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Starmer asked judge to hide paedophile’s identity and ‘leniency of sentence’

More hypocrisy

Keir Starmer has rightly been under fire since Labour last week exploited abused children by publishing a Twitter post claiming Rishi Sunak doesn’t care about protecting children from paedophiles. Sunak is abysmal, but he has no role in the sentencing of offenders – and Starmer himself, as then-Director of Public Prosecutions, played a key role in creating the sentencing guidelines that courts still follow, including specific recommendations on sentencing sex offenders.

Starmer’s anonymity request was not his only controversy regarding sex offenders

And further hypocrisy in Labour’s current stance has come to light thanks to Gil O’Teane, who pointed out that – as a barrister acting on behalf of a convicted paedophile – Starmer asked a judge to keep secret both the offender’s identity and the leniency of the sentence he had received:

There is no suggestion that Starmer was acting improperly in representing his client in 2002 – but there is every suggestion that a man who understood the nuances of sentencing in 2002 is profoundly hypocritical and reckless to disregard his own history in order to make a vile, misleading and inflammatory smear against a political opponent. Especially one who was running the CPS when it chose not to prosecute Jimmy Savile.

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  1. A barrister represents his client in court. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

    1. Still alive then… 😒

      Been very conspicuous by your absence recently, nonce defender/excuser/enabler.

      1. Toffee, Steve H has been shown up as a complete fake who posts under other names in order to demoralise and undermine us and disrupt/ control debate – see the comments below and the link posted by PW.

    2. Is there a particular reason you’ve returned to defend the indefensible by defending the indefensible?

      And before you start with the all too predictable:

      “But he was only doing his job”

      I’ll take the liberty of reminding you that his job as DPP was to ensure those prosecuted were done so <I to the FULL extent of the law.

      Make a joke about a bomb at an airport, look for UFOs on a foreign govt’s website, or leak documents the US govt and their shithousery…And there was keef, sticking his oar in; acting like some faux hard case – and making sure everybody knew it.

      However, be a (high-profile) pederast, a toerag MP, or a copper that murders a civilian…Nada. Don’t even bother to prosecute. Lie that you never even knew anything about it, or how it isn’t in the public interest.

      Don’t do as I do/did, do as I say.

      …And if you ever DO do as I say, DON’T do as I said.

      Contemptible, slimy shithouse.

      1. I still don’t get why it is OK for Starmer to boast in the House of Commons about personally prosecuting Chris Huhne, but it is outrageous for Johnson to suggest that he had some responsibility for the decision not to prosecute Savile.

      2. Ultraviolet – Perhaps its because he was actually the one that decided to prosecute Huhne but didn’t even know about the Savile case at the time, let alone have any involvement in the decision not to prosecute Savile. You are also conveniently ignoring the fact that Keir commissioned a detailed enquiry into what went wrong with the Savile cases and then implemented the inquiry’s findings to prevent the situation repeating itself. The report is available online if you want to read it.

    3. A barrister represents his client in court. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

      Yes, but should such a barrister be the leader of the Opposition, or, one day, Prime Minister?

      The judge that Starmer made a privacy plea to refused the request and said: “There is, a degree of risk to anyone who is identified as a paedophile. but I am not satisfied that the combination of name, filming and commentary will establish that risk.” That Judge, Mr Justice Ousely, also refused Starmer’s request to order the BBC to disguise the convicted paedophile’s face on air

      It might have been a day on which Keir failed as a barrister, but it was probably the day when David Cameron and George Osborne recognised that Keir Starmer was sufficiently pro-Establishment and obsequious to Power to be an excellent DPP for them and their class. Maybe it was them, Osborne and Cameron, that got David Rockefeller to ‘invite’ Keir Rodney Starmer to join the Trilateral Commission?

      The rest, as they say, is history, the wrong side of it.

      1. Thanks qwerty.

        I just googled “smarmer Mr justice ouseley”. Got a result for the guardian regarding the abhorrent business.

        Read the tale…googled “paedophiles named on BBCs hunt for Britain’s paedophiles

        From an old BBC article I managed to put a name to the photo shown on the graun – a joseph levene

        …levene??? Hmmm….Just wondering WHY keef would think levene should receive special dispensation – IF it was indeed Levene keef bent over backwards for? 😙🎵

      2. Wow, you’re doing more journalism than most BBC and Guardian reporters Toffee. Is this the Julian Levene that wrote a sheet of ‘how to’ tips for other paedophiles probably to his barrister’s full knowledge?

        When all’s said and done, paedophilia is a disease and Starmer clearly has no moral compass or guiding principle on the matter.

        He uses attack ads and sectarian violence against the left to hide this and his lack of resonance and popular policies. His behaviour is ‘ugly’ and ‘desperate’. He’s not the type of person I’d want as Prime Minister or expect any good from.

      3. Wow, you’re doing more journalism than most BBC and Guardian reporters Toffee

        Thanks for the compliment qwerty…Although unsure whether it’s a leg-pull or not 😋

        One only has to scratch one’s arse to have done more than the overwhelming majority of those bone-idle MSM leeches.

        As for keef…Well we’ve already seen what he’s about. Ordering labour peers to ABSTAIN and allow children to go hungry at school in some surreal attempt at furthering his career.

        That was after trying to steal the plaudits off young Rashford for shaming the rags into extending the food vouchers for schoolkids during lockdown. (Keef wanted them back in school, spreading diseases, don’t forget).

        And we’re all of us aware of what went on when he was DPP….The entire point of this thread.

        Rodent’d sell his own grandmother if he thought it’d garner him five minutes of authority or win him an extra seat on some council or other in the arse end of nowhere.

        Despicable creature.

      4. Quertboi, good questions. They deserve answers. I won’t be holding my breath.

    4. ‘Today Matthew, I am ‘SteveH’. You do realise you lost what little credibility you may have had with your hilarious faux pas the other day? Why on earth do you bother? You are wasting yours, whoever pays you, and our time. Rhetorical questions.

      1. PW – A reminder of what, how easily the gullible are to lead astray?
        I didn’t post the comment that you have linked to and I don’t know who did. For all I know it was you.
        I have always used the same account to post comments on these pages. Please feel free to search all you want but I know for a fact that you won’t find any evidence that supports your ‘assertions’.
        Have fun!

      2. You are quite right Julia – I wouldn’t have believed it possible that the chump behind “SteveH” could actually think that they had got away with it. Here we are only a matter of a couple of days after they rather clumsily exposed their own ridiculous deception and apparently they still think that they can persist with their nonsense and that people will be taken in by it. It’s truely a measure of their arrogance & stupidity. The great majority of the contibutors to these comments have been aware of ‘SteveH’s” rather crude & obvious deception for years and automatically dismiss everything they say.

      3. Reply to Julia
        My thoughts exactly Julia.
        For those who missed it, see PWs link to Steve H’s faux pas

      4. “SteveH
        07/04/2023 AT 6:30 PM
        Waiting on Steve H to defend Stongers latest racist utterance. Tick Tok.”
        Ohhhhh, I love it.
        Definitely David Gower Syndrome – “A useless tosser”.

    5. Ten Signs you are in a cult:

      1. The leader is the ultimate authority
      2. The group suppresses skepticism
      3. The group delegitimizes former members
      4. The group is paranoid about the outside world
      5. The group relies on shame cycles
      6. The leader is above the law
      7. The group uses “thought reform” methods
      8. The group is elitist
      9. There is no financial transparency
      10, The group performs secret rites

      To which could be added the following:

      11. The group does not follow any recognisable due process
      12. The group makes up and operates on the basis of its own subjective reality

      1. The Labour Party have already admitted most of this already
        Dave – in stating that they do not adhere to natural justice ..

        and there is also this – which may already be covered.
        As well as (3) “not allowing members of the group to associate
        themselves with former members” – , to emphasise this
        – you have to regularly denounce these former members publicly ..

  2. This particular degenerate keef defended – Wasn’t a (tory) mp, by any chance?

    And I’m sure that THAT vermin’s victims don’t blame keef for acting the way he did…

    Oh! Keef was THE most superb prosecutor in the nation once, and even in his fledgling career he was such a *ahem* prodigious talent as a defence counsel that he gave up his time pro bono to successfully defend the “mclibel two“.

    …Never hear him crowing about THIS case though, do we?

    Also, regarding that other legal genius thornberry…

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about”

    No…You wouldn’t. You seldom do. On any subject.

  3. Scottish Conservative Party Leader Douglas Ross is now retreating from his view that Conservative voters in Scotland should vote Labour.

    But the fact that he made such a statement in the first place tells us all we need to know about the Labour Party under Starmer. Labour is a hard-right party, a party of war, austerity and privatisation.

    Our priority right now should be to bring Starmer down.

    1. Tony – ………what is the credible alternative that you are offering the electorate, you don’t appear to have one?
      Has Jeremy stopped prevaricating yet about whether he’s going to risk standing as an independent?

      1. Has keef risked making a manifesto pledge or explained a policy in detail yet?

        Despicable nonce excuser AND enabler.

        By the way…that Caribbean island you’re supposedly on – does it have an extradition treaty with the UK by any chance?

      2. Toffee – Only the politically naive or just plain stupid would expect a detailed manifesto at this stage of the election cycle, please feel free to take your pick?

        As a law abiding citizen of both countries whether or not we have an extradition treaty with the UK isn’t something that I’ve ever felt the need to look into, but I would be surprised if we don’t. Why do you ask, is it an issue that would be of concern to you personally?

      3. Because if there’s any justice they’ll be coming for you one day.

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