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Reeves cosies up to architect of austerity. She used to at least pretend to know better

Times puff piece shows Shadow Chancellor pally with George Osborne – apparently she’ll take advice from anyone, as long as they’re not on the left

A puff piece in the Murdoch Times – a good indication of just how far to the right Labour has gone under Keir Starmer – shows Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves cosy with George Osborne, the architect of the austerity that has been accused of causing hundreds of thousands of needless deaths and wrecking the fabric of our society – for tips on how to run an economy. The article reports Reeves chatting happily with Osborne at a plush party – and Osborne’s glowing recommendation.

Reeves has, of course, been a figurehead of Starmer’s betrayal of Labour principles and an eager accomplice in his drive to scratch the backs of billionaires by promising them not to change anything that will inconvenience them – and is notorious for saying that Labour was not the party of vulnerable benefit claimants – but at one time she at least pretended to acknowledge the horrors that Osborne’s austerity programme was inflciting on the poor:

Now, as writer Saul Staniforth points out, she is happy to be on the side of the richest despite the fact that inequality and misery continue to burgeon under the Tories:

The article also claims that Reeves is prepared to take advice even from political opponents. Clearly that only means right-wing political opponents. If you’re on the left – the only political group to even want to offer real change to the status quo – then she is happy if you’ve left the Labour party, thinks wanting to stop inhumane deportations is foolish, wants those suffering long-term illness back at work and laughs at the idea putting the nation’s wealth back in the hands of the people instead of allowing private companies to get rich by impoverishing them.

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