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Video: Starmer caught ‘playing on phone’ while Byrne asks question about hungry children

West Derby MP has worked tirelessly to win right to food for hungry kids and adults. Party leader more interested in his smart phone

Keir Starmer has been caught appearing to play around with his phone while Labour back-bench MP Ian Byrne asked Tory PM Rishi Sunak a question about feeding hungry children.

Around five million children in the UK live below the poverty line, most of whom will either frequently go hungry or else only be fed by parents going without or relying on food banks – one of the great scandals of our age in one of the ‘richest countries in the world’.

Byrne has made it his mission to make being properly fed a human right, obliging the government to do whatever it takes to ensure everyone has adequate nutrition – a campaign that led to him being targeted, unsuccessfully, by the Labour right for deselection, presumably for showing up their leader and their whole faction.

And it seems Starmer didn’t find the issue important enough to pay attention as Byrne asked his question about extending free school meals to all children, to ensure all are properly fed without any child being stigmatised:

Starmer is increasingly being found out as a creature of the Establishment with no real interest in, or plans for, making the country a better place to live in for the cruelly-disadvantaged millions abused by the Tories – and he and his cronies are doing everything they can to kick out the few decent MPs like Byrne who are determined to use their position to improve the lives of those that the supposedly-mighty abuse and ignore.

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  1. Maybe he was contacting Evans asking ” thought we got rid of him, get it done the next time”.

    1. exiledinardmhaca
      I suspect it won’t just be Evans he’s contacting.

    1. FFS, you soul-destroying bore – Get a life. We can already see the incident described video in the article.

      So what’s the deal with the italics for the incident described??

      Oh yeah…It involves (keefs’ total lack of) concern for hungry kids. And the money shot is a clip of keef paying no attention whatsoever to their plight. Something you’re probably whacking yourself off about.

      Fuck off and croak. Would-be child starving wrong un.


      Maybe makes a change from Keith playing with something else

  2. Bet he wasn’t even watching porn**, but more likely a home-made documentary on 16th century wicker basket production
    techniques by Galician nuns, narrated by some monotonous drip that isn’t himself.

    Slimy, soporific shitehawk that he is.

    ** Probably doesn’t even know what porn is…and would no doubt faint when he found out.

      1. Not anywhere close to being as desperate as you…incident described. 😒

    1. He knows that there is certain type of porn and that it lies beyond the reach of our legal services.

  3. 🎵Oh, it’s all gone quiet over there…🎵

    Looks like the resident keef-idolising, wannabe child-starving wrong un’s realised he’s grassed himself up again.

    D’oh!! 🤦

    1. Toffee – “Oh, it’s all gone quiet over there…”

      There’s a simple explanation for that, I went to bed. Thanks for so assiduously drawing attention to my OP whilst I was sleeping.

    2. Toffee – The ‘Schools Bill’ has been scrapped and abandoned by the Tories so it won’t be progressing any further. However, Zarah Sultana will be presenting her proposed school meals legislation in the form of a 10 minute rule bill on Tue 13/12 (probably at about 12:30).

  4. Maybe keef was texting young Rashford for a few tips, eh, wee gobshite?

    …Tips like who does Rashford think looks most likely to score in Saturday’s game, instead of what to do about giving kids a free school meal at no cost to the taxpayer.

    After all, he’s Ingerland’s #1 fan, is keef…Here’s a photo to prove it – whack yerself silly, stevie

    Just a shame he decided not to go to Qatar to watch it, what with him being the stickler for human rights that he is…😙🎶

  5. Ahh, the black mirror. A truly awful pestilence. The phone is a truly astounding phenomenon.

    It is used to control and track you. It forms a comprehensive picture of you and your habits. Society is moving towards cashless control and the mobile is key.

    And whilst it does all that and much more against you, you pay a monthly fee for the privilege! It’s called a cell phone for a reason.

    As for Sir K, Millionaires by Phat Bollard springs to mind.

    He doesn’t give a fuck about you.

  6. “Feed the hungry “…..obvious in its simplicity and even mentioned in the gospels….but it all means nothing to the knight of the realm whos more interested in his masters than the children of the working class.A very dangerous person has been mentioned a number of times and that applys to his bunch of misfits in the shadowy cabinet as well..God help us all especially the vulnerable if this silent assassin gets into drowning street by default.

    1. ……and the credible alternative that you and your comrades are offering is what, another term of Conservative Party government?

      1. Keef hasn’t offered ANY credible alternative to prevent kids going hungry, has he?

        No. Instead he ORDERED labour peers to ABSTAIN on the vote to give them a meal at school.

        Can you tell us of a single vote that keef’s ORDERED his party to vote AGAINST toerag policies/proposals/amendments, wee nonce case?

        If not, then shut your fucking cave about credible alternatives

      2. Toffee – Calm down it isn’t my fault that you have SFA to offer.

      3. The credible alternative to haemorrhoids is to get rid of them.

      4. goldbach – Oh dear, aren’t you embarrassed that all you have left to offer is toilet humour.

      5. And who’s fault is it that keefs’ offering less than fuck all, you complete imbecile?

      6. Toffee – The polls consistently indicate that you are a member of a shrinking minority.
        Why are you still obsessing about a party that left a ¼ of a century ago and couldn’t be bothered to vote for in 2019.

      7. Obviously you’re not embarrassed by defending keefs orders to allow children to go hungry.

        But then again, nonces have no scruples

      8. Chatter about polls and “credible?” alternatives (alternatives to what?) are pretty irrelevant.
        In the UK. The poor are facing a dire situation this winter. The average earners are looking at drifting into poverty and the moderately well off are looking at raiding their savings to maintain their lifestyles. And it will only get worse next year.
        Meanwhile those who package up the government are looking at putting a new face on the package, and shunting Starmer into Downing Street. But the contents of the package will be virtually the same. It is much the same throughout Europe.
        When the so-called alternative is just more of the same, and things are getting steadily worse, we will automatically see the rise of the far right. In some countries it may be possible that a left alternative can be articulated and can gain traction. In the UK, however, the demonisation of the left and the exclusion of any moderately left discussion in the LP means that we are heading for a drift to a more right wing, authoritarian state whichever party is in government.
        This drift to the right has been going on for decades, though.
        I once met Roy Hattersley. He told me that, in his younger days, he had been regarded as being pretty right wing in the LP, but that he was now regarded as being well to the left. His politics hadn’t changed. The LP had. And it’s changed far more in the subsequent decades – for the worse.
        I couldn’t care less what Starmer was playing with in parliament. He is an irrelevance, as is our contributor in British West Hartlepool or whatever other part of the Caribbean he inhabits.

      9. goldbach – Oh dear, lots of problems but where are your credible solutions, you don’t appear to have any.
        Your central claim appears to be that Labour is just offering more of the same so could you please list which of the policies from their current platform you think are Tory policies.
        Here’s a list of some of Labour’s current policies to get you started

      10. Toffee – The polls consistently indicate…

        You weren’t asked about polls.

        So I’ll ask AGAIN.



        Now, answer those two questions directly or piss off and sexually molest your livestock again, contract some venereal disease (if you haven’t already) and die.

      11. As I said, your little lists, interminable repetition and love affair with Starmerism are irrelevant, and tedious in the extreme. Nevertheless, bearing in mind the injunction in The Desiderata, I wish you a Happy Christmas (I assume that you are a Christian).

      12. goldbach – I am simply trying to establish which of Labour’s current policies you think are Tory.


        I am simply…

        Payrises in line with, or close to inflation? Nope. Evade the question.

        Housebuilding? Nope. Same again.

        Everything they’re asked about and we get “Well I’m not going to pluck figures out of the air…we don’t know what the situation will be when we become the government…Of course people deserve a payrise”

        And yet they’ll happily abstain instead of voting against government measures. They won’t give any sort of meaningful backing to the unions to determine their payrises and conditions.

        And worst of all, they’ll allow keef to coerce them onto abstaining on giving kids a meal at school – at no cost to the taxpayer.

        But there are lickspittle gobshites who cream themselves over keef’s green paper … Despite the fact that he shat on democracy over the brexit he wasn’t gonna allow to happen, then shat on remainers and those who elected him on the basis that he was gonna reverse brexit, as well as those ten pledges; every single one of which he’d shat on in as any weeks.

        Oh they’ll criticise toerag measures and how they’ll affect the economy in fiture…But they won’t say what they’d do if on government because they themselves have NO fucking idea of what they’re on about.

        Which is why they’ll be every bit as toerag as the real ones.

        Exactly like when bliar got in, in ’97. What happened then? They stuck rigidly to toerag spending plans for the entire first term and enhanced private sector involvement in the public sector.

        Vote keef = get toerag.

    2. Indeed, but he also believes in feeding them up and sacrificing them. It’s profitable and it’s called war.

  7. Just came across the following article from February 2018 whilst doing a search on skwawkbox (for an article about Margaret Hodge about how JC helped her one time during an election campaign before he became leader, but the only article that came up in the search results was the following one, which I missed at the time):

    ‘This is the biggest MSM scandal – and the Establishment is not telling you’

    If you’re not following events via one of the alternative news media, you might have heard that actor Hugh Grant agreed to settle his phone-hacking claim against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) for an undisclosed six-figure sum that he has donated to the ‘Hacked Off’ campaign.

    If you look very, very closely, you might also have noticed that Crimewatch presenter and former police officer Jacqui Hames also settled her claim against Rupert Murdoch’s News Group Newspapers.

    Grant is quoted in most articles at some length. Ms Hames receives merely a mention.

    But Ms Hames’ case is far, far wider than ‘phone-hacking’.

    Please, please read it, and share far and wide, and/or the other article/coverage linked to in the SB article

    1. Allan Howard, good work. It was new to me. There’s got to be more stuff lying about somewhere. I am useless at IT, used to read things with white gloves and talk to human beings, but my missus is good at it. Thanks for the starting pistol.

  8. And here are a couple of articles from a recent GMWATCH Daily Digest:

    ‘India: Over 100 medical doctors call for halt on release of GM mustard’

    n India, over 100 medical doctors have sent a letter to prime minister Narendra Modi calling upon him to stop the environmental release of genetically modified mustard DMH-11 and its two parental lines, which are tolerant to the toxic herbicide glufosinate ammonium.

    The doctors write that they are not opposed to application of gene technologies in medicine, “as it is done after thorough testing, consumed by individual choice, closely monitored by expert doctors, with the GMO-mediated medicines/supplements prepared in contained conditions without any release of GMOs into the environment and can be halted/recalled”.

    In contrast, they write, “GM in farming and food is both uncontrollable and irreversible and affects both present and future generations.”

    They continue: “In terms of health impacts, an adequate scientific body of evidence exists about various adverse health impacts on immunity, reproductive health, growth and development, vital organs and even carcinogenicity – from a combination of toxic genes used in genetic engineering, the GE [genetic engineering] process itself and the deadly chemicals used on GM crops.

    1. And this:

      ‘US urges Mexico to repeal GM corn ban or face USMCA action’

      The United States government has expressed “deep concerns” about Mexico’s plan to phase out genetically modified corn imports by January 2024.

      U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack met with President López Obrador in Mexico City on Monday, and subsequently released a statement saying that the U.S. government could take steps to enforce its legal rights under the USMCA free trade pact if “acceptable resolution of the issue isn’t reached.”

      PS Sign up for their newsletters…. I think there’s a weekly option as well.

      1. Oops, just noticed that I missed the… er..I, I.. copied and pasted it, and it should of course read… In India.

      2. Allan, I read the article about the gunfight with the cartels. Within 2 days public transport were back to 100% efficiency. In Scarborough we have a bit of ice on the roads and it all goes to pieces. Our press and politicians are threatening Russia and China?

  9. Heir Starmers phoning his bum chum Conor Mc’ginn letting him no he is getting suspended

    1. Brian, shouldn’t that read, continue to be suspended at a dungeon of his own choice. No mercy for any of them.

  10. STOP PRESS – Andrew Fisher is on Politics Live complaining
    about Keir Starmer with respect to Local Candidates. Starmer
    was defended in a pathetic sort of way .. by someones whose
    name I cannot remember ..

    Arlene Foster stressed the importance pdf local people and
    of course Monbiot too. The Tory there also “agreed with” Fisher
    but obviously for his own reasons.

    By the way thank you STeveH for identifying the exact moment
    Starmer was caught looking at his iPhone – it saved me time –
    going through the program again

  11. Perhaps watching the live feed from Assange’s cell for a quick chuckle, while thinking, I facilitated this injustice.

    Human rights lawyer? rofl, nice cover story.

  12. Nevermind that…anyone know when conor mcginn’ll no doubt be reinstated, and the floods of solidarity messages, along with the profuse apologies (not offered to begum or webbe) will be heaped upon him? 🤨

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