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Labour now acting as if they opposed Tory care home murders – but at the time they clapped along

Kendall’s attack on Tory killing of over 40,000 care home residents in the pandemic doesn’t go far enough – and it ignores Labour’s cheerleader role as Johnson-Hancock policies caused even more deaths

Right-wing Labour MP Liz Kendall has tweeted a video of herself pointing out the Tories’ lie about throwing a ‘protect ring’ around care homes – and adding that the families of the huge number of people killed by the reality of Tory actions deserve answers:

So far, so accurate – but woefully inadequate. Kendall points to newly-leaked WhatsApp messages as if they have revealed the brutal reality – but in fact, putting known-infected elderly people back into care homes was government policy and published on the Department of Health and Social Care website at the time, to free up hospital beds so that Hancock could boast that the NHS under the Tories had beds available.

At the time, in his comments on TV and in Parliament, Hancock claimed he would never do this – but Skwawkbox exposed it exclusively, early in the pandemic, while it was happening.

The only reason this was remotely ‘secret’ at the time is because neither the ‘mainstream’ media nor Keir Starmer’s Labour ever mentioned it.

And not only did Starmer not point out the governmental murder of thousands of vulnerable and elderly care home residents, he acted as a cheerleader for the Tories’ management of the pandemic – and even pushed them to act in ways that promoted the spread of the virus, such as re-opening schools, which was known to massively increase the transmission of the virus and put hundreds of thousands in danger, including many older people who were not in care homes. The UK saw horrific death rates.

The situation was so bad that Starmer’s own local Labour members plastered his office with a demand to ‘do something!’.

Skwawkbox has challenged Kendall’s attempt to whitewash the collaboration of the Starmer regime in the policies and brutality that led to this death toll:

Since Starmer is no threat to the Establishment, the ‘mainstream’ media will ignore Starmer’s role in the massacre of elderly and vulnerable people, just as they ignored this and other official policies as they killed huge numbers of people.

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