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Video: London businesses ordered to stay open 24/7 to feed mourner queue for queen’s lying-in-state

Establishment’s disregard for individual choice on show again as BBC says businesses near Thames ‘told’ to stay open

The Establishment’s absolute determination that we will all take part in ‘national’ mourning for the queen has even seen some businesses in London ordered to stay open to feed and water the expected queues of monarchists waiting their turn to look at the queen’s body lying in state, according to a BBC report:

Any business owners or staff who decline to be told they have to stay open round the clock to feed the faithful presumably run the risk of legal action or other forms of retribution, given the fact that even holding up a sign or remonstrating with a sexual predator are now arrestable – and even chargeable – offences in this tinpot island.

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  1. I think Londoners have a right to see the queen in a state “after being dragged around Britain…and a few swift ones to keep the cold out for joe public.
    .Meanwhile Charlie farley has been handing redundency notices out at his mammys service in Edinburgh before she was bundled out again bound for London….Roll on the jamboree and I wonder if old joe biden will be driving the Bus from Hell packed with dignitaries and other free loaders….Ps Cheeky Charlie seen “chatting up Michelle O’Neill whom he clearly liked but not so much Donaldson DUP…who he embarrassed by saying he had seen him “about” and moved on quickly The gentleman prefers blonds?…especially N.Ireland waiting…and waiting…and?

    1. Reply to Joseph O Keefe
      The Sinn Fein leadership behaved decently and with dignity in response to the Queen’s death. They offered their condolences and spoke warmly of her contribution to peace in Ireland. One of them referred to her as a” friend of Ireland”
      Looks like once again Sinn Fein’s Cambodian Branch is out of step with the rest of them.

      1. managing revolutions – as the anc went soppy sinn fein is getting closer. joining fianna failure and fine gal in supporting the peoples republic of pukerain. who’d have thought?

      2. Reply to Charming 64
        As I understand it the peace agreement which brought about an end to decades of violence which blighted the lives of people living there required mutual respect between the opposing sides in Ulster. As a result people living there are now able to live ordinary peaceful lives instead of living in fear and dread. If it took Sinn Fein to get “soppy” to achieve this then as far as most reasonable people are concerned the “soppier” Sinn Fein and the other parties are the better.

      3. …………smarmboi. Idiot comment once again from mr knickers in a twist weirdo boi.Keep your nose out of somthing you know nothing about just to have a potshot at me personally and others who you criticise.when youre playing tough boy hiding behind the keyboard….Youre always looking for trouble and hopfuly you will get it….now piss off back to trolling someone else.

      4. Reply to Joseph O Keefe
        Just the sort of nasty insulting response I would expect from a fake socialist and fake Sinn Fein member whose remit appears to be to discredit both Socialism and Sinn Fein with fake bile filled posts.

    2. Smarmboi…..fake alround troll and a obssesive!….Youve obviously got your nappys on today….grow up and stop your dangerous allegations against me.You are a classic troll who cant get over straight talking
      I don’t dream up allegations against you on your stupid posts that are always looking for a fight as you can hide away and make the most ludicrously silly and dangerous allegations against me and others.Dont forget that its you that continued to support the labour party and stayed whilst you shed crocodile tears 😢
      once again….go away you are becoming a bigger distraction than even SH…stop feeding the parasites then you might be able to say whos the saintly socialist and keep out of irish matters…youre clueless on tactics or campaigns.

      1. Joseph – Oh dear. 😟
        If only we were all as clever as you think you are.

      2. Steve H I am sure that smarmy will appreciate the help from a fellow member of the labour party……youre both a couple of eejit “enablers….Stop feeding the parasites who are anti working class.

      3. Joseph – I note from your previous comments that you came from what most people would regard as a firmly middle class background yourself (parents owned 3 shops and a cafe, Maggie’s dad only had 1) and that you were not averse to taking advantage of the capitalist system to run your successful companies and acquire a property portfolio.

      4. Reply to Joseph O’Keefe
        Your fake outrage at my posts is the just the same as your fake socialism and your fake support for Sinn Fein. You deliberately undermine both in your fake posts.

  2. Tell the authorities to swivel – IF they want to do their patriotic duty and mourn brenda’s demise.

    …Or stay open and make a killing. ICGAF either way. I won’t be there.

    Personally, I think anyone queueing for 10 miles and 10 hours or so to get a 20 second glimpse of a coffin deserves to be charged a fucking fortune for a skinny latte, or a tofu wrap or what-have-ya.

    …Especially those who have travelled the length & breadth of the nation to do so.

    These Once in a lifetime/historical events don’t come cheap.

  3. If some businesses have been “told” to stay open rather than being asked to do so, it seems to me that someone has attempted to exceed his/her authority, unless the Home Secretary had taken emergency powers. Most likely the reporter has failed to think about what he was saying and should have said “urged” – after all it IS the BBC and those who go in front of the camera do come up with some nonsense on a regular basis.

  4. Maybe the Beeb will put on The Maltese Falcon on BBC2 so that we have something to do if it rains.

    1. Goldbach I will not be watching as I am busy with watching Old movies from James Cagney…and Humphrey Bogart…..bad form I know but “what can one do when faced with a choice of old movies or old queens…maybe ask SH…?…I am serving up bread and butter pudding to my grandchildren being as its a historic day…Water festival”” pchum Ben..festival “…public holiday.

      1. Not just Old Movies Joseph but some great
        music – viz the Proms.

        And Art too – though I hate to advertise the Channel
        there was a superb program on Sky Arts about Vermeer-
        also featuring Delft ..

        However my US relatives are very interested in what
        is going here vis a vis the death of QE2. The younger
        they are – the more interested they are too ..

    1. Does keef know your doing something that he vehemently disagrees with?

      I think he should be told – in case assangists are proscribed.

      1. Toffee – Despite being given all the information you need you still haven’t managed to grasp the duties of the CPS when dealing with extradition requests.

      2. You do understand that getting Assange in, to prison had nothing to do with the Extradition Case?
        It was loopholed and finetooth combed, by Your Sleeziness BlueKeef himself. All mangled on a Fake Rape Case of which CPS was fully aware of.
        Now you can stick your head in the sand and argue BlueKeef had nothing to do with it, but I am sure that the CPS, MI5/6, CIA, Pentagon, Whitehouse path’s crossed several times. Especially if you considder the legal loopholes required to enter a Foreign Embassy illegally twice+! Firstly to get Spanish surveillance special opperatives in to wire and bug the embassy and secondly to arrest Julian on Fake Charge.
        I reckon BlueKeef had a lot to do with the decision making no matter how competent his staff were!
        Unless you are suggesting sat in his office twiddling his thumbs singing I am yhe head of the CPS……….?
        What did he do in that office if he had nothing to do with all these high profile cases?
        For example, now does BlueKeef walk into his office says good morning then feet up with the days papers, he has nothing to do with The Neo-Labour Party just walks in closes his door and chills all day? I doubt it works like that for the head of the CPS, EVERY case will run through his office, without a doubt.

      3. nellyskelly – What loophole would that be, Julian had committed an arrestable criminal offence by (understandably) skipping bail.
        When a new government was elected in Ecuador their embassy invited the police into their diplomatic territory to arrest Julian and they have also recently revoked the citizenship that their previous administration had granted to Assange
        As you should know by now neither the CPS nor the DPP have any say in which extradition cases they deal with, that is decided by another department of state. They also don’t get to decide the outcome of cases, the courts do that. The Home Sec and the Supreme Court (not the DPP or CPS) will eventually be the ones that decide his fate
        I imagine that running a complex organisation with 11,000+ staff occupies quite a chunk of time.
        The CPS’s remit and duty in extradition cases is not to act as a prosecuting authority (their normal role) but to act as the agents of the country seeking the extradition. Not the same as but similar in some ways to a client/lawyer relationship
        Suggesting that the CPS had any option but to pursue the extradition case once the relevant government body had decided that it had passed the thresholds laid out in the treaties with Sweden and the USA is simply wrong. Even if the DPP was aware of every move he was simply not in a position to stop the extradition proceedings, once the process is underway that is for the country requesting the extradition or the courts and/or the HomeSec to decide.
        Most of the above is explained in great detail in the Select Committee document that I have linked to a couple of times in the past, I guess you never got around to reading it because you wouldn’t be posting such rubbish if you had. You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

      4. From the same moron that thinks smarmer had nowt to do with savile or the grooming gangs in Rochdale but will allow keef a free pass for NOT prosecuting damien grope for the EXACT same thing he wants assange stitched up for.

        Or maybe he was allowed to party on his last day on the job – instead of prosecuting grant shafts – When even met plod said shafts’ actions may have constituted fraud

        No packing shafts off to the States – where he couldve faced seven years in jail…but wanted to send a lad with mental health problems off there…for looking for UFO evidence ffs.

        So don’t fucking preach to ME how the CPS extradition works, knobhead.

        Keef is the root cause of all of those aberrations.

        Nobody else.

        Keef. And keef alone.

      5. Toffee – Thanks for taking the time out to display your ignorance of the facts again.

      6. You’ve been given the facts wrong un**

        But thanks for yet another demonstration that you’re a fully subscribed member of the keef infallibility cult – again. Weirdo, nonce protecting, nonce enabling wrong un that y’are.

        Anyway , I hope you’re grassed up to the party when keef proscribes anything pro-assange.

        ** If anything I’ve written ISNT a fact, keefs’ more than welcome to sue me.

  5. Since we’ve already been distracted off-topic :

    150 years ago, today, Das Kapital was published, for the first time.

    As relevant today, as it was, then.

    Anyone read it?

    1. Yes, I would have thought that most Skwawkies would have attempted at least one of em. I am not talking about books written by academics who have read books written by academics who have…but ordinary socialists and trade unionists, often in reading groups. ABC if you consider yourself to be an activist. One of the few good things the Party did before it turned to blue hair, vegans and identarianism. Oh then it imploded and money, property and membership lists disappeared. Veggy burger anyone?

  6. I confess to having read a friend’s copy when I was about 19 or 20 though, I must admit, it was a translation.

  7. I think the original article here is grasping at poor choice of words. The arrangements have been in place for quite a while and it seems most likely that the vendors concerned will have opted in or out of provisioning the event. Given that this most likely was decided upon before or during COVID when many were closed and losing trade, the opportunity for companies and staff to coin it (in the same way that prices at 24hour service stations are elevated to cover unsociable hours) will have been welcome rather than seen as an imposition.

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