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Exclusive: ICGS orders whistleblower not to talk about let-off for official who ignored disclosures

Parliamentary scheme ‘is a failed Establishment project and should be shut down’: Elaina Cohen disregards attempt to silence her over scheme’s decision to absolve ‘Head of Member Services’

Whistleblower Elaina Cohen has reacted with outrage at today’s finding of the parliamentary ‘Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme’ (ICGS) that an official, who she says ignored her reports of horrific abuse of domestic violence victims by a parliamentary staffer, did nothing wrong.

Cohen’s recent tribunal against Mahmood – which ruled that she had been unfairly dismissed after making ‘protected disclosures’ about the abuse to Mahmood – and to both Keir Starmer and his general secretary David Evans – heard that the parliamentary Head of Member Services had been aware of Mahmood’s attempts to use a parliamentary investigator to find excuses for sacking Cohen instead of investigating his other employee and alleged lover, as well as of the original whistleblowing allegations.

Cohen turned down a six-figure offer from Mahmood to settle the case, because it would have prevented her speaking out. The case is now going to appeal.

Ms Cohen, who was warned by the ICGS not to talk to the media about its decision, told Skwawkbox that the finding was part of a ‘cover up’, along with the persistent inaction of Starmer and Evans despite repeated information to them from her about what was going on:

Everyone who is trying to cover up this establishment scandal conveniently forgets that the protected disclosures, of heinous criminal exploitation of women in unsafe situations, have not been acted upon . If Parliament’s Head of Member Services can get off scot-free for ignoring whistleblowing law when she was advising an MP and Labour takes no action against my ex-boss, what does it say about Parliament and the state of the CPS when it was under Sir Keir Starmer? If the Establishment is prepared to go this far to protect one MP, what else are they covering up?

The tribunal case earlier this year heard – in evidence that was not contested by Mahmood or his legal advisers – that domestic violence victims, under a supposed and now-defunct charity run by his alleged lover that was meant to be helping them, were:

  • blackmailed into shoplifting and giving her their social security benefits
  • made to take speeding points on their driving licence that they did not incur
  • sadistically abused
  • targeted on social media
  • used ‘for the private entertainment of important people’
  • berated for stealing the wrong jacket from a local department store
  • made to fund meals for local Labour politicians
  • made to ‘stalk’ Mahmood and report back on him

The tribunal also heard that despite these allegations, Mahmood commissioned an investigator against the whistleblower rather than the alleged perpetrator. Now the ICGS has decided that the Head of Member Services did nothing at all wrong.

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    1. Reply to Steve H
      As I pointed out in earlier posts about this case, the remit of the Tribunal is to decide if employments laws were broken. The Tribunal found they were but in my opinion these findings are insignificant compared to the criminal behaviour which has been exposed. However Tribunals are a type of civil court and cannot conduct criminal trials.
      The ICGS lacks the authority to properly deal with this case too. It cannot investigate crimes and that is what is needed here- a full police investigation, search warrants, interviews under caution etc etc. Until this happens unfortunately the blackmailer and those who covered up her crimes will not be brought to justice.

      1. Smartboy – What crimes would they be, from what I can see the tribunal have reported that the police despite their investigations have failed to established that any crime has actually taken place. What evidence would the police use to justify arresting anybody or applying for search warrants (to search for what?).

      2. Reply to Steve H
        You are well aware of the crimes that were attested to in the witness statement, the veracity of which was not disputed by the Respondent or his legal team.
        These are serious matters involving the exploitation of vulnerable people and should transcend party and internal party politics.

      3. Smartboy – Why would you expect me to know when you can’t provide any details of your own ‘assertions’. Who are you claiming should be arrested, for what crimes and on the basis of what evidence?

  1. Birds of a feather flock together – SteveH, the very clear verdict of the Employment Tribunal is what makes the ICGS finding look very self-serving and wrong.

    As Elaina Cohen asks “If the Establishment is prepared to go this far to protect one MP, what else are they covering up?”

    1. qwertboi – Is that really the conclusion that you have reached after reading the Employment Tribunals verdict in full. 🤔

      1. Yes: all the key judgements were clearly in the Claimant’s (Elaina Cohen) favour and:
        “400.7. A two day remedy hearing has been listed on 29-30 September 2022”, which allowed time for additional criminal prosecution of Mahmood (the Respondent ) to occur, but now ICGS has made its findings clear, the whole thing looks thoroughly contrived and corrupt.

        A feel sorry for Judge Adkin in exactly the same way I felt sorry for Martin Forde QC – their names will forever be associated with Starmer’s Labour party corruption.

      2. Vaccines are very important SteveH, I’ve worked on a few myself, it’s only the untested, experimental, mRNA covid19 vaccine(s) that I speak against – as do many other scientists, medics and, increasingly, the MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Authority). The document in your link was released 7 or 8 weeks ago and decided on 02 Aug 22 and even though I’m not a lawyer, it was remarkably easy to read and understand. A bit like doing the pools, you mark down the scores and check the results. They make it easy for you. My anti-covid19 vaccination opinion, though, is based on years of learning and experience in pharmacology and biochemistry.

      3. qwertboi – So you keep telling us but I’m inclined to believe the real scientists.

      4. Statistics? Of what? You probably don’t know them (they try to hide and disguise them) – but why do you think the fear-mongering and hype have as good as ended?

        The incomplete MHRA data (that I won’t bother linking for you) might inform you – as do the IFR of covid19 and “excess death” figures all in plain view at ONS. The Narrative you’re trying to defend is an obvious scam! Long Covid? Its increased authoritarianism, fascism and reduced civil liberties. You’ve been scammed, matey – or, like Starmer of Davos, her late majesty and all other billionaires, were you been in on it since the start?

      5. qwertboi – You appear to lack any empathy for those suffering from Long Covid.

      6. …but I’m inclined to believe the real scientists…

        What exactly is a real scientist?

        Is it someone with a lab coat? A clip board? A beard? Specs?

        Is is people who make crazy guesses about the weather that never happen? You know, like acid rain that was gonna eat us 20 years ago, or how the Great barrier reef was dead. Was it the chap who told us about the ozone layer, or the one who fixed it?

        Is it the medical man who demands indemnity for selling his product, or the bloke that says we’ve nearly cured cancer?

        …but I’m inclined to believe the real scientists…

      7. quertboi….He can only use deflection and lies so he diverts to the descredited virus which dissapeared from the Arsenal “of the world order as soon as Putin put in the cure of the lies deceit and invading Ukraine and giving them more to divert resources to.Attempts to descredit you are a sure sign of a lost argument and a low life way to furthur the argument.Toffees spot on about Steve H although I have given him the benifit of the doubt he never seems to waiver in his support for some very sick individuals in control of the labour party.

      8. Joseph – So what are these crimes, who is being accused of what and where is the evidence?

      9. “what are these crimes, who is being accused of what and where is the evidence

        Establishment corruption: there wouldn’t be any and the evidence would be hidden/ under a carpet somewhere if the Establishment is as self-protecting and corrupt as Ms. Cohen asks.

        DOH! Read the article SteveH

      10. qwertboi – So when push comes to shove you can’t come up anything credible

      11. …So when push comes to shove you can’t come up anything credible…

        Like real scientists?

  2. Qwertboi, “The persistent inaction of Starmer”, where have we seen this before?

    It seems he’s always a bit behind the curve when it comes to Establishment abuse cases, so behind he ignores them and refuses to act on the evidence before him. Most notably the Savile case of course, but of course considering the events of the last week I’m not surprised he acted like he did.

    1. Baz2001 – I see that you have applied the same degree of intellectual acumen as qwertboi. The pair of you deserve each other. Can you explain why Savile’s victims disagree with your ‘assertions’.

    2. qwertboi….youve got to understand that our Stevie wonder boy 👦picked up “Gulf war syndrome” whilst working for the Naffi in Germany….Lets just hope he doesn’t need the NHS in his dottage as hes more likly to be banged up in a “owd folks home” judging by his mental deterioration since fleeing to the Caribbean bolt hole..

  3. If the Establishment is prepared to go this far to protect one MP, what else are they covering up?

    Wholesale corruption. Wholesale sexual misconduct/abuse (including that of minors). Racism. Harassment. Hell – even murder.

    And it’s no surprise to see the establishment lackey pathetically attempting to cast doubt on these things

    Has a disturbing problem with children. Especially disadvantaged ones.

    Has a problem with women of colour – especially if they happen to hold left-leaning tendencies.

    Has a problem with democracy – unless it’s smarmerist shithouse-flavoured.

    And undeniably has a problem with reality.

    Not an exhaustive list, neither.

    1. Toffee you’ve raised a good point there and even now I am just beggining to understand the very serious charges here and the attempts to sweep it under the carpet.We saw what happened in the Westminster paedophile ring the way it was all swept under the carpet and those witnesses discredited,or frightened away including politicians who stuck their noses in then ran away after being warned off.I suspect that this will not go away if Cohen continues to fight….but just how long is she expected to before she is silenced or frightened off….shes only human and we are dealing with “animals” who are less than human like starmer and his misfits.Steve H ….comes out once again as a enabler.

      1. thank heaven joseph that an independent media is emerging and that it identifies how and when ‘the system’ gives cover to its own wrong-doers and criminals. First they try to buy you off (“six figure sum” in Ms. Cohen’s case), then they try to silence you anyway they can. It’s the ‘anyway they can’ bit that worries me most. To paraphrase Elaina C ‘ If the Establishment is prepared to go this far to protect one MP, what else are they capable of?’

      2. Joseph O’Keefe, Can you image the scenario right now when a prolific Establishment paedophile, who is doing time for his misdeeds, suddenly decides to spill the beans on his best mate in the Royal Family who has just been crowned King ?

        So yeah, that’s why Establishment figures turn a blind eye and do all they can to stop cases that involve them and the members of their ‘Club’.

      1. Thank You. I understand why anonymity would be a good idea in some circumstances but I believe that it is a basic human right to be able to face your accuser. Did that criteria also apply to evidence given by CAA & Margaret Hodge to the EHRC?

      2. steve101704, I’d say EHRC – specifically, how they defined AS (or any other behaviour/ethical trait)- was not undertaken according to legal process, so not sure… They just set-up a definition for legal systems to use (which can be changed). I suppose how is up to the legal system??

  4. “I’m inclined to believe the real scientists.”
    This is clearly a statement made by someone who is NOT a scientist.
    The whole purpose of scientific method is that we don’t simply just believe what someone (even the most eminent scientist) says. When a scientist develops a theory the first thing scientists do (including the one who has developed the theory) is try do find evidence that contradicts the theory. It’s called “testing”.
    I am not well enough informed about the details of the research into mRNA Covid vaccines to come to a firm view as to whether or not sufficient rigorous testing and analysis was undertaken. I do know that there were ‘irregularities” in the Pfizer data that would be cause for concern about the validity of Pfixer’s trials, so it is understandable that some people would be unhappy with assurances about its safety. All is not black and white.
    Einstein was certainly a genius, but we now have overwhelming evidence that his general theory of relativity was not the final word that gave us the theory of everything.

    1. goldbach – Oh for goodness sake get over yourself. All I have done is encouraged others to read in full the very detailed verdict of the Employment Tribunal so that they can better understand what is a quite complex sequence of events and issues. I find it difficult to see what you are all getting your collective knickers in such a twist about.

      1. “qwertboi20/09/2022 AT 11:44 PM”
        “Vaccines are very important SteveH, I’ve worked on a few myself, it’s only the untested, experimental, mRNA covid19 vaccine(s) that I speak against – as do many other scientists, medics and, increasingly, the MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Authority). The document in your link was released 7 or 8 weeks ago and decided on 02 Aug 22 and even though I’m not a lawyer, it was remarkably easy to read and understand. A bit like doing the pools, you mark down the scores and check the results. They make it easy for you. My anti-covid19 vaccination opinion, though, is based on years of learning and experience in pharmacology and biochemistry.”
        In response
        “SteveH20/09/2022 AT 11:53 PM”
        “qwertboi – So you keep telling us but I’m inclined to believe the real scientists.”
        I commented – See above.
        So why are you drivelling on about employment tribunals when the conversation you and I were involved in was about science?
        Might be a good idea if you read what you were supposed to be commenting on before launching into something which makes you look a complete fool.

      2. goldbach – As I said above it is high time you got over yourself.

      3. It would be easier if you just had the grace to acknowledge that you had made a relatively minor mistake, probably in your haste to respond. No harm in that.

      4. goldbach – Or maybe I said what I intended to say and see no reason to apologise.

      5. It never struck me to suggest an apology because I really did believe that you had just hit the keyboard in haste, but thanks for clarifying that you did mean to write that irrelevant comment.

      6. goldbach – Oh dear, if only we were all as clever as you think you are. Who are you trying to impress, yourself?

      7. Being happily married for decades, I haven’t felt the need to impress for a very long time. However, I must confess that I do occasionally think I may be clever when I read some of your comments.

  5. Goldbach read this….”This is the quintessential evidence about the origin of Covid-19 provided to the US Senate last week by a former top executive of EcoHealth. His evidence shows that the US Govt funded the creation of Covid-19 at the Wuhan lab in China. ”

    Is this a surprise to you? Because it certainly isn’t to me. As for the Chief Turd Polisher, just ignore the paid for shill, it’s what he gets paid for so don’t expect it to be any different.

    1. Now that was really interesting.
      The general thrust of the statement (US funding of that area of research at Wuhan) was something of which I have been aware for a couple of years, but the detail in the statement provided an enormous amount of extra information.

  6. I am not a scientist, despite always having taken an active interest in the sciences throughout my life I chose ‘the Arts’ @ the age of 14 (much to the horror of my science teachers). I have very little knowledge nor expertise about physiology & medicine, nor any of the sciences, but I continually ask myself the question in a capitalist context ‘who profits?’
    Nothing, it seems, is ever what it appears to be as everybody seems to have an axe to grind, even MSM refuse to allow free & open debate, despite the opposite criteria being part of the charter governing public service broadcasting. Everyone knows when a politician is lying, but scientists still have a aura of credibility……..but who can you trust? Glasnost & perestroika, not on your nelly!

    1. Good approach! When some people say “the science is settled” you know that they know it very-much isn’t (around the conclusion they are drawing). “The Science ™️” and science are usually very different things, the latter always trying to stress-testing the former. In our lifes it was probably oil (climate) and smoking where this was clearest to non-scientists. (People could sense scientists selling their endorsement to the highest bidder)
      In the health field it’s AIDS/HIV, Cholesterol and “metabolic illness” (diabetes/obesity/ cancer/heart disease and autoimmune illnesses) where 30 pieces of silver (the ‘free’ market system) wreak most havoc, but FWIW I like and agree with your method, esp when you note how the synchronised-MSM isn’t impartial. “follow the money”

  7. Having read the report I think Sqwawkbox is giving a lot more credence to the sequencing of events as relayed by Cohen than one might do based on the Tribunal’s findings. The victims of the alleged abuses here seem very much secondary to the playing out of grievances between the central players.

    1. If the topic is Establishment corruption and Starmer’s Labour party’s part in it, then the Guido Fawkes link sadly is on topic.

      I’m wondering, is the timing of this is deliberate on Starmer’s part so he can assess how strong his opponents (Momentum and some CLPs) are before Conference?

  8. Let me get this right…

    CLPs must table motions a FULL YEAR in advance.

    But keef can shamelessly abandon EVERY ONE of his ten pledges in LESS than six months, ruling out renationalisation because “I’ve looked at common ownership in all the plans that we’ve made, we’ve been through Covid** and looking at the cost of common ownership we’ve had to make a decision about realistically what we can do …”

    The absolute fooking state of him/them. Bunch of complete pricks, every one.

    **That pledge was binned that early into the pandemic it was almost pre-pandemic, much like the rest of them.

      1. Toffee – This rule has reverted back to what it was before Corbyn changed it in I think 2018.

      2. “..fallen by the wayside.

        It didn’t “fall” it was intentionally reversed by Sir Keir of Davos to consolidate his own power and weaken CLPs and members.

        The more he acts like an authoritarian, the more he disinclines good Labour members to support him.

        Is he that daft he can’t see that?

      3. Oh I see… In that case let’s all fucking party, eh?

        Another pearl of wisdom from the slippery, sleazy scuzzbucket

        …Who was elected on Corbynist pledges.

        …That fell by the wayside as quick as YOU was to elect the slimy, subvirate shithouse on those exact Corbynist pledges that were as good as instantly reneged on.

        …Just like his brexit masquerade was finally admitted to almost as soon as he was elected…again by you….Again because you believed him.

        And despite you being had over TWICE by el greasy bastardo, you persist in sneering at Corbyn, whilst calling everyone else here ‘gullible… Without any semblance of irony, shame OR self awareness.

        And now we get your Another Corbyn change that has fallen by the wayside quip that you think makes you (and your idol) look superior.

        It doesn’t; it makes you look every bit the monumentally gormless appendage you continue to prove yourself to be.

        Give it up, gobshite.

      4. Toffee – Why you are still getting so wound up about the internal democracy of a party that you’ve contributed SFA to for decades is a mystery.
        You may be partying but personally I think it is a retrograde step to move the deadline as far back as 12 months.

      5. I see – because I haven’t paid in for twenty-odd years I have NO say in what constitutes democratic processes, either within or without (but especially within) your clique…sorry ‘party’?

        Fair enough.

        And what about those with the same view as me who HAVE paid in, soft shite?

      6. Toffee – You can say all you like, whether anyone is actually listening to your forlorn bleats is a different matter.

        “what about those with the same view as me who HAVE paid in, soft shite?”
        Unlike you they will be able to exercise influence from within the party instead of just forlornly bleating from the next valley

      7. Toffee – It is pretty obvious that these expulsions have nothing at all to do with the PR vote, what would be the point. With over 80% of the membership and all the major affiliated unions now supporting PR there is little doubt that the motion will be passed.

      8. Then tell us, genius…

        What have they been expelled for?

        Obviously it’s because keef has decreed they should be expelled.

        Therefore, where’s their being allowed to exercise their influence

        God but you’re beyond redemption. Absolutely worse than fucking useless.

        Now go away.

      9. Toffee – In the main it appears it to be their continued support and/or their refusal to disassociate themselves from various proscribed organisations.

  9. I have more interest in kelp than I do the Labour Party (I hate kelp) but the ills of this world do not seem to align themselves to the timetable set out here.

    1. Maybe the timetabling party (starmer) is using the ‘1 year in advance’ rule to just consolidate his power? Psychopaths find ways of augmenting their power in ways that ordinary people would find incredible. This is how they get away with it.

  10. Whatever Sharon Graham’s real role is in the Brendan Ogle attack, Guiido Fawkes reported on Tuesday:

    Guido hears that Starmer has been to see Unite union boss Sharon Graham today. Starmer could, of course, be begging for more funding or perhaps to ask for the union’s help with upcoming Labour conference votes. Momentum have picked up where they left off and are once again upset with the Labour leadership. Today the Labour NEC has voted to change the Party’s constitution so that any amendments put forward by a Constituency Labour Party (CLP) must now proposed at least a year before Conference. Within the hour, Momentum put out a furious statement promising to fight the move in Liverpool next week..”

    So maybe we’ll see at Conference whether Sharon Graham is a fine Labour movement general sec or, like Sir Keir, serving a Davos agenda?

    Will she help or hinder Momentum’s “fight” to keep Starmer’s control-freakery in check?

  11. Not much will be left in the kitty if Sir knight of the realm walks through the door of Drowning st.
    Sterling at 1.12per doller a twenty cents drop over three years of Conservative government and now the fire sale givaway.
    .Nuclear war and we are on the brink as a Russian leader threatens the nucluer option against europe and Britain.Trickle down economic illiteracy on the cards for any of the 3party game in Britain..Weve a juggernaut on the beltway and the Yanks have cut the fuel line and the brakes.God help Britain and all who sail ⛵in her……And its a extremely serious situation when the banks put up interest rates and the pound plunges the political position of Britain and Europe is desperate….The yanks will look after themselves as per usual its no wonder that our Caribbean bolt hole fanatic is not a happy bunny 🐇as his British pension sinks like the labour party in the Doller Caribbean bolt hole.😢😢?

    1. Joseph – Thanks for your concern but the changes in the exchange rate will have little to no impact on our incomes. We are fortunate enough not to be dependant on my UK state pension.

  12. goldbach21/09/2022 AT 8:53 PM
    Being happily married for decades, I haven’t felt the need to impress for a very long time. However, I must confess that I do occasionally think I may be clever when I read some of your comments.–j99aiaz5–/t_Resized%20Artwork/c_fit,g_north_west,h_954,w_954/co_ffffff,e_outline:48/co_ffffff,e_outline:inner_fill:48/co_ffffff,e_outline:48/co_ffffff,e_outline:inner_fill:48/co_bbbbbb,e_outline:3:1000/c_mpad,g_center,h_1260,w_1260/b_rgb:eeeeee/c_limit,f_auto,h_630,q_90,w_630/v1607006270/production/designs/16842037_0.jpg

    Now THAT is a comeback. Well played!!

      1. Toffee – …….and? ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯

      2. And???

        You impress NOBODY. Ever.

        And then have the retardedness to ask who others think they’re impressing, as though you’re the person everyone flocks to for your perspicacity?

        Dear Christ. 🤦

        One gormless twunt, you.

      3. Toffee – I’m struggling to find a reason why I should care much one way or t’other what you think.

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