Mason tried to have left pro-Brexit MPs cancelled and deselected

Hack in communication with intelligence contacts about de-platforming left media wanted left MPs who spoke up for their constituents on Brexit threatened and removed

Paul Mason, the ‘left’ hack whose leaked emails showed correspondence with academics and contacts linked to the intelligence services about cancelling left and anti-war media sites and putting them out of business, was trying in 2018 to have left parliamentary legend Denis Skinner and others threatened with deselection and then removed if they refused to betray their constituents’ Brexit wishes.

In an email to the Momentum NCG (National Coordinating Group), Mason asked for a list of right-wingers – admittedly a mostly odious bunch – subjected to a deselection campaign. But not for being an odious bunch, but because they supported Brexit.

And he added a further list that he wanted to have deselected if they dared to cast a vote enabling a no-deal Brexit – which their constituents overwhelmingly wanted if no deal could be reached:

Mason was determined to push the party into following the second-referendum path that Keir Starmer – without the approval and against the wishes of Jeremy Corbyn and his team – had sprung in a speech on the 2018 Labour party conference.

Starmer’s move was – widely believed to be intentionally – designed to destroy Labour’s chances at the next general election and ultimately cost Labour more than fifty Brexit-voting seats, a disaster for the country and the millions who desperately needed and wanted real change, but a victory for Starmer and his fellow right-wingers hungry for power and privilege while protecting billionaires, corporations and the powerful.

Mason this week made a fool of himself by dismissing the film ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn/The Big Lie’ as nonsensical conspiracy – despite not even having watched the film and having publicly condemned, at the time it was revealed, the right’s smears and sabotage of the campaign to get Corbyn’s Labour elected, which is what the ‘Big Lie’ film is all about. Mason then called for the Glastonbury festival not to proceed with its planned showing of the film. As his letter to Momentum shows, Mason’s cancel-fetish and targeting of the left is not new.

Tragically for decency and freedom of speech in the UK, the festival then decided anyway to cave in to the demands of right-wing pro-Israel groups to cancel the film, who then proceeded to boast about their ‘success’. Shame on the festival organisers for hiding truth out of fear.

However, the cowardly move has reportedly resulted in a boom in interest in the film and new showings springing up around the UK, so the apartheid-supporters’ attempt to undermine our human rights has backfired.

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