Tories hit NHS heroes with triple whammy: no pay rise, freeze on tax allowances and freeze on pension allowance

‘Insulted’ staff ‘must make do with clapping and badges’

The Tories have heaped insult and injury on NHS and other front-line heroes of the pandemic today by piling additional burdens onto them and others on low and medium incomes.

Tory Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced no plan to give NHS staff and other public sector workers a pay rise – and has put a five-year freeze on rises to the income thresholds that trigger the 20% and 40% tax rates. The personal allowance that people can earn before paying any tax will rise to £12,750 in April but then be frozen for five years, forcing an estimated additional million low earners into paying tax on meagre incomes and others on slightly .

He did not freeze increases to the top 45% tax threshold.

At the same time, Sunak announced a similar freeze on the lifetime pension allowance – a move that medical colleges predict will force many doctors to cut their hours or retire early to avoid tax penalties, at a time when the NHS is short of some 100,000 staff.

The GMB union, which represents many NHS and other public sector workers, said:

This budget is an insult to the millions of NHS, schools, care, local government workers who have seen us through this crisis.

Professor Kailash Chand, former deputy chair of the British Medical Association and an NHS activist, referred bitingly to the Tories’ obsession with ‘claps for carers’ and Matt Hancock’s insulting ‘NHS badge’ offer to recognise the massive sacrificses NHS staff have made during the pandemic:

The NHS family will have to do with ‘clapping and badges’. The Chancellor is not the NHS’s friend.

Despite the scam of Sunak’s budget, which does nothing to help workers or the NHS yet rips off the headlines of the manifestos of Corbyn’s Labour without the substance, the Tories have been able to paint this fiasco as generous and bold with the help of the pliant ‘mainstream’ media – in large part because of the complete lack of effective opposition from Keir Starmer’s front bench, with Starmer even trying to fight the increases in corporation tax that Sunak has announced.

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  1. Keir Starmer has criticised the Budget today, saying it “barely mentioned inequality let alone tried to address it”, and declared that a Labour budget would have put the NHS and social care “front and centre” of its plans.
    “Of course in the long run corporation tax should go up,” the Labour leader said. He added that “no taxes should have been raised in the teeth of this economic crisis” and drew attention to council tax hikes this year.

    1. Keith Starmer enabled thus Budget of this deadly Tory government.

      This heartless Tory budget is the result of the sabotage of Peter Mandelson, Blair, Starmer, Hodge, Straw, Allan Johnson Blunkett, Smeeth, Elman, Berger and all others who fail to condemn the interference of foreign entities in UK politics & co.

      The war criminal Blair endorsed Johnson. Such is the creature’s poor judgement.

      This ongoing insult to the many who keep this country working, was actively and directly caused by Starmer, Blair & co. The bragged openly that they “worked night and day to undermine Jeremy.”


  2. I wonder how much profit is made by selling weapons to Saudi Arabia? Minus the £80 million in aid. Now you can work out how much we earn from each child death. I bet it’s World beating!

    1. Starmer and the war criminal approve of arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Starmer and Bliar have never held Labour values.

      1. windchimes – An extract of what Keir Starmer said today.

        “Keir Starmer and Boris Johnson faced off this afternoon ahead of the Budget. With the economic statement overshadowing the session, the Labour leader focused on a slightly less mainstream but no less important issue. He took aim at the government’s foreign policy towards Saudi Arabia and involvement in the crisis in Yemen – in particular, the sale of weapons, which continue to fuel civilian deaths, and the cuts to humanitarian aid.

        “Whilst President Biden has suspended arms sales that could be used in Yemen, the UK hasn’t,” Starmer told MPs, pointing out that the government sold weapons worth £1.4bn to Saudi Arabia in three months last year. “Given everything we know about the appalling humanitarian cost of this war, with innocent civilians caught between the Saudi coalition and the Houthi rebels, why does the Prime Minister think it’s right to be selling these weapons?” And “to make matters worse”, the Labour leader reminded those watching of the recent government decision to cut aid spending to Yemen by half – despite the UN having said the country faces the “worst famine the world has seen for decades”. How can he justify that, Starmer asked and told MPs: “If this is what the PM thinks global Britain should look like, he should think again.”

      2. Actions are needed not hollow words from Starmer.

        But since u r satisfied with words, spin this. I heard the war criminal Blair being questioned in parliament on arms sales to despotic regimes including Saudi Arabia. Blair the illegal Iraq invader hissed “if we didn’t sell the arms to them, others will.”

        That is the type of wicked creature Blair is. What sort of integrity is that??? What type of morality is that❓❓❓

      3. I guess the UK has a keen interest in keeping the war in Yemen going, given the profit we make?

      4. windchimes – What actions would they be when the Tories have an 80 seat majority.
        I expect we will see a concerted effort by Labour to garner the support of sufficient Tory rebels over the cut in aid to Yemen. Even some of the Tories think that this is amoral,
        I have never expressed support on these pages (or elsewhere) for Blair and I agree that Tony Blair (is like the Tories) amoral.

      5. The 80 seat majority is the result of the deceitful sabotage of Starmer & Co. FACT ‼️‼️‼️

      6. windchimes – “Quite unlike Starmer, whose PRIME CONCERN is not to upset his masters

        I guess you must have missed today’s PMQ.

        Perhaps you could highlight some of the great victory’s that Jeremy achieved as LOTO against Boris when the Tories didn’t even have a majority.

      7. The key in the Starmer speech was the reference to Biden. Like Blair and Kinnock before him Starmer is an agent of the US Embassy- the British Guaido.

  3. Unfortunately painting rainbows in windows doesn’t pay the rent and NHS staff can’t eat a round of applause. Shame, shame shame on this vile government and a totally ineffective Opposition for treating our NHS staff like this.

    1. The Chancellor may think that this is the time for a victory lap but I’m afraid this Budget won’t feel so good for the millions of key workers who are having their pay frozen, for the businesses swamped by debt and the families paying more in council tax and the millions of people who are out of work or worried about losing their job. And although the Chancellor spoke for almost an hour, we heard nothing about a long-term plan to fix social care. The Chancellor might have forgotten about it, but the Labour Party never will.

  4. How different things might have been, had those treacherous tw*ts not sabotaged GE17 – not to mention GE19.

    We would have been into the third year – approaching the fourth year – of a Jeremy Corbyn-led, real, Labour government, with the NHS and Social Care, front and centre.

    Instead, we have the most dishonest and lousiest government, I’ve known in my lifetime, and an Opposition in name only.

    Those Labour Party members, and MP’s, who undermined JC, should hang their heads in eternal shame.

    I, for one, will never forgive or forget.

    1. I say as i find. I believe Jeremy in government would never have pursued these heartless Tory policies towards the many.

      In opposition he would have found it effortless to condemn them. Quite unlike Starmer, whose PRIME CONCERN is not to upset his masters…. even though he us a temporary seat warmer.

      That cabal is the definition of unfit, debased ethics… grotesque.


  5. Didn’t have the time to catch up with budget summaries yet, only got the news alert notification on my phone. No outlet mention the pay freeze, which is infuriating!

    As for the tax free allowance, I’m personally not arsed about it (and I’m not earning much myself): an increase of £1000/year of the allowance translates into being better off by £16/month. It makes very little difference. Worse, it’s pay cut for ALL taxpayers, whether they need it or not.

    So really, the big shocking news is the absence of pay rise for the people who fecking saved us all. That is disgusting.

  6. Idiots elect a bunch of millionaires and then wonder why they act so very, very ‘out of touch.’

    1. Martin Read… “Idiots elect a bunch of millionaires” And they learn nothing from that and elected another millionaire Lawyer to destroy the Labour party and now are looking to elect another millionaire Lawyer to run the Unite union. Seems that lawyers are a chosen form of suicide for the working-class movement.

  7. All you get is meaningless gestures from the Tory party.

    You want extra money for all the extra work you did in the pandemic NHS staff? Nope, nothing doing but were clap for you whoopie!

    That will put food on the table and heat their homes…

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