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Exclusive: Unite leaders know ‘can’t trust a word Starmer says’ – yet gave him platform to deceive anyway

Unite assistant GS admitted Starmer’s promises are meaningless as Graham goes AWOL – yet union management still invited him to spout them at policy delegates and is backing his attempts to ban journalism exposing the Labour right’s rigging, abuse and lies

Starmer: duplicitous and deceitful but still invited by Unite’s management

Last week’s meeting of Labour’s National Policy Forum (NPF) ‘descended into chaos’ as Keir Starmer – fresh from promising at the Unite policy conference to protect workers’ rights and repeal anti-union laws – promptly dumped his promises and had his lackeys rig the NPF meeting to ensure union-backed worker protection measures were ruled out of Labour’s policy platform. Delegates of Unite and the GMB union walked out of the Forum because of Labour’s ‘hostile’ tactics.

Yet in a closed-doors meeting of NPF delegates from the Unite union, Unite’s assistant general secretary Gail Cartmail – general secretary Sharon Graham was ‘the only general secretary not in attendance at the NPF’ and has ‘missed every Labour thing since she became general secretary’, according to senior Unite sources – told delegates the union,

can’t trust a word Starmer says

as delegates discussed how to respond to Starmer’s betrayal.

Yet despite knowing he would lie to them – well duh, he’s broken pretty much every promise he’s made since bidding for the leadership – as they’ve now admitted, if only behind closed doors, the union leadership still invited him to speak to delegates at Unite’s policy conference and is colluding in the Labour/Israeli lobby campaign to ban and demonise the serious and thorough journalism that has exposed the abuse, racism, antisemitism smears and all-out assault on democracy conducted by Starmer’s regime and its allies, while general secretary Sharon Graham grows ever cosier with the Labour dictatorship. Unite’s management even told delegates to stay away from their own conference if they couldn’t hold back from protesting during Starmer’s speech.

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  1. It’s only a few days since Unite’s delegates voted overwhelmingly to remain affiliated to the Labour Party.

    Precisely which worker protection measures that were previously promised has Keir dumped?

    1. It doesn’t matter but it’s obviously the measures that made the unite and gmb cohort do the frank.

      Do you have to practice at being a monumental gobshite or does it come naturally?

      Jesus wept.

      1. Toffee – Surely the point is that it does matter.
        Otherwise how on earth are people like yourself going to know what they are getting outraged about?

      2. It’s really not hard to figure out, you irredeemable moron..

        The unions proposed – on the back of keef’s promise(s) at a POLICY FORUM.

        The smarmerists laughed at them, so the unions walked.

        Therefore, it doesn’t fucking matter one iota what it was about; they have been shat on AGAIN.

        Now go and boil your cranium.

      3. Toffee – “It’s really not hard to figure out, you irredeemable moron..”

        When are you going to prove that by your own metrics you are not an “irredeemable moron”?
        Precisely which worker protection measures that were previously promised has Keir dumped?
        …and the bonus is that if you answer the question for once you’ll actually know what you are outraged about.
        How cool would that be

    2. Starmer/Reeves et al are Continuity New Labour and as such have no interest in supporting autonomous (ie independent of employers) trade unions capable of mobilizing workers’ collective power.
      If you can’t recognize this then no one can help you.

  2. Herr Flick
    Can you deal with the Red Tory lie that there is no money for starving bairns
    What have the Real Cheap and Nasty party done to finance their spending on handouts to their supporters
    Name a single year in our lifetimes when they balanced a budget or fully costed a manifesto
    Like Sir Kid Starver they simply lie through their back teeth to win power

    1. Doug, you have to understand their position. Our golden ones have put their beliefs on display for us all to see. They have stood courageously and told the whole world that the grub in that house is rubbish. They have shown us all how important food quality is to the effluent and how they are determined to improve the quality of grease in the troughs. Try and see the important things in future. Where would we be if we had hungry, emaciated politicians.

  3. Unite can’t believe that their faces are being ripped off, after backing the ripping faces off wing of New New Labour party.

    1. Well said Chris Mooney……

      I don’t have any sympathy with them at all to be honest. I resigned last week after 25yrs a member. Graham is doing to Unite what Starmer did to Labour. All by design in my opinion.

      1. baz2001 – It’s the one thing that the left appear to be particularly good at, resigning as soon as things don’t go their way.

      2. baz2001 – It’s the one thing that the left appear to be particularly good at, resigning as soon as things don’t go their way.

        That right, prick?

        Didn’t keef resign from Corbyn’s cabinet, along with the rest of the snivelling shithouses?

        Must make keef a proper lefite, eh, gobshite??

        As for the question you want answering – you’re far too fucking stupid to comprehend thst it’s already been answered.

        It doesn’t matter exactly what keef reneged on (again). The fact is he/they have shat on the gobshites who were idiotic enough to give him a platform to spew his bullshit.

        And before you start, I’m not irate at them or keef. None of it surprises me in the least. I understood the tale of the scorpion and the frog from a very young age.

        I am, however, sick to bastard death of your infantile petulance and pedantry.

        Now fuck off.

      3. Have you forgotten that 20% of the membership deserted Jeremy in the lead up to the 19GE?

  4. That rotten reek of bad-faith leadership, Unite needs a stronger Members First air freshener…

  5. Toffee, The Chief Turd Polisher is getting more active because it’s lost the argument.

    1. He’s never won an argument, Baz, because he’s never had anything to argue with.

      He had to be shown that keef had publicly admitted to binning every one of those ten pledges because he wasn’t aware of it, but STILL tries to make the case that he (keef) hasn’t.

      Today’s example of gobshitery** is him throwing garbage out about ‘The left walking out if they don’t get their way’

      …With NO irony or shame or awareness that his own kind of rodent didn’t do it at a mere policy forum, but ran away shrieking from shadow cabinet positions because they didn’t like it.

      And then there’s keef making policy “on the fly” – at conference no less! Something he sacked one of his most for (supposedly) far away from any conference.

      All because keef didn’t like it.

      Talk about…

      **It won’t be the last example of today’s gobshitery, neither. Just wait for the next pearl of wisdom from the retard.

  6. Have you forgotten that 20% of the membership deserted Jeremy in the lead up to the 19GE?

    And who got the numbers to over half-a-million in the first bleedin’ place, almost trebling the amount from when he first took over, soft shite?

    Was it keef? Nope. Not a bit of it. And keef’s had a friendly mass media, not an overtly hostile one.

    Are the membership numbers increasing by even a twentieth as much under keef?

    Nope. In fact, they’re steadily decreasing under him, aren’t they, soft ollies!?

    He hasn’t even regained this 20% you say Corbyn “lost” (impossible).

    While we’re at it, DO remind us who’s gained the greater number of by-election seats since keef shithoused his way to his fuhrership?

    Cos it ain’t smarmerite labour, is it?

    No. It isn’t. Can’t even win a seat where the bookies where only willing to give you a quid for every pony you put on.

    …That’s how fantastically well keef’s doing. Against THE three shitest PMs in all history, too.

    The amount of spawnines keef’s had in facing those three on the run and he STILL can’t make inroads.

    But he wins those opinion polls, eh?

    So take your opinion polls and cram ’em. Those with even a miniscule bit of nous will point to results.


  7. A V.good not the andrew marr show Abc economic answers for the repulsive Reeves to study. Unfortunately you have to get past a vid of the gutter dwellers pontificating. Two child cap cannot stand.

  8. Toffee – You’re certainly right that, unlike when Jeremy was leader, Labour and Keir are now consistently leading in the polls.
    The same polls which so accurately predicted the vote share for the 19GE.
    The 23pt lead that Labour now enjoys is a vast improvement on being consistently 11pts behind as is the 17pt lead that Keir has over Rishi.

    Here are DeltaPoll’s latest polling results.

    Voting Intention
    Fieldwork: 21st-24th July 2023 · Sample: 1,482 adults in Great Britain
    Labour leads by twenty-three percentage points in the latest results from Deltapoll.
    Con 26% (+2)
    Lab 49% (+1)
    Lib Dem 9% (-2)
    Other 16% (-1)
    (Changes from 14th-17th July 2023)

    Leadership Approval
    Rishi Sunak: -21 (-3)
    Keir Starmer: +4 (+1)

    Economic Competence Tracker
    Putting aside any support for a political party you may have, which of the following do you think would be best for the British economy?
    Conservative: 29% (-2)
    Labour: 47% (+3)
    Don’t know: 24% (-1)

    EU Membership Tracker
    If there were a second referendum on British membership of the European Union, how would you vote?
    Re-join: 56% (+4)
    Stay out: 38% (-3)

    Toffee -v- the Polls – We’ll see who is proved right next year. 😏

    1. Am I meant to be impressed that you’ve done a bit of research?

      RESULTS, dick-head.

      You’ve continually crowed about all keef’s humongous polling before all these by-elections and yet for all you tub-thumping the libtards have taken more seats than keef has.

      As alluded to, you fully expected keef to win all three at a stroll last week. It was all “come back and tell me about it” then too. You thought it was in the bag, a foregone conclusion linking opinion poll after opinion poll, and translating them as gospel, as per.

      The REALITY was that he couldn’t even take the seat where he was massively odds-on to do so.

      So take your voting intentions and cram THEM too, cos when push comes to shove…

      1. Toffee – I don’t recall saying that Labour would win all three of last week’s by-elections, no doubt you’ll remind me with a quote if I did. As for doing research, not really, all I’ve done above is cut and pasted the latest polling results.

        Toffee -v- the Polls – We’ll see who is proved right next year. 😏

  9. It would be nice if standing up to employers and facing down an exploitative and extractive economic system made people morally coherent. Unfortunately, power corrupts and the union hierarchies put huge power in the hands of a few. The hierarchies should be flattened and power kept at the grass roots through federation – a horizontal rather than vertical structure. The anarchists have always been right about this. All unions have huge bureaucracies in parallel with their membership structure. The bureaucrats become inordinately powerful. General Secretaries and their bureaucrats behave like feudal lords. Union conferences pass motions which the upper echelons ignore. And the big unions have huge amounts of money passing through their coffers, an irresistible temptation for opportunists. The only answer is to dismantle the hierarchies and leave power, and money, at the base.

    1. Frank, good stuff. You forgot the buildings, works of art and other lucrative investments. All that counts for union tops is salary equivalency to.CEOs. It reeks and always has done. Comfortable old Sid, genial uncle xyz. Loaded while their members picket in the cold. There are honourable exceptions but they are that exceptions.

  10. Toffee – I don’t recall saying that Labour would win all three of last week’s by-elections, no doubt you’ll remind me with a quote if I did.


    Toffee -v- the Polls – We’ll see who is proved right next year. 😏

    Wee Stevie nonce protector – vs – the ballot box – even desperate dan hodges gets it right more often than him 😏

    Torpid twunt.

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