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The 12 who voted for Labour democracy and decency – and those who didn’t

On a day of shame for the Labour party, a few stood firm – while some unions betrayed the movement. In last night’s PLP meeting, only Barry Gardiner spoke up for Corbyn at Labour’s parliamentary meeting

As Skwawkbox reported earlier, the Starmerite – and Stalinist – drones on Labour’s national executive (NEC) have voted to bar former leader Jeremy Corbyn permanently from standing as a candidate for the party, trampling on the wishes of local members and on democracy in general.

The result – to no one’s surprise – was yet another show of spinelessness from a faction that knows it has no vision and cannot win an argument, so resorts to rigging and control.

Those who showed enough spine and principle to vote against Starmer’s cowardly motion were:

Andy Kerr (CWU)
Mick Whelan (ASLEF)
Iaan Murray (FBU)
Nicola Jukes (TSSA)
Jayne Taylor (UNITE)
Tony Woodhouse (UNITE)
Mish Rahman (CLPs)
Gemma Bolton (CLPs)
Jess Barnard (CLPs)
Yasmine Dar (CLPs)
Ann Black (CLPs)
Ellen Morrison (Disabled Members)

Skwawkbox understands that deputy leader Angela Rayner stayed away from the meeting, avoiding the vote. Her union – and Corbyn’s – Unison abstained, to the fury of that union’s elected members who have long been fighting the right-wing Unison management and its contempt for democracy.

GMB, USDAW and the Musicians Union voted for Starmer’s motion. Shame on them. Those of their members who are able to join other unions should do so immediately.

Unite officers have renewed their call for their union to disaffiliate from the party. So far, despite her rhetoric, Unite general secretary Sharon Graham has shown no sign of meaningful action and has continued to increase funding to Labour.

On a related note, Barry Gardiner was reportedly the only MP to speak up for Corbyn at last night’s meeting of the parliamentary Labour party. Starmer has destroyed Labour as a meaningful force for good.

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  1. A list of those who voted with integrity! Good to know!

    As for the others – cowards – plain and simple. Every one of them.

    As for Angela Rayner – a big gob and a loud voice doesn’t make a politician.

    1. It seems reasonable to surmise that the motivation for adopting such a position of integrity is that of aligning with a specific principle.

      That being the case it would further seem reasonable to expect that such principles would be applied in a consistent manner.

      This being so it is difficult to reconcile such a consistency of principle when considering the fact that at least one of those twelve NEC members, to my knowledge, effectively voted to proscribe retrospectively any Party member associated with three specific organised initiatives at the NEC meeting of July 20 2021.

      A black day indeed. People cannot have it both ways. You are either consistent with principles or you are not. Adopting principles when it suits and discarding them when it does not is certainly not representative of ‘integrity’ in the normal definition of the concept.

      Almost Starmerite one might observe.

    2. The Establishment’s war on Corbyn has a new openness. The question is how many unions will disaffiliate over this. I hope mine – Unite- does so Sharon go for it.

      This is open war on the mass socialist Labour Party Jeremy built, and there can be no going back from this, the need for socialism has never been greater as only socialism can fight the climate crisis.


      Support & join OCISA & get #StarmerOut of Holborn and St Pancras!!!

      1. BrianP, hope I’m in a minority, but I’d never heard of OCISA ( Is it peripheral or a promising initiative? Who’s behind it?

        FWIW – however JC decides to package himself for the next election (‘Independent’, P+J/whatever) a OCISA should stand a candidate of the same hue in Starmer’s seat. Make it a fight for ideas, not candidates.

      2. He who laughs last, laughs longest.

        – English Proverb.

      3. 1. Is that the royal “We”?

        2. I take it that a six word sentence is now beyond your limited attention span.

      4. Medici cura ti ipsum.*

        * That’s Latin for kettle calling pot.

      5. Dave – Is it really, are you absolutely sure? 😕
        I always thought it meant “Physician, heal thyself “

      6. Do pay attention to context and stop being so gormless.

        Its a metaphor – you do know what one of those is do you not steveH?????

      7. Dave – Oh dear, A dignified ‘Thanks for pointing out my error’; would have sufficed.

      8. Depends on the context (again).

        One occasional genuine error, maybe.

        When it is systemic and very obviously deliberate dark sarcasm or similar is a standard methodology (ask any teacher).

        Or, as any mum would put it; ‘if you ain’t shouting they (ie those who are still stuck at the level of a five year old) ain’t listening.

  2. USDAW is a UINO: a union in name only.

    In the circumstances, 12 votes against is a solid base.

    1. Long wait to reply. If anyone cares metaphor is what you tell someone who suggests that you stop a knife fight. It’s “what the metaphor”. X

    1. Reply to Steve Hilling
      I think you are right – I really hope so. Starmers Labour disgusts me and all decent people. There is a very good chance that this latest nasty vindictive action will lose Starmer enough seats to keep him out of Downing St and will cost some of the other vipers their jobs.

  3. The only thing that seems to unite, empower and motivate this outfit is its raging antisemitism, probably instilled by its Zionist connections at the very top.

  4. Thanks for the info Skwawkbox.
    We’ll remember the heroes and damn-forever the quislings.
    Viva Corbyn !

  5. I liked to know the named individuals who voted for this, tricky to necessarily blame the whole union.

    1. Felicity – Here is the full list of the NEC members who have a vote
      Chair: Johanna Baxter
      Vice Chair: James Asser
      Leader: Sir Keir Starmer MP
      Deputy Leader: Angela Rayner MP
      Treasurer: Mike Payne
      Chair of Equalities: James Asser
      Shadow Frontbench: Anneliese Dodds MP
      Shadow Frontbench: Jonathan Reynolds MP
      Shadow Frontbench: Shabana Mahmood MP
      Shadow Scottish Frontbench: Jackie Baillie MSP
      Welsh Labour Representative: Carwyn Jones MS
      Young Labour: Elsie Greenwood
      Disabled Members: Ellen Morrison
      BAME Labour: Carol Sewell
      Div. I – Trade Unions: Mark Ferguson (Unison)
      Div. I – Trade Unions: Nicola Jukes (TSSA)
      Div. I – Trade Unions: Isabelle Gutierrez (Musicians’ Union)
      Div. I – Trade Unions: Michael Wheeler (USDAW)
      Div. I – Trade Unions: Wendy Nichols (Unison)
      Div. I – Trade Unions: Andy Kerr (CWU)
      Div. I – Trade Unions: Gavin Sibthorpe (GMB)
      Div. I – Trade Unions: Jayne Taylor (UNITE)
      Div. I – Trade Unions: Kathy Abu-Bakir (GMB)
      Div. I – Trade Unions: Ian Murray (FBU)
      Div. I – Trade Unions: Mick Whelan (ASLEF)
      Div. I – Trade Unions: Joanne McGuinness (USDAW)
      Div. I – Trade Unions: Tony Woodhouse (UNITE)
      Div. II – Socialist Societies: James Asser
      Div. III – CLPs: Johanna Baxter
      Div. III – CLPs: Jessica Barnard
      Div. III – CLPs: Yasmine Dar
      Div. III – CLPs: Luke Akehurst
      Div. III – CLPs: Ann Black
      Div. III – CLPs: Gurinder Singh Josan
      Div. III – CLPs: Abdi Duale
      Div. III – CLPs: Gemma Bolton
      Div. III – CLPs: Mish Rahman
      Div. IV – Labour Councillors: Nesil Caliskan
      Div. IV – Labour Councillors: Tudor Evans
      Div. V – PLP: Sir George Howarth MP
      Div. V – PLP: Dame Margaret Beckett MP
      Div. V – PLP: Dame Angela Eagle MP

    2. qwertboi – Well spotted, 8 out of the 42 members either didn’t vote or didn’t attend, is this an unusually high number of abstentions/absentees for an NEC meeting?

  6. Let me get this right…Barry Gardiner – the only MP to speak on Corbyn’s behalf? And the rest of them call themselves“Socialist”? Pfft! 😒 Spineless, more like.

    You’d do well to remember that next time any of them are feeling hard done by by smarmerist shithousery, Skwawky. I’d be hard=pressed to piss on them if they were on fire – and that’s if I could piss paraffin.

  7. Labour-In-Name-Only will not be the party in power that the sheeple believe them to be. I have posted and pronounced at public meetings, asking for people to vote for independent MP’s, MSP’s, MWP’s & councillors at the next election. We need consensus through cooperation to heal society.

    I am currently reading Oliver Eagleton’s book, The Starmer Project and it is hard to do so with the anger that each page generates, although it is rather plainly set out. Starmerfuhrer always has been a user and abuser of everywhere he has insinuated himself. He cares nothing for human rights let alone the law and his hatred of Mr Corbyn and socialism clearly stated through implication and action. Spineless charlatan that he is.

    During the first week of his taking over LOTO he attended right-wing Jewish groups, where he confirmed his Zionist leanings. I later met up with him on a zoom meeting (as a journalist & card carrying Labour member) and asked him why he had done so, ignoring grassroots members. The following week my membership of The Labour Party had been cancelled. I was one of tens of thousands who were cast aside and at a fringe meeting in Edinburgh of socialists found no support. Everyone it seems is only interested in their own little banner and slogans. LINO is simply another hue of blue…goose-stepping alongside WEF.

    Question 1: Why was Klaus Schwab awarded with a KBE in Dec 2022? Question 2: Who decided that he deserved it and for what exactly? Question 3: Who decided that Tony Bliar should present it to him?

    1. Well said barriereid…..

      It looks like Corbyn will continue to run, but now as an Independent. There will literally be thousands of his supporters out on the streets both in Islington and in Starmer’s constituency too. It appears the battle is on.

      As for Schwab, Bliar and Honours. They’re just Nazis being Nazis, I suppose.

    2. Barrier Reid, speechless. He has nothing attractive about him at all, yet he stands a very good chance of becoming ‘Duce’.

  8. I hope he goes independent he will probably win with the support he has or start a new party or get behind people that are not connected to Labour who will stand up for the working class

  9. This is a day of infamy. Jeremy Corbyn has been roundly betrayed and Sir Keir has just gifted the Tories, LibDems, Greens and anyone who wants to defeat Labour all the ammunition they need to question his often-cited ‘human rights’ credentials. Along with his honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, principles, or loyalty. How can anyone believe a single word he says or has said? It will take more than appearing on HIGNFY to make him viable. Unless Emperor Murdoch has already decided on him as PM rather than Gove. We need to fight for democracy now.

    1. …..and yet the electorate appear to agree with Keir’s decision

      “Most People Think Keir Starmer Is Right To Ban Jeremy Corbyn Standing As A Labour MP, Poll Shows
      In a survey of 2,144 people, 55 per cent said they believed Starmer was right to block the former Labour leader from running as a Labour MP – with 23 per cent believing it was wrong, and 22 per cent saying they didn’t know.

      1. When the electorate are fed a load of SHITE by the media at large (including the site you link to), it’s NO surprise, is it, plums?

        However, when you try to peddle your shite on here, (to the better informed than your s*n/fail/torygraph readers and religious BBC viewers) you’re roundly ridiculed.

        And that’s NO surprise neither.

      2. Toffee – Oh for goodness sake get a grip, I’ve simply drawn attention to a recent poll result on the subject of this article..

      3. It’s just soooo fucking obvious that you’re having a gloat about it, with your: I/keef wuz right – and this poll says so” moment. All the while trying to masquerade it with a pretence of magnanimity; the game given away by your total lack of any empathy, expression of solidarity, OR mitigation for Corbyn in ANY form.

        You’ve maintained (And no doubt STILL do) that the al-jazeera documentary was “A hatchet job on keef”. At the same time not accepting anything other than keef’s decree that Corbyn HAS to go.

        But there is one thing….

        I see there’s NO poll of people who support keef’s shithousery after watching “The labour files”

        One can only wonder why…

      4. Two Cheeks
        Let’s do a poll
        Would you vote for the architect of a 2nd Referendum
        Would you vote for the former remainiac who now supports ‘Make Brexit work’
        Would you vote for someone who makes Boris Johnson blush with embarrassment
        Would you vote for someone who has just stabbed his former leader in the back
        Would you vote for a Red Tory
        Not funking likely

      5. How about asking the 60 000 grassroots members who had their membership cards binned? 2144 people from where? As they left the pub? There are some 70 million citizens in Britain.

      6. barriereid – Good luck with trying to put together a cogent argument that the polls didn’t accurately predict Labour’s defeat in 2019

      7. Right wing politicshome runs a poll of 2144 right wingers and only 55% believe Keith was right LOL

      8. barriereid 2144 people from where? As they left the pub? There are some 70 million citizens in Britain.

        From my understanding of sample sizes, the number is ok as representative for those of voting age (c.50m) — see sample size calculators. It’s whether or not the respondents are randomly chosen, which is the essence of such sampling.

        I’m sure many of these polls, if not most, contain bias one way or another to suit the result they want. The problem is, we just don’t know where that’s the case, and as asmit rightly comments above, in this case politicshome is a right wing organisation. So whether it’s a true reflection is seriously open to question.

      9. qwertboi – Why have you disingenuously linked my comment to a website that you weren’t even aware of until a couple of hours ago.

      10. (a) democracy implies consent,

        (b) consent is meaningless if not informed,


        (c) informed consent implies truly independent media.

        That last we do not have.

        In this regard the observation made by Chomsky applies:

        “The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum – even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense there’s free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate.”

        An observation for which plenty of evidence exists and which could be presented. Though it has to be noted and recognised that here on this site at least presentation of such detailed evidence is ignored on the grounds that it somehow represents an “essay.”

        As though anything longer than a six word Powerpoint slogan is beyond the attention span and everyone are now little more than goldfish.

      11. “Good luck with trying to put together a cogent argument that the polls didn’t accurately predict Labour’s defeat in 2019.”

        The polls predicted a similar defeat in 2017.

        What’s missing from your Powerpoint level response steveH is your (apparent) favourite concept – context.

        Which, like your “Dear Leader” and his other unthinking acolytes such as yourself, pick and choose when to use and when not to use to suit convenience.

        Just about every single red wall seat in 2019 voted Brexit. Given the fact that a second referendum was being pushed by figures such a Starmer within the Labour Party it is an incontrovertible fact, whether you like or not (and you are just going to have to lump it and face up to your cognitive dissonance), that the “credit” for losing the 2019 election should go to your “Dear Leader”.

        And this was deliberate. A second bite of the cherry they attempted in 2017. When the New Labour has been’s were running around constituencies like mine promising to hold the incoming Tory government to account and working towards achieving a Tory landslide with a slush fund from our members subs.. Which they finally managed in 2019 with the help of a fourth estate acting more like a fifth column.

      12. Dave – Is that really what you have chosen to believe? Other versions with more credibility are available.

      13. What I believe or don’t believe is irrelevant.

        The only thing that counts are the facts and the first hand evidence of those of us actually there experiencing this at first hand day in day out over several years rather than someone pontificating from a few thousand miles away on the other side of the world (allegedly) ho clearly does not know their arse from a hole in the ground.

        52 seats lost in Brexit voting constituencies. Go figure.

        It is noticeable that you singularly fail to provide any substantive evidence to back up the claim of the “credibility” of other views. Claiming something is so just on your say so without providing substantive supporting evidence to back up such claims is simply bluster and make you look stupid.

        For example: Here’s an analysis from the New York Review of Books dated January 2020 which might help you catch up with reality:

        Its not an essay: Its evidence. Its how the real world operates and functions. You should try it sometime.

      14. Dave – “What I believe or don’t believe is irrelevant.”
        Is it really?

        Thanks for the link to the opinion piece, it was a very interesting read.

      15. ………not really surprising when the entire billionaire owned MSM attacks Jeremy at every opportunity. It is no coincidence that GB News & Talk TV (both owned by Rupert Murdoch and recently licensed by Tory gov’t) makes derogatory comment on a daily basis.
        Starmer has suggested that reinstating Jeremy Corbyn would make the Labour Party unelectable – sound Blairite logic, making New New Labour as much like the Tories as possible to attract Tory voters. Socialism is not the preferred alternative in a one Party State and Neo-liberal Capitalism “is safe in our hands”.
        It appears that Britain has become a pale reflection of USA with one party politics in a Capitalist mono-culture, where Freedom of Speech is carefully controlled and platforms denied to anyone seeking to criticise, especially relevant to the Labour Party.

      16. Indeed it is steveH.

        There are people out there who sincerely ‘believe’ men can be women and vice versa – totally denying biological reality.

        I’ve even met people who ‘believed’ its feasible to stick a pick axe through a working gas main (a senior manager of equivalent rank to an army Lance-Colonel); or that it is an efficient use of resources to do a job inefficiently (buckshee Level 1 manager).

        “Belief’ is about faith which is not grounded in objective reality. The Darwin awards are full of people who “believe’. Fact is, reality does not cease to exist when someone stops ‘believing’ in it.

      17. Sorry, are we keeping you awake?

        Could somebody please retrieve the dummy from wherever it landed.

  10. Can you ever trust Starmer again, that’s what people should think about. Patting Corbyn in the back and supporting him only a few years ago, now a destroyer of the Labour Party. Can you ever trust such a turncoat again. Promises one thing then three years on prepared to kill any values that Labour has held over many years. This man cannot be trusted! Wants power at any cost. The Union heads should also hang their heads in shame. They do not follow their members wishes and piss upon democracy
    It’s time to kick this Party into touch, under its present leaders and start a new party for the many disenfranchised ex members. Enough is enough before they do any more damage. The Leaders of North Korea would be proud of the way that democracy in the Labour Party has been kicked in the teeth. ARISE A NEW LEFT WING POLITICAL PARTY that believes in democracy…..not witch hunts! McCarthy would be proud of him

    1. As I recall it the last time ‘the left’ tried that it didn’t work out quite as well as they hoped it would. 🤔

      In the 15GE the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) made a big push and stood 135 parliamentary candidates, who on average got a whole 284 votes each and they all lost their deposits. They also put forward 650 candidates to stand as LA councillors, they didn’t gain a single council seat and in one ward not a single vote.

      1. Stevedavidh – who’s ‘the left’, I’m on the left but I’ve no idea who you’re referring to.

      2. qwertboi – As a self declared person on the left I had expected that you would have known all about this. If the left hadn’t failed to get their act together back then I expect that you would have been quite familiar with what I was referring to above. However your ignorance of these relatively recent events is perhaps a good illustration of why they all lost their deposits and failed to gain any a single council seat despite contesting a large number of seats in both the local and general elections.

      3. Point is, ‘the left’ is not a singular entity. Clearly you mean it as a collective noun to imply ineffectiveness, but, linguistically at least, ‘the left’ does not exist as a singular entity – thank heaven! For we are many and we are diverse.

      4. qwertboi – Are those your excuses for both your complete lack of a coherent message and your complete failure to offer the electorate anything even resembling a credible alternative?

    2. Mike Craig….I never trusted the Trilateral scumbag from day 1. With current poll ratings for Starmer lower than Sunak’s and Labour getting lower in the polls too it looks like it’s squeaky bum time for Starmer’s Nazi Party.

      Meanwhile the Left Wing Corbyn supporters are frothing…..

      Watch this space.

      1. baz2001 – “Meanwhile the Left Wing Corbyn supporters are frothing…..”

        Really, I wonder if anyone will notice or more to the point care

      1. “qwertboi – Your feigned ignorance is your problem”

        Unlike the genuine ignorance we get from you steveH, which you make everyone’s problem.

        You really do leave yourself open on a regular basis. If you want, seeing as I’m feeling generous, I’ll run a crowdfunder to get you some proper coaching. I’m sure everyone here on this site will make substantial contributions.

  11. Is this now the time to set up a new party, based on real Labour Party policies. Noting we can fund our public services without the need to raise taxes. Which is how money actually enters the economy rather than the FAKE economics peddled by Neo-Liberal politicians.

  12. What Have Labour Done in Leicester? by Sharmen Rahman in Tribune

    The Labour Party has blocked 19 mostly Muslim and Hindu councillors from re-standing as candidates – the latest in a series of moves by a party leadership that takes Black and Asian communities for granted.

    Almost four years ago, I became a Labour councillor in Leicester, serving my home ward of Stoneygate. My experiences have evidenced how unwelcoming and closed off the party is for young people, people of colour, and women—certainly if you dare to speak your mind.

    This was reaffirmed to me last week when the party barred 19 city councillors from re-standing without so much as a discussion…

    The decision taken by Labour’s regional and national leadership to trample over local democracy has already caused ripples in Leicester. It has created new divisions and damage in a city that is still trying to heal from the aftermath of last year’s violence, and it has fundamentally damaged the party’s reputation in the city.

    There is a window of opportunity for the party to right these wrongs if they wish—but my suspicion is that the political will to do so simply does not exist.

    1. Don’t panic PW. Someone will be along shortly to advise you categorically that, along with all other members, Asian Party members get to vote who their candidates should be and that there is nothing to see here.

      This has been a public service announcement in advance of the Dear Leader’s Herald.

      1. Dave Hansell….Brilliant, here it comes. any minute now.

    2. PW – Given your experience and/or your local contacts do you have any insight into why these 19 individuals have been prevented from standing as Labour candidate in Leicester?
      I must admit that I do find it puzzling that not one person on these pages had raised this significant event, is there a reason for this?

      1. Since I neither live anywhere near there nor know anyone from Leicester, apart from a few lads I worked with years ago installing cable TV and that I’m no longer in touch with, I suggest you take heed of your own advice (re asking Corbyn) and ask the author of the piece, Sharmen Rahmen. I’m sure she’d be only too happy to enlighten you.

        There is also this from last week in the Guardian:

      2. “why these 19 individuals have been prevented from standing as Labour candidate in Leicester?
        “I must admit that I do find it puzzling that not one person on these pages had raised this significant event, is there a reason for this?”

        As brilliant as he is, Steve Walker is only one person.

    3. I’ve no idea whether this is true or not but I heard that it was a clear-out of Keith Vaz’s power-base which I’m guessing would be a good thing in most peoples eyes.

  13. Unlike the little Left parties Corbyn has a brand name. And 200,000 of us are ready & waiting to either support 620 JC Independents or Corbyn’s Peace & Justice as a political party and their candidates.
    Apparently JC is making a statement later in the week on if he is standing as an Independent in Islington. It’s JC’s and his advisors choice – A Gang Of One or a Left Wing Democratic Socialist Group in Parliament which could rob Right Wing Lab of victory as they lead NOT on IDEAS but because the Tories are imploding hence their Race Card? I’m for either of the first two options and we could Keep The Dream Alive! Solidarity!

    1. Bazza – The value of a brand name that isn’t trusted by two thirds of the electorate is somewhat debatable. There’s a reason why Keir Starmer and the NEC have concluded that Jeremy is an electoral liability.
      Your perverse desire to facilitate another Conservative Party term in government has been noted.

      1. Reply to Steve H
        I don’t know how you can try to defend Starmer on this .Jeremy Corbyn was a Labour activist before Starmer was born and has been a Labour MP while Starmer was still in short trousers. He has been elected in every general election since 1982 with large majorities. He is likely to win Islington North again for Labour at the next election
        In banning Jeremy standing Starmer is doing himself no favours . He is showing himself up as the nasty vindictive narrow individual he is – thats why there is so little coverage about this on the BBC and MSM- they want to protect their boy.

      2. Smartboy – Really, weren’t you watching or listening to the news yesterday?

      3. Two Cheeks
        Here’s a new poll for you
        With hindsight do you think it’s a complete no brainer that people should have voted for JC rather than Boris Johnson in the 2019 GE

      4. Reply to Steve H
        I didn’t see much coverage on BBC yesterday or today about the way Keir Starmer has treated Jeremy and it has barely been mentioned in the papers either. This is my opinion which you have expressed your disagreement with .
        However it is very telling Steve H that while you, Starmers foremost defender and apologist, have responded to this part of my post you have not disputed the accuracy or validity of my comments that Starmer is showing himself up as the nasty vindictive narrow person he is.
        It seems that even you cannot deny that Starmers treatment of Jeremy Corbyn who he called a “friend” was two faced and unprincipled.
        Starmer is a hypocrite whose word means absolutely nothing- a man from the Boris Johnson school of politics , a man who just can’t be trusted. I hope the electorate can see this too and vote accordingly at the next General Election

      5. “Smartboy – Really, weren’t you watching or listening to the news yesterday?”

        And in a context in which media are large corporations selling privileged audiences to other large corporations of what relevance is that precisely steveH?

        Question is, in that context: what pictures of the world would a rational [don’t panic steveH, no one expects rationality from Blue Guards like yourself] person expect from this set up?

        The corporate media you hang your hat on has a record of misleading by both omission as well as commission that would have made Berney blush, never mind his pupil Goebbels.

        You really do need to up your game lad. Am I or anyone else supposed to be impressed?

      6. Dave – Could you please clarify whether amongst all that gibberish you are claiming that this news about JC’s exclusion didn’t feature on the main news services or not?

      7. “Smartboy – Did you say anything worthy of a response?”

        Translation: ‘I am unable to counter your argument so I am going to pretend it was not made and run away again to have a good cry to my nanny.’

      8. Dave – On the contrary, I have invited Smartboy to highlight what he said in his earlier comment that he would like me to respond to.

      9. If you actually read what smartboy wrote you will see that he did not ask you a question to respond to.

        What he did do is to note explicitly that “you have not disputed the accuracy or validity of my comments that Starmer is showing himself up as the nasty vindictive narrow person he is.

        It seems that even you cannot deny that Starmers treatment of Jeremy Corbyn who he called a “friend” was two faced and unprincipled.”

        Adding that he is a hypocrite.

        The fact that you have failed to challenge that adds weight to smartboys statement reproduced above.

        And in the absence of such a challenge it is reasonable to conclude that you either agree with him in regard to that statement and argument or that you have no counter argument and are simply seeking to find a way to withdraw from dealing with that in the hope no one here on this site will notice.

        Well, tough. It has been noticed and, once again, made explicit.

      10. Dave – There’s a simple explanation for that, I didn’t consider what he said warranted the dignity of a response.

      11. “Your perverse desire to facilitate another Conservative Party term in government has been noted.”

        CocaCola/PepsiCola: they’re both bad for your teeth. Hardly indistinguishable. (I prefer the one with no carcinogenic aspartame in it.

      12. qwertboi – Your politically naive stupidity is your problem, not mine.

      13. Reply to Dave Hansall
        You hit the nail on the head Dave – Starmers apologist in chief, Steve H, can’t defend the indefensible ( though he frequently tries)

      14. steveH, can you please clarify that you understand basic communication practices?

        Like, for instance, HOW something is spun in the news cycle is just as important as whatever is being reported in generating perceptions.

        If you cannot understand or comprehend the basic propaganda model you will always be lagging behind at the back of the classroom muttering to yourself like Pratchett’s ‘Foul ol’ Ron’ character.

        You really do need to take some time out and get up to speed as it is most inefficient having to go at the speed of the class dunce all the time. I’d start with Berney if I were you.

      15. We have already been through this once steveH.

        But I’ll do it again one more time just for you.

        Its called optics.

        What you consider or don’t consider to be worthy of a response is irrelevant.

        Just like what I might or might not ‘believe’ is irrelevant.

        What everyone else sees is you running away again.

        You really do need to get a grip on the concept of perception management because the most valuable possession anyone can have – particularly at times like this – is credibility.

        And if credibility were a credit score you would not have enough to buy a dog biscuit.

      16. Dave – Keep up the hard work, you’ll crack it at being a condescending tw?t eventually.😏

      17. Is there an echo in here or did a parrot just wander in?

      18. Coming from the recognised expert practitioner and authority in that field I’ll take that as a compliment.

        One needs all the practice one can get to even approach the foothills of your level in that regard steveH.

      1. Would Tony Benn have stood as a candidate against the Labour Party?

      2. Reply to Steve H
        I was very sorry when Tony Benn died but looking back on it now I am glad he passed when he did because he was spared the heartache, shame and humiliation of seeing his son Hilary Benn turn on Jeremy Corbyn and attempt to overturn the democratic decision 260,000 members who elected Jeremy leader.
        Hilary Benn was not just one of the crowd of 172 right wing MPs involved in the dispicable chicken coup of 2016. To his eternal shame he was the ringleader and didn’t hesitate to drag the family name into the dirt.
        As to whether Tony would have run against Labour we’ll never know but I have no doubt whatsoever that if the dead can see what the living are doing Tony Benn is turning in his grave knowing the kind of person his son has become and the part he played in the destruction of the Labour party

      3. Smartboy – I’m not a fan of Hilary Benn either, maybe his politics stem from a rebellion against his dad.

      4. Its not possible to run against something which only exists on paper.

        Next dumb question?

      5. Dave – ….and the alternative that you and your comrades are offering the electorate is?

      6. Reply to Steve H
        I would not attempt to get inside the head of Hilary Benn. Only he knows why chose to betray Jeremy Corbyn and put his own ambition arrogance and contempt for democracy on public display. He now has to live with the fact that he shamed himself and his tossed his late fathers name into the gutter. I genuinely don’t know how he sleeps at night.

      7. We’ve already been through this. It really is not anyone else’s responsibility except your own that you do not want to listen.

        When what you ‘believe’ and are cheerleading for sinks on its unworkable arse – which it already is in the process of – you will be at the front of the queue denying the horseshit you are selling right now and telling everybody you ‘believe’ in the alternative.

        I’m surprised Everest are not marketing you as the latest double glazing product – you being so transparent an’ all.

      8. Dave – Been through what, The imposition of having to witness your rather pathetic attempts at condescension?
        If only we were all as clever as you think you are. 🤔

      9. Now that’s a new one steveH, false modesty combined with projection.

        But do stop whinging. If you can’t take it don’t dish it out.

  14. Toffee – Probably because nobody is interested.

    You mean like all those who know who keef is and take huge interest in what his glorious five missions (soon to be aborted) are?

    Not very well informed then, are they, plums?

  15. Probably we should find out who abstained and who voted for? Not that abstention would be satisfactory.

  16. Stammer the spammer the cuckoo in the nest hmmm labour turned blue how did we get to this

  17. SLIGHTLY off topic (but not to JC):Bellies of the Rich Swell Further on the Back of Hunger

    In 2022 alone a quarter of a billion people fell into extreme levels of poverty. This is happening because of America’s financial capitalism Imperial World Order.. “According to Oxfam’s analysis, 13 out of the 15 IMF loan programmes negotiated during the second year of COVID required new austerity measures such as taxes on food and fuel or spending cuts that could put vital public services at risk.

    “Oxfam and Development Finance International (DFI) also revealed that 43 out of 55 African Union member states face public expenditure cuts totalling $183 billion over the next five years.

    “The world’s poorest countries were due to pay $43 billion in debt repayments in 2022, which could otherwise cover the costs of their food imports. Governments across the world are now largely under the control of international creditors after COVID policies resulted in (deliberately) triggering a multi-trillion-dollar global debt crisis.”

    Easy(ish) Answer?

    “Twenty corporations in the grain, fertiliser, meat and dairy sectors delivered $53.5 billion to shareholders in the financial years 2020 and 2021. At the same time, the UN estimates that $51.5 billion would be enough to provide food, shelter and lifesaving support for the world’s 230 million most vulnerable people.

    Davi Martins, campaigner at Greenpeace International, says that we are witnessing an enormous transfer of wealth to a few rich families that own the global food system. This at a time when the majority of the world population is struggling to make ends meet.

    Martins says: “These 20 companies could literally save the world’s 230 million most vulnerable people and have billions of profit left over in spare change. Paying more to shareholders of a few food corporations is just outrageous and immoral.”

    Source here:

    1. Thanks Charming64. “This is Labour today….” NOT A SINGLE StarmerLabour member in the HoC to hear possible criticism of the Establishment’s anti-social, criminal and dangerous Covid Narrative.

      T’was the same when the Member for North West Leicestershire criticised the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines and comparing their implementation to the Holocaust and had his party’s whipp .

      StarmerLabour and all other pro-establishment parties(all of them) are culpable.

      FWIW, all source death figures are higher for 2021/22 than when the ‘killer virus’ was rife. More people are dieing from the emergency-authorised vaccine than died from Covid.

      Starmer couldn’t care less – get brexit done.

      1. I suppose that all depends on how much credibility you give anti-Vax fuck-wits. The level of support appears to correlate closely with personal levels of gullibility.

      2. Well, the local gangmaster of the scam, HMG, seems to be worrying about it so much that they’ve told MHRA to stop publishing the “yellow card” mRNA (covid) vaccine adverse reactions.

        Of course, they can’t hide the All-Cause Death Figures – and these are at their highest since the last century (much higher than when the’ killer virus’ was rife)

      3. qwertboi – but we both know that is a lie, don’t we? Why do you publish things that you know to be manifestly untrue?

        [08/03/2023] In line with the wider government’s living with COVID-19 agenda, the updated summary is now published monthly. Robust safety monitoring and surveillance will continue to be carried out between publications and we will continue to communicate promptly on any updated safety advice when needed. We would ask anyone who suspects they have experienced a side effect linked with their COVID-19 vaccine to report via the Coronavirus Yellow Card website:–2

      4. They might be asking people to report any adverse reactions associated with the very dangerous, untested mRNA covid vaccines, but had previously instructed MHRA to stop ‘publishing’ the covid yellow card data. It is the attempted-supporession of the information that I am criticizsing them for. They’re not telling GPs not to collect suspected adverse reactions from patients and report it.

        Of course, MHRA is not publishing the data – ONS is! And as to its ‘publication’ by others (e.g. or or off-guardian, etc.,) pending a very obvious and admitted “do not publish” notice, they cannot enforce its oppression.

        However, it is yet another instance of authoritarian anti-social (attempted) censorship that causes many of us to fear approaching mainstream fascism – the very things that Sir Keior of the WEF/TC will worsen and deepen as a PM.

  18. I met Tony Benn on a number of occasions, once sitting round a brazier in the cold with a couple of TU guys. He was a thoroughly decent man; kind and of generous spirit. What would he have done if the LP had told him he couldn’t stand as a LP candidate? We’ll never know. Thankfully he was spared having to deal with the LP in its current antidemocratic incarnation.

  19. I once had the privilege of chairing a session in a trade union school where Tony Benn was the speaker.
    A great thinker and a great man

  20. The last thing that Sir Keir Starmer wants is a level paying field with free and open debate in a healthy democracy, which is why the hypocrite went running to Rupert Murdoch, just as Tony Blair, his mentor & puppet master did. Ironic that Murdoch just got married.

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