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Pollster’s wordcloud – ‘bland, dishonest, boring, weak, useless’ – is bad news for Starmer’s birthday

The latest poll by new polling company People Polling has generated a ‘word cloud’ of characteristics people associate with Labour leader Keir Starmer – and it makes the worst possible reading for the supposed ‘son of a toolmaker’ on his 60th birthday.

Word clouds show a cluster of words given in response to a poll, with the words that appear most often shown biggest and nearest the centre of the cloud. And for Starmer the biggest and most central words are overwhelmingly negative to abysmal: ‘weak’, ‘useless’, ‘idiot’, ‘liar’, t**t, ‘untrustworthy ‘, ‘boring’, ‘bland’, ‘smarmy’, ‘dull’ and similar jump out, with words such as ‘ineffectual’, ‘meh’, ‘bad’, ‘hindsight’, ‘indecisive’, ‘uninispiring’, ‘w****r’, ‘traitor’, ‘ineffective’, ‘loser’ and others like them also prominent:

Worse still for the former DPP (in case you hadn’t heard), the same polling company recently put him well ahead of the leaderless Tories (which took more time to appear than you’d typically expect), so they can’t be dismissed as simply unfriendly – but the new result strongly suggests that this lead is like morning mist that will evaporate as soon as the Tories have one horror or another in charge: horrors and fools they are, but they at least have some kind of personality.

Happy birthday, Sir Keith.

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  1. A vile fucking Tory Leader of a rotting vile labour party and not one Labour MP stood up and warned the membership about this fucking fraud…

  2. Quality of the current crop of carreerists…abysmal,nauseating and downright frightening the thought that the labour party voted for “iT” .Not too difficult to see why the Germans supported Hitler when you look closely at the members of the labour party.The saying “iT takes two to tango” comes to mind.and our disgust is the main reason that hundreds of thousands left the labour party including long time members like me who served office for this shitshow of a party….☺birthday knighty and another old man signs up for the biggist welfare home in the land the palace of Westminster…whilst the nation suffers the worst meltdown in living memory…seems the comedian \actor of Ukraine has another bolt hole…this time in europe “A Villa in Tuscany” rented out to a …wait for it?….a Russian couple for 50.000euros a month..!RT reports and Global news.

    1. What is his real purpose?
      Bezos’s Great Amazons in the sky, Gates’ Vaccine Cull, etc.

      Who does he answer to?
      The Commissioners.

      Why is he happening?
      Paving the way for One Party State International.

      When will it stop?
      As soon as BRICS become the New World Order/NEVER!

      What comes next?
      HELL/Stepping over the dead poor scattered all over the streets/the choice, drive over us or around us.

    2. According to Labour Heartlands Starmer is a member of the Trilateral Commission – an organistation founded to combat the 60s phenomenon of “too much democracy”.

      The TC report Labour Heartlands cites talks about generating “obedience to power”.
      The bit about “intelectuals” and public discourse is startling and revealing.

      “Intellectuals come in two varieties, according to the trilateral analysis. The “technocratic and policy-oriented intellectuals” are to be admired for their unquestioning obedience to power and their services in social management, while the “value-oriented intellectuals” must be despised and feared for the serious challenge they pose to democratic government, by “unmasking and delegitimisation of established institutions.”

      Its long but worth a thorough read…

      1. Great post Bernie. Value-orientation. They must mean despicable, frightening people like theists and socialists – people who have a firm sense of right and wrong, and who ate motivated and energised by it. (People who see a leader like Starmer as a waste of function and capacity,ie, a ‘waste of space’)

    1. Thatcher Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberal One Party State, at it’s finest. Dragged into Parliamennt by BLiar when he gnawed his way in via the Sewers of Westminster, and the ~190 Neo-Labour Party TORIES, who helped Sabotage The UK Labour Party to DEATH (RIP 13 DEC’19), all popped out of that gnawed sewer hole at intervals.
      This citation on one of “Working for FREE” Mattinson illusive Director Of Strategies for BlueKeef’s Office explains the One Party State theory as they discuss Clinton’s Successful Transmission of the “Democrats”,

      This is what Tony Benn said after attende one such meeting.
      It’s a longish read well worth it.

  3. Re the above picture of Starm-Trooper wearing a clown’s hat … Very appropriate.
    Perhaps he wears it when he carries out his duties as a Knight Commander of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath … or … when he confers with his colleague-members of the Trilateral Commission.
    We should be told !

    1. “Yes. Who does he answer to?”

      Evans, Akehurst, right wing NEC members like Gurinder Singh Josan, and Johanna Baxter, Labour to Win and a surprisingly large part of the PLP don’t seem to care that it isn’t Labour Party members – do they know who he answers to?

  4. Many close Starmer defenders put loyalty/deference to Israel, and indifference about its brutal occupation, as their central ‘test’ for any Labour leader.

    Starmer’s lack of cut-through with voters : virtually tied(margin of error +/- 3%) with the woeful Truss is unimportant these single-issue types. They’ll fight to keep Starmer in place, lest get someone with an actual conscience replacing him. Trying to reconcile supporting Ukraine to the nth degree, while ignoring Palestine, is one of the many reasons why lots won’t be voting Labour until the party has different leadership.

  5. Angela Rayner should do ‘a Tom Watson,’ by going on Kuenessberg’s Sunday morning show, go off-message by claiming Labour could “disappear into a vortex of eternal shame” over Starmer’s failure to tackle staffer racism against black MPs, as illustrated in the Forde report.

    Starmer, being Watson’s co-conspirator, would surely understand undermining the leader like that, is all fair game?

    She won’t of course, but that’s why the left are sat on the sidelines, Labour’s right may believe in nothing other than their own careers, but they are utterly ruthless when fighting the left.

      1. SteveH

        They were plotting against him too. He probably didn’t know the scale. And even if he did know…

        And any attempt to clear them all out would’ve triggered the wrath of most the PLP, with cries of factional ‘purge’. Or even false claims of there being some ‘anti-Semitic’ motivation behind removing them. Lawyers would have been all over their dismissals with the media falsely amplifying antisemitism narratives. Sadly, its the nature of the vile MSM in this country.

        Iain McNicol and co were very much anti-Corbyn and supported by the PLP in undermining him. Corbyn was already walking on eggshells; the slightest thing pounced upon by the media and a predominantly Blairite parliamentary party.

        He should’ve done it, but my, be in no doubt all hell would’ve broken loose. These people were ready to defend themselves with friends in the PLP with deep pockets to hire lawyers etc.

      2. Well, as Corbyn is no longer leader, does it particularly matter what he did/didn’t, should/shouldn’t, could/couldn’t do? Surely what matters is what Starmer’s doing about it now? Or not doing?

        So many times, the comments are ‘but Corbyn,’ ‘didn’t Formby’ and so on. Well, it’s a bright new dawn of Starmer and Evans, so what’s the point of comparison with a leadership that, as you’ve pointed out on oh so many occasions, the country rejected? I look forward to the glorious march to victory of Starmer, and the thousand years of peace and prosperity to follow.

        Removing my tongue from my cheek, I’ll be honest here. I didn’t have Starmer as my first choice, but I did have him as my second choice. I was at the Liverpool hustings, and, although I wasn’t exactly blown away, he said quite a lot that I wanted to hear. All I can cling to is that, because he won on the first round, he never, technically, got my vote, because he’s, frankly, an absolute fucking tool.

      3. It would be refreshing to see BlueSteveH tell us something possitive that BlueKeef and The Neo-Labour Party TORIES did FOR The PEOPLE, in the past two years, not empty policies and hollow sweet words, but actually DONE/ACTIONS.
        Sadly he can’t, they haven’t!
        Their VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn Campaign set The PEOPLE & The Nation back by at least two decades.
        All we see is Money Scams for The Wealthy the “War” Scam Billions in Profit for Arms Manufacturers, Covid Scam Billions in Profit for PPE, Testing, Amazon, Gates’s Death Cull Jab, Big Parma all saw Record Profits, as for Covid it is still here still killing, especially the jabbed, but no longer a scam crisis.
        Now a Manufactured Energy Crisis for no reason or cause, the Poor pay while Energy Companies, soon Credit Card, Loans & Debtor Companies and their accomplices report Record Profits.
        The cost of living crisis has sewn the beeadline way au the payscale and the Middle Class are finding themselves knee-deep in it! Once it gets to waste deep we’ll hear the panicked hysteria, then maybe enough people will start waking up!
        Until then, BlueKeef the supposed LOTO and the non existent Opposition Party have consistently spoken and voted in the favour of this government on thoae Scams and he makes an insane promise that supports the Energy Companies more than The PEOPLE!
        Only one, good thing for that Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORY Parasite Infestation that squirms inside the Propped Up Remains of the UK Labour Party (RIP 13 Dec’19), and that is to burn it down to the ground at the next GE and keep The PEOPLE’S Movements, Strikes, Rallys, Actions Alive until we are ready to form a New Party.

      4. nellyskelly – according to you we’ll all have to be patient and wait for another 20 years whilst ‘the left’ struggles to get its act together.

      5. “we” really?

        No, SteveH, nobody has to wait, nobody should wait, hopefully we’ll have something worthy of our votes, by the next GE.
        It is merely my prediction, that it will take two decades to repair the damage that you and your fellow Saboteurs and VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn Neo-Labour Party did at GE17 & GE19.
        The only forcefulness comes from your Neo-Labour Party, when you ran your 4y 3m, 24/7 Sabotage Onslaught and that infamous VoteTORYtoStopCorbyn Campaign, just to make doubly sure, that no Socialist will take Nr10, by Robbing the PEOPLE of Two Once in a lifetime opportunities and snatch GE17 & GE19 from them!
        Not me petal, that is my prediction how long it will take to repair your damage and if The PEOPLE are still asleep and vote “any Labour is…..” for BlueKeef and the Neo-Labour Party TORIES (as I also predicted) it will be prolonged by BLiar style carrots!
        Only one good thing for that nasty TORY Party of yours, the Electorate’s equivalent of Smash it down and burn it to ashes! Then without the constant Internal Sabotage from the Parasite Party a PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT will start and flourish in no time. Especially when the self created tide of the poverty line starts rising to your Middle-Class hips and up! Then perhaps you will start paying attention, listening to what you hear and comprehending what you read!

      6. Stark – It does make one wonder what were the grievances that prompted the founders of the LMN to set up their organisation in 2016.

  6. Well Starmer was all for Ref2 and he didnt get my
    vote on account of that. It seemed to me that Nandy
    understood the Leavers and had the right ideas and
    I agreed with her on that – though I voted remain
    myself. She also supposed to belong to the Friends
    of Palestine – Or some such but we haven’t heard
    much of that lately have we?

    However even I did not think they would turn on
    Corbyn the way they did ..

    With Starmer I blame incompetence and lack of
    political nous plus a fair slice of jealous bile
    regarding Corbyn – plus ambition. Even those
    belonging to the Tri-wattsit are supposed to want
    to win.

    1. HFM – Or maybe he just thinks that on balance Jeremy is an electoral liability. 🤔

  7. Starmer has more than a touch of the night about him. His vindictive suspension of Jeremy Corbyn aside, albeit based on a web of lies and factional hubris, is just the tip of an ever expanding iceberg of anti democratic, authoritarian and frankly, racist comments and actions. From the get go he has proven himself to be shifty, the interviews with Andrews Neil and Marr being prime examples of his willingness to deceive. When the pandemic took hold his contributions were far from grown up, he acquiesced to the woeful response of Johnson and ill prepared and talentless Matt Hancock (aside from his obvious ability to issue illegal contracts to friends and allies), even when the death toll was spiralling out of control. Starmer’s “We support the government” mantra will continue haunt him, as is now being proven by the exposures of fraud and human death toll, that still continues to climb. His support for Cressida Dick, despite her awful record, from her handling of the vigil following the murder of Sarah Everard, the coverups over ‘party gate’, etc, can best be understood by examining his support by abstention on the Spycops and Overseas Operations, and Policing bills, not to mention his continued silence on the results of those pieces of legislation are now having on an everyday occurrence. His leadership has been marked by the bullying of black, Muslim, Jewish members, socialists and overwhelmingly female members of the party, from Claudia Webb, Apsana Begum, Zahra Sultana, Jo Bird, and Naomi Adrissi, not to mention Marcia Huthchinson, Ekua Bayunu, and the expulsion Audrey White.
    His lack of real support for the current industrial actions being undertaken the unions, from the RMT and CWU, Barristers and soon teachers, whilst sacking Sam Tarry after he attended a picket line, and don’t believe Starmer’s tissue thin excuse about Tarry making up policy on the hoof, it’s plainly another example of his authoritarian establishment friendly politics. Which bring us to another level, Labours response to the current situation of rampant inflation, rising prises, low wages, unmanageable and poverty inducing fuel bills, is in essence, more of the same. He’s ditched all his election pledges particularly public ownership which is supported by voters a media that are friendly to him. He’s ignored the finding and recommendations of Forde report that he commissioned, following the revelations in the leaked document of April 2020, highlighting, corruption, racist bullying, purposeful obstruction of investigations, whilst in the interim paying off the very people at the centre of the investigation, following their court action, despite the advice of Labours legal team.
    The above only scratches the surface, there is much more damning evidence to prove Starmer is not only an unfit leader, but a danger to democracy. Trilateral Keith, as he’s often referred as, is not ineffectual, he’s doing his job, that is to ensure that Labour never again has the temerity to offer an alternative to the current real politick. That should scare anyone with the slightest inkling of the challenges the UK faces, let alone the whole planet faces. God forbid he should become prime Minister. Enough is Enough.

      1. ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.’

      2. Always thought you were a bit schizo (or are you a hack who’s somehow managed to register under the same username as the other SteveH?). Can’t wait to see which one triumphs!

    1. ‘Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.’

      ….. and the first post that you made using this name was❓

  8. Phew – thought I was going mad there then I compared
    profiles of the two “SteveH” posters

    PS Just looked at mine and am apparently
    “unknown or deleted user ..” ? ?

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