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Starmer dismisses Burgon’s call to tax wealth instead of cutting services and benefits

It would take a nurse 20,000 years to make as much as Sunak already owns, says Richard Burgon. ‘I don’t care’, says Starmer in effect

Keir Starmer has dismissed back-bencher Richard Burgon’s Commons call for the government to tax the hugely wealthy instead of cutting services and benefits needed by the poorest and most vulnerable.

Burgon made his call today during Rishi Sunak’s first PMQs as Prime Minister, pointing out that it would take a nurse more than 20,000 years to earn the fortune on which Sunak’s privileged backside sits:

His critique on privilege and the determination of the government to protect the wealthiest while attacking the poor and vulnerable was beyond sane dispute – but Starmer’s office moved quickly to dismiss Burgon as out of touch:

This sort of language around wealth taxes is not where we are.

As a fan of police impunity and penalising protest, while protecting wealth, promising cuts and dismissing those who call for fair government, Keir Starmer clearly represents the few and not the many just as much as his fellow traveller in the middle of the Tory front bench.

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  1. Starmer is a multi millionaire worth I understand 7 million. Given that it would take anyone on £35,000 a year 200 years to earn that much (and given that most people don’t earn as much as £35,000), it was predictable that Starmer should automatically dismiss Richard’s proposal.

    1. Starmer going for the Tory vote as he has no chance in Red Wall seats, from Durham to Liverpool to Newham, and he knows it.

  2. In fact, I’ll go further and say that the only labour MP I seen agreeing with burgon was Andy McDonald who was sat next to him. The rest all looked like they belonged on Lewis’s shop window, as did the front bench when the cameras returned to them, moments later.

  3. Ah!? Just rewatched the video within the article…Just look at the shite we here in Wallasey are cursed to have been lumbered with (Illeagle) , sat just in front of burgon…

    Seen more enthusiasm from a bleedin roadkill ffs.

    1. Anyone who votes for that pile of shit deserves every bit of missery they get! Unfortunately those who destroyed the one chance that vame along in 43 years UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19) Government with their VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn, were all Upper Middle-Class TW@TS who wouldn’t even notice the crises they caused! They just cry rivers, of FBPE/Remoaner show tears for their blue tick lovvies!
      This time round BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen are genuinely Farther Right Wing and Far more Dangerous than Sunak and Co!
      I am not a Green Party fan, but for a softer blow, I would plead with ALL the UNDESERVING POOR left or right, Conservative or “Labour” to vote Green we could at least try to blast the One Party State out of Parliament with a Care Taker Green Party Government. That way The PEOPLE can set up parties FOR The PEOPLE’S, left, right and whatever else. We need The PEOPLE to be REPRESENTED by our chosen Civil Servants the MPs who will work for us, not those jumped up Middle Class TW@TS prancing about like FKNG mightier than thou celebrity types instead of serving their constituents, in fear of getting sacked, like true Careerists!

  4. An aside – Keep an eye on the next profits statement from Lloyd’s of London.
    They dominate the market in maritime insurance (until now, that is).
    It is reported that, since they banned any business that took insurance on Russian ships, ships transporting Russian goods, and ships transporting goods to Russia, India and China have taken all such business.
    Ah well, I’m sure that the Eurovision Song Contest will bring in more than enough business to the UK to compensate for that.

    1. I suppose that I should add that it will not be a profits statement in the usual sense, but it will be a notification to their underwriters.

      1. Yes, since the Lloyd’s of London Insurance and reinsurance market started in the 1680s, it has had a sharp ability to make money from ever-changing geo-political forces, ethical values* and trade patterns. I wonder what their ‘sixth sense’ for money-making makes of Saudi Arabia’s interest in joining BRICS group?

        It’s obviously a melodramatic warning-shot (by gangster-leader Crown Prince, Mohammed Bin Salman Al Saud) aimed at Biden and his unipolar empire’s globally damaging imperial over-reach!

        As evidenced by his anti-socialist membership of the Trilateral Commission (and the fact that he’s a Henry Jackson Foundation type), Sir Keir Spivvy Starmer will have none of it and will ensure his party remain true to America’s destructive neoliberalism (and all the self-serving crises it creates).

        * wiki – during the 2020 George Floyd protests, Lloyd’s issued a statement, apologising “for the role played by the Lloyd’s market in the 18th and 19th century slave trade — an appalling and shameful period of English history, as well as our own.”

    2. Bernie Sanders tweeted the colossal reckord profits in energy today as the reason for the crisis. Interesting thing today South Africa snubbed demands to ‘hijack’ a Russian private vessel, SA said they’ll have none of it! Interestingly also today cia reported a planned terror attack in Johannesburg, seems fishily closely related. There seems a patern of terror attacks and riots wherever the Great White West’s demands are not met! It is looking like its not working out for them more and more clashes are looking for peaceful solution instead.

  5. Obviously we aren’t gonna hear from the resident nonce apologist on this matter because if keef doesn’t want to talk about taxing the wealthiest, and *ahem*discourages them from mentioning MPs personal wealth then that’ll be entirely within his remit.

    He’ll be ORDERING them not to mention [MP’s] wealth at all next, most likely under threat of suspension/expulsion – can’t think why 😙🎶

    1. Would articulating such an observation fall under the definition of a “hate crime” incurring a mandatory prison sentence under a Starmer Junta?

    1. That’s not certain. I believe that it was true back in 2010, esp. when diabolic double-act Cameron and Osborne were facilitated by right-leaning LibDems, but today with Rebekah Reeves and Starmer’s pronounced WEF-thinking, I fear a starmer notional Labour govt would outdo a Sunak alternative on the Austerity (political choice) front.

  6. Liz Truss was appointed to serve the interests of super rich oligarchs, according to that darling of ‘the left’ George Monbiot. Your list is somewhat incomplete Sir……….

  7. In this country, we actually tax unearned income at a lower rate than earned income.
    When you think about it, that obviously benefits the wealthy. It has also created a revenue shortfall usually put at £14 billion per year. That is a very significant sum.

    But do not blame the Conservatives for setting this up. No, this is one of the ‘achievements’ of Gordon Brown. He never mentions that when he writes his articles about poverty for the Guardian.

    Gordon Brown was also obsessed with cutting corporation tax which he did on several occasions:

    “In contrast, corporation tax fell under Brown, from a main rate of 33% (pre-1997) to 30% (1999) and then 28% (2007), and from 24% to 19% for small businesses (although the lower rate was set to rise to 22% by 2010).” (Wikipedia).

    Who is worse Blair or Brown? Well, that is a tough one.

  8. What Starmer etc do not realise in banning criticism of Sunak’s
    wealth is that in this instance the MSM are ahead of them.

    There was an interesting discussion on GMB this morning featuring
    Adil Ray where he said much the same thing as Burgon only
    more discursively. There was also a discussion about Class
    being a factor and the under-performance of Poor White boys.

    In other words – a mature, adult conversation …

    There was also a lengthy discussion on Politics Live on
    BBC2 at lunchtime today.

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