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Harpin gets owned trying to rubbish Islington North’s commitment to Corbyn

Hack recently accused of phone-hacking ignores facts, gets reminder

Lee Harpin – the ‘journalist’ recently accused in court of phone-hacking and responsible for a string of libellous articles – has tried to pour cold water on this week’s overwhelming vote by Islington North Labour members telling Keir Starmer they have no interest in whatever drone he might try to impose on them.

The ‘CLP’ passed a motion supporting their MP Jeremy Corbyn and demanding the right to choose their own candidate by 98% to 2% – the 2% was an abstention – but Harpin tried to dismiss this as a tiny fraction of the constituency’s membership.

No doubt Keir Starmer will have hated the result and want it downplayed. However, any journalist could easily find out – as Skwawkbox noted in its article about the vote – that the CLP uses a structure that means every person at the meeting was a delegate chosen by hundreds of others to represent them at the meeting. Left-wing writer Saul Staniforth schooled the libellous hack:

There are always receipts.

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    1. I think that Hairpin knows, full well, how the delegate system works but is just spinning a narrative.
      There are those, not unfamiliar with this site, who regularly do similar things.

      1. I wonder what happened to the other half of the eligible ward delegates who didn’t vote, did they boycott this meeting?

  1. Why would this man’s inaccurate comments about Jeremy Corbyn’s CLP surprise anybody.Harpin’s journalistic standards are so low he makes the S*n look like a reputable paper.
    His one constant, like the rest of the gutter press, is his hatred of Jeremy and those who support him.Its got to be so predictable now that its just plain boring. However it shows one thing – the pro Israel and anti Socialist activists still fear Jeremy because they know he is a force to be reckoned with- a man of principle who can’t be bought or bullied.
    I am delighted that his CLP has supported Jeremy but I expect that “antisemitism” allegations and suspensions will soon follow. Starmers Labour staffers are probably trawling through Islington CLP members social media posts right now. Watch this space.

    1. Force is the only way the starmer party can operate. Democracy is a great danger to the starmeroids. If he ever became PM, this is the way he would run the country.

      1. Ellie, I was born under fascism and live under it until my late teens. I recognise a fascist when I heard them. Starmer behaves like a fascist.
        Never make the mistake of confusing a right winger with a fascist, a fascist is far worse.

    2. As a process, Smartboy, it would certainly be a natural progression from replacing locally elected Councillors into Party Group and Council decision making roles with restricted options for the appearance of ‘democracy’ to replacing Party Members who don’t do as they are told and insist on actual democracy.

      From that point it is but a short and equally natural progression journey – once in Government – to replacing uppity voters who don’t get with the program of the idiocracy.

      Given how far the blue Tories have gone being ‘more Tory’ than the Tories leaves a limited number of options. However, having invented the scam of removing membership rights from its own members by simply removing them, it would seem reasonable to anticipate a similar process should any of the ‘voting’ Kings subjects not comply in which citizen and voting rights are removed.

      A sort of Universal ‘ASBO’ designed to ensure that the general voting populace are made in the same image as the elite – just like the workforce and party membership have been.

      Doubtless administered by a small group of the self-identified and self-appointed ‘Great and the Good. Who could be known as something like, say, ‘The Parish Guardians’. Kath Viner and her sidekick Owen, aged thirty something and three quarters, might be ideal candidates; with Aaron Bastini taking the role previously carried out by Matthew Hopkins, Paul Mason, in Full Metal Neo-con mode, as Chair and James O’Brian doubling up as the Town Crier and Court Jester.

      1. Reply to Dave Hansell
        Starmers contempt for democracy carried over into government really does scare me.He is a Zionist without qualification and a government under his leadership or that of one of his lackeys is likely to criminalise “antisemitism” i.e. support for Palestinians , outrage at the human rights abuses perpetrated against them by Israel, the blatant apartheid practiced by Israel etc. He would also clamp down on freedom of speech or any sort of dissent.
        He has sold out entirely to big business so we would see workers right further eroded ,tax breaks for the wealthy etc. In my opinion he would drag us back to the Thatcher years only worse.
        Also Dave could you please clarify your your reference to Aaron Bastini. I took this to mean Aaron Bastrani who to the best of my knowledge has always uphelp socialist principles. If I’m wrong about that I’d like to know.

    3. It won’t matter what the Starmeroids say or do to the CLP members. If they support Corbyn they will be out of the party anyway. There are 4000 members who will door-knock for Corbyn. People from other areas will also help to get him elected.

    4. Smartboy, the most likely scenario is that the CLP will be suspended. Hence, no more branch, GCs or ECs meetings.
      Would Labour HQ target Islington North members for suspension, could actually be good news. The ones suspended would probably give two hoots and openly canvass for Corbyn.
      While the ones still in the Party will “canvas for Labour” at the doorsteps speaking “in confidence” they would say something along the lines “I am aware pf what a wonderful and hard working MP Corbyn is, this is all too difficult for me, but as a member of the Labour Party I am not allowed to canvass for him, but, I would have wanted for him to be the Labour candidate”
      Fingers crossed Corbyn will stand as an independent, local members are putting their necks on the block to support him. The honourable thing to do to repay the solidarity the local Party is bestowed on him is to run as a candidate and wipe the floor with the official Labour candidate..

    5. I like Jeremy but I don’t think about him day and night. They gather under sewers and plot all the time. Their mates in the media attack him all of the time. The mighty political machine cannot wish him away. He’s got them acting in a very weird way, psychotic? One man who doesn’t matter. Right. They even set up political parties to smash him. He must be laughing himself to sleep every night. Good job skwawky doesn’t have an anti JC obsessive in it’s ranks.

  2. Harpin is a one trick pony. So much so he’s obsessed with all things Corbyn. Yet his vindictiveness against Jeremy stops him from to checking his sources.
    Alas for unimaginable reason he still manages to be employed by rags who don’t seem to be too bothered if he’s telling the truth or not.

  3. Behind a paywall, there is a New Statesman story that Sam Tarry might be brought in to be Labour’s candidate in Islington North.

    1. Tony, I hope this isn’t true. I would lose all respect for Sam Tarry was he to agree to this charade.

    2. Surely Tarry wouldn’t stoop so low. In any case, I thought he’d pretty much sealed his place on the naughty step by going on a picket line. Are he and the Growler still together, perhaps?

    3. Tony
      Surely not! If true Sam has been offered Islington North. My only conclusion would be that due to strong evidence regarding his deselection and threat of a legal challenge from him. He may have strong evidence of dirty dealings that led to his deselection. Either way shame on him if he accepts this.

  4. I hope Tarry would not undermine Corbyn (or the rest of us) by allowing himself to be used .
    It would be a betrayal of principle.
    The only exception to this being if J.C. declined to stand.

    1. Johnco1, my fear is that Corbyn will be pushed not to stand, that the argument would be put to him ” you need to stand down, so that Tarry could run on a safe seat”
      I will urge Corbyn not to trust this argument. Remember Starmer promising that if Corbyn apologised in a certain manner the Labour’s whip will be restored? Only to renegade on the deal.
      Neither Corbyn no Tarry can trust a word that comes out of Starmer’s mouth. Corbyn needs to stand for re-election period.

  5. Re tha claim that Sam Tarry might be Labour’s candidate in Jeremy Corbyn’s constituency (Islington North), might this not be a classical dis-information strategy with the single intent of disabling, well, confusing, left wing corbynite focus?

    The Starmerclique is, after all, using and following the CIA rulebook. We should ignore the entire thing until a trusted voice (Islington North CLP/Jeremy Corbyn or Sam Tarry) speaks on it.

  6. Leave the members alone to get JC over the line
    Fact is this needs to be repeated 50 times over, across the country and if 10 get elected their influence in a hung parliament would be enormous
    Use every tactic available including stopping Red Tories being voted in, as long as its not a Cheap and Nasty Farage Fascist then that’s Fine and Dandy

    1. In 2015 the TUSC fulfilled its promise to field the largest number of left-of-Labour candidates in the parliamentary and local authority elections. They stood 650 local government candidates plus 126 parliamentary candidates for election, quite an achievement which must have taken many months to organise.
      Do you know how many seats they gained?🤔

  7. If tarry does accept any offer to run under a smarmerite rosette it’s a measure of tarry’s integrity – regardless of whether Corbyn stands as an independent or stands down.

  8. Here’s a direct quote from the New Statesman

    “Will Jeremy Corbyn agree to step aside in Islington North?
    Trade unionists are hatching a plot to replace Jeremy Corbyn in Islington North with one of their own (and Angela Rayner’s “soulmate”): Sam Tarry. One of the conspirators murmured the plan is to persuade the exiled former Labour leader – who’s about to turn 74 – to stand down rather than run as an indy and make way for a younger member of the Socialist Campaign Group.
    Tarry, 40, sacked from the front bench by Keir Starmer for speaking on a striking rail workers’ picket line, is seeking a new berth after deselection in Ilford South (where local members preferred a local council leader, Jas Athwal, who was controversially blocked in 2019). Comrade Tarry is a former TSSA transport union officer and Corbyn leadership organiser, and his anointment should also avoid left-wing unions picking a side should Jezza fight the party.”

    1. Oh well Steve h if the ever so fair and balanced New Statesman says it must be true – I expect we’ll see similar in the S*n soon ( or we would see it if we read the filthy rag)

      1. As the article in the New Statesman was being discussed above I thought it would be useful to reproduce the contents of the NS article on these pages. Whether you choose to believe its contents or not is entirely up to you.
        I have also highlighted another NS article on these pages that clearly states that “His [JC’s] allies have confirmed that he intends to stand as an independent in his constituency at the next election” personally I still have my doubts but time will tell.

    2. 246
      Talk about thick as pig shit
      You mean
      When Left wing Unions pick a side once it becomes clear Starmer cannot win a majority

      1. Doug – What a strange reaction to me reproducing an article that was being discussed.
        I posted the NS article because it is behind a pay-wall and I thought it would be useful if people were made aware what was actually being discussed. Whether you approve or disapprove of me simply informing others by posting this article without either comment or endorsement is of little consequence to me.

      2. 246
        Red Tories like you are shit scared of JC and what he could do to the Labour vote
        Unfortunately People have already seen through Starmer and there is no Rabbit to pull out of the hat because he stands for Nothing
        Things can only get Bitter
        The backlash from the next GE should see Red and Blue Tories finished as an electoral force

      3. Doug – I think that you are delusional. We’ll see who’s proved right next year.

        It might help your cause if you actually had something credible to offer the electorate over and above the empty rhetoric.

    3. I’m convinced it’s a deliberate/intentional mis/dis-information. New Statesman will be happy to dis inform the lefties to ‘frustrate their knavish tricks ‘ for their boss.
      (If patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel, then I’ll happily assign Starmer + his sty words from the 2nd verse of our national anthem)

  9. Here’s a general open question which requires some serious consideration:

    The video clip in this link….

    ……taken from the recent ‘National Tory Conference’ provides as succinct and clear a picture of just what the term “Tory” means and is all about at this point in time.

    With this as the benchmark/bar/whatever terminology you want to use; Could someone, anyone – even a Starmeroid if need be seeing as the Glorious Leader proclaimed this edict – explain exactly WTF being more Tory than this will actually look like?

    Any takers?

    1. Dave – You don’t appear to have read what Keir Starmer actually said?🤔

      He [Keir] argued in his latest speech on Saturday that people “want a politics that is done with them, not to them”, adding “We can seize the opportunities of tomorrow and make them work for working people. But this ambition must never become unmoored from working people’s need for stability, for order, security.”
      Starmer declared that the Conservative Party “can no longer claim to be conservative”, telling attendees: “It conserves nothing we value – not our rivers and seas, not our NHS or BBC, not our families, not our nation.”
      He added: “We must understand there are precious things – in our way of life, in our environment, in our communities – that it is our responsibility to protect and preserve and to pass on to future generations.
      “And look – if that’s sounds conservative, then let me tell you: I don’t care. Somebody has got to stand up for the things that make this country great, and it isn’t going to be the Tories.”

  10. The genuine and very decent but perhaps delusional Lefties in Labour perhaps fail to see Lumpen Right Wing Labour are in complete control and can afford a few Left Wing Lab MPs to pee in the wind and to be completely ignored.
    I have said I hope JC stands as an Independent or turns The Peace & Justice Project into a political party.
    But if not 620 of us stand as JC Supporting Independents but on reflection perhaps we need to deal with the Left Lab seats case by case and it may go up to 640?
    We need Socialists prepared to make history & to keep the Corbyn dream alive.

      1. Steve, yiou know perfectly well Starmer didn’t have to fight to make Labour a socialist- and socialism- and democracy-free zone to make it electable. It would have been made instantly electable if the PLP had simply agreed to give Starmer the support they refused ever to give Corbyn. You know the purges were unjustified, the disempowerment of the membership was unnecessary, and the MASSIVE swing to the right on policy never had to happen- nobody who would ever actually have considered voting Labour was against nationalising utilities or fully-funding the NHS to be free at the point of use, and there was nobody demanding that NATO and the Union flag be turned into objects of worship.

        Why continue to defend three years of brutal ugliness that never needed to be? Why defend the smearing of thousands of innocent people on false accusations of antisemitism? Why defend the collective punishment of Jewish antizionists?


        Nobody was demanding that Labour become a party of nasty, vindictive, corrupt, warmongering reactionaries.

      2. Ken – None of which, even if one accepts your assertions, alters the fact that Bazza is living in La-La-Land.

      3. And what the present little cabal of incompetent barking mad pathological liars running the organisation formally known as the Labour Party are not living in La La Land?

        Yeah. Right. As you say.

      4. Dave – Come back and tell me all about it when you have more to offer than mini rants and empty rhetoric.

      5. steveH, the details you ‘claim’ (sic) to seek have been provided multiple times on this site by many posters.

        The fact that you have made it very clear that:

        a) You don’t and won’t accept anything other than the delusional fantasy in your own head by constantly sticking your fingers in your ears and closing your eyes;


        b) have no answers whatsoever when confronted with reality

        is your problem. Deal with it rather than acting as a nursery level infant by projecting your position onto others.

    1. Please, not like Bernie and the Zio Squad. Now they are a disgrace. Is that one with the lipo and deeply ironic dress still in politics? Has she made her wedge and got tenure somewhere? They are taking the piss out of us all over the world.

  11. It’s started, the bartering for support after next GE
    The SNP want more devolution and power to call a Referendum
    Red and Tartan Tories both utterly useless
    More Devolution = Less chance of Independence

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