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Video: Sunak boasts of taking money from ‘poorest and most deprived areas’ for the well-off

Leadership contest sees Tories admitting what they normally mislead about

Under usual circumstances, the Tories and the media tie themselves in knots to hide the truth about the Conservatives do and have done to the millions of poor and vulnerable of the UK.

But in a Tory leadership contest – at least in the events that they don’t know will make it onto the air – they speak a lot more openly in order to convince their fellow sociopaths that it’s a good idea to choose them for the top job. And here’s Rishi Sunak not just admitting, but boasting that he took money away from the ‘poorest and most deprived’ parts of England to ‘divert’ it to the already well-off:

Millions of children in this country are hungry, many of them too hungry to study – and that was before the current ‘cost of corporate greed’ crisis – and the Tories have hammered the poorest parts of the country with massive cuts ever since they got into power. ‘Rishi’ thinks that’s something to boast about – and soon we’ll see (or won’t be shown) Truss try to out-compete him in the Tory horror stakes.

Now if only there was an opposition party that didn’t want to emulate them.

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  1. Millions of children in this country are hungry, many of them too hungry to study

    And what did keef do about it? Told the peers to ABSTAIN on giving them a free school meal.

    Thatcher just took away their milk…

      1. The fusty arld twunts who did keef’s bidding are every bit as much to blame as keef.

        It’s not as if keef can sack them is it? Nor can Joe Public vote them out of their £300 a day.

      2. You are right Toffee, but there are ~180 more BlueKeef’s in that filthy bastard Neo-Labour TORY Party. It would have made not a blind bit of a difference if it was BlueKeef, Reeves, Raynor, Cooper, Eagle, Benn, Lammy, Nandy, Ashworth, Allin-Kahn, Powel, Haig, Thornberry, etc, etc, etc! All ROTTEN Parasite TORIES!

  2. Well, Jeremy Corbyn ran up and down the country Campaigning, like a 20 something couldn’t, for a UK Labour Government. Warning about exactly everything that is happening to date!
    What did the SHEEPLE do? They jumped on BLiar, Mandelson, Campbell’s Remoaner PV/2ndRef SpinPorn Bandwagon, consequently freaked out the Brexiteers who jumped on their Bandwagon, followed by the Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORY Sabotage Bandwagon, and all the GetCorbyn Bandwagons alongside the MSM Bandwagon and NOBODY could hear the UK Labour Party’s Campaign Messages!
    Anyone who were on any of those Bandwagons clangning empty tin cans an screeching, at the times of GE and now crying rivers of tears, here’s a tissue and a sad viola!
    You deserve what you’ve got!
    You did it to yourself, you did it to all of us!

    1. PS. Now what have you got!?
      You gave away OUR choice, your children and grandchildren’s CHOICE!
      A Fucked Up Conservative Party TORIES vs An Equally Fucked Up Neo-Labour Party TORIES!
      This will take decades to repair and many, many lives lost! Good Work!

      1. nellyskelly – Where is the hidden message?

        Jeremy Corbyn
        I’ve just voted to Remain. The EU provides the best framework to meet the challenges of our time #LabourInForBritain
        8:50 am · 23 Jun 2016·Twitter for Android

      2. It is no secret that Jeremy Corbyn voted Remain, what are you aiming at?
        Many Socialists voted Remain for vrious reasons, I can assure you that most of those like me, who I spoke with on Twitter said given a decent UK Labour Government Leave Plan, they would have changed their vote to Leave.
        The EU was never under the British Public Microscope as recently, and never were those Globalist Neoliberal Warts so blatantly vissible.
        Also if we did get the UK Labour Government that the PEOPLE needed, and withiut the Sabotage, I can assure you that BlueKeef would have been nowhere near the Brexit Plan, BlueKeef and others would have been nowhere near the Frontbench!

      3. You think that once everything that has been revealed in the past two years came out he’d have remained promoted? Do you not think a lot would have changed by now? Surely you are not that SHEEPLEISH!

  3. I am expecting for Sunak to claim that what he meant is that he rebalanced the funding in favour of smaller towns on the former red belt. Hence, no sure how former Labour voters in the Red belt are going are going to react to Sunak’s video since many of them have complained in the past on how New Labour favoured London and the South East..
    We all know too that New Labour forgot the smaller towns in the North and the Midlands that for decades have voted Labour, preferring to support the big cities such as London.
    Never mind who wins the Tory leadership and becomes the PM we can be assured that Starmer isn’t going to offer an effective opposition or a valid alternative for communities in the former Red Belt that were left behind by New Labour.

  4. I genuinely don’t know how anyone with one iota of social conscience could vote Tory irrespective of who is leader. I and millions of other disaffected Labour members and supporters feel the same way about Starmers Labour which has hounded mostly elderly Jews out of the party, thrashed the reputations of anyone who believes in Human Rights for ALL including Palestinians, has turned on the working class and sets out every day to out Tory the Tories. I am being genuine here when I say that I think Keir Starmer would be just as capable as Sunak of doing this Robin Hood act only in reverse -robbing the poor to pay the rich- and making vile boasts about it in order to lose the next election which is clearly his remit.

    1. When we had a UK Labour Party RIP 13 December 2019, there was an argument fot that Smartboy, BUT The Neo-Labour Party TORIES Sabotaged, infested and killed The UK Labour Party.
      They are 2 Polar Opposite Parties:
      The UK Labour HOST Party = Democratic Socialism = FOR The PEOPLE!
      The Neo-Labour PARASITE Party = Thatcherite Globalist Neoliberal = FOR Themselves and The Elitist Establishment NOT FOR The PEOPLE!
      They killed the UK Labour Party and did so laughing in our faces. Just as BLiar/Brown’s New Labour NEVER got my vote, so much more so, will Neo-Labour TORIES not get my vote, EVER! If I was forced into a situation where my Ballot Paper had ONLY:
      Neo-Labour Party TORIES
      Conservative Party TORIES
      Well as I said above, I will NEVER vote Neo-Labour Party TORIES!
      By voting them OUT, keeping in mind, suffer we WILL, no matter what flavour of TORIES, we will atleast make room for future Socialists, once The PEOPLE wake up! I am sure that with the suffering that follows the next decades, many wil. BUT if we keep voting those PARASITES in, we prolong the suffering. They have us where they always wanted us, a ONE PARTY STATE we need to take out the PARASITE Faction of that One Party State, by voting them out.
      We have to keep in mind what they did to Socialists, Black Muslim, “Fringe” Jews, mostly Women, in just two years, do people think that Socialists stand a chance of getting a foot into Parliamennt and remaining in Parliament, with that lot in power of even just “opposition”. No! Even the Conservative TORIES are not as fanatical about Socialism!
      VOTE for your Granny!
      VOTE for the Looney Party!
      BUT FFS! Do NOT VOTE Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES!!!

  5. The Tories as usual for the few, the Lib Fibs for the few, New New Labour also for the few. A great choice we have in those three cheeks of the same arse.

    1. Makes no difference which flavour of TORY is in Nr10 be it:
      Sunak Conservative Party TORIES
      Truss Conservative Party TORIES
      Neo-Labour Party TORIES
      NeoLiberal Democrat TORIES

      Thatcher/Reagan’s flavour of Globalist Neoliberalism is just that and nothing else.
      The fight now is Socialism vs a sea of Globalist Neoliberalism, in Parliament.
      Wherever we can VOTE for the Socialist!
      Wherever we can’t VOTE AGAINST The Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES!
      Take their seats with pride!

      1. What do Communists have to do with this post, FFS! GO and get another shot of MSM from your mainline manufactured “truth and facts”!

      2. WTF is wrong with you!?
        As much as I dislike Galloway, what is Communist about the WPB!?
        WPB is Democratic Socialistm at best!
        You do know that Britain, even with a Conservative Government is a Socialist Nation, NHS, Schools, Social Security, Social Care, etc, etc, etc all Socialist, or in your case Communist, I guess! So, by your Sheeplesque MSM reckoning and in your little Fluff Bubble, you’re from a Communist Country!
        SHAME ON YOU!

      3. nellyskelly – You can rant as much as you like but it won’t change the facts

      4. MSM Propaganda/Manufactured “truth and facts” are not truth or facts, that is why you Sheeple are so stupid!

      5. nellyskelly – Do you mean facts like the WPB was formed in part to “defend the achievements of the USSR, China, Cuba etc.” and that the WPB has strong links with the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist–Leninist) (CPGB-ML), which welcomed the foundation of the WPB. Also the fact that Maoist Joti Brar, vice-chair of the CPGB-ML, was elected as deputy leader of the WPB.

      6. nellyskelly – 🥱, after 43yrs where is your credible alternative. Isn’t it high time that you stopped ranting from a sedentary position and actually got off your arses and did something, anything?

      7. nellyskelly – How would you describe your sometimes less than intelligible contributions that offer nothing to anyone. Surely 43yrs is enough time to get your act together.

      8. It’s stuck again, back to the Troll Repair Shop!

        Q. How would you describe your sometimes less than intelligible contributions:
        A. Probably no different than you do yours.

        Q. …..that offer nothing to anyone:
        A. HOPE so much more powerful than abuse of power, it’s something you Globalist Neoliberals can only read about, but never grasp or experience!

        Q. Surely 43yrs is enough time to get your act together.
        A¹: Yes, and we came so close but, the Thatcherite Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES Sabotaged and killed their Host Party, the UK Labour Party, with the nastiest imaginable Internal Sabotage, as you already know!

        A²: 43 years in Power and what has Globalist Neoliberalism done, apart from War, Death and Destruction, Corruption , Austerity, Privatisation, Fake Recession, EVERYTHING in their power to prevent a Party FOR The PEOPLE and NOT FOR Themselves and the Elitist Establishment!

        We don’t need to do a single thing, you Thatcherite Globalist Neoliberals are doing it all for us, a bit like, how The Conservative Party didn’t have to do ANYTHING to fight The UK Labour Party, the Thatcherite Neo-Labour Party TORIES did it ALL FOR THEM!
        If anyone needs to concern themselves with the future it is you! NOT us!

      1. Russia and China have never been communist countries. No matter how much you want them to be.

      2. George – I agree, they are both authoritarian dictatorships.

        But the Andrew is advocating that others should join him in the WPB.which was formed in part to “defend the achievements of the USSR, China, Cuba etc.”
        The party has strong links with the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist–Leninist) (CPGB-ML), which welcomed the foundation of the WPB. Maoist Joti Brar, vice-chair of the CPGB-ML, was elected as deputy leader of the WPB

      3. Russia’s Government is lead by a Conswrvative Party, and Russia is a Federal State so much like the now ONE Conservative PARTY Governments of the USA and The UK,
        What the hell are you talking about!?
        This is why the MSM is deteriorating people’s brains and turning the likes of you into Zombified MSM SHEEPLE! JFC!

      4. nellyskelly – See my 4:09pm response to George (immediately above)

      5. And you think Julian Assange, the assassination of Socialism with the same hysteria as dumb American’s Communism, blocking freedom of information and speech, blocking already drowning refugees out at sea, blocking protest and people right and freedoms, “undeserving poor”, removal of Human Rights, leaving the ECHR, losing Workers Rights, to name just a few IS IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM, NOT AUTHORITARIAN DICTATORSHIPS!
        PS. Who has ever denied that they are anything other than Conservative TWATS, just like BoJoke, BlueKeef, Truss, Sunak, Biden, Trudeau, Macron, etc, etc!? European Socialist Parties infested and killed with Neoliberal Parasites.
        Have you been asleep!? Have you REALLY not noticed the state of “The West”!?
        Simply SHOCKING!
        Even if it doesn’t affected your Right Wing Conservative arse, surely you have noticed the state of The PEOPLE!? You REALLY SHOULD WAKE UP! Keep your Apathy to yourself, at this point!

      6. nellyskelly – Which is why we need a Labour government led by Keir Starmer rather than the Conservative Party one that you are offering.

      7. More than half of that IS FUCKING BlueKeef and Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES!
        Alternative? You and yours Killed The UK Labour Party, you tell me! FFS!
        WAKE UP!

      8. nellyskelly – Why are you so concerned about a party that you are not a member of?
        If you don’t like what the Labour Party stands for then apart from a fear that your lack of support will be exposed what is stopping you and a few like minded individuals (if you can find any) from setting up a party and actually testing the popularity of your views with the electorate. No amount of your ranting will ever change anything, you and your comrades need to get off your arses and actually do something instead of just shouting childish expletives about it..

      9. If you destroy my house, I sure as hell will go round yours and destroy your house!
        An eye for an eye!
        I think you get the drift, The Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES killed The UK Labour Party, deliberately sabotaged from the inside and out.
        I am not concerned about your Parasite TORY Party, I am doing everything I can to ensure you are destroyed! I am not alone, but I am sure that you are not that asleep not to notice!
        What you and yours did was to destroy any hope of relief for the people suffering most in society, so don’t come with you usual fake concern antics for “The Undeserving Poor”! We don’t need you or your ONE PARTY STATE!
        We know suffering, we’ve suffered 43 years of TORY HELL, we can’t have a Party for The PEOPLE while you anti-Socialist Parasite TORIES infest Parliament!
        YOU MUST GO!

      10. nellyskelly – So after 43yrs the current situation is that you’ve achieved SFA and as for your metaphor about houses, to date you don’t even have a pot to piss in never mind a house.

      11. Oh FFS! Your are like a Parrot!
        No we don’t have single thing left, should we feel ashamed, when a PowerfulI Internationall Globalist Neoliberal Coupe just destroed everything we had! The one last chance The PEOPLE had, NO petal not I, however look in the mirror that is what shame looks like, even if your apathy hides it temporarily!
        Now who knows what it will take to destroy Globalist Neoliberalism, but rest assured whatever it takes, it will happen!
        We don’t stand in your shaddow pet, we don’t need you, we don’t want you!
        You may be squirming in the dead skin of what once was the UK Labour Party, but that is all you will ever be! Enjoiy it while it lasts!

      12. nellyskelly – Who are you trying to convince, yourself?
        Yet more empty rhetoric and inane bluster won’t achieve anything.

      13. @nellykskelly, thank you for your brilliant contribution to this forum and Socialism, you are well loved.

      14. They’re both not falling on their asses for the Yanks! What planet are you on water rat?

      15. Andrew – Is that your version of not being able to think of anything positive to say about either of them.

      16. Andrew – Thanks for the offer but no thanks.
        You could try asking your admirer nellyskelly, you may find her more receptive.

      17. SteveH, Putin is no communist. Stop teaching your plantation workers shit, sooner or later they’ll form a union. Then it’s back to islands in the shit.

      18. wobbly – Our caretaker has been more than happy to work with us for more than a ¼ of a century.

  6. SteveH 05/08/2022 at 4:09 pm :

    Wow, that’s a whole heap of Mail/ Telegraph/ Times propaganda you’ve thrown at me there, with a bit of NYT, WSJ and WP thrown in, for good measure.

    Russia and China weren’t, even, ‘authoritarian’. They were both Totalitarian. That was all they had known under Tsarist rule, and under the rule of many and varied warlords, in the case of China. There was no history of democracy, in either country.

    Lenin tried, but had become too old and weak, which gave Stalin his opening to plan his ‘reign of terror’ – behind Lenin’s back – much like the Tsars had done. Everyone was fair game to him. It, certainly, wasn’t communism.

    Cuba were communist so long as Russia kept the supplies coming – so long as it suited them. Now they’re more hard-line democratic socialists, to the extent COVID showed them embracing the free market by selling their vaccines to other countries, like Vietnam – at a price. Their democratic socialism, still, poses a threat to US autocracy, in the region, which is why they’ve maintained the blockade for, more than sixty years, now. Apart from a brief period under the Obama administration.

    Mao Zedong, knew he had to be harsh to drag the peasantry with him. He did that with famine, the Cultural Revolution, and straight forward mass-murder – weeding out ‘the weak’ from the chaff, so, nothing communist about any of that. Now, as we know, the Chinese have embraced a form of neoliberalism – more like nationalist neoliberalism, similar to Putin’s Russia. No communism there, at all.

    Had communism taken root in France or Germany, where there had been a semblance of democracy, history may have turned out differently. But it didn’t.

    For myself, I prefer a healthy dose of democratic socialism. As the name suggests – it’s more democratic.

    1. The west can only dream of a leader of the stature of Mr Putin and you know it Rat ass H!. Oh, and the Workers Party is growing fast 🙂

      1. Andrew – What is it that you admire about your hero Putin?

      1. Andrew – I’m sorry you’ll have to rephrase that, I haven’t a clue what you are on about. Have you?

        ps – Don’t forget to let me know what it is that you admire about your hero Putin?

      2. Andrew – Are you having a laugh, is that really the best that you could manage to come up with. 🙄
        You’re a joke. 😏

  7. SteveH 05/08/2022 at 5:10 pm :

    The Labour Party stands for democratic socialism. It says so on the back of the Membership Card.

    You might want to press that point on your colleagues, in Southside Labour. They are, certainly, not democratic socialists.

    1. George – I seem to remember that Corbyn promised to democratise the party and then spent nearly 5yrs doing SFA to achieve this.

      1. Only, attracting, almost, 600,000 Members to the party, unaware of what was going on behind his – and everyone’s – back.

        The attraction was those Democratic socialist policies.

        Now, JC has been exonerated by – not one – but two non-partisan reports, we wait to see what Starmer can come up with. No one’s holding their breath.

        As an afterthought, I wonder how Starmer would stand up against scrutiny. We’ve already seen his luck stretched to breaking point, with curry dinners in Durham, and, latterly – with 8 x forgetfulness in Parliament.

        I wonder what else is waiting to be revealed.

      2. George – and yet 20% of the membership chose to abandon Corbyn’s Labour in 2018/19.

    2. Your labour Party stands for nothing but the betrayal of the masses of working class people in this country, S-h-i-t does not spell roses how ever you write it on the back of your membership card.

      1. Blinded by the lies of 180 Red Tories + a;; those Vile right wing councilors, something else you bloody know of Rat Ass H..

      2. Andrew – …and there was I thinking that they couldn’t stomach voting for Corbyn.

      1. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact. Haven’t you got around to reading, either, The EHRC or The Forde Inquiry Reports, yet?

        Despite the double-speak, both were quite clear where the faults lay – and they weren’t on the left.

        There have, now, been many reviews, but nothing from Southside Labour, at all. Telling!

      2. George – No it isn’t, it is an opinion, just like my 7:24pm comment above is my opinion. Do you really not know the difference.

        “Facts and opinions are often uttered in the same breath; the terms have a huge difference in their meanings. Whether a statement is a fact or an opinion depends on the validity of the statement. While a fact refers to the something true or real, which is backed by evidence, documentation, etc. On the other hand, opinion is what a person believes or thinks about something.
        In finer terms, a fact is a proven truth, whereas opinion is a personal view, that represents the outlook of an individual, which may or may not be based on the fact…………..

      3. SteveH 05/08/2022 at 11:06 pm :

        “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” – George Orwell

  8. Yes Tories don’t preach class politics they are too busy practising them (Joan Maynard).
    You can go back to 2010 Tory/Lib Dem Coalition who changed local govt funding rules to be based on population size only instead of counting levels of poverty too, result Labour mainly Northern councils losing £6b and Tory mainly Southern councils gaining £3b but that was when Labour was almost half decent but now stands for NOTHING!

    1. and yet all you are offering is more Tory party destruction. More of the same. It shouldn’t really come as a surprise (even to you) that nobody can take you seriously and people have simply stopped listening. You have nothing to offer.

  9. Fuck me… Hasn’t anyone called house on the wee stevie bingo yet?

    Credible alternative
    Who are you trying to convince
    It isn’t my fault
    Corbyn LOST 20%
    See my post
    Is that the best you can manage

    What are you all waiting on? I need thanks for your input for a full house.

    C’mon nonce apologist – cough up 🤞🤞🤞

    1. Toffee – and the best you can manage is to highlight the short comings of your assertions. Perhaps if you relied more on doing some research rather than ranting expletives every time somebody disagrees with you then you might fare better. Perhaps if you had something tangible to offer people would listen.

      1. You’ll note that you’re the only one receives the expletives.

        Ask yerself why that might be.

  10. Perfectly stated and understood by any sentient being paying any sort of attention right now.

    While I’m here:

    Fuck Red, Yellow, Orange , and Blue Tories. And the Green ones, too .


    1. Tartan Tories
      Are the easiest to finish off
      Give them Referendum with 60% limit to get over line
      At same time we offer devolution on steroids
      They fail we pick up pieces

      1. Another shithouse racist devolutionist asshole and his poisonous ideas, you should all find it very interesting how these right wing scumbags invade our political spaces…

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