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Islington N members vote 98%-2% to support Corbyn and demand ‘Let us choose our MP’

Members send message to anti-democratic regime: We’re not interested in your parachuted puppet

A sign above a cafe in Jeremy Corbyn’s constituency (image: S Walker)

Labour members in Jeremy Corbyn’s constituency have sent an overwhelmingly clear message to the Stalinist party regime, telling Starmer and his cronies they’re not interested in whatever drone they decide to parachute in to try to compete against Jeremy Corbyn at the next general election if Corbyn decides to stand as an independent.

By a margin of 98% to 2%, Islington North members passed a motion telling the party:

This CLP would like to thank our sitting MP J. Corbyn for his commitment and service to the people, and want to express that it should be our democratic right to select our MP.

The 2% was a single abstention. Not one person spoke against the motion. The votes in favour represented the mass of the party membership, as the CLP operates a delegate/general committee meeting structure where branches send delegates to the monthly meeting.

Although carefully worded not to say they will actively campaign for him, the subtext is clear – and it would be no surprise to find the over-compensating Starmer putting the entire constituency party into ‘special measures’ in reprisal, as has happened in other London constituencies.

Activists from around the country have already said repeatedly that they will flood the constituency to campaign for Corbyn if he confirms his intention to stand after the cowardly Starmeroids’ move to ban him from standing as a Labour candidate despite his overwhelming majority and huge popularity in the seat.

Starmer’s party, meanwhile, is having to order councillors to go door-knocking in neighbouring seats because of the lack of members willing to be identified with the Brylcreemed one, let alone campaign for him.

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