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Pro-Israel group locks video discussing bankrupting Labour. Here’s what it says

Novara deleted video showing UK Lawyers for Israel discussing bankrupting Labour with LAAS figures – now locked on YouTube – after apparent copyright threat. Here’s what they said

UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI) has locked or deleted a video the group had published showing a panel of right-wing figures, including Emma Feltham and Euan Philipps of notorious anti-Corbyn group LAAS (so-called Labour against Antisemitism), discussing how Mark Lewis – a pro-Israel solicitor fined by the SRA for abusive speech on Twitter, including telling an 18yo Labour voter that his father should have worn a condom – could bankrupt Labour through legal action.

Here is the video showing what the group talked about, as well as a fuller transcript of the discussion:

‘Fair dealing’ (fair use) claimed under copyright exemption for news use

She’s probably right, isn’t it? Now, now, listen. Absent friends tonight, I’ve got a very good friend who now has, he now lives in Eilat, which is he’s got the right idea. He’s, of course, Mark Lewis of Patron Law.

Excellent. He deserves [the applause].

So Mark Lewis is now going to defend John Ware, another- There we go. Another one. Excellent. Good old John. Excellent. That’s another good episode. Mark, I talked to him about aliyah,
but John, I talked to him in the days directly after the the the the documentary being aired on BBC One.

And now of course, Ofcom have chucked out all 28 complaints, haven’t they, in the that the Labour Party put and so now he thinks that he believes he’s got a case to sue the Labour Party
for defamation. And so Mark Lewis has a very handy approach to bankrupting organisations that do wrong.

Is there a possibility that actually the Labour Party might close down and have to start again
as Very New Labour? [laughter] I mean otherwise Tony Blair would have the copyright probably, Mandelson probably. Yes. And in all seriousness, I mean that actually might be the ultimate way to reform it.

The fact that, you know, Labour 2022 might be the way after they’ve gone bankrupt. Just throwing that out.

Speaker 1:
Because if the Labour Party doesn’t comply with the recommendations of the Commission, then there’ll be enforcement action and if Labour loses that they’ll be subject to costs, penal orders and the like.

So that’s one thing that might happen.

Whoever clapped there, you can’t be on the jury.

Speaker 1:
There’s no, there’s no jury. You could, you could be the judge, [more laughter] but yeah, these are very serious things and it might lead to a raft of individual litigation against the Labour Party by those who were employed by it, who have, left.

There’s some difficult issues with that about the time constraints for bringing claims. But, you know, this this stuff is, it will be an expense for the Labour Party. So there’s financial considerations for them.

I think I’m thinking with I think Mark has that idea doesn’t he?

I well I don’t know if he has that idea, but I certainly think that there should be a cost because at the moment everybody’s sort of it’s almost like nobody really wanting to talk about it now, now
the election’s over and, you know, there, you know, it’s almost like, oh, don’t mention the fact that we’ve just absolutely traumatised the Jewish community for four years.

You know, and so there should be costs. And I think Mark’s right and he’s been an absolute hero to and extremely helpful to myself and Euan in terms of the work that Labour Against Antisemitism has done, we could not have functioned without him.

So big round of applause for Mark.

That’s it, I mean, you know, he’s doing a remarkable job and apparently bringing down every every enemy of the community one by one. Yeah, everyone’s got a plan until they get served by Mark Lewis, y’know, things suddenly become a lot more real, you know?

I mean, I think, you know, I think there is there is obviously going to be quite a lot of fallout from EHRC and as you said, you know, indi- individual cases being brought against the Labour Party could be, you know, financially very damaging for an organisation which is itself, you know, not in particularly good health with regards to its financial arrangements.

Yeah. Whether it’ll be supported by the trade unions or not, obviously we’d have to see. But yeah, you know.

Wow. Okay. Well we’ll look forward to that promotion and maybe Barry Hearn can put it on. I think it’s right up there in boxing terms.

Emma Feltham and Euan Philipps are now among eight LAAS activists suing Labour because they were identified as frequent submitters of antisemitism complaints to the party – even though they have themselves publicly boasted about how many complaints they submitted.

The pair are also among a number LAAS figures who have attacked left-wing widely-loved Jewish author Michael Rosen, who supported Jeremy Corbyn, over the suicide of Pete Newbon, another LAAS figure, even though the inquest found no connection between Newbon’s death and Rosen’s criticism of Newbon’s vile social media output and Newbon was, ironically, facing a crippling legal bill for abuse toward another person.

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