Video: bumbling Tory Coffey falls to pieces under Byrne’s committee questioning

‘How will that be independent?’ turns Coffey into a barely-coherent shambles

Tory Cabinet minister Thérèse Coffey turned into a(n even bigger than usual) shambles as she tried to talk her way out of passing off an enquiry by her own scientific advisers into crab die-off as ‘independent’ – and was put on a skewer by an incredulous Ian Byrne.

The performance was so dire that the video has gone viral:

Working-class West Derby MP Byrne, the current MP of the Year, recently successfully fought off a scurrilous and anti-democratic campaign by the Labour regime to remove him as the party’s candidate, despite his huge popularity and his achievements in feeding the hungry and fighting poverty. Again he is making right-wing MPs look bad by being effective and has shown he terrifies blue Tories as much as red ones.

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  1. That was a display of utter incompetence, surpassing any of Hancock’s COVID briefings, which, at the time, was thought to be impossible.

    A sloth flailing around, trying to make sense of the pile of briefing notes she had been given, by her staff.

    I cannot think of one government Minister, who has a firm grasp of their brief. All are left with the one option of last resort – making it up as they go along. Lying!

    The Grand Larceny continues, but, now – at the same time – they’re starting on the cover-up.

    No optimism, here. This Labour Party are no better.

    1. I would not normally criticise anyone’s physical appearance but make an exception for this appalling individual. ‘Sloth’ is indeed a good description, although on second thoughts insulting sloths everywhere. Ian Byrne’s face is an absolute picture! Sadly, as you say I have no optimism at all either…

  2. As well as Sec of State Theresa Coffey is Deputy Prime Minister .It is rumoured that Tories everywhere are praying that Sunak doesn’t meet with an accident. lol!

    1. well as Sec of State Theresa Coffey is Deputy Prime Minister

      Or rather, was

      Another bloated toerag on a bloated pension for holding several cabinet posts, despite being worse than bleedin’ useless in any of them. I’m just surprised the hybrid offspring of Jabba the Hutt & Irma Grese didn’t say her unused antibiotics’d stop the crustacaen holocaust…

  3. Another parliamentary by-election victory for the Labour Party.
    Labour’s Andrew Western has been elected as the MP for Stretford and Urmston in a by-election on Thursday, securing 69.4% of the vote and a majority of 9,906.

    Emily CARTER-KANDOLA – Tory – 2,922
    Anna FRYER – Liberal Democrats – 659
    Hazel GIBB – Independent – 183
    Christina GLANCY- Freedom Alliance. The Real Alternative – 76
    Dan JERROME – Green Party – 789
    Jim NEWELL – Rejoin EU – 237
    Paul SWANSBOROUGH- Reform UK – 650
    Andrew WESTERN – Labour Party – 12,828
    Julian YVON – Social Democratic Party – 74

    1. Labour would not win Commons majority with by-election swing, says Prof John Curtice
      By Gareth Davies, BREAKING NEWS EDITOR 16 December 2022 • 9:10am

    2. On a Turnout of 25.8%.

      Was it the weather, or was it disillusion with this Labour Party?

      Or was it disillusion with UK politics, in general?

      1. George – Labour won the seat.
        However it begs the question, If the turnout had been larger would the socialist candidate’s share of the vote have been even smaller than the 0.4% vote share (a whole 78 votes) that he managed to garner.

      2. SteveH 16/12/2022 at 8:05 pm :

        Aside from being a p*ss-poor answer to the questions posed – wasn’t Andrew Green ‘the socialist candidate’, or has this Labour Party dropped that pretence altogether, now?

      3. George – Labour won the seat.

        No they didn’t. They retained the seat. Major difference. keef’s lost as many seats as he’s won.

    3. Two Cheeks
      Red Tories have nothing to offer the electorate, once the pin on the 2nd Referendum grenade is pulled, your poll lead will disappear
      Labour, Liberal Dem and SNP Coalition is the best you can hope for, with PR and IndyRef the price you will have to pay
      None of your funders will support that
      Result Bankruptcy

  4. Though Curtice did say that with such a large existing majority the seat would not be representative of the national picture

      1. Prof Curtice added: “What you then have to bear in mind, is that the swing to Labour in a by-election where they’re already at 60 percent of the vote rarely matches what’s been what’s going on in the national polls. 
        “There just frankly isn’t enough room left for Labour to make progress on the kind of scale that they’re currently making in the national polls in their constituencies like this. Stratford was much safer than was the Chester constituency.” 

  5. Well done Ian. Since he is always prefaced with, “working class”, perhaps we should used always use the relevant description when discussing other labour m.p s? Might clarify things. Can I take this opportunity to congratulate Naomi, for allowing the party to show it’s true colours. She’s beaten her and our enemies for long enough and has earned a rest from attacks by the savages. If I can’t then I won’t.

  6. Meanwhile, straight from the wee stevie (pre-) school of gobshitery…

    Shadow health secretary Wes Streeting has said he would not “pretend the NHS is the envy of the world” as he promised reforms under a Labour government.

    He gave a speech setting out Labour’s plan to fix the NHS in England, which he said was in “existential” crisis.

    Labour would train more staff and use the private sector to bring down waiting lists, he said.

    He branded left-wing critics of his proposals “the true Conservatives”

    I’m not the Tory…YOU are

    The fucking state of the paper mashy-headed PONCE.

      1. Tell us, o! genius…

        What’s NOT toerag about private sector involvement in the NHS?

  7. Here’s some good news

    Over 1,200 workers at Rolls-Royce have won a record 17.6% pay package after a deal was agreed between Unite Union and the luxury car brand.
    Workers at its factory in Goodwood, West Sussex, will get a salary boost of 10% and a one-off payment of £2,000 from January 2023.
    The increase will mean a typical Grade 3 worker at the Goodwood factory, which builds the Rolls-Royce Ghost, Rolls-Royce Phantom and Rolls-Royce Cullinan, will see their pay increase by around £3,205.

    The increase comes after Unite Union members at the factory threatened strike action as they had “been “repeatedly denied a proper pay rise”.
    Under the leadership of Unite’s general secretary, Sharon Graham who was elected last year, the workers mounted a campaign to secure a fairer share of the car manufacturer’s profits.

    1. Good for Rolls Royce workers.

      They’re NOT nurses. Or railway workers. Or postmen. Or binmen.

      But nevermind that. Answer the question, mister “what’s not to like

      What’s NOT toerag about MORE private sector involvement in the NHS?

      Out with it…

      1. Toffee – After 12 years of the Tories underfunding the NHS we are where we are, so I don’t see a problem with using the private sector to get on top of the waiting lists to relieve the ongoing suffering of those waiting for treatment.

      2. WE are where we are? What’s this “We”?? Because you’re NOT. (allegedly).

        And you think giving lucrative contracts and handing over running of essential services to private healthcare companies, who will no doubt want all sorts of favourable terms with massive taxpayer-liable penalty/get-out clauses inserted; essentially handing over more of the dwindling in-house sections, to be milked for everything they’re worth (and more)…

        …Is completely acceptable?

        You see NO problem with it?

        Then remind us, O! genial one…How well has privatisation worked for rail, mail and the utilities? Y’know, those things keef promised to renationalise?

      3. Toffee – Don’t be silly, you know that isn’t Labour’s policy and if you don’t then you’re either an idiot or you are obviously being disingenuous. I do wonder at times whether you are really a Tory plant.

      4. Private hospitals coming to the NHS’s rescue? Labour should know better by David Rowland in The Guardian

        You can only assume that Wes Streeting’s recent embrace of the private hospital sector as a solution to the current health crisis stems from naivety about how UK private healthcare works, or is part of the Labour leadership’s attempts to turn it into a party of the centre right.

        It is certainly not based on evidence.

        Famously described by the late Julian Tudor Hart as the “red-light district of medicine”, the evidence about the parasitic and risky nature of private healthcare in the UK has been mounting for decades.

        As anyone in the health service knows, private hospitals do not have any additional doctors to assist in reducing the NHS backlog – in all the private hospitals operating in the UK, the doctors are NHS doctors, working in their spare time. In commercial terms, because the private sector contributes nothing to the training of the 17,500 doctors who work in its hospitals, this amounts to a free subsidy to the private sector of about £8bn. [My emphasis]

      5. Toffee – Don’t be silly, you know that isn’t Labour’s policy

        Says the gobshite who only voted keef because he was “best of a bad bunch” but hangs on to every one of the ten pledges he made – that took him as many minutes to renege on.

        Of course, keef WON’T concede any part of the NHS to private equity, will he? They won’t want it, and he won’t give it them.

        All that money that’s propped keef and the screeching ponce up won’t want repaying with interest, will it?


        …and if you don’t then you’re either an idiot or you are obviously being disingenuous.

        Have you heard yourself?

        I do wonder at times whether you are really a Tory plant.

        Again – have you heard yourself? You sound EXACTLY the same as the paper mashy-headed screeching ponce. And the greasy polygonal headed knobend.

        But that’s NO surprise. Toerag is as toerag says and does.

  8. And you STILL haven’t answered the question:

    What’s NOT toerag about MORE private sector involvement on the NHS?

    Probably THE biggest AND best socialist endeavour on the planet wasn’t EVER set up to be a private enterprise – partially OR fully.

    Only toerags believe it’s acceptable to want to profit from sickness. The idea is anathema to anyone identifying as socialist.

    Therefore, keef and ponce are NOT socialist, no matter their protests to the contrary.

    They are sickeningly hiding behind the waiting list crisis to promote and procure private sector profiteering in the exact same way the toerags used the PPE crisis to box themselves and their mates off, instead of exploring ways of keeping a national treasure and world-class institution on the public domain.

    Haven’t heard a peep from either on support of nurses’ pay; quite the contrary, in fact.

    Bevan’s description can be fully and fairly attributed to those pair of pricks as well as the rest of the so-called labour party MPs and members who concur with their already sold-out shithousery.

    “Lower than vermin.”

      1. And that’s the best you can muster.

        Gobshite. Coward. Nonce.

      2. Toffee – Have you read this?
        “Wes Streeting plans to slash NHS waiting lists by an extra 233,000 a year by beefing up partnerships with private hospitals when Labour comes to power.
        The bold pledge by the no-nonsense shadow Health Secretary came as he gave the NHS seven years to “reform or die” predicting it would not survive if the Tories win another term in office.

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