Kendall regurgitates discredited right-wing lie about Corbyn and antisemitism

Can you say ‘Forde Report’, Ms Kendall?

Labour right-winger Liz Kendall has used an appearance on Peston to regurgitate the thoroughly discredited – even by the party’s own inquiry – lie about Corbyn and the EHRC report.

Kendall claimed Corbyn had ‘only himself to blame’ for Keir Starmer’s rule-breaking withdrawal of the Labour party whip because a) he had claimed antisemitism was being exaggerated and b) that he hadn’t apologised.

But in fact, Corbyn repeatedly apologised – many who know the whole issue was a scam to attack the left would say he should never have apologised at all – and even the Forde Report commissioned (reluctantly) by Keir Starmer was forced to agree that antisemitism had been exaggerated and ‘weaponised’ by the right for factional purposes.

None of this deterred Ms Kendall from her foul display – nor did Corbyn’s own reminders of the truth:

In addition, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report had stated from the outset that Corbyn had a legally-protected right exactly to dispute the level of antisemitism in the Labour party, so Keir Starmer was the one breaching the report – also its ban on ‘political interference’ in disciplinary proceedings – and not Corbyn.

And below are Corbyn’s words in August 2018 apologising for what (little) antisemitism existed in the party:

Shame on Liz Kendall and on all her faction who continue to vomit up a blatant untruth – and who, as well as ignoring Forde’s clear conclusions, also pretend that the Labour Files series by Al Jazeera that exposed just how extreme the antisemitism scam and other abuses by the Labour right had been, never existed.

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    1. You will admit that Kendall was out of line here, and that there is no reason for Keir to continue to try to make Corbyn crawl on this issue, will you not?

      And, as any decent person would, you’ll admit that the fact that the Forde Report itself said antisemitism was weaponised and the INCIDENCE of it(not concern about it, which everybody on the Left shares, but the actual incidence of it within the party) was greatly exaggerated for political purposes proves that Corbyn has nothing to apologise for on this?

      1. Ken – I’m struggling to see why if you have something to say why you can’t just say it without presuming to attach your thoughts one way or t’other to me.

    2. So how come you’re defending JC now, when you’ve spent so much time on here falsely discrediting him – just as Kendall is doing – during the past two-and-a-half years or more?

      1. Allan – “So how come you’re defending JC now,

        Really, where have I done that?
        All I’ve done is posted a link so that others can watch the whole encounter (12mins) and make up their own minds rather than relying on just a 2 minute exert.

      2. SteveH

        You tend to side with the people who pushed this whole bogus ‘antisemitism is endemic within Labour’ narrative.

        Labour were a huge, rapidly growing populist socialist movement in 2017-18 – the largest in Europe with nearly 600,000 members. Labour’s right hated and feared change to the status quo; the idea of the public having such a powerful voice to challenge the neoliberal order of the last 40 years. So they along with the media set about demolishing the party.

        You support the people who offer misery in place of optimism.

      3. Andy – From what I can see you aren’t offering anything that is even remotely credible

    3. SteveH comes across as the sort of person who was rooting for Darth Vader when he fought Obi-Wan Kenobi.

      Darth Vader, is so New Labour!


      1. Andy – Was I wrong to post the above link so that others could watch the whole encounter in full and
        form their own better informed conclusions?

      2. Point being, SteveH doesn’t seem to be able to discern who the ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’ are in all this.

        Labour’s right in the PLP couldn’t remove Corbyn by arguing for their centrist Tory-lite policy platform, so they chose to fight dirty. Very dirty.

        Starmer is a different class of villain or antagonist altogether though. He faked being a left-winger in order to trick the membership into backing him.

        He should now be being hounded out by the entire party. This isn’t what members voted for or wanted.

    4. To think that she was a Green pinup girl when she was in the Good Life. She’s let herself go a bit, hasn’t she? Ah well, time is not always a good friend.

  1. Liz “4%” Kendall is still noshing on those sour grapes. Back down the U-bend with you!

    1. Thought I’d look through the comments first to see if this had been posted…and it had!

      Hell hath no fury, eh, Liz?

      BTW…is that that toerag jake berry kendall’s sat next to? How very cosy. 🤨

  2. Only fascists would demand that someone apologise (as a condition for being re-instated) for telling the truth, and do so knowing that they never WILL, precisely because they are a person of integrity.

    It’s just pure evil, as was the black op that ‘transformed’ Jeremy from a life-long anti-racist into an anti-semite (and his supporters into bullies and homophobes and, of course, anti-semites as well) in the first place, and who had no qualms whatsoever about causing concern and consternation amongst many Jewish people and playing on their historical fears in their quest to destroy Jeremy and the left.

    1. In the following video clip of a speech she gave at a conference in 2019 – and referring to the abuse she received after posting about the Hitler poster in 2015 – Izzy Lenga says/claims that she was put on ‘a terrorist hit-list, because I’m a Jew’, and then says she was ‘offered emergency accommodation, because I was a Jew, by my university’. And then says ‘and I had police protection, because I was a Jew’ (none of which.was mentioned in the media coverage at the time).

      BUT, in respect of the Hitler poster, and the abuse she says she received, she doesn’t mention the left OR far left, only the far right (and this was just a couple of months or so before the Panorama programme was broadcast), but she then immediately goes on to say: ‘but anti-semitism is a virus… but this virus mutates, and as we know, anti-semitism is unique how it manifests all across the political spectrum, and it breaks my heart, to tell you, that the Labour Party, over the last four years…. has been infected, by anti-semitism. And then, after mentioning all the abuse Luciana Berger (allegedly) received, she says: ‘The Jewish Labour Movement continue to fight. We continue to raise our concerns, only for them to be ignored’, and then says that ‘the leader of our party, silent, complicit, in this hatred that has infested our Party, from the national level to the local level…. people comparing Israel to Isis, commonplace, the ex-mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, compared Hitler to.. as a Zionist…’ She then spouts about ‘… those who try to tear down my community, and OTHER communities, OTHER minorities, only fuel my passion and dedication to continue to fight for a more just and equal society’. And she then finishes her speech with: ‘Together, I believe we will combat hate, and together we will lead the future, and the way for the world we wish to live in’.

      Yes, a world in which we transform left-wingers – with our endless lies and falsehoods and fabrications – into hard-core anti-semites and Jew-hating Nasiz.

      1. @Allan

        Here’s two quotes from elsewhere on the web (news website, not political)

        I can’t stand him. He seems completely unaware of his responsibility in ‘betraying’ all those idealistic young peopl who flocked to his banner and dreamed of transforming the Labour Party and Britain.

        They deserved so much more. To piss all that energy, hope and activism away, was unforgivable in my book. If he wasn’t prepared to fight for himself, his reputation, at least he could have fought for all those young people who believed in him. He owed them that much. Instead of mobilizing his followers, he demoralized them, demobilized them. He could have done so much more to explain what was happening and why. That they had to defeat the Labour Party machine and most of the MPs, before they had a chance of defeating the Tories and changing the country

        For Gawd’s sake! Don’t go with the false narrative!

        Why can he not say that antisemitisn was deliberately weaponised against himself and the Party because of his longstanding support for Palestinian rights, opposition to neoliberalism and, above all, opposition to US-led imperial wars?

        Does he still not get it? Jeez.

        I’m aware of that wonderful quote by Roosevelt about being in the arena, but seems people are aware of the many failings, panderings and the cost

      2. ‘Why can he not say that antisemitisn was deliberately weaponised against himself and the Party…..?’

        For the obvious reason that he would just be attacked and vilified and demonised as being a conspiracy theorist by the JLM and CAA and LAA and CST and LFI and BoD and MSM and Jewish newspapers and Blairites et al.

        Just as he was when the A/S smear campaign first REALLY kicked off with the Naz Shah/Ken Livingstone episode, when he denied that there was an anti-semitism crisis.

      3. He threw Livingstone under the bus for telling the truth. That bloody coin exists. And oh boy does it get juicy when you dig into that coins history.

        And it wasn’t a one off either, was it? How many more got sacrificed under the bus?

        And he could have spoken out. Because his own history shows it’s about being on the right side. I’ll happily give him kudos for his past, so what happened when it came to us?

        Thinking of voting for Labour? Think of endless betrayal from both wings!

      4. Oh God, the shills always have to have one of their personas on here spouting their falsehoods about Jeremy every time skwawkbox posts an article about him – ie their falsehoods concocted and designed to discredit him in the minds of left-wing readers of this site.

        But pray, do tell, what do you think Jeremy could have done that would have made the slightest bit of difference. Nothing of course.

        PS Funny, isn’t it, but I post a comment/video about Izzy Lenga, and NV has nothing whatsoever to say about all her fabrication and poisonous lies, but instead takes the opportunity to falsely discredit Jeremy Corbyn. Yep EXACTLY what the fucking nazi scum shills do on here!

      5. And notice how the shills ALWAYS move the goalposts! So I respond to NVs (fraudulent) criticism of JC – ie when he says why can’t Jeremy not say that antisemitism has been weaponised etc, and when I respond with the obvious reason why he can’t, NV just ignores what I said and opens up ANOTHER front of attack on Jeremy.

        But THATs what shills do! Total SCUM!!

      6. Reply to NVLA
        You have a very short memory NVLA. Jeremy Corbyn was up against a concerted campaign waged against him by the establishment , the PLP, Southside, the Zionists and the Tories . No matter what he did was misreported in by the MSM and the State Broadcaster the BBC. People like me who supported him were vilified too
        No matter what he did it was misrepresented e.g. the S*n and the mail made a fake video of him showing him dancing on the way to the cenotaph when he was actually walking there with his neighbour an World War 2 ex serviceman , the BBC photoshopped a soviet style cap on him and broadcast the image implying he was a communist during discussions about him. The establishment wheeled out Labour “grandees” and the former head of the Security Services ( John Scarlett of ” dodgy dossier” fame) to condemn him while the Chief Rabbi falsely accused him of being an existentialist threat to British Jews and boasted afterwards that his smear had worked.
        This sort of vilification went on day in day out and there was little Jeremy could do about it – his rebuttals weren’t published and if he had taken court action ( which in my opinion was what the campaigners wanted) he could well have lost. It is almost impossible to prove a negative – that you are not an anti semite etc.
        Jeremy Corbyn is a great man – a man of steel as Len McCluskey said- and despite everything he is still standing and is still admired and respected by decent people everywhere. It delights me that his enemies still clearly fear him and therefore feel the need to post negative comments on sites like this every day in an attempt to undermine him.

      7. @Allan maybe, instead of flinging false accusations around, you should go to writing or researching your book, no? I’m not a shill because I point out Corbyn was crap! Does having a contrary opinion to your make people scum? Or is it that they refuse to believe what you do?


        No, I’m not. It wasn’t nice. But it’s wasn’t going to stop. He had two choices. Fight back or take it up the arse. Which one did he choose, hmm?

        Like being attacked by a Lion. Giving up only ensures the end result.

    2. Reply to Allan Howard
      How right you are that the vile concerted campaign of character assassination- the black op- against Jeremy Corbyn was ” pure evil”. That is exactly what it was and resulted in the election of the most right wing reactionary uncaring government in living memory.
      We are now seeing how the Tories are abusing the power the campaign against Jeremy gifted them and those who swallowed the lies and rejected a fine principled decent man in favour of a dishonest charlatan, Boris Johnson ( and his incompetent successors) are now living to regret it. However they needn’t look to Starmer’s Labour for help – if anything they are to the right of many Tories and just as self interested and unprincipled as most of them.

      1. Widow lovers all. Some of them are advocating the use of nuclear weapons. That’s anti life. Ffs.

  3. And, of course, the journalist in Peston just could not allow that to go unchallenged.

    If people such as Kendall are given a platform to lie unchallenged then often they will. Where are the MSM journalists to speak truth to power?

    1. …Where are the MSM journalists to speak truth to power?..

      There aren’t any. Not will there be any.

      Imagine yourself as a forty something “high profile” media squib. If you don’t toe the line and play their game, there is a younger more youthful waiting to take your space. In fact there’s nothing they’d like more.

      You’re wasting your precious time involving yourself with the MSM.

      1. It would be a case of them speaking to themselves. The MSM “journalists” are part of the power structure.

  4. The behaviour of Kendall, Starmer etc. etc. towards Mr Corbyn reminds me of nothing so much as the novel Darkness at Noon.

    1. Starmer gets a free pass from the media because he’s an avowed Zionist.

      If Corbyn had been, there wouldn’t have been a media + PLP manufactured antisemitism crisis. That’s fairly obvious.

      The party membership attitudes haven’t changed, but the media tell us the party IS NOW changed. Do a poll and they’d still want to recognise Palestine. The only difference i,s the leadership now ignores members and the injustice against Palestinians. He’ll have plenty to say about the injustice that is the occupation of Ukraine though, like all good UK hypocrites.

  5. Pretty much the best and worst of JC, in one interview
    Before his fan boys start getting their fucking pom poms in a twist I will say he hasn’t made his move yet
    Once the Forde report was published was there not a mechanism for throwing out the leaders decision, on account of him not having a leg to stand on

  6. It seems that I was part of the problem and not the solution because I disagreed with Starmer which resulted in my being invited to leave the Labour Party. I believe that anti-Semitism became a MSM ‘Moral Panic’, carefully orchestrated to attack Socialism (see Ephraim Mirvis AIPAC). The self evident truth is that anyone having a different opinion with Starmer is removed from the Labour Party making it and Liz Kendall authoritarian and fascistic.

  7. Whether through conscious or unconscious bias, Jewish presenters and political reporters have never given Corbyn a fair hearing. All of the following have allowed guests and the RW PLP to make slanderous accusations about Corbyn, completely unchallenged. Never questioning the supporting evidence.

    Robert Peston (ITV)
    Jo Coburn (BBC)
    Emily Maitlis (Newsnight, BBC)
    Nick Robinson (BBC)
    Laura Kuessberg (BBC)
    Emma Barnett (BBC, Radio 4 and Newsnight)
    Matt Frei (Ch 4)
    Mark Urban (Newsnight)

    At the guardian, Jewish columnists were the ones most hostile to Corbyn.

    Jessica Elgot
    Jonathan Freedland
    Rafael Behr
    Nick Cohen

    I don’t believe there is some grand conspiracy behind this or anything. But it’s disappointing that otherwise professional, objective journos lose all credibility pushing the false narrative that Corbyn is a racist.

    1. Reply to Andy
      Irrespective of their personal beliefs or background political presenters and reporters especially those paid huge salaries by the State broadcaster, the BBC, are required to be impartial and professional.
      The people listed above were not. Only they know the reason why they set out either collectively or individually to malign and destroy the reputation of a fine decent man who offered hope to a country dragged down by austerity and who believed in human rights for all including Palestinians but we will all draw our own conclusions.

      1. I don’t know if their belief system is behind their failure to question the evidence?

        People can draw their own conclusions.

        But I find it amazing how these presenters just allowed false statements about the scale of antisemitism to be made. Claims such as the idea it was ‘endemic’ within the Labour party were made unchallenged on Newsnight. They must have known that was blatantly false.

      2. Reply to Andy
        I don’t quite understand what you mean by their belief system. They are all highly paid allegedly professional Jewish people who set out coldly and deliberately to destroy Jeremy Corbyn. In this they were supported by the Jewish establishment and various dedicated Zionists and Friends of Israel.
        Destroying someone who you disagree with or who is an antiZionist is not part of the Jewish Belief system. Many Jews were aghast and disgusted by the behaviour of these presenters and reporters and were vocal their support of Jeremy Corbyn. They have since paid the price for supporting Jeremy – they have had their reputations trashed and have been expelled from Starmers Labour for “antisemitism”
        That is the really big con – that there are thousands of Jewish Jew haters in the Labour party. If someone claimed that thousands of Gays attending a Pride event were homophobes or that thousands of feminist activists fighting for womens rights were misogynists they’d be a laughing stock but the anti Corbyn campaigners pushing this Jewish anti semitism nonsense aren’t laughed at. They are taken seriously and anyone Jewish or otherwise who dares to disagree with their absurd narrative will be branded an ” anti semite”.

    2. AFAIK, cohen ISNT a Jew, despite his jewish-sounding surname.

      I think his dad is/was, but jewish lineage goes through the matriarchal line.

      1. The head of the Equality and Human Rights Commission(EHRC) at the time it decided to investigate the Labour party on this issue of antisemitism, was led by Jewish Conservative supporter involved with Bright Blue – a hard right thinktank. Conflict of interest? Purely political?

        People are so naive. This looks and feels like Labour were played on the AS issue from the get-go.

        It’s why many have lost faith in the UK.

    3. The list proves that there could never have been any collusion, thankfully. Just think what could have happened had there been a decision to join forces. It could have led to expulsions and smears. Good grief, if there had been any linking of forces it would have destroyed peoples reputations and ruined many lives. Good job it never happened.

  8. I always liked Kendall despite her awful views. But this is totally disgusting.

    Keir Starmer has certainly changed the Labour Party but not in a good way.

  9. Andy
    Wrong kind of Jewish person
    Jews are always for the oppressed never the oppressors
    You cannot be a Jew and a Nazi
    You cannot be a Christian and vote for the party responsible for starving children

    1. It’s perfectly natural to defend a group you personally identify with. That’s why I say it could be unconscious bias.

      But when it comes to letting guests, like Kendall, basically spew bile and give a false picture regarding the scale of antisemitism withing the membership, then the presenter really should challenge her and others doing it, for evidence.

      These are our leading political presenters: Robinson, Peston; Coburn, Kuenssberg and they simply let false statements by Corbyn critics stand, such as pretending there was a high incidence rate of anti-Semitic incidents under Corbyn. Labour had 580,000 members and relatively few cases(compared to all other similar sized organisations) of alleged antisemitism. This is never, ever challenged

      1. Actually the “high incidence of anti-semitism” allegation WAS
        challenged by Corbyn supporters – but then ignored by the MSM.

        As for the difference of opinion(s) in the Jewish Community – that is
        unsurprising for it is a fact among every Community. A prime example
        is the Christian Community (eg in Northern Ireland) and it is
        understandable if there is a loyalty to a particular group however
        politicians should be above and beyond such. In respect of
        the Jewish Community – the idea of Gentiles deciding one group (JVL)
        should not be heard is itself anti-semitic.

    1. I liked McClafferty’s response to Starmer – telling it like it is!

      The DUP hate the idea of being in the Single market when the
      UK is NOT – a previous PM bamboozled them with his lies ..

      I think the only solution – and it ALWAYS was – would be for
      the UK to be in the Single Market. As it is the border with the
      EU is in the middle of the Irish Sea (as it used to be called ..)

  10. Hideous, this current Labour party, but we already knew that.

    Column in the Torygraph today, praising ‘snake’ Jon Ashworth, for sounding more like a Tory than the actual Tories, on welfare. This after his speech to Iain Duncan Smith’s Centre for Social Justice. Ashworth really wants to be tougher than the Tories.

    The Tory-to-Labour-to-Tory cycle is more like a death spiral for the UK. We need PR, and if Starmer really wanted to keep the Tories out (he doesn’t) he’d be for it.

  11. Indeed. I posted about just william ashworth’s latest gobshitery yesterday on another thread.

    Toerag is as toerag does .. NO opposition, only support and political mimicry.

    As john lydon once asked: “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”

    1. Most here can see this party simply isn’t worth supporting under the current management. Why can’t the unions and remaining members?

      If the Tories don’t like their leader they throw them out , with a ‘life is too short’ attitude , Labour just cling-on, in misery.

      A Starmer-led Labour will govern to the right of the conservatives and it’ll be more authoritarian on social policy. Even the few scraps thrown to the left such as ending private schools’ tax breaks will be dropped when in power.

      I honestly think they have an agenda to further embed privatisation in the health system too. The US healthcare lobby would love to pounce and carve-up the NHS filling Reeves’, Starmer’s and Streeting’s pockets in the process

    2. Yes Lydon did say that. Just after performing, badly, in front of a largely working class audience of American music lovers. Lyndon is no hero of the masses. He’s an uncouth Jonathon Ross.

      1. It wasn’t any sort of endorsement of lydon, wobbly.

        Just a quote that happened to come from him.

  12. “But it’s disappointing that otherwise professional, objective journos lose all credibility pushing the false narrative that Corbyn is a racist.” – I don’t consider that these people are “otherwise professional and objective”. As Noam Chomsky said to (I believe) Andrew Marr “If you didn’t think the way you do, you wouldn’t be where you are.”

    1. Lots of people will call you a ‘crank’ and ‘conspiracy theorist’ if you claim it was coordinated in some way.

      But there something about the anti-Corbyn coverage that did seem the whole media were gunning for him. As if on a mission to destroy.

      This is why everyone should give up on FPTP.

      Because, let’s face it, even a mildly leftist Labour leader will face a similar onslaught. Under proportional representation these media tools of the establishment can be de-fanged. It’s a lot harder to smear multiple party leaders without giving the rigged nature of the game away.

  13. Couldn’t watch the video. That face, so noble, so understanding, so caring. Lies, lies, lies.

    1. The face of someone who’s won a prize of a weekend for two…

      …only to find out it’s with Andrew Tate.

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