‘When Liverpool took on the Tories’: watch new trailer for ‘Future of the Left’ alternative conference

While Keir Starmer and his drones drone at Labour’s conference in Liverpool, a short distance away real change and genuine alternatives will be up for discussion in the UK’s politically-reddest city. Watch and share this trailer by award-winning ex-Labour film-makers Haz Hashim and Phil Maxwell

In less than two weeks’ time, Labour’s conference comes to a Liverpool furious with Keir Starmer’s repeated shows of contempt for the city and his political cowardice.

At the same time, a new alternative conference will be taking place. Watch and share and make sure to book your place:

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  1. It will be interesting to see how much support they attract and what is said at this ‘alternative conference’.

    1. Yes – it will.

      They’ll even have some ideas – and the will – to continue the fight against the toerags.

      Something the greasily-bequiffed former barrister has neither the desire, nor the cojones, to do. .

      1. nellyskelly – On the contrary, I will be taking a keen interest from afar. Will you be attending these events personally and if so will you be giving us daily reports?

      2. That is such a conservative view of things, is that what you will judge the success of the event, by the number of physical bodies that will attend? So if no more than the Neo-Labour Tory Conference they lose, hey’re no nr 1, they’re not the best, blah, blah?
        That is not important! Ever heard of ‘We Are One’, whether we are a small ‘one’ or a big ‘one’ is irrelevant, it is about passion, hope and solidarity, not like your Neo-Labour Party TORIES who chucked out the “UNDESERVING POOR: the poor, the unemployed, the old, the sick, the disabled, pacifists, immigrants, minorities, the socialists and the unionsts”.
        Hey! On the bright side they have you the New Minimum Entry Level, The Middle-Class full of judgemental standards, expectations and wannabees, but be weary, you have no Unity or Solidarity and you Middle-Classers are the new bottom of your pile!
        Anyway, will I attend? No.
        Unless you know of someone who can make me a Frida Kahlo bed with a toilet attached, 3 burly, rough and hairy bulls, 3 leather madams in 9 inch nail heels, all the pomp & glamour, as an Absolute Minimum, then I will be there from the first to the last moment and reporting live as we go!

      3. nellyskelly – If you take a look you will see that you can contribute by paying for online access to this ‘alternative conference’.

      4. Yes petal, I am fully aware of that, but it was you who questioned my attendance, for live reporting, I merely stated my requirements, in advance.

      5. nellyskelly – It was you that chose to have one of your rants in response to a polite enquiry.

      6. nellyskelly – I’ve learnt from the frequent examples that you have been kind enough to provide

      7. The point is, your shower of shite sold Liverpool out last time so your opinion means fuck all.

      8. If it wasn’t for the unexpected Militants out fighting 24/7 4y3m against the shitstorm onslaught of the MSM, BLiar Mande Campbell FBPE/Remoaner SpinPorn, Zionist and the Neo-Labour Party TORIES’ Sabbotage it would have been over at the Chicken Coupe!
        Your problem is you don’t have the empathy or capacity to step over the line into the other side to see what they see, to hear what they hear, to feel what they feel. Pure TORY.
        I think it is fear, odd thing that, how fear can turn a man, even a good man, into a monater.
        All these tangible achievements have been answered to no end, but not in the MSM or Informants LabourList/Momentum, etc, etc.
        Skwawkbox, The Canary, etc, etc, etc can report all they want, your fear makes you deaf and blind to it, you can’t hear it or see it, a bit like an American happening on a Communist Magazine/Paper.

      9. nellyskelly – “Your problem is you don’t have the empathy or capacity to step over the line into the other side to see what they see, to hear what they hear, to feel what they feel.”

        You mean I’m still in touch with reality?

      10. No, I mean your problem is you don’t have the empathy or capacity to step over the line into the other side to see what they see, to hear what they hear, to feel what they feel.

      11. nellyskelly – The difference is that Instead of living in La-La-Land like you I’m fortunate enough to be able to take practical steps to help people improve their situation and to also support the people in my community (and elsewhere) who are in need.

      12. “Instead of living in La-La-Land like you I’m fortunate enough”:
        So I am UNDESERVING POOR, because I have Empathy and am able to view the world from other’ perspective?…. Enlightening!

        Pray do tell!
        I’m fortunate enough to be able to take practical steps to help people improve their situation:

        And to also support the people in my community who are in need:

        And to also support the people ‘and elsewhere’ who are in need:

        Remember the Neoliberal Laundromats don’t count, when you talk to me of helping people, that is wonderful that is what I want to hear about.
        A big fat donation to a charity, for a snap in the local, and a pretty individually wrapped, scented bundle package delivered to your offshore, counts for nothing. A big fat donation amounts to 1% to the client side and means naff all, but you may surprise me with non-deductable face to face support, or building required property, etc, etc?

      13. What were Militant’s tangible achievements?

        Where was the support and solidarity from (for example) twunts like blunkett in sheffield? They could well have brought thatcher down – had the usual shithouses not done their cunt’s party trick.

        Even today, you and your shower of abject, simpering, supine shite deem it necessary not to offend or oppose the rags in any meaningful way. You even think it’s ok to allow kids to go hungry without so much as a murmur in case it offends the rags, you fucking nonsense case.

      14. Toffee – Surprise, surprise you couldn’t think of anything they’d actually achieved either.😲
        When in office as leader Jeremy Corbyn wrote a letter to all Labour controlled councils advising them not to adopt Militant’s strategies against the Tory cuts.

      15. And what did Corbyn achieve, fuckface?

        41 toerag defeats in the commons while almost quadrupling the membership.


        Haemorrhaging membership because he hasn’t opposed the toerags on ONE SINGLE OCCASION.

      16. Toffee – …and apart from gifting the Tories a massive majority what was the lasting legacy of these ‘achievements?

    2. In my view, the “point” is that there are many people who feel the need to organise such an event because the LP is not offering a serious critique of the situation.
      It may well be that their efforts won’t lead to a change of tack from the establishment, but what is certain is that the LP leadership is not contemplating diverging from the establishment narrative.

      1. Perhaps you should question why the various organisations that have recently been proscribed mostly came into being during Corbyn’s leadership. What was happening at the time under his leadership that prompted people to form these groups.

      2. goldbach – Most of it appears to revolve around the expulsion of members, many of whom had quite a high profile.

      3. …… and that is meant to, somehow, be relevant to my comment at 2.21?

      4. goldbach – Catch up, I was giving a brief response to your 8:16pm comment immediately above my 8:20pm comment that you have referenced. Hopefully that has cleared up your confusion

      5. No confusion. I had assumed, when I saw your comment at 5.33, that you had nothing of substance to say regarding my original 2.51 comment. Your subsequent comments indicate that I was correct.

    3. Mention the future of the Left or New anything of the Left there he is, Mr Nosey Parker, but SteveH you are a Neoliberal TORY. Even if you listened to every word and analised them after you still wouldn’t know what was said.
      That is really why people should stop talking of The Neo-Labour Party TORIES or The New-Labour Party TORIES as bogus “Centrists”, you are Neoliberals you are Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberals.
      You like Clinton, Obama’s and Biden’s “Democrats” are the same Thatcher Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State, also seen in CA, EU, IL, AU, NZ, all perfectly vissible as “The West” is going POP!
      There is no need for you to fret over it, were not going to rush into anything not while The West is feeling a lot like Pinochet’s Football Stadium!
      Your TORYISM is at that stage where a dying animal is about to pop it, but still extremely volatile with one final burst of ‘will to live’ cortisol!

      1. That shithouse vigilante and his bogus socialist chums worked with the press and Tories to prevent local councils from achieving any real change. That windbag from the valleys, led the attacks on the left and just look at where we are today. Grifting r/wing councils and councillors working against gentle reformists and treating articulate socialist trade unionists as if they were pariah. Disgusting. Good luck to the alternative conference and ignore juvenile distractions. I’d attend but my wheelchair has got a knackered wheel and council repairs take 6 months on a waiting list,friends in similar position have told me that it takes longer in some Labour Party councils. Things like like that are unimportant if you lack empathy.

      2. wobbly – Do you agree with the contents of the unambiguous letter that Jeremy Corbyn sent out to all Labour controlled local authorities when he was leader

        “Jeremy Corbyn has written to all Labour council leaders calling on them to resist calls to set illegal no cuts budgets.
        In the letter co-signed by Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell and Shadow Local Government Secretary Jon Trickett, Corbyn points out that failure to set balanced budgets could see “Tory minister deciding council spending priorities”, and warns that “their priorities would certainly not meet the needs of the communities that elected us”.

        You can read the full letter here:

      3. Nevermind Wobbly I think that from his fortunate position he will be able to build me my Frida Kahlo bed it will be huge with ample space on it!
        About your chair have you looked to see if you have any small bicycle repair projects in your area, they usually take in bust bikes and teach young’uns to fix up and cannibalise parts. Another thing is did you contact your MP? Even if they are not,…well what does it matter which goddamned Party they are now in this One Party State, just drop them an email. Sometimes they can work magic, once you have proof of request. Sometimes they do nothing!
        You can’t be without your chair! Especially, not if you’re active in the community and with Family/Friends. They are denying you your right to access the Community, that is a big thing Wobbly!

  2. I shall be attending both Conferences, but first & foremost I shall enure that Sir Keir (I love Murdoch) Starmer receives a warm welcome to Liverpool.

  3. “The West is feeling a lot like Pinochet’s Football Stadium….”
    Beautiful use of language, nellkskelly. The Estadio Nacional and Estadio Chile were “the most notorious detention centres in the capital.” Within a week of Pinchet’s coup there were 7,000 prisoners being held there, including around 250 non-Chilean nationals. Over the course of the next three months, some 40,000 mostly-socialist men and women were imprisoned in them. Some of them were tortured and executed. To this day, 2,500 unexplainable deaths and disappearances remain unaccounted for. “Un pueblo sin memoria es un pueblo sin futuro”—a people with no memory is a people with no future.

    Liverpool helps Britain remember too. Unnecessary wars, intense political choices called “austerity”, weaker human rights, a flailing NHS and economic enfeeblement/peril, these are the legacy of the political and economic systems championed by Rachel Reeves, David Cameron, Alistair Darling, George Galloway, Gordon Brown the Trilateral Commission and Keir Starmer, the people who refrain “There is No Alternative”.

    The Left’s Future has probably never been so important to the well-being of this country as it is today. The Future of the Left, The World Transformed. The ‘official dishrag’ party conference will lok dull in comparison

      1. qwertboi – If that really is the case don’t you think that it is well past the point where ‘the left’ got their act together and offered a credible alternative.

      2. Me, personally? No. The entire left will not get one ‘act’ together as you say, but the democratic left freshly marginalised by Evans/Starmer/Kaplan & Co, which sees how easily Starmer reversed his position on the 10 pledges and – most importantly – how it treats the previous party leader that create future potential/threat here.
        The democratic(formerly ‘labour’) left can still offer voters an electoral alternative to trilateralism (maybe not systematically at GE23 or 24,) but for quite a while yet. You seem to think the window for this is very narrow and immediate. I disagree. ‘Labour’ is, after all, the vessel for such choices for the public, and maybe the voters need to see it lead by a tony-blair-on-steroids character ruthlessly denaturing Labour and becoming indistinguishable from the other lot a bit longer before they happily switch en-mass to a new party which probably doesn’t even exist yet.

        The opportunity ‘window’ is not immediate and passing. We’ve got to see how wretched Sir ‘show-me-your-papers’ can be yet, then it will be stronger/open wider.

      3. qwertboi – “the voters need to see it lead by a tony-blair-on-steroids character ruthlessly denaturing Labour “

        At least you might get the introduction of PR which would give ‘the left’ a fighting chance of having a few MPs

      4. Under Starmer/replacement “you might get the introduction of PR which would give ‘the left’ a fighting chance of having a few MPs”?

        For that very reason, we wouldn’t.

      5. qwertboi – We’ll see, last year 83% of the membership wanted PR and this year all the major affiliated Unions have voted to change their policy to now support and promote PR for general elections.

  4. Toffee – …and apart from gifting the Tories a massive majority what was the lasting legacy of these ‘achievements?..


    As before, if keef is so much better than Corbyn then WHY

    …Has keef lost half the membership and continues to lose hundreds of members on a daily basis?

    …Has keef (out of seven by-elections – six contested) only managed to hold on to two seats (with vastly reduced majorities), regain one (that should NEVER have been lost) , lose one (for the first time in its existence) lose his deposit in the other two (having had almost double the amount of votes of the libtards – who romped home on both those seats – in 2019)

    The answer’s quite simple. It’s because people don’t like or want smarmerism.

    Just like they didn’t want smarmerist- demanded EU membership. Something you’ve pinned on Corbyn to try to absolve yourself of the shothouse treachery you approved of.

    Had 2019 been down to Corbyn, keef would’ve won all of them against THE most corrupt, incompetent government in history**.

    He didn’t. No amount of opinion poll linkage will change the fact that 2019 was about Europe and smarmerite shithousery, NOT about Corbyn.

    **Soon to be surpassed, it’d appear, unfortunately.

    The only reason keef will make any headway into this truss government is because they’re (almost impossibly) shitter than the de piffle regime. It won’t be because smarmerism will be seen as any alternative.

    And despite how much shorter the truss administration will prove itself to be, smarmerism will NOT form the next government.

    1. Toffee – Do you have a link that verifies those figures?
      I can provide you with the evidence that Corbyn lost 20% of the membership during 2018/19.

      The point was that three of those elections were won, The loss in Hartlepool was probably more to do with the reinstatement of a proven sex pest Mike Hill by Corbyn whilst he was still under investigation by parliamentary authorities. It is difficult to conceive of a greater lack of respect for the electorate. Is it any surprise that the people of Hartlepool let the party know what they thought of their contemptible behaviour. As for the other two the electorate in those constituencies wanted to send the Tory government a very clear message and Conservative, Labour and LibDem voters all banded together to do just that. I suspect we will see many more instances in the future where Labour and Libdem voters form informal alliances to get rid of Tory MPs.

      It was more or less the same corrupt and incompetent government with the same PM when Corbyn was leader of the opposition and I can’t recall Corbyn winning anything against Boris despite the fact that the Tories didn’t even have an overall majority prior to the 19GE. Can you?

      You can prattle on all you like about how unpopular you claim Labour is but the fact remains that Labour has been consistently ahead across all the polls for 10mths+ now. The same polls that very accurately predicted the national vote share for the 19GE. Plus the MRP polls are also consistently predicting that Labour will regain nearly all of the Red Wall seats that Corbyn lost in the 19GE.

  5. SteveH14/09/2022 AT 3:16 PM
    nellyskelly – On the contrary, I will be taking a keen interest from afar

    And reporting from the Caribbean** as if you were actually there at said alternative, gauging the views of the audience and no doubt sneering that keefs’ conference had more members attend.

    Because you’re soooo in touch with the public opinion from halfway across the planet…Gobshite

    **You’re not even there. You’re in some dingy squalid bedsit that you’ve turned into a shrine to keef; sat there in your piss stained Pokémon y-fronts desperately trying to devise a new angle at which to deliberately antagonise people.

    …But because – like keef – you’re so socially inept and aloof, you perpetually revert to stock answers and methods. That’s because – like keef- you’re as spontaneous as a fucked lamppost, and infinitely dimmer.

    The only difference between you, keef and the lamppost is that even a mangy old mutt wouldn’t even waste it’s piss on you or the greasy bequiffed dullard. You both stink far too much for the dog piss to make any difference.

    1. Toffee – Admittedly I take a keener interest in UK politics than most of the people who live there plus I have long discussions with my daughter who still lives in the UK. (she was visiting us along with 6 friends until a few days ago). I also still discuss politics with a number of friends in the UK.
      I’ll be watching as much of the conference via the internet as I possibly can, will you? Unless you are attending in person the likelihood is that I’ll know as much if not more than you do about what is going on at conference.
      Whilst I can understand your attempts at expectation management it would be ridiculous not to take into account the level of support when assessing the impact of the ‘alternative conference’ (or lack of).
      I’m pleased to see that Labour are still ahead in all the polls, as they have been consistently for the last 10mths. It is also gratifying to see that the MRP polls are consistently predicting that Labour will regain nearly all the Red Wall seats that were lost in the 19GE.

      …..and yet here you are again following me around like a stray dog desperately seeking attention.

      1. Labour ahead in the opinion polls…….WOW! Crisis after crisis in the economy; war in Europe & a disgraced Tory PM, but Labour are just ahead in the polls. sic joke.

  6. I can never understand the Blairite logic adopted by Starmer ‘first we must win a general election by ditching Socialism & becoming more like the Tories’. Victory @ any cost? A man & a Political Party without principles.

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