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Video: Tories react with racism as Truss challenged over party’s assault on ordinary people

‘Go back to your own country’ as crowd of boors chants ‘Out, out’ at young people asking for better for this country

A crowd of racist Tory yobs can be heard yelling ‘out, out’ at a group of young people demanding more and better for ordinary people in this country – and at least one, uncaring that he is being recorded, tells a ‘Green New Deal’ protestor to ‘Go back to your own country’:

Wanting better for the many is not on the Tory agenda. Tragically for this country, it doesn’t feature on the supposed ‘opposition leadership’s either.

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  1. Go back to America and prepare for a Nuclear Winter
    Very well organised protest which will go down a storm on social media
    These youguns are our future, shame they havnt got a Labour party to vote for

  2. What horrifies me most about this video is the grins and smirks on the faces of the Tories in the audience.
    None of them, whether in the government , on the back benches, in local government or in local constituencies care in the slightest about the issues raised by the protesters. These people like the those in Starmer’s Labour are Thatcher’s children. They have no social conscience and embrace her vile philosophy of individualism – you either sink or swim by your own efforts. If you are old sick poor or disabled then too bad – they will watch you sink, shrug their shoulders and move on.
    So really it doesn’t matter whether Johnson Sunak Truss or Starmer is Prime Minister- they are all the same and none of them is for the many not the few.

      1. Reply to Steve H
        The Left is not the problem here – Starmers Labour is – like the Tories they are Thatcher’s children but far less honest about it. They shamelessly trade on the Labour name while trashing traditional Labour values.
        Many of them are to the right of some Tory MPs and can easily exceed the worst of the Tories in viciousness, lying, hypocrisy and a sense of entitlement.
        They milk the expenses system dry and shamelessly accept freebies to sporting events and other forms of entertainment while charging £1000 an hour for after dinner and other types of speeches. They have time to write books (while receiving in excess of £80,000 a year for working for their constituents) and frequently accept large cash advances for these thrilling “me myself and I” books – its all about money and ego for them – most at millionaires and some are multimillionaires and all have an ego the size of a house – remember 172 of them thought they could oust a leader elected by 260,000 of us plebs and when he was elected again this time by 300.000 of us they joined in an orchestrated hate campaign against him that lost us the 2019 election.
        Clearly Steve H its time for a clear out and I hope the grassroots can do this and help return the party to its rightful owners.

      2. Smartboy – …and you are going to achieve this by helping to install another Conservative government, and replacing Keir Starmer with who?
        You’d be a joke if only your weren’t so manifestly stupid.

      3. Reverting to type I see Steve H- you can’t make any reasoned response so like the other trolls on this site you resort to insults

      4. Smartboy – It is not an insult, it is a critique of this manifestly stupid plan. Does enabling another Tory Party government to undo the welfare state, destroy the NHS and decimate worker’s rights all at the expense of the poor and vulnerable to satisfy your fit of pique because you’ve finally had to admit yourselves that you can never attract more than a few votes have any redeeming features?🤔

  3. In an earlier debate, Liz Truss was asked about the infamous anti-worker statement in the book ‘Britannia Unchained’

    “The British are among the worst idlers in the world. We work among the lowest hours, we retire early and our productivity is poor. Whereas Indian children aspire to be doctors or businessmen, the British are more interested in football and pop music.”

    Liz Truss went to great pains to explain that she did not write the chapter that contained that statement.

    I noticed, however, that she did not express any disagreement with it!

  4. The grassroots left movement in the previous article is misguided, not, as SteveH contends, because it ushers in another Tory government, but because it still clings to the notion that one dominant party is replaced with another. Labour, under Starmer, Corbyn or indeed anyone else, would simply impose a different form of minority rule in disregard of the majority of the population. Labour, at best, is the most sizeable entity that might support a change to the voting system, removing FPTP in favour of a system that gives representation across the political spectrum rather than settling for one of two options for five year stretches.

  5. Though, SteveH, I think that you excuse Starmer’s ignoring of the support for PR – my ‘at best’ would necessitate a change in the leader of Labour to someone who would do more than prevaricate on PR and ultimately junk it the minute the prospect of them winning a GE. Starmer is as much an obstacle to PR as the Tories and, to be honest, I can’t see any Labour leader relinquishing the prospect of a term in government in favour of reforming the system

    1. Tim – Lets see what happens at this years conference. The wishes of 83% of the membership were blocked by the Unions last time but since then several of the major Unions including Unite, Unison & CWU have changed their policy and now support the adoption of PR for general Elections.

      1. Other Unions that now support PR for General Elections are Aslef, Baker’s, FBU, Musicians, Napo, POA, PCS, Prospect, UCU and the TSSA.

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