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While Starmer feted by Tories, Corbyn receives Trinity College Gold Award for public service and political integrity

Former Labour leader receives international award from famous Dublin educational establishment for contributions to political discourse, while Starmer supports war, imperialism, inequality and apartheid

Last week, Keir Starmer received a ‘Politician of the Year’ award from the Tory Spectator magazine, to cheers and whoops from what one Labour insider described as Starmer’s ‘fellow Tories’.

Today, Starmer’s predecessor – and an actual Labour leader – Jeremy Corbyn received the Gold Medal of Honorary Patronage from the Philosophical Society of Trinity College, Dublin, for his public service and his activities reshaping political discourse – at a time when the whole political Establishment was kowtowing to the lie that austerity was needed, Corbyn exposed it as an entirely avoidable political choice made to protect wealth and privilege.

Corbyn tweeted about the award and said that his acceptance speech reaffirmed his ‘commitment to anti-imperialism, peace and social justice’:

Tragically for our nation and others, Starmer is doing everything he can to un-win the argument after Corbyn had even Tory voters backing his policies. And while Corbyn still stands for peace, anti-imperialism and social justice, Keir Starmer is assiduously for war, imperialism and inequality, with a large dose of apartheid for good measure.

Congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn on his deserved award – and commiserations to a benighted UK where there is no significant opposition to the wealth and privilege anywhere near the misnamed ‘opposition’ front bench.

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  1. Seeking Skwawkbox helps for you to write an article to inform potential voters and volunteer admin to create a new Over 50s party (policies ages 1 to 100 plus) so as to get Corbyn’s legacy into government, by gaining the last age group sufficiently turning out to vote at elections (from age 50 upwards).

    Us Grans, never even consider not having policies for our kids and grandkids, but all current unelected and elected Left parties have no policies that fully unravel the discrimination against women pensioners and 1950s to 1980s born ladies, as Over 50s party would be the greatest Suffragette party in history.

    www dot over50sparty dot org dot uk

  2. The English are easily suckered big coach big sign we will give 35 million a week to the NHS BIG LIE, Jeremy Corbyn is an Antisemitic Jew Hater Labour Baroness Margaret Hodge Corbyn is a Lefty terrorist who is a backer of Hamas and Palestine and he wants to overthrow the Monarchy and English Values he will destroy the NHS and Welfare State and take your Pensions He will take us back to the 1970s. What the Right Wing English extremists and propagandists failed to mention was that They would take us back to the 1870s You English think you’re IT the big we are well you are nothing nada nowt you are brain dead Louts Thugs and MUGS

    1. It’s amazing how many of those who proclaim to be on ‘the left’ were taken in and voted for this Tory/ERG wet-dream. Preferring to vote for Boris and the Tories in preference to voting for Corbyn’s Labour policies.

      1. The Tory/ERG wet dream that keef enabled, instead of backing a Corbyn-led socialist brexit because of keef’s incompetence, incapability and his second referendum shithousery?

        You know? The tory/ERG wet dream that keef told you was NEVER gonna happen on his watch, and who then hoisted the white flag, seconds after he got his leadership?


      2. Toffee – what a load of rubbish, but you knew that already, Despite you being neither a Labour member or (by your own admission) a Labour voter you also know that Jeremy himself has clearly stated that he had no choice but to go for a confirmatory vote because the vast majority of both Labour’s membership and voters wanted a CV and to stay in the EU.
        These are the reasons that exLabour voters gave for deserting Labour at the 19GE

      3. I voted Brexit, which part of America’s rent boy do you think the EU doesn’t get
        Anyone for an auld gas pipeline and a slightly damaged fourth Reich

      4. Doug – You’re the one who naively chose to get into bed with the likes of Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith, Liam Fox, Chris Grayling, Priti Patel, John Whittingdale, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, Bernard Jenkin, Steve Baker & Douglas Carswell

  3. Well done Jeremy. I am delighted that Trinity College Dublin has recognised the massive contribution Jeremy has made and honoured him for it.
    Although I was aware that Trinity College was an Irish University I knew very little else about it so I googled it. I learned that Trinity College was founded in 1592 and is a sister institution to St John’s Cambridge and Oriel College Oxford and is “widely considered one of Europe’s elite institutions”
    So this is a very prestigious award that Jeremy can justly be proud of.
    Kier Starmer on the other hand received an accolade from a third rate Tory rag and is delighted about it. Poor man, he’ll have to be satisfied with it for I can never envisage one of Europe’s elite institutions conferring any honours on him.
    Also I saw that while he was in Dublin Jeremy visited a local football club called the Bohemians . They are based in a working class area . and campaign for social justice , LGBT rights etc and welcome refugees into their community. Like Trinity College they recognised that Jeremy is a man of integrity and also like Trinity College they welcomed him with open arms
    I just wonder how long it will take for both Trinity College and the Bohemians to be branded “anti semites” by Zionists , the BBC the MSM etc. Not long I think. They’ll want to smear while the iron is hot.

  4. Say it again, young people and those with more than half a brain crying out for a real choice

    The Dubs have a wicked sense of humour
    It took years to get a tribute to ‘Molly Malone’ erected, within in days she was nicknamed the ‘Tart with Cart’
    For the millennium a nymph in a water fountain was built
    She became the ‘Floozy in the Jacuzzi ‘
    Dublins equivalent of Canary Wharf was called ‘Canary Dwarf ‘
    Sinn Fein and JC will have the last laugh

    1. Doug – ……and the credible alternative that you are offering voters is? 😏

  5. CONGRATULATIONS TO JC on receiving this award from my fellow country scholars for his contribution to peace and social justice.
    SteveH who congratulated Hair Starmer for his support of the Arming murder and theft of land in Palastine Broken every promise that JC left to be LP leader
    STARMERs support of the murder and arming of the Saudis killing children on a daily basis
    SOPPORTS the arming of Nazi in Ukraine
    SUPPORT Austerity to the most vulnerable in the uk
    SUPPORTS the tax avoiders
    Awarded and congratulated by s/h for scum politician of the year
    Praised by the racist farage
    Writes for the SCUM news paper who accused 96 deaths on drunken hooligans
    REFUSED to prosecute sir JS the worst pedo that the uk has ever had

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