George – It does make one wonder why Jeremy didn’t see it coming and given that Seamus Milne was a member of this infamous WhatsApp group how long Jeremy’s team were actually aware of what was going on.
        Are you referring to the seat in the House of Lords that Jeremy Corbyn himself put McNicol forward for.

      3. You, probably, won’t understand this, but JC is, and always has been, a man of integrity.

        Mistakenly, he made the assumption that anyone working within the Labour Party, would possess a modicum of integrity.

        As we know now, that was a big mistake.

        As we, also, know now, those people were so lacking in integrity, it makes ‘one’ wonder about their upbringing. Why would any parent not instill those values in their children – as JC’s parents, so obviously, did.

        What made those people so weak-willed, they chose the values of Blair and Mandelson, over the values of Jeremy Corbyn.

        Perhaps, you could give us an insight, on that?

      4. George – Please get a grip, Corbyn is a politician not a deity and like all politicians he wasn’t always honest.

      5. Herr Flick
        What say you about the War Criminal Blair, what should JC have done about him, you make it sound like there is no such thing as retrospective disciplinary charges in the Labour party
        FFS thick as pig shit

      6. None of JC’s supporters have ever said JC was a diety.

        That’s best left to people like yourself, who have no other arguments, except for the jibes you’ve learned in the playground.

        I’m not surprised you don’t recognise honesty and integrity when it stares you in the face.

        It explains a lot about your politics – and your character.

      7. Look, it’s nous, common sense or nonce, depraved adult mainly male which considers children to be valued and used as entertainment. Which one did you mean?

  2. This obvious dysfunctionality of the Labour Party’s control at the most senior levels is the way in which the Trilateral Commission shuts down democracy and accountability in Parties like Labour.
    These things do NOT happen by accident.

    1. Precisely. What you see is what you get.

      The shutting down of democracy and accountability along with its cancellation of anyone and everyone who does not enthusiastically parrot The Official Narrative (TON) that we witness and experience daily within the internal structures and processes of the LP under the Starmer Junta will most certainly be extended to the rest of the country and population should the Oligarch’s Loyal second eleven get a nominal turn on the “Government ” benches.

  3. The bizarre thing is, the far right of Labour still think we’re going to vote for them!
    Not on my vote.

    1. I think that Labour is the only political party within any European democratic country that has ever permitted a (rightwing) faction within in it to sabotage it’s own General Election campaign (that it was in votes of winning) as part of an internecine power struggle. Thereby trashing the ballots of millions of people who in all hope and honesty had been persuaded to vote for Labour.
      They’ve done it once – they think they’ve got away with it – they wouldn’t hesitate to do its again. Not with my vote they won’t. and they won’t ever get the opportunity to trash my vote like that again..

      1. Well said Albert Swift. +100.
        Labour might be the only left(ish)-wing political party to have its own election campaign for government sabotaged by the economically hard-right, but the important point is that the saboteurs had already entered and occupied the Labour party. The party is now disabled as a left(ish)-wing
        The Transform Movement/initiative is the best way of fighting back and recovering Labour from the centrists. Please sign support.

  4. Anyone shocked?

    Starmer, speaking today, says he does not think people should be refused banking services because of their political views. Previously, he refused to comment.

    Starmer said : NatWest got this one wrong. And that’s why Alison Rose had to resign

    Says the man who’s kicking people out of the Labour party for legally held political views that simply don’t align with his own. Is there no end to this man’s hypocrisy.

    And why are interviewers incapable of following up with the next logical question. The Labour Party’s behaviour is like that of NatWest on steroids.

    1. And what stance will he be taking next week?

      You cannot trust a single syllable which exits the mouth of this Trilateral Commission and Davos/WEF stooge.

      Last week he was telling the UNITE Union Conference that LP policy under the Starmeroid Junta would be seeking to change the draconian, restrictive and anti-democratic trade union legislation; this week the so called “Policy Forum” in Nottingham U-turned sufficiently on that commitment for at least two Unions (UNITE & GMB) to walk out in disgust.

      A corkscrew is as straight as a die compared to this sorry excuse for a human being and his sycophantic and parasitic entourage.

      1. Dave, do you remember the Greased One during the Russian sanctions fiasco. Trying to be harder than everyone , he squeeked.” Kick them out of swift”. I am convinced that he had no idea what he was talking about. Perhaps, his forensic mind thought that was what lay behind bird flu?

    1. Tony – Thanks for the link. 😉
      It was interesting to read that Keir is no longer a member of the Trilateral Commission
      “Membership records seen by Declassified show Starmer joined the Trilateral Commission at some point between March 2017 and October 2018. He left at some point between April 2021 and June 2022.

      1. He left as soon as he realised his membership worried people, but, I’d say, he is still an adherent.

      2. qwertboi 26/07/2023 at 2:30 pm :

        His membership of the Trilateral Commission would have become superfluous, considering, by that time, he was in direct contact with Blair and Mandelson.

        Instruction, straight from the horses’ mouth. I wonder who they took their instruction from?

      3. George – Oh come on George, you’re sounding just a bit desperate.

      4. qwertboi – …..and yet despite Keir’s membership of the TLC being common knowledge at the time and there being more than enough opportunities to do so not one of his opponents, or any of the press, or any members challenged Keir about his membership at the numerous hustings.
        I wonder why?🤔

      5. I, simply, wanted to make sure everyone wasn’t distracted by one of your interminable deflections.

        Reposting one sentence from that article, was more than desperate.

        Do you have any idea why the Forde Inquiry Report briefing was cancelled? I would have expected you to, at least, make a stab at it. An excuse – not JC’s back, obviously.

      6. George – For true, for true?🤔

        Don’t be ridiculous, the link is there for anyone who wanted to read the full article and/or put my quote in context. If any was needed😕

        Like you, I have absolutely no idea why it has been delayed.
        I guess we’ll find out soon enough.🥱

      7. If they’d realised he was going to oppose strikes, reject renationalisation, refuse to defend refugees, not scrap student fees, adopt 2-child caps, endorse tory police and justice acts, not repeal anti-union and anti worker legislation, endorse anti-BDS measures, etc., etc, I’d like to think they would have.

        More than c.200,000 of them left labour and now seek to transform politics free of centrist Labour.

      8. qwertboi – Have any of the left’s candidates managed to hang onto their deposits yet?

      9. Aye, Starmer lost one of his deposits, last Thursday.

        Not for the first time.

      10. What empirical evidence exists steveH to substantiate your claim – which implies that the majority of LP members at the time were also aware – that it was “common knowledge that Starmer was a member of the Trilateral Commission?

        Have you any evidence that the majority of LP members or even the Kings Subjects known as the “general public” have the foggiest idea what the Trilateral Commission is, what it stands for and its aims and objectives?

        Once again you’ve got nothing with any substance to offer. You should market yourself as a zero calorie food product. The slimming industry would pay your surviving relatives a large fortune for such a calorie free empty vessel whose only “skill” (sic) is to make a big noise about saying more and more about less and less to the point where you convey nothing about everything.

  5. Typical
    At least the b******s are consistent
    Labour is no more…
    Harmer is our sociopathic ( or just pathetic) Stalinist agent of the establishment.

    1. Peter, do you think he could rally a nation behind him and advance to Berlin, chopping his way through millions of Nazis. For God’s sake he wants us to fund them even more.

  6. This article about the Trilateral Commission, where the inter-relationships between Peter Mandelson, Kier Starmer and Jefferey Epstein are laid bare should provide useful reading or those who wish to know more.
    All three were members of the Trilateral Commission – An organisation with the central aim of undermining democracy.
    As I said above, the dysfunctionality at the heart of Noo Noo Labour is completely consistent with the subversive aims of the Commission.
    Corruption is at the heart of today’s Labour Party.

  7. When you watch Al Jazeera’s interview with Martin Forde ( here), you realise that Forde doesn’t expect Starmer’s r-wing Labour to implement any of his report:

    ” independent barrister Martin Forde KC produced a report on racism and factionalism in the British Labour Party. Commissioned by the party leader, Keir Starmer, it identified what it called a “hierarchy of racism”, with antisemitism taken more seriously within the Party than other forms of racism.
    Now Forde speaks publicly for the first time to Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit. He reveals he has heard almost nothing from the Labour Party since the report was published. And he says he resisted pressure from the BBC to remove criticism of its 2019 Panorama documentary, Is Labour Anti-Semitic?
    Forde said he felt “vindicated” by the I-Unit investigation, The Labour Files, which he found fascinating. Released in September 2022, the investigation revealed the inner workings of Britain’s opposition party, which many believe will form the next government. “

  8. He’s winding you up again. Silly question after silly question.
    As I said a good while ago, it’s David Gower Syndrome.

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