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Rees-Mogg’s conference chat hijacked by adult-dating bots

Tory toff Jacob Rees-Mogg’s online Q&A at the Conservatives’ party conference has been hijacked by bots advertising an adult dating site:’s Ava Santino spotted the invasion

Reports that Mr Rees-Mogg owns shares in the dating company are understood to be satirical.

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  1. Was it rees-smog victorian style adult datijng chat?


    1. No Toffee, me thinks he might be more appreciative of Lewis Carrol types pictures on the old magic lantern in his ROOMS up at Oxford. Doncha know, don’tq tell fucking nanny.

  2. Jonathan Cook on The Labour Files:

    How Britain’s Labour party became a criminal conspiracy against its members

    New Al Jazeera documentary reveals a covert alliance between the Labour right and hardline pro-Israel activists to purge the left as antisemites

    The Israeli operation to meddle in Labour’s internal processes may have been more complex and more difficult to grasp than a single recorded conversation about trying to take down Duncan, but the implications for British democracy were far more serious. Duncan was an outlier in the Conservative Party with little real influence. Corbyn, by contrast, was a potential prime minister in waiting, a politician poised to take the reins of power and shape the policy agenda at home and abroad.

    But whereas there was a short-lived outcry over the treatment of Duncan, one that led to Masot’s hurried departure, Al Jazeera’s investigations into the Israeli operation against Corbyn made no impression on the political or media debate in Britain at all.

    The significance of the revelations went entirely unremarked. It was as if espionage to subvert a potential prime minister was less important than espionage to remove a marginal government minister. Britain’s political and media priorities appeared completely back to front.

    1. Reply to Allan Howard
      Thanks for this -it is a long read and I haven’t finished it yet but what I have read so far has been excellent.

    2. There’s the well-made point: the Conservative party at least had Shia Masot discreetly removed from the UK after he was seen to be covertly lobbying against a Conservative Minister, Sir Alan Duncan, who believed that Israel’s actions against Palestinians were often illegal; Sir Keir Starmer installed a former Unit 8200 Israeli intelligence officer who undertook the illegality to “watch” and expel Labour members.

      Starmer would be a very dangerous PM. Labour is being turned into a monster raving fascist party by him and should therefore be challenged and opposed by democratic socialists,

  3. The “cost of greed” ….thats the quote from squawkbox on another thread but it’s attributes are typical of most of the problems today and most of the problems caused by the likes of this tory “lord snooty” and the tory tribute band labour party.who all sing from the same hymn sheet in spreading misery and responsibilities for the stinking mess of neo liberal politics across the western world.on the backs of those who can least afford it ….
    “The Working class “….good morning Britain…another day another doller we have the burden to pay for..!all of the “cost of greed”

  4. The British security services should be all over the labour party who have been infiltrated by a foreign government for the purpose of spreading apartheid across the occupied territories of Palestine.The fact that the security services are not involved with the crime against democracy in Britain shows that Israeli government are also working inside the government for the purpose of spreading apartheid across the western world.Washington dc I am sure has also been penetrated by the parasites from the former Holy land “on the alter of apartheid.Very soon a known offender Sir Keir Starmer a unapologetically known Zionist will be given the keys to downing street by a foreign government Israel…..How can this be democracy? Thanks Allan Howard for this info that explains why Corbyn and socialism no longer has a place in the labour party and how a former British institution for the working class was destroyed.

    1. Trotsky at uni, then Labour, tri lats, e,u, Israel, neo liberalism, war. Oh what a tangled web they weave. Its quite a trail but its worth the walk. Some lovely views on the way, if you like corpses and skeletons. Conspiracy blah blah, no history, dirty hands and patience. The Fred Hampton boys and girls know what I’m talking about but Trotskyism was more influential over there than the Balham group ever were. They adapted. I am not saying all Trots became neos or all neos were Trots but the links are undeniable yeah even unto Wall Street. It’s a dirty filthy world, politics on the Left. Just go back to the New Left. I ain’t gonna get into the CPs and the gentle democratic greens with all their various howling acolytes and attendant freak shows. Hands up all those who burnt to death the other week. Sorry, I am in a bit of a state. Just watched a Jordan Peterson road show video. He told people to man up and then burst into tears. Good luck all I’m off to see if the Wagner Group or the Chechnians need a volunteer.

  5. Am i wrong here, or is a definition of treason working with foreign agents for the benefit of their nation/party, to the detriment of your own?

    If so, smarmer’s certainly guilty of it.

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