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Rapturous applause for Ogle after Irish Unite conference speech

Brendan Ogle

Irish trade unionist Brendan Ogle has received rapturous applause for his speech to today’s Irish policy conference of the Unite union.

Ogle, Unite’s most senior Irish officer, has been the target of what locals say is a London-driven political attack

in an attempt to coerce him into a demotion and a sidelined job 100 miles or so from his usual base after his return from successful cancer treatment. The move has seen branches write to general secretary Sharon Graham demanding Ogle’s return to his normal duties, Irish politicians express their condemnation – and even one of the union’s big sectors start moves to disaffiliate entirely from Unite. The union continues to deny the allegations.

According to attendees, Ogle spoke on the need for unity in the trade union movement and received a ‘huge’ ovation.

Graham cancelled her scheduled appearance at the event without explanation.

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  1. If only we had more people in the Trade Union movement like Brendan Ogle. He is a credit to us unlike Sharon Graham who wouldn’t know a Trade Union principle if it jumped up and bit her. If she had one iota of decency she would be ashamed of herself. She hasn’t of course and will brazen it out but not in Ireland of course – she is too much of a coward to show her face there.
    Solidarity with Brendan and our Irish brothers and sisters who refuse to stand idly by while a fine union man is grievously mistreated by Unite when he trying to get his life back after cancer.

  2. Are trade unions always as opaque as this?
    It’s kinda hard not to see the Ogle affair as yet another factional battle executed by the usual suspects with the help of their followers in Unite. ‘Course, I might be wrong…
    I’m still trying to work out whether Sharon Graham should be more ashamed of her union or of her own managerial ineptitude.. Or both, or something else.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong when the skwawkbox first broke this outrage I said immediately that Graham would make some excuse and not attend because like 99.99% of bullies She is a COWARD HTF did Neo Liberal Right Wing Facists take control oh yeah I remember now the Liars at the top of the TGWI said we’d be stronger as one Big Union I told them it was bollocks and bigger wasn’t always better the top of the tree at Unite are Corrupt to their Fat Cat Rotten Stinking Souls I’m approaching 71 now and I’m telling you if the Trade Union Movement and the Outfit Masquerading as a Labour Party don’t get back to Our Grass Roots by getting rid of the Grahams and Replacing them with the Ogles of the Union Movement and get every sleazy dirty corrupt greedy Labour Right Winger and get the Jeremy Corbyn followers into positions of power the “RICH HAVE WON” The fall of the greatest Leader we have had since Clem Attlee JC started right at the beginning with WATSON as DL and All the Blair Witches Baronesses Lords Jewish Extremists and Momentum led by a TORY fifth Columnist Landsman YOU THE YOUNG and MIDDLE AGED Trade Unionists Need to Topple the insidious Dystopian Dysfunctional Labour Right and Return a once Great Worker’s Behemoth to its Rightful Place at the Head of a WORKING CLASS ARMY who will GET A PROPER WAGE FOR ALL.

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