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Breaking: committee finds bears **** in the woods

Boris Johnson misled MPs and would have been sanctioned if he hadn’t already resigned as an MP

Birds of a feather

The Commons Select Committee has announced its finding this morning that Boris Johnson did lie to MPs during the ‘partygate’ scandal, showed repeated contempt for Parliament, then misled the investigation into his conduct and then tried to bully and intimidate MPs into not finding him guilty.

In other news, the Pope is Catholic and bears poop in the woods.

While some MPs wanted Johnson expelled entirely from the Commons, this was defeated by Tory MPs but the committee said that Johnson’s resignation as an MP means that no sanction can be imposed, but that before his resignation it had already agreed to suspend him for ninety days, long enough to bring the Recall of MPs Act into play, forcing Johnson to step down or face a by-election. However, Johnson will be stripped of the parliamentary pass he would normally be entitled to as a former MP.

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  1. Nevermind “Hasta la vista, baby!”

    Vamoose!! You fat, scruffy, scrounging ponce.

  2. At least the state won’t be subsidising the freeloading fat imbecile’s scran & drinks tab anymore.

    1. Reply to Toffee
      Yes we will be subsidising him Toffee for I heard on TV this morning ( never knew about it before) that Johnson will get an ex PMs parliamentary allowance of £115,000 a year for life – so like Blair Brown and even Truss after her 40 day fiasco – he will be permanently on the gravy train while ordinary people who didn’t wage illegal wars or crash the economy struggle to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads.
      This obscene payment shows just how right Jeremy Corbyn was when he said ours is a very unequal society. However the ordinary people now struggling and suffering so much threw away the chance to do something about it when they believed the establishment’s and the Israeli lobby’s lies and smears about Jeremy and gave Boris Johnson, a proven liar and charlatan, as landslide victory in 2019. I’m sure most of them are kicking themselves now but its too late . Unfortunately we have to live with all the consequences of their gullibility, this payment in the midst of a cost of living crisis being one of them.

      1. Yes I’m aware of his parliamentary pension – no different to the rest of the money-grubbing careerists.

        But he won’t be getting expenses and heavily-subsided everything else.

        Although I expect he’ll get bliar levels of taxpayer-funded security.

        Anyways. R.I.P. Glenda Jackson. Another one of the decent ones gone 😞🥀

      2. Reply to Toffee
        As I said I never heard about this payment before so maybe I got it wrong but I understood from the TV report that the annual £115,000 allowance is in addition to his pension and is for ” office costs” etc. I don’t know about expenses but it would not surprise me if these were payable as well. Either way the whole thing is a complete rip off .

      3. Reply to Toffee
        I checked out the £115000 annual payment and it IS in addition to Johnson’s pension AND severance allowance – unbelievable!

      4. I used to have a modicum of hope. Sinai or Starmer? Not even a pinprick of democracy. What follows wage slavery? War?

  3. Has Harperson recused herself yet, given her numerous previous prejudicial remarks?

    I didn’t vote for him but Boris is right about one thing. It IS a kangaroo court.

    1. Reply to Timfrom
      Harriet Harman was chair of the committee but didn’t have a vote – she only had a casting vote which she would have used if the committee had been deadlocked. It wasn’t -the decision that Johnson had lied to parliament was unanimous. I fail to see how given the evidence ( including photos) that was before it the committee could have possibly reached any other conclusion
      I think Johnson’s subsequent petulant outbursts are just typical of the man – a Hooray Henry who never grew up and who thinks throwing a tantrum and telling lies will get him what he wants. This behaviour has worked in the past but I don’t think it will now because most people can now see him as the spoilt entitled brat that he is. They are revolted by cowardice in not facing the music and by his talk of a “kangeroo court” etc.
      I think what little support he has in parliament will disappear very quickly once the disgust of the electorate become clearer – those currently defending him will l drop him like a hot potato once the see that excusing his reprehensible behaviour will undermine their own credibility and chances of re- election.
      Next weeks vote on the report will tell the tale but I believe support for accepting the committees recommendations will be overwhelming and we will at last see the back of Boris Johnson – and good riddance!

      1. I see that ReesMogg is now saying Johnson won’t make a come back before the next election ( that means ever) so as I predicted above – the rats abandoning the sinking ship

      2. Smartboy,

        Not that Harriet Harman surely? You know the person who campaigned on behalf of PIE to reduce the age of consent down to 13yrs….

        It seems Labour have a history of supporting and hiding sex offenders, and preventing them from being prosecuted.

      3. Reply to Baz2001
        Don’t disagree with you Baz about Harriet Harmon or the Labour party’s unsavoury history. I was simply pointing out Harman’s non voting role as chairperson of the committee and expressing my disagreement with Timfrom who by agreeing that Johnson had been subjected to a “kangeroo court” was supporting Johnson’s attempts to play the victim and exonerate himself .

      4. @Smartboy

        I’m leaning towards the field Timfrom is currently in.

        Let me start that I give Boris the same thought he gives me, zilch. This cannot be viewed in isolation.

        If we go back to 2019, we had ABC. And we got it. In the meantime, we’ve had the worst possible Brexit outcome. Boris’ time was up. His ABC had done the job but immediately afterward it was ABJ.

        It is also worth noting the fall of Crispen Odey. Tied to Johnson, and has made a lot of money from Brexit disaster capitalism. Why’s he gone so suddenly? Why now?

      5. Reply to NVLA
        I remain of the view that Johnson is playing the victim here in order to get off the hook for his blatant wrong doing and abuse of his position so I won’t be taken in by his sob story. Also I find his whingeing about being subjected to a” kangaroo court” typical Johnson and as usual extremely distasteful
        I have no sympathy for him. Instead my sympathy lies with all of those who suffered during Covid while Johnson and his cronies partied.

      6. @Smartboy

        I agree. That is exactly what Johnson is doing. But that’s how Johnson has always operated. There’s also the issue that just about every other time, he’s gotten away with it.

        What’s changed now? Cui bono?

      7. Reply to NVLA
        I dont know enough about all thie issues surrounding Johnson to say why things appear to have changed now but Albert Swifts post below talks about partygate being a side show and the real reason they are ousting him is much worse. Albert may well be right for I see now Johnson is telling Tories not to vote on the Report on Monday as it is a “farce” which reinforces Albert’s point as clearly he’d prefer to go because of partygate rather than anything else.
        I am just glad he’s going and the point I was making was that his Johnson sob stories and complaints of a kangeroo court are part of his I’m the victim narritive and whatever else he is a victim he most certainly isn’t.

      8. I doubt that this will be the last we see of him. GB news etc?

      9. Bit late seeing yr reply, Smartboy, but this is all displacement activity. Aside from those who were denied saying goodbye to loved ones, what really annoys everyone else is that they were taken in. These partying Tories (& others) obviously didn’t feel any personal threat when people mostly DID – perhaps because, being close to Government, said Tories had an inside track on what was really going on.

        Most of these aggrieved people now having a fit about Boris are really just angry at themselves for being mugs. Takeaway: Don’t trust the media!

      10. Reply to Timfrom
        Maybe you are right about people being angry with themselves for letting themselves be made mugs of, but I still don’t understand why you think that the Privleges committee was a kangeroo court.
        Even if Johnson was warned to go quietly otherwise worse than Partygate would come out (which seems very likely), I can’t see how any committee could possibly find that Johnson didn’t lie to parliament when the evidence is there to show that he did. So in my opinion his kangeroo court allegations are completely unfounded and are just Johnson playing the victim as usual and looking for sympathy.

  4. Regarding the previous article:

    Coaker’s claim is totally false. Labour does not oppose this legislation and so will not repeal it, if, God forbid, they become the government.

    On 30 March this year, he was thanked by the government for supporting the despatch of depleted uranium shells to the Ukraine.

    P.S. Sad to hear of the death of Glenda Jackson.

  5. Glenda Jackson
    Another one not welcome in Red Tory Labour Party
    Would have made a great Independent up against scumbag anti Democrats
    On another matter,
    The good people of London Town are crying out for JC to announce he will stand as Mayor

    1. In coming to the basis of Thatcherism, I come to the spiritual part of what I regard as the desperately wrong track down which Thatcherism took this country. We were told that everything I had been taught to regard as a vice—and I still regard them as vices—was, in fact, under Thatcherism, a virtue: greed, selfishness, no care for the weaker, sharp elbows, sharp knees, all these were the way forward.

  6. Partygate is really just a bit of a side show in terms of what it is rumoured that Johnson got up to as PM. You only have to recall his bizarre conduct at the 2019 Remembrance service and how those usually meticulously timed proceedings were unexplainably delayed for five minutes just prior to his rather disheveled arrival in order to get an idea of what those might be. In my view he’s being let off lightly because the Tory establishment is too embarassed to own up to everything that went on as in the long run it would be too damaging to the Party..
    I am pretty sure though that if Johnson doesn’t get the message and accepts the situation reasonably quietly they will be forced to let him have it with both barrels. Not only are there more issues concerning his personal conduct that could be raised there’s stuff like the whole business of how he funded redecorating No10 and his role in Brexit etc etc. He’s provided them with a great deal of ammunition over the years.
    In many ways I hope that Johnson doesn’t got quietly as I shall be delighted if there is some prospect of him dragging the whole lot of them down with him. As far as I am concerned long may this Tory row continue. “Go for it Boris – we are all behind you”

    1. Reply to Albert Swift
      Please see my comments above. Since I posted them Johnson has asked also for unity and for the party to move forward so it seems your assessment was 100%. Like you said he has been told to go quietly after the Privledges Committee findings or they will disclose the lot. Unfortunately he is doing so , so we will probably never find out the true extent of his wrongdoing

  7. Whatever unpleasant fate may befall Johnson could never be sufficient, despite all the pins I stick in the little effigy.
    Major international news broke yesterday though. Bet it was all over the media.
    Pakistan government buys lage quantities of oil from Russia – a big deal given the close relationship between the current regime and the US. The really big news though is that they paid in Renminbi, not dollars – a sure sign the the RMB is becoming a major international trading currency. Interesting times.

    1. @goldbach

      President of Kenya, to rapturous applause has announced dropping the dollar for local trade. They will continue to buy American items with dollars, but not use them to trade elsewhere.

      Before public events encouraging dedollarisation, the dollars use had dropped from 64 to 56% of global trade. Once America hits 40%, it’s goodbye Kansas.

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