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Forde Report that confirmed ‘Labour antisemitism’ scam has been deleted – find it here

Labour-commissioned report that confirmed weaponisation of antisemitism and gross racism and abuse by right-wing staff still linked from Labour website but is now a dead link

The Forde Report, which was commissioned reluctantly by Keir Starmer after a leaked Labour report exposed racism, abuse and false accusations of antisemitism by the party right – and ignored by Labour and their media allies ever since – has been removed and the page that hosted it taken offline.

The party’s web page mentioning the report still exists, and the link to which it directs visitors to download the actual report is still shown:

But attempting to follow the link – which the page still acknowledges was published in full on the orders of the party’s executive – leads to a dead page:

The Forde Report took two years longer to deliver than was promised when it was commissioned, with repeated delays leading many on the left to conclude that the party was putting on the brakes to protect the guilty and their faction. When it was eventually published, it was clear that despite attempts to ‘both-sides’ the language of the report, it was extremely damning and confirmed the ‘weaponisation’ of antisemitism as a factional weapon to attack the left and Jeremy Corbyn, the racism of staff and their diversion of election funds.

This probably explains why Labour MPs and the so-called liberal media have steadfastly ignored it almost entirely – as they did with the even more damning ‘Labour Files’ documentary series by Al Jazeera.

But the evidence is clear – and those who want to see it can find it below:

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  1. Even though Forde proves Corbyn and all his supporters are innocent, SteveH will STILL refuse to condemn Starmer, still refuse to admit this has all gone to far and done nothing but damage.

    That’s what happens when you become addicted to a delusion- in SteveH’s case, the delusion that Labour can only “win” if it treats its left wing and all other socialists as a pestilence.

    We all know Steve will respond with endless reiterations of his useless catchphrases “we need more information”, “wait for the manifesto”, and, of course “It’s STILL all Corbyn’s fault”.

    To SteveH, the Labour Party is the Vietnamese village which Keir must destroyin order to save.

    1. Not just SteveH, nearly all the Labour frontbench enjoy memory-holing 2017’s GE; when the party had an overflowing enthusiastic membership, wasn’t reliant on grubby corporate donors, and pulled 12.8 million votes, with a 40% vote share for a left-wing manifesto.

      They like to pretend the party has been uncompetitive ever since Blair left. Starmer and Reeves are two of the worst for this dishonest historical revisionism.

      1. ….and 2 years later following month after bloody month of prevarication Corbyn lost 60 seats.

      2. And at the same time Steve H Corbyn and the members were sabotaged by the criminal diversion l of election money to a secret location ?…..account…?…..laundered or pissed away?
        another vanishing trick of members money…..bloody criminal charges against you right wing extremists should have been lodged especially as it and many other frauds will come out if Starmer fails to grab the government from the torys who have handed it in on a plate….Interesting times the slow death of the labour party.after winning a election no doubt if he can remain sober?

      3. What I am refering to is little more than a attempted coup that actually suceeded
        .What in gods name is wrong with you when you openly condone a coup because you didnt like the flavour of a Corbyn government
        .I hope you succeed because the country needs to see the pain and suffering of another neo liberal nightmare before the electors and the members of the labour party realise that they are being stitched up and are being asked to “pay for it”.The only regret I have is the suffering that my working class comrades will have to suffer before common sense and reality bites……God save the working class comrades.!

  2. ‘Unrevealing’ The Forde Report is a serious mistake by the hard-neoliberal Starmerists who are trying to un-labour Labour. It will surely backfire on them.

    I expect more people will download and read the ‘unrevealed’ Report than ever did before. Forde’s Inquiry with its legalese English is suddenly easier to easier to decipher now the Leader’s Clique have attempted – so crassly – to remove the evidence against them

    Thanks and well done

    1. From (page5/138) the Forde Report:

      “The Party prides itself on being diverse and inclusive.
      Clause IV of the Party Rule Book makes this clear. Its
      aims and values state that it wants to create a community:
      “where we live together freely, in a spirit of solidarity,
      tolerance and respect”.
      From the evidence we received, it is clear that, across the
      Party, these aims and values are not being fully respected
      and lived out.
      We found little evidence of mutual respect and a great
      deal of evidence of factionalism, so deep rooted that the
      Party has found itself dysfunctional…..

      Remember, the Forde Inquiry was appointed by Keir Starmer. His notional ‘leadership’ of the Party at the time the Report was commissioned, written and delayed, and the departure of over 200,000 former members during that timeframe (more since) makes Forde’s assessment and criticisms of Labour almost inadequate. Starmer is de-labouring Labour and will cost it millions of votes at the next GE.

  3. More than ironic that a party led by a lawyer who is devoid of any sense of justice. History rewriting itself. Lies and damn lies

  4. Is there anywhere else it could be posted
    that is visible to more people?

    I wonder what Forde would say if he knew
    it had been deleted?

    Not only that but if Labour are still conducting
    a court case against those they think are
    responsible;e for “leak” wouldn’t this be
    important legal document?

  5. And yet you continue to fund the labour party when they are little more than a “B team to promote the delusion of democracy and freedom.Draconian measures and laws that are targeted at the working class are not helped by the illusion of a labour party representing the interests of ordinary people whilst continued support for conservative government whether its the labour party or the conservative and unionist party.
    The labour party must go and soon if we are to see a working class movement arise from the people of Britain.and give a real chance for change.and democracy with freedom
    .Lets hope that some sanity returns to the west because if it doesn’t then all of our wishes and hope will disappear in a nuclear war to end all wars and possibly life on earth.and the distraction of a B”team will be of little consequence.
    …..The unelected………One World order means self destruction.and a Armageddon from which the planet cannot survive….God bless and save the Working class.!comrades”

    1. And yet you continue to fund the labour party when they are little more than a “B team to promote the delusion of democracy and freedom.

      Indeed, Joseph.

      The similarities between the labour party and my beloved Everton are striking.

      I haven’t been to an Everton game since December 2009 because of the way that club’s been run. I won’t go again while kenwrong’s there in ANY capacity, and not until ALL trace of him has been removed.

      And, after briefing client journalists last weekend, to go to the nation with an accusation that a fan put the (utterly useless and unqualified) female CEO in a headlock, along with supposed death threats to the board – all without substantiation and a whole 11 days after the supposed assault AND without prior police knowledge – the whole lot of them can fook right off for me.

      They have thrown the fans under the bus to deflect from their own woeful failures.

      Keefs’ doing the same.

    1. … also relevant on the issue of the Forde Report and the antisemitism definition is this news story I saw from the US this week, quoting the American Muslims for Palestine organisation. The American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) is a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to engaging & educating Americans on Palestinian rights and the Israeli occupation. They said:

      “The Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee will vote on a bill tomorrow to change the definition of antisemitism, adopting the IHRA definition which conflates criticism of Israel with antisemitism. If this deeply problematic definition is adopted, then speech in support of Palestinian human rights that is critical of Israel could be labeled as antisemitism. This is unconstitutional and must be opposed!
      Senate Bill 1252- “Anti-Semitism; definition when term used in reference to discrimination,” has been placed on the docket for tomorrow, January 18th, and will be voted on in the Virginia Senate Judiciary committee. Not only have major civil rights organizations like the ACLU opposed the adoption of this definition because it would violate the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, but even its own lead author has warned about the threat it poses to free speech if it is legally adopted for domestic use.”

      1. Reply to Julie T
        The IHRA definition undermines the fight against racism because it cheapens the word “antisemitism” . Under IHRA any person who upholds the rights of Palestinian Arabs not to be subjected to vile Human Rights abuses by Israel is an “antisemite”. This vile slur is bandied about by those who applaud condone or ignore Israel’s vicious excess against Arabs- their position in relation to the abuse of Arabs cannot be questioned either as such questions amount to “antisemitism” too according to their interpretation of the IHRA.
        However that is not the worst of it. The IHRA facilitates the big lie that Jewish Human Rights activists and Jewish socialists are “antisemites”- Jew Haters who apparently hate their families and friends solely because they are Jews. This nonsense goes unchallenged because if you challenge it you are deemed to be an “antisemite” too and you become fair game too for abuse ,character assassination etc
        The Zionist really have it all sewn up here and are now going to do the same in the USA – shame on them

      2. I never understood why Len McCluskey persuaded Jeremy to accept the IHRA definition.

      3. I never understood why Len McCluskey persuaded Jeremy to accept the IHRA definition.

        Media generated hysteria over this supposed ‘crisis’ left him with little choice. The atmosphere (as reported) at PLP meetings was incendiary, with people screaming, swearing and ranting at him to do something, about a non-existent, media manufactured problem, many of those ranting had had a hand in creating.

        On TV, Margaret Hodge stated, “you’ve got to keep a packed suitcase at the door…” on Sky News, continuing “it felt almost like, I kept thinking, ‘what did it feel like to be a Jew in Germany in the Thirties?’ Because it felt almost as if they were coming for me.”

        On BBC’s Newsnight, Labour’s antisemitism was labelled ‘endemic,’ by guests who were allowed to spew unevidenced nonsense, unchallenged by nodding, sympathetic presenters. It was the most brutal onslaught of concentrated disinformation against a politician and his views this country has ever seen. Why so many on the left so despise the MSM.

        Britain at its very, very worst. And it’s why this Labour party won’t get the votes of those millions who supported Corbyn, not until the antidemocratic Starmer mob are gone.

      4. Andy – Does that really explain why Len capitulated, if that’s what he did?

        ” it’s why this Labour party won’t get the votes of those millions who supported Corbyn, not until the antidemocratic Starmer mob are gone.”
        That may well be the case but given Labour’s consistent lead in the polls it does beg the question
        ‘How many voters still support Jeremy?’

        ps – where was the left’s much vaunted solidarity with Corbyn when it really mattered at the 19GE?

      5. This is what SH said at the time:

        ‘…… but there was a lot of pressure from the RW LFI members to go down the IHRA route.’

        And the JLM and CAA and LAA and CST and BoD and MSM and Jewish newspapers et al, as you know full well, and Len was of course just being pragmatic, and knew that the false and confected outrage would just continue on and on and on until the LP adopted the definition and all the exmples.

        Being a paid fascist shill for the Establishment, you can always find things SH said when he was pretending to be a left-wing JC supporter (when Jeremy was leader) to expose him for the im-poster he is.

      6. Allan – … what?
        A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then

      7. …where was the left’s much vaunted solidarity with Corbyn when it really mattered at the 19GE?…

        It was there. I watched the Twitter videos showing the huge turnout. Surprising amount of younger voters too.

        But they didn’t stand a chance against widespread manipulation via postal ballots, did they?

        Feel free to debate this but remember to explain how BBCs Laura K knew the results the day before in your argument

      8. NVLA – Why would I waste my time indulging your Trumpian fantasies?

      9. Thanks for mentioning Trump.

        Corbyn and Trump. 3000 miles between them, and there are bigger gaps between their character and morals. They are poles apart. Apart one common aspect

        They met the same fate. And continue to get the same treatment.

        Obviously just a coincidence…

      10. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then

        Keef’s excuse for binning his ten pledges in as many minutes after plums like you fell for it.

        Also, keef’s excuse for telling everyone he’ll make brexit – the one he wasn’t gonna accept, remember -work.

      11. Ah the constitution. It’s like Capital. Millions claim to have read them all. Millions are experts. In reality, few have but they are knowledgeable about some of them. Many people have read books written by people who have read books written about them and so on ad infinitum. These are weaknesses and the workers of both countries are suffering from this shamefully bad education.

    2. Reply to Steve H
      I don’t think the Labour party’s acceptance of the IHRA definition of antisemitism was all down to Len McCluskey and Jeremy Corbyn. You are another one with a short memory- you clearly have forgotten the furore there was over it at the time with the Zionists, Israel’s friends and their pressure groups, the Jewish establishment, the majority of the PLP, the MSM and uncle Tom Cobley and all piling in and forcing the issue. It was actually suggested that refusal to accept this definition was in itself evidence of antisemitism. It was against this background that the NEC agreed to accept the IHRA definition but why let the truth stand in the way of a good smear Steve H?

      1. Toffee – Did you miss the 2nd reading of the government’s government’s ‘Minimum Service Levels Bill’ earlier this week?

      2. Did you miss all the soundbites of support for toerag policies over the last almost THREE years – including an outright BRAG in the commons about doing exactly that?

        Did you miss all the abstentions – including the one to give kids a free school meal?

        Did you miss young Rashford single-handedly shaming the toerags into backing down from withdrawing the vouchers for kids to get food, while trying to claim the credit for it?

        Did you miss make brexit work…Y’know….? That same toerag wet dream brexit you’re always harping on about; instead of the labour negotiated one we’d have had if keef hadn’t shat the bed?


      3. Toffee – Yes.

        Then you’d best f the eff off and don’t come back until you’re *ahem* better informed.

        Nobody else missed those examples. And you’ve posted your usual shithouse mitigation on articles and comments describing them in detail.

        No – I won’t post examples. So deny away and make an even bigger twott of yerself.

  6. ITs endemic in parliament with few people who are in a position of power thinking fraud and corruption is wrong.
    Another Tory chairman mired in controversy and scandal.Ouote From mr Nabhim(hopfuly)…. “.I was confused with my taxes ” thats just a few spare million he tried to lift and obviously some torag tory mate dropped him in it and informed HMRC who decided to ignore then the press became involved.
    Ask anyone claiming social security what happens if you become confused with the payments to them?……ignorance of the law is no excuse and blagging millions deserves a prison sentence….but we all know pigs cant fly and mps are covered by any chance of paying for their treachery and greed….God bless and save the Working class.!

    1. But Joseph…zawahi was “careless” rather than “deliberate”.

      No, honestly!!

      Which begs the question that if he was merely “careless” with his own tax dodging returns, what would the avaricious, sneaky, arrogant, useless and clueless get have been like with the nation’s money when he was chancellor (For all of five minutes) ??

  7. I wonder if Zahawi has ever made a careless expenses claim or tax return that left him out of pocket rather than enriching him?

    1. He had to pay a 30% penalty, apparently.

      Although that too wasn’t the full whack, according to some (meself included).

      Nonetheless, it just shows that HMRC are as complicit in giving the (obscenely) rich the breaks while hounding the poor to early graves.

      (I wonder what the ratio of tax inspectors to DWP fraud squad numbers are, these days? Was something like 1:15 a few years back iirc! today it’s most likely unchanged or changed so as to be a negligible difference)

      “Careless, not deliberate” MY ARSE. It’s always an oversight or inadvertent with these bastards and they perpetually get away with it.

      The ratbastard tried to put a SLAPP on the bloke that investigated it and first reported on the issue, and zawahi claimed he was being “smeared”. A deliberate tactic to mislead.

      Proverbial cap doffed to a fully-vindicated Dan Neidle.

      Although it’s a shame that after all that effort to recoup the dues, just about every cent of that revenue (plus the penalty charge) will eventually find its way back into the arse pocket a of the likes of zahawi & co. 😒

      1. Zahawi was smeared. What do his sexual proclivities have to do with this?

  8. Nab…him zahwawi is now being investigated by the….wait for it folks?.. “..Ethics advisor “on the orders of mr ethics himself Sunnak mr property portfolio(offshore)now..
    Looking like another resignation here and hes not even blamed the chartered accountants yet or any bottomfeeders?
    Well anyone claiming social security can if a genuine mistakes made for a few quid that you want a ethics advisor or just smile 😃and say you are confused?.Dont worry though comrades will visit you in prison.if they don’t listen or recognise you as a “professional person” ?….whatever that is…maybe SH can advise with him knowing so many dodgy characters in his very own Caribbean bolt hole.and of course the labour party.

      1. Toffee – Can you provide a direct quote and link to support your assertions?

      2. Yeah, I can.

        But it’s common knowledge, so I don’t need to.

      3. Toffee – I’ll take that as yet another occasion where you can’t substantiate your nonsense.

      4. You take it whatever way you please.

        Everyone else knows the score 👍😉

  9. The question is not who will win the General Election, but what could possibly go wrong for Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party? The Tory Party is in complete dis-aray, with corruption oozing everywhere and MSM comfortably behind Sir Keir, so all he’s got to do is keep his mouth shut or Rupert’s permission B4 waving the Union Jack. What’s all this about a Minister 4 Ethics? I do wonder how well he sleeps at night as he’s so slippery his head could never stay long enough on the pillow and he could never have acne as the spots…………… OK I feel better now!

      1. Wow. I understand that Oleksiy Arestovic, now that he is freed from being Zelensky’s spokesman, has given an interview in which he says that, during the first few weeks of the Russian action in Ukraine, the Russians acted in a very limited way and were always open to negotiations.
        Myrotvorets will not be happy. I hope that he has good security.

      2. goldbach – Is there a reason why you haven’t posted a link to your ‘Wow’ moment?

  10. Follow the money part 127
    Gary Stevenson iwas my WOW moment last week
    GS was Citibanks top trader, retired at 27, now leading expert on Inequality
    Solution is a wealth tax, guess what,, he approached Red Tories, not interested
    Poundshop War Criminal is as bent as a nine bob note

    JC and GS
    Peace and Prosperity party

  11. RE: the newman slur on Corbyn’s taxes.

    Seen that meself last night and was gonna post on it.

    Even chris bryant (who she was interviewing) was reticent to go down that particular route after the blatant come on to bryant to lump on.

    Dafuqs her problem? zawahi -AFAIK – had constantly denied he was a beneficiary of the shares and had been for many years.

    Corbyn openly publicised his tax returns year after year.

    This morning, that shaved Afghan hound and known liar chris philp repeated time and again how people’s tax returns are thankfully and rightly confidential as well as repeating ad nauseam the phrase “independent review” with the stress on independent

    (Yeah…it’s as independent as the IOPC ffs)

    Of course philp’s the go-to whopper to ask all about leaving the taxman (plus creditors) hanging, isn’t he??

    …But none of the interviewers seemed to want to ask him about those matters 🤫🤫🤫

  12. More crazy stuff :
    You may recall the name, Denis Kireev. He was one of the Ukrainian negotiators in Istanbul in March 2022. He was killed shortly afterwards and there was speculation about who had killed him.
    Kyrylo Budanov, the Head of Ukrainian Military Intelligence has recently said in an interview that Kireev was indeed assassinated, and that he was assassinated my the SBU, the Ukrainian (civilian) Intelligence Service, and that Kireev was working covertly for Ukrainian Military Intelligence.
    Note: There have just been mass dismissals of Ukrainian officials and those people are not allowed to leave Ukraine. Of course, we recently had the helicopter crash where the whole senior team of the Interior Ministry was killed.
    What’s going on?

  13. First of all the WOW moment – which was an item
    in “Politics Live” of last Thursday 19/1/2023
    in which Stevenson was one of the panel ..

    Sorry but you will have to find it yourself by
    watching the program on BBC iPlayer ..
    I have not the time or inclination as there has
    been family illness.

    For once it was a reasonable Politics Live ..
    with Angela Eagle comparing Stevenson
    with Economist Piketty.

    (She also blamed the 2019 Labour defeat
    on “Brexit” and did not mention Corbyn – a
    slight improvement on the usual smears ..)

    It was one of the few BBC Politics programs
    during which I did not shout at the TV ..

  14. She also blamed the 2019 Labour defeat
    on “Brexit” and did not mention Corbyn

    The snivelling little rodent. It won’t wash. Nobody’s forgotten illeagle’s leading role in the shithousery.

    And nobody’s forgot how illeagle threw it’s own CLP under the bus in order to achieve it.

  15. Well the Forde Report has been reinstated ..

    However it seems that there is an additional section in
    the introduction part which deals with its recommendations
    and how the Party will react ?? Maybe my memory is
    playing me up though ..

    As for Angela Eagle – perhaps she has had a change of heart?

    “There is more joy in heaven ..”

    And about Starmer – there is fictional twin – of the
    19th Century in “Bleak House” viz Tulkinghorn -his comment
    after he is challenged after shafting someone ..
    “I did this because I CAN”

    There are many other similarities ..

    ( I have been watching the excellent BBC series re-broadcast
    on the DRAMA channel.)

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