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White PM sacks black Chancellor to save her political skin

Both are monstrous, but will letting the black man carry the can save Liz Truss from a humiliating exit?

In the bin: Kwasi Kwarteng – the shortest-lived chancellorship ever?

Liz Truss will hold a press conference this afternoon to announce she has sacked Kwasi Kwarteng as Chancellor, in what must be one of – if not the – shortest chancellorships ever. The move comes as Truss tries desperately to save herself, after simply blaming Kwarteng for the catastrophic budget they both supported wasn’t enough.

Will this be? When Boris Johnson was toppled, it was hard to imagine any PM going through the bottom of that barrel, but Truss managed it – and in record time.

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  1. To answer your headline question – I, sincerely, hope not!

    The thing is, we’ve known she – and him – have been duds for a long time, so, how on earth did they, both, come to be in such positions of power?

    One, the Prime Minister, the other Chancellor of the Exchequer. That’s the real scandal!

    Bring on the next one. Chris Philip, for Chancellor. Why not? He’s already been branded a liar.

    1. Doesn’t it just remind you just a little bit of Jeremy Corbyn’s 4y3m?
      This is as far as I’m concerned an Old World Order/Great White West Long Conn Coup de’Tat.
      Out of the 6 candidates of the over extended, televised selection there were 3 relatively competent possible PMs. All ousted leaving CheezyTruss to take the keys.
      Now as far as I remember she was relatively well received by MSM, during the selectioon. As soon as she got those keys, even before her speech the MSM Propaganda Machine started Churning again, and let’s face it, that is not hard, this is Liz Truss afterall! Then again let’s face it, that to make BlueKeef the slightest bit “attracive” the Commissioners had to go Shit Overload in the Conservative “Members Selection”! When last have we seen a near resident crappy Body-Language “expert” analising the PM FFS!? CheezyTruss is the Lamb to the same Corban that destroyed Corbyn all for The Führer BlueKeef and his Starmerstruppen to take that bunch of keys and in the making since ~2015. When they realised they can’t get rid of Corbyn quickly, they pulled out the long conn propaganda and picking CheezyTruss is going to make a Snap Ellection so much easier!
      Just a thought.

    2. The man is a self seeking capitalist. His colour is meaningless. His hatred of the working class, unions etc is not. She’s a doomed incompetent. For all that, I don’t like coups led by the BoE, media and 5. They really want Headroom don’t they.

  2. A scumbag white politician would not have its political survival instinct lessened/curtailed/reduced by the race of the necessary sacrificial victim.

    Would any other scumbag politician (say Starmer) have behaved any differently?

    Now Jeremy, he’d have handled a situation like that in a completely different manner; true leadership.

    1. qwertboi, as much as a like and respect Corbyn in my opinion the reason we lose the 2019 General Election was because of his lack of effective leadership.
      He allowed the convoluted “constructive ambiguity” that destroyed our chances of winning the election. Corbyn knew that the policy was wrong and that it would cost us dearly. Still, he accepted the decision of Conference 2019 and accepted the policy of “constructive ambiguity”.
      True leadership will have refuse to accept it and would have spoken to Conference against it:
      – Corbyn should have make clear to Conference that we won the seats Labour won on the 2017 GE on a manifesto that promised to enact Brexit.
      -That he would stand down as leader of the Labour Party if Conference insisted in passing the policy of “constructive ambiguity”
      Thus, Conference would have either backed Corbyn or he would have resigned.
      -Had Conference backed Corbyn we would have a very good chance that Corbyn would be now the PM.
      -Have Conference still back the “constructive ambiguity” we would have still lose the GE on 2019 but, the new leader (possibly Starmer) would have been forced to resign.
      Corbyn would had been able to stand up for the leadership of the Party again. Since Corbyn would have been proven right and he would had won his third leadership of the Party.

      1. Did you miss all that happened in the year preceding the 2019 general election Maria, and ESPECIALLY the last month or so. And THAT was all on top of the ‘Existential Threat to Jews’ etc, etc, etc, etc, etc the year before. You are living in a fantasy world if you believe Jeremy could have potentially won the 2019 GE – ie that the Ruling Elite and their propaganda machine (the MSM) were ever gonna let him get anywhere near Downing Street. And I have no doubt whatsoever that his enemies had plenty of ‘dirt’ in reserve if the LP had started to close the gap in the polls.

    2. Reply to Maria V
      The establishment and the Zionist lobby decided early on that Jeremy Corbyn would never by Prime Minister. They had too much to lose- he is a totally honest and decent man who could neither be bought nor bullied into supporting their interests so they would never allow him to win the election.
      To keep him out they enlisted the help of the PLP Southside the so called Labour “grandees” like Blair and Mandleson ,the pro Zionist Labour affiliates, the State Broadcaster and the MSM to vilify and smear Jeremy Corbyn while supporting Johnson both openly and covertly . They knew they could count on the gullibility of the electorate to swallow the bombardment of vile propaganda and vote for “Boris”.
      So Maria it is all very well for you to come along here 3 years later and pick holes in Jeremy’s leadership but he did the very best any human being could be expected to do in the circumstances but given the combined efforts of all those listed above he had no chance -he was beaten before he stared.
      Jeremy Corbyn was the greatest leader we ever had bar none. The Electorate is now paying the price for listening to those who did not have our best interests at heart but were pursuing an entirely different agenda. I hope people reflect on this when they endure financial and other hardships this winter and beyond.

      1. Smartboy, I remember quite early in the JC project, before even the AS scam began a suit and a gold braid ponce saying, ” Corbyn will never be P.M”. They went full bore and they kept their promise. Maybe in 30yrs we will see all the documents applicable to their brutal game, but I doubt it. Don’t you?

      2. Reply to Wobbly
        Yes Wobbly – it is a matter of historical record that they actually plotted a military coup against Harold Wilson so of course the prospect of a Corbyn government would go down like a lead balloon with them. However they left the coup to the PLP rather than the military this time and as it was a total failure they had to bring in the “big guns” – the BBC the MSM, the Chief Rabbi ( aided and abetted by the Archbishop of Canterbury) etc – to destroy Jeremy Corbyn’s chances of becoming PM and our chances of having a fearless principled PM who could not be bought or bullied.
        Thanks to them and their deceit the electorate were hoodwinked into voting for the deplorable Boris Johnson who was followed by the even more deplorable Liz Truss. She will in time be followed by Starmer or someone similar- a Zionist and an establishment pawn- so their vilification campaign worked and they need not fear a socialist or pro Palestinian PM in Downing St for the foreseeable future.

      3. SteveH: “In Canada some are fighting back against the Isreali influence”

        It’s much bigger than ‘fighting back against Israeli influence” SteveH. Much bigger. There are just too many ‘agendas’ in play for the ruling elite’s own good. They shouldn’t have started so many without a plan to wind-down and manage manage each one properly. The Naked Face of New Normal Fascism

  3. He deserves it. And prison time.
    So does she. But who’s gonna make it happen? What a crappy, self-serving, broken, oligarch blow jobbing system we’ve been lumbered with.

    1. With modo being binned, those links with that Crispin (Crispin – FFS) Odey(ous) will most likely blow over.

      I doubt keef will kick up anything further about it – Not that I’m aware keef actually has 🤔

    2. Won’t get much support from the Canadian, Pervert in Chief. He’s a Zionist to his core. He cares about the kids though.

  4. Typical of the beeb…

    Interviewing some old Tory duffer in some rural small town or village (by the looks) outside a newsagents, emblazoned with fixed advertising for the redtop Murdoch and festooned with several union flags; making excuses that it didn’t quite work out for kwasi(modo), despite the old get supporting kwarteng’s initial appointment.

    …Followed by some other gammonista in another location complaining that queasy had only had a few weeks and he should be given a chance…

    Nevermind he’s trashed the economy, like. 😕

    1. ‘Gammonista’, is that the racist slur used to describe men like Jeremy Corbyn?

      1. ……….so let’s see if you’re right & does Jeremy’s profile fit your nasty snowflake criteria – Jeremy’s skin colour absoluely; he’s in the right age group; definitely the correct gender & a Brexiteer to boot. QED. I suspect that many Guardianista Feminists would also point oui that all the vehement criticism of Liz Truss is misogynistic & only happens because she is a woman.

  5. A White PM sacks a Black chancellor? My God, this can’t happen in multi-cultural Britain today, I mean what a great mini budget it was. See me see my colour? Only Skwawkbox in his job interview for the Guardian.

  6. He’ll be back in a few weeks as something else, and getting ANOTHER whopping great cabinet pension…

    BREAKING: philp “moved on” …Hunt expected to be named chancellor later.

    Great. Replace horseshite with cowshite…😒

  7. There have certainly been rumours flying around that Kwarteng is to be given the Order of the Boot. All the hoohah from Tory backbenchers and the stuff in the press is reminiscent of the ousting of Johnson. The rumours also extend to the ousting of Truss in the near future and the further undermining of the Tory government, with the powers that be lining up Starmer as their next puppet. A coup by another name. If Kwarteng does go this afternoon it will be even earlier than I had expected.

    1. Absolutely right Goldbach. A coup, here in gawd blessed blighty. Really it’s pretty frightening and not just the workers that are in the neos gunsight. Headroom should be as safe as houses, because he is an oleaginous, cowardly, power obsessed pratt.

  8. The man that put the boot into the NHS ,…the wrong type of jeremy….to think hes now in charge of the finances of a country whos people who desperately need help now is so very typical of the conservative and unionist party.First stop…welfare cuts and pensions scam,and its down all the way unless the working class hit the streets left,right or wrong its the working class who will perish this coming winter with people like Hunt the cu..n.and Truss the imbecile extremist a lib dems cast off.. and a very dangerous fool.

    1. Rumours that, when (not if) Truss goes, Hunt will be shoehorned in. Let’s see.

      1. Goldbach
        Liz Truss is a walking disaster – even Tory loyalists know that. If you are right and they replace her with Hunt that would, in my opinion, put paid to Starmers lead in the opinion polls.

      2. Well, well. There are also conflicting rumours. These say that Truss will be ousted next week and replaced, not by Hunt, but by Sunak or Mordaunt. I won’t be betting on this one now.

  9. When Liz Truss came up against Sergei Lavrov she was so out of her depth it took the deep sea diveŕs two weeks to find her.

      1. At least those divers found truss.

        A bathyscaphe can’t plumb the depths keef’s sank to.


      2. Goldbach, Yeah, no profiles was trying to use her beak as a tin opener.

  10. Seems like it may all be about to kick off.
    Macron has threatened to send in the army to break the strikes.
    There are now rumours that there will be a general strike in France on Tuesday.

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