Video: Cooper sides with Tories over far-right hate speech toward asylum seekers

Shadow Home Secretary sides with Tory horror occupying Home Office and condemns comparisons with 1930s race-hate – but this is not a blunder or an anomaly, rather an exposure of what the Labour right is

Two sides of the same coin: Cooper and Braverman, Labour right and Tories

Examples of Labour’s moral and political bankruptcy are coming thick and fast. Yesterday, Keir Starmer amplified the Tories’ racist narrative that they are using to excuse their illegal ‘stop the boats’ legislation. Today on LBC, Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper was asked whether she supported comments by Gary Lineker – hardly a left-winger – that the fanning by her opposite number and other Tories of hatred toward vulnerable asylum-seekers is comparable with the fascist hate-speech of the 1930s.

Shamefully, Cooper not only disagreed with the comparison – on the stunningly rational and thought-out grounds that ‘I just don’t think you should make comparisons with the 1930s’ – she also chickened out of saying that Lineker shouldn’t be sacked by the BBC for his comment.:

Earlier in the day, Cooper had gone even further to shore up and validate the Tory hate-speech, spurning an opportunity to reframe the discussion to make it about people fleeing terrible situations or to point out the real problems of this country from which the Tories are trying to divert attention, as writer Pete Sinclair pointed out:

But Cooper did not merely make a political blunder, as Sinclair proposed. She voiced the authentic thinking of the Labour right, which is as hateful, imperialist and anti-foreigner – particularly brown, Muslim foreigners – as the Tories. After all, during Cooper’s last stint as Shadow Home Secretary, Labour was producing its foul ‘controls on immigration’ mugs – and Keir Starmer is shamelessly protecting racists and promoting a police state, while condemning the Tories for not being efficient enough in implementing their hateful policies and claiming Labour would do it more effectively.

That worldview and moral bankruptcy is a fundamental part of the Toryism of the Labour right, not just of the Tories wearing a blue rosette. Starmer, Cooper and their cadre of racist-enablers are taking the UK down a road that bears all too close a resemblance to, well – to the fascism of the 1930s.

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  1. Professor Norman Finkelstein hits the nail on the head about the present Labour party and Starmer in particular. No discussion of Israeli war crimes or support for Palestinians, to do so would make some Zionist members feel uncomfortable, so not allowed, the same with support for NATO and other right wing propaganda.
    The Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs has responded to the war in two ways. One faction has chosen silence. When Keir Starmer threatened eleven MPs with withdrawal of the whip for signing a Stop the War statement critical of Nato (published shortly before the Russian invasion), these MPs retracted their signatures and have remained quiet since. They might make the occasional remark in favour of a negotiated peace, or in support of refugees, but they will not discuss the international situation that led to this war. A sustained critique of U.S. foreign policy or Nato is off limits.
    The cowardice of these MPs inheres in their politics: lacking any long-term strategy, they believe that their first priority should be to retain their seats, and they therefore do their best not to upset Starmer.

    1. And then there’s the Unions and the Members
      The answer is to give them a clear choice, worked very well in 2017

      1. Did it really, Labour still lost in 2017 and bombed in 2019?

      2. But still got more votes than in 2010 & 15.

        And 2005.

        And 2001…


      3. …..and the Tories currently have a 70+ seat majority which will be overturned by Labour at the next General Election. Given the alternative, you should be celebrating.

    2. Harry law. What a spineless, pathetic crew. Solidarity all the way with the repressed until it gets a little bit hairy. I take it they don’t want to be erased. The thing that they don’t get is that in order to call yourself a left-wing socialist it’s preferable, if you want to appeal to people beyond your dinner party list, to act on behalf of the working class. ABC really but not to these careerists.

  2. The members of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs shame themselves by not standing up to Starmer and his predictable Trilateralist support for NATO.
    Instead we are supposed to swallow the endless stream of propaganda and lies dished-up by the MSM including the BBC (NATO Broadcasting Corporation)

    1. The vast majority of British people also support the UK’s membership of NATO.

      1. And since WHEN was 49% a vast majority ? …Oh silly me, since 2016, when 48% was.


      2. Apologies

        I (mistakenly) read the words “strongly support” in the post, when “strongly” wasn’t there.


      3. There’s a world of difference between ‘strongly support’ (49%, which isn’t even a majority), and ‘tend to support’ (24%), which would almost certainly mean dependent on certain factors and maybe not always. So to say that the ‘vast majority’ support NATO is far from the truth.

      4. PW – No it isn’t. Don’t be silly.

        For NATO – 77%
        Don’t Know – 18%
        Against NATO – 5%

      5. Incorrect, even from tory yougov. 49% is not the vast majority, it’s not even fifty percent.

      6. steve hilling – It isn’t my problem that you are incapable of adding up

    1. Not keen on LBC, however they did take Starmer apart regarding Sue Gray.
      Maybe they should get Cooper on to interview her about Lineker.

      1. SteveH’s link seems to indicate that they did. However, I can’t get the thing to work to see if that is the case. All I get is a picture of a grinning Ferrari

      2. goldbach – Sorry you are having problems with my link, I’ve just tested it again with no problems. If you go to the Global site you’ll find it quite easy to locate Nick Fararri’s Wednesday show through their ‘catchup’ service.

  3. Cooper;

    Who’s govt weakening border security? 8:47pm 08/01/12

    Govt is failing on illegal immigration and failing to find and remove 9:36am 05/0712

    Cooper called on govt to impose stricter rules Labour press team 11:02pm 06/11/12

    My speech in March proposed EU benefit restrictions 9:13am 27/11/13

    Pete Sinclair is talking bollocks as well as labour

  4. But, but, but ms balls has taken in a family of ukranian refugees into her home…How very nice of it. Which of
    balls’ homes are they living in – wonder if it’s the current one mizz balls is registered to as mp and claims for, or if it’s been flipped…again? 😙🎵

    And just where the absolute bleedin hell do these political pundits and wannabes get the idea (and try to kid on that they KNOW) that ms balls is some sort of “authority” on home affairs?

    She was utter shite when shadowing tess may. And Tess may was an utterly shite home secretary.

    Lest I forget – who was it introduced the welfare reforms – thereby incurring benefit sanctions and WCA’s for the disabled – when DWP SoS?

    Yep. Hope you’re not expecting a prize though. Oh, she’s well-versed in putting the boot into the most vulnerable is mizz balls.

    But as mentioned, she’s taken in a ukranian family so that means she and the bellend she’s manacled to, are doing their bit, eh?

    So yes, lineker, you really shouldn’t compare the language to 1930’s Germany…Not around mizz balls her husband when weird balls has worn a 1930’s uniform in his hitler youth.


    (It was after all, designed by hugo boss, eh, edbert?)

    1. I’d forgotten about WCA. My wife has just helped it all flood back. Well remembered Sir!

      Good catch with the photo too.

      So she finally got around to taking a refugee in. Ten years since she said she would? More?

  5. To most working class UK voters unchecked immigration whether from Albania or Zanzibar places massive pressure on local resources. Already some kids have to borrow 9 X income to get a mortgage, schools hospitals etc under strain and Starmer knows in order to have power you need to get elected. Unless he stages a coup of course. We know that very high tax rates piss people off who invest in businesses which create employment and pay taxes (see Astra Zeneca invest in Ireland where Corporation Tax 12.5% half the UK rate to come in soon). We now know MMT doesn’t work so taxes are important. Less pie in the sky nonsense. Lets get pragmatic.

    1. 9x income for a mortgage? Those days are long gone. The lenders have really tightened up over the past year or so. To get 4x you’d need a deposit of 20-25%.

  6. RE: Howard Beckett’s tweet…

    Dunno why he asks if there’s any journalist BRAVE enough to call it (mizz balls brazen hypocrisy) out. They should be doing it as part of their remit.

    1. I’m sure I’ve mentioned the balls’ wedding ignominy before but here it is again.

      This is how they’ve treated ‘guests’ on the past…


      We were accused of charging our wedding guests, but that’s unfair.
      The Eastbourne hotel said, ‘The normal room rate for a weekend off-season would be £50 a night bed and breakfast – but given that you’re going to have the whole wedding here, we’ll reduce the price to £20.’ We said, ‘Well, in that case, the reasonable thing for us to do is to reduce the room rate to £29 for guests and use the other £9 to help us pay for this expensive wedding.’ We sold all the rooms. We were hard up and we had to make it work. I don’t regret it for a second.

      Taxing a discount. Bit weird ed reckons that’s unfair

      Taxing a discount @30% That’s the ballses and their version offiscal responsibility for ya.

      …Not having a cheaper wedding. The brass neck of the entitled two-hats boils my piss, so it does.

      And yes, it may well be a link to the faily heil, but one must wonder why weirdo ed chose to give the interview to that rag, and whether he did so gratis ?? 🤔

  7. “The vast majority of British people also support the UK’s membership of NATO.” – I would imagine that the majority are so inclined. I don’t know if any polls have been conducted on the matter recently.
    However, those who dissent have the right to do so and to argue their case regardless of what the assumed views of the majority are.
    As a pacifist who would, if inclined towards religion, be a Quaker I would always argue against militarism regardless of “the majority” view.

      1. SteveH

        Surprising isn’t it, because there is such an honest, open debate about foreign policy in this country. And a really healthy open debate in the Labour party. /s

        I mean, it’s not like the leader is threatening to remove the whip from anyone criticising NATO, like some British Lukashenko wannabe, is it?

        Steve H, seriously, what do you expect polls to show with no debate allowed in the big two political parties? Same with the monarchy. It’s called manufactured consent.

      2. Thank you.

        This is very much as I thought. However, people do not hear anti-NATO arguments and so the result is hardly surprising.

    1. @goldbach

      The poll is broken down by age. Check out the group who would be going to war and what they think. This is what matters more, especially when the weight of support comes from pensioners who won’t be going anywhere. Once the tiktok videos start flooding in, the yoof will lose even more enthusiasm.

      1. NVLA – 18 to 24yrs – well 60% is still a decisive majority and there are only 10% against.

  8. Talking of hate speech, from a post we weren’t allowed to comment on the other day:

    “When right-wing hardliner Ian McKenzie tweeted about the gang-rape and beheading of Labour MP Emily Thornberry, (Mike) Gapes was one of several right-wing (Labour) MPs who defended McKenzie’s comments and attacked those who were outraged at them. And when he was challenged over what he was defending, Gapes’s response was ‘Lol’.”

    How exactly does Thornberry expect to look credible to her constituents at the next election when she chooses to remain in the party that just let scum like Gapes back in?

    Yeah, happy International Women’s Day to you, too, you spineless dribble of liberal piss!

    1. Good point, well raised, tim.

      What’s harriet “winning” harman’s take, too…And smeller greasy? And mouthpiece philips?

      Oh, silly me…😕

    1. goldbach

      The hypocrisy from EU and US over Georgia’s registration law is unbelievable.

      Individuals, civil society organisations (sketchy NGOs) and media outlets that receive 20% of their funding from abroad would have been required to register as an “agent of foreign influence”. The legislation was based on a similar, but tougher, US law. So why the brouhaha?

      The EU and US wouldn’t tolerate China or Russia funding the equivalent groups pushing anti0-Wester, pro- East propaganda; yet Georgia has be told to allow it to “protect free speech” – whose free speech, NED? or one of the countless influence groups funded by the ever meddling US, stirring Russophobic trouble?
      The Assange case and European silence, show how much our leaders value free speech, i.e., about as much as the dictatorships they claim to deplore

      1. “So why the brouhaha?”
        You wouldn’t want people in Georgia to see that a big chunk of the funding for a whole range of lobby groups comes from the US, would you. That would be so undemocratic.

  9. The whole Lineker thing is amusing, in that, only now are the BBC concerned about impartiality rules.

    Attacking Corbyn when leader of the opposition?… No problem!
    Criticising a Tory policy…outrageous rule breach!

  10. Gary Lineker, retired footballer and crisp seller, reportedly earning £1.3 million pounds p.a. from occasional work on BBC and owning a Media Company that employs Alastair Campbell………….is now the self proclaimed voice of ‘people with no voice’………….(sic).

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