Breaking: teachers set to strike as NEU ballot meets national threshold

Union over the line on numbers voting – and result expected to be in favour of industrial action

Teachers are set to go on strike for decent pay after enough members returned ballots to meet the ‘50% plus one’ turnout threshold required under the government’s anti-union laws, according to reports Skwawkbox has received.

The percentage of those voting who support strike action is also said to be ‘overwhelming’, in line with the National Education Union (NEU) indicative ballots when the ballot dates were announced, in which 92% of teachers said they would reject employers’ below-inflation ‘final’ pay offer.

The CWU union, many of whose members are also in the middle of a strike campaign over atrocious treatment by Royal Mail, had tweeted when the ballots went out of its pride in delivering them:

Solidarity with all workers fighting the attacks by the government and employers on their rights, pay and living standards.

A union spokesperson told Skwawkbox:

There is no official count yet and the result will not be known until next week, so we ask members who have not yet voted to make sure they cast their ballot before the deadline.

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  1. Is this the new winter of discontent? people still attack Labour over the 70s version, will this stick as the Tory Winter of utter rage

    1. Unfortunately the NASUWT strike ballot failed to reach the threshold required for industrial action

      A strike ballot of NASUWT members has failed to reach the threshold required for industrial action despite nine out of ten members of the teaching union who took part in the ballot voting to strike.
      The union announced this afternoon that the ballot, which closed on Monday, had not hit the threshold of 50% legally required for members to take industrial action. Turnout across the ballots in England and Wales averaged 42%.

  2. No matter how anyone looks at this situation This is A Class War a Fight for LIFE and the Working Classes Right to Live It Instigated by The STINKING RICH Political Elite and their MASTERS in Hedge Funds Private Health Goldman Sachs and all Huge Financial Institutions and the worst of the worst The Foreign Owned Energy Companies MEDIA and the Subservient BBC a group of ok Yahs who disgrace Proper Journalism of which there is a distinct lack of in the UK make no mistake here these CORRUPT RICH including the Majority of Politicians and all of the House of Lords a Pit of Corruption and GREED are attempting to return our Class to the Victorian Slave Years or even Dickensian times THE UNIONS ALL OF THEM MUST BE BACKED BY ALL THE LOWER AND POOR CLASS, The NHS the Care System Education Transport all Forms must Win this CLASS WAR the Stupidity of the English Voting Majority knows no bounds not only did YOU CLOWNS VOTE FOR BREXIT YOU VOTED AGAINST JEREMY CORBYN no wonder The Scots want Independence You English are Insane.

    1. peej, Jeremy may have lost the GE in 2019, but 10.3 million people voted for Labour. And millions of people who read the Sun and the Mail had been bombarded with lies and falsehoods about the EU for twenty years or more prior to the referendum. And then throw in all the constant smearing of Jeremy during his leadership. So please just button it with the clowns and stupidity shite.

      Every time you post on here it’s nothing but negative ranting!

    2. From Tortoise News:

      Three Labour MPs have received hundreds of thousands of pounds in donations from a firm that cannot be traced. 

      MPM Connect has no internet presence and is owned by two low-profile millionaires, Peter Hearn and Simon Murphy. 

      MPM started donating to these Labour MPs – Yvette Cooper, Wes Streeting and Dan Jarvis – in February 2020. Since then, it has given nearly £345,000. 

      The company’s accounts offer very few clues as to what the company does, although it does note that for the year ending December 2021, “the number of employees during the year was NIL”.

      MPM’s head office is an unremarkable semi-detached house in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire. A trawl through Companies House records reveals that several unrelated firms are also based at that address: it appears to be an accountancy. 

      In fact, it’s very difficult to tell what MPM does – apart from donate to Labour MPs. At no point in our work on the Westminster Accounts could the company be reached. Cooper, Streeting and Jarvis did not respond to requests for a comment. 

      Peter Hearn’s relationship with the party goes back further than 2020, at least to 2007, and his donations amount to nearly £900,000. 

      As well as backing centrist Labour figures, he had a brief dalliance with the Tories, donating £10,000 to the party’s campaign in Poplar when George Galloway was standing as a Respect candidate there in 2010. 

      At the time, a Labour spokesman said Hearn was an “unequivocal Labour supporter” who simply did not want Galloway to win.

      There is no suggestion of wrongdoing by anyone involved, but the shift from named individual to company puts a less-than-transparent layer between the public and the source of funds.

      1. JoeRobson, excellent work comrade. Saved me a lot of time. Now, who gives them the money to donate? We are talking about lots here, there must be a trail. How close are the three recipients? I know little about them apart from what is easily obtainable. I know you wrote that you weren’t suggesting any impropriety but what constitutes a bung? £340,000 for cab fares and big macs. Surely the three degrees must account for this?

    3. Wish we had a party like the SNP to sort out our education system. What’s the infatuation with children and identity all about? Independence but in the EU. Who’s going to cover the financial shortfall when you leave the UK? Drag queen readings are not great job creation devices. You need to have jobs to provide taxpayers to pay for your rainbow utopia. Is the plan to get lots of low-interest loans from the EU? The Greeks could offer you some advice on how that works out. Will you still be in NATO? Gonna send the Highland regiments abroad? Will Nippy kiss Bidens ring? Tell it to the been. Better still talk to Mr. Salmon’s about your legal system. You’ll be OK, Bond, James Bond, has got your back.

  3. Anyway, re Izzy Lenga etc:

    I know I’m just stating the obvious, but to just about anyone watching the panorama programme at the time, they would have been led to believe that Izzy Lenga joined the LP in 2015, and, that she has been subjected to A/S abuse on a daily basis since then at LP meetings – ie people saying Hitler was right, and Hitler didn’t go far enough, and that she (and other people) witnessed Holocaust denial.

    So Ware and Co transformed what happened in 2015 (when she was at the University of Birmingham) into something to make viewers believe it was what she was experiencing in 2019 when the progamme was made, and HAD been since she joined (or so we’re told) in 2015. But, in 2015 it would appear that she didn’t say anything in respect of who she thought was responsible for the abuse (re the Hitler poster) – contrary to what we’re now hearing – and the newspaper coverage in the Birmingham Mail, and Daily Mail and Mirror, just referred to internet trolls. And it was only six/seven days AFTER she posted the picture of the Hitler poster on her twitter page that the story was covered.

    In a youtube video of her speaking at a conference (that I found), she says she received over 2,000 abusive comments in the space of 24 hours (after posting the picture of the poster). Strange though that she didn’t mention it to the media at the time, for surely they would have mentioned it. And it would appear that the police didn’t ever track down anyone re the poster OR the abuse. The bit in question starts at 1min 57secs:

    Izzy Lenga – 2019 March of the Living Emerging Leadership Conference

    1. And this:

      But Lenga’s Twitter feed was later bombarded with dozens of anti-Semitic slurs and cartoons.

      And needless to say, there is no way on this planet that anyone on the left would target and abuse or threaten anyone for posting a photo they’d taken of a poster of Hitler on their twitter page , on which was written ‘Hitler was right’, and which they are condemning.

  4. In this Hope Not Hate report entitled State of Hate 2018 (I just came across), it says the following:

    We reveal how pro-Ukrainian extremists are recruiting for the nazi Azov Battalion here in the UK. And we reproduce a photograph of a national Action member in the group’s Ukrainian headquarters.

    And on page 20, it begins with the following:

    The war in Ukraine gets scant coverage in the British mainstream media. In fact, it gets very few inches anywhere in the english-speaking world’s mainstream press, radio and TV.There are militias with varying degrees of loyalty to two nations fighting each other in Ukraine, the iconography of flags, statues and monuments being destroyed and redeployed. history – past and future – is at stake with cultural, historical and conflicting ideologies throwing people together and against each other. Ukraine is hosting the bloodiest conflict in europe since the Balkans war. Despite ceasefires, the deadly targeting of towns and cities with military-backed rocket and mortar attacks is still daily. There is also strong evidence of a dark and sinister presence of nazism in the Kiev government and in the black-clad “international battalions” that carry out ethnic cleansing of russians in eastern Ukraine. in Britain…..

  5. Lansman: ‘Antisemitism and factionalism’ to blame for ‘most traumatic years of my life’

    Momentum founder Jon Lansman tells Jewish Labour Movement conference at JW3 Jeremy Corbyn has failed to accept it is ‘possible to be “an anti-racist but still have racist prejudice.’

    Lansman praised JLM saying they “did not act factionally” during this period.

    Yep, that’s Honest Jon for you.

  6. And just a reminder that the most important changes going on with the country is strikes by individually unions who are active and looking for the right to exist and decent pay for their members.I only hope that a unified approach will come about before the politicians and the media target the strikers using maximum force
    .General strike is the only opposition possible for the survival of the unions and the working class…..Whilst starmer and reeves visit their masters at the WEF….We are entering dangerous times for our people to avoid becoming little more than slave labour with all options disappearing fast.

    1. Agreed RE General strike, Joseph.

      As long as these current strikes are piecemeal and individual, the ‘rags can ride them out; and in fact, are doing so. The (apparent) lack of coordination/solidarity/unity is also ensuring keef isn’t getting the scrutiny and (focused) critical eye that he requires to be cast over him.

      A general strike will call keef out once and for all. It will back him into a corner where he will wilt and demonstrate to the uninformed exactly what he’s about.

      …And it ain’t about the ordinary working Joe.


      Seems to me those lost depositswe’re repeatedly reminded of are nothing of the sort, but a genuine cause for concern by those in the know….😗🎵

      1. It seems as if it can be attended by anyone prepared to register. Might be worth the train fare to Picadilly. I read skwakies piece but no comments. Don’t know why these days. We used to debate far more provocative topics than that. I have faith in Steve and I’m sure that he has his reasons, which I respect. It is just that once you get your sleeves rolled up it rains.
        Btw, what was the crab hunter generals post about. Just nasty.

  7. Sir Keir Starmer, the establishment’s hand-picked top civil servant; chosen to lead Labour away from socialism, much as Blair was in the 1990s. Starmer, who along with the BoE’s Rachel Reeves, another upper middle-class civil servant, show we’re really trying to be a real democracy, even if not quite making the grade.

    Though, if the folks in Labour, Labour voters and unions haven’t twigged they are being conned, what’s the problem? amirite?

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