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Keir Starmer breached MP’s code of conduct EIGHT times

The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner has found that Keir Starmer breached parliamentary rules on the declaration of MPs’ interests no fewer than eight times – five more than were in the original complaint against him.

Starmer failed to declare, within the required timeframe, eight separate ‘interests’, including a five-figure book advance, a land sale and gifts from football teams.

The Commissioner decided that he had not intended to mislead, a charitable conclusion that is more than can be said for his refusal, during his campaign to become Labour leader, to reveal the massively wealthy anti-Corbyn donors that were bankrolling it, despite his rivals revealing theirs -twisting himself into pretzels to try to justify his evasiveness in an excruciating broadcast interview.

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  1. As is also clearly stated above
    While Sir Keir Starmer had been found to breach the code of conduct, [The Parliamentary Standards Commissioner] Ms Stone’s conclusions found that “the breaches were minor and/or inadvertent, and that there was no deliberate attempt to mislead”.

      1. Smartboy – These are the conclusions of the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards

      2. Smartboy, don’t get baited
        Obviously one or more pro-Starmer trolls will come onto the comment section early to try and pretend this is a minor thing.

        But the reality is that Starmer is a lawyer and any suggestion of public lying or repeated fiscal misrepresentation is treated by the professions as a disciplinary issue.

      3. Bernie – Some might regard Smartboy’s comment “well he would say that wouldn’t he lol!” as baiting.
        However all I have done is report the facts and posted supporting links. You can make up whatever you like but the Commissioners findings are quite clear.

      4. Guy Fawkes was right. Is there any partr of ‘the system’ that you can trust?

    1. For clarity BlueSteveH does that mean that BlueKeef is guilty or not guilty of breach of conduct? Just to be clear, I assume you read the full report, surely?

      1. nellyskelly – As I made clear above, the Commission’s findings had already been widely reported. The only controversy here is the one you’re desperately trying to manufacture. If you want to waste your time, that’s your privilege.

      2. Byrne, White, Cohen, Forde, just about anything that Skwawkbox reports on, is apparently false until YOU have read the report, judgements, doccuments.
        Unless it is “Widely Reported” on Sheeple Manufactured MSM.
        I can’t remember you EVER returning, with an alternative narative/verdict. Not a sensible argument anyhow.

      3. “Among the seven other breaches were an £18,450 advance the Labour leader received from publisher HarperCollins in April for a book in which he is expected to set out his vision for Britain.”

        Presumably he won’t be including budgeting in his vision?

        Just to be clear Starmer hasn’t written a book yet . Mr Honesty & Efficiency just ‘mislaid’ the eighteen grand advance he received.

      4. Harper Collins 18 grand advance.
        20 per cent share of the ownership of a property in Somerset
        Crystal Palace football tickets worth £720
        Watford vs Arsenal, football tickets worth a total of £1,416,

        Just a few of the things Starmer – the man that snubs decent struggling working-class Strikers – had failed to report. You wonder what – including the freebie Wimbledon Royal Box Tickets – is among his actual material declarations???

      5. Bernie – Is Holly Baxter your alter ego?

        “Just to be clear Starmer hasn’t yet written a book. Mr Honesty & Efficiency just ‘mislaid’ the eighteen grand advance he received. ”

        “Among the seven other breaches were an £18,450 advance the Labour leader received from publisher HarperCollins in April for a book in which he is expected to set out his vision for Britain.”
        Presumably he won’t be including economic budgeting in his vision?

        Starmer “has apologised to the commissioner for this inadvertent error”.
        All eight of them!
        Apparently someone who aspires to run the country cannot manage personal budget declarations or even the difference between singular and plural.

        I see Starmer’s public relations team have got onto the comment section early to try and pretend this is a minor thing.
        But the reality is that he is a lawyer and suggestion of public lying is treated by the professions as a disciplinary issue.

        Selling a plot of land for a sum that exceeded…£100,000.
        20 per cent share of the ownership of a property in Somerset
        Crystal Palace football tickets worth £720
        Watford vs Arsenal, football tickets worth a total of £1,416,
        These are just some of the things Starmer – the man that refuses to support struggling working-class Strikers – had failed to report. You wonder what else including the freebie Wimbledon Royal Box Tickets is among his actual declarations???

        Or perhaps you just copy and paste from the same crib sheet.🤔

      6. Oh DEAR! was that “Russian” Arsenal Tickets or New Management Arsenal Tickets, oooh, has BlueKeef joined the Red Army 🇷🇺

      7. It is the under the table dodgy dealing we need to uncover. The BIG money. I would recommend starting a sniffing trail around not for the “Undeserving Poor” Mattinson, who left her multimillion polling business to work for BlueKeef’s office for FREE! Yeah! Right! Like that is going to happen! She is a Business Woman, she is not going to get out of bed for less than what she brought home prior!

    2. Reply to Bernie
      Thanks Bernie – you are right about the trolls – Steve H is one of the very obvious trolls but he doesn’t bother me. I was just having a laugh at his expense. The ones I can’t stand are the fake socialists whose comments are pure poison and clearly designed to make the Left look bad. These fakes also try to undermine Jeremy Corbyn at every opportunity- you know the sort of thing – they say something like ” Jeremy is great but….” and then they proceed to tear him to shreds .
      I find it very encouraging that they do this- it proves the Right still fear Jeremy and his socialist principles which so many of us share.

      1. Smartboy
        JC is a spiritual leader, an ideas man, a visionary
        At the end of the day one part of a team, stop behaving like a Civilian when we are fighting a war

      2. Doug – Oh dear, have you inadvertently joined a religious cult?

      3. Both JC and PWC support Arsenal, often described as a cultured team
        Foe those of us who played football from 8am to 10pm in the summer holidays, what that means is ‘soft as shite ‘
        They have achieved nothing since they lost Viera, at end of day someone has to do the dirty work

    3. Well stevie boy your boss is earning a slippery reputation in parliament and even made the front of the BBC for his antics.Naturally hes managed to run rings around the members that are left after the witchunt but you can’t expect the rest of Britain to get used to dodgy deals and pathological liars as Sir knight of the realm is.
      .No stevie boy you can’t make a silk purse out of a pigs ear but you can you always H….?

  2. I wonder who owns the Parliamentary Standards Commission!?
    Perhaps the Trilateral Commission?
    Just for interests sake, how many did BoJoke break?

      1. That may be the “Official” bumf, but it says nothing about the Actual, Factual, True answers to my questions. You nor I, are privy to that information.

      2. I research what I feel I need to, unlike you, not only that which is not in your ‘favour’.
        That need usually involves MSM Propaganda, the manufactured “truth”.

      3. nellyskelly – Perhaps if you weren’t so ‘selective’ with your ‘research’ you wouldn’t make a fool of yourself quite so often.

      4. Selective says the MSM singular narative SHEEPLE.
        You know I have said this to you many times before, this mocking you do of making a fool…, mistakes, not winning, etc is indicative of Childlike School Playground Bully Taunting.
        As an ‘ex-not headhunted’ teacher, that is quite alarming. We are adults here and your inuendo does not affect us in the slightest, but children would be scarred for life, especially persistent taunting as you attempt to do here.

    1. Wirral – Is there any chance of you growing up, is it any wonder that so few can take you pretend lefties seriously

      1. “You Pretend Lefties” as opposed to? YOU? BlueKeef? Reeves? The Thatcherite Globalist Neoliberal Neo-Labour Party TORIES?
        Well! Well! Well! What can one say about that!

      2. The quality of the debate is not of a particularly high standard gentlemen.

      1. Doug – Is there any chance of you growing up, is it any wonder that so few can take you pretend lefties seriously

      2. Wirral – Oh dear, is that really the best riposte that you could manage.

      3. Very good Doug,👏 one thing, Helga was sharp. She has no peer in labour today.

      4. It really is becoming a true black commedy! The House of Commons definitely need a clown suit room and permanent face painters!
        CheesyLiz vs BlueKeef, The Conservative TORIES vs The Neo-Labour TORIES and our dead bodies piling up like an Azov Tipper Truck Burrial!
        I may have to start watching PMQ Catch Up again! While I am still able to! It is going to be like a TORY Agreement Ceremony!

      5. “Pretend lefties”. Classic!
        Sir Dodgy-Deals-Hidden Sponsors s*n correspondent is the Real McDeal?

    2. Wirral, spot on as ever, and in case anybody didn’t know Harper Collins is owned by Murdoch, and Starmer writes in the Scum and Times. Also owned by Murdoch……

      Starmer is a forgetful, devious duplicitous sonofabitch.

  3. Two Cheeks
    Did he inadvertently fail to declare donations during the leadership contest
    Did he inadvertently sign upto 10 pledges
    Did he inadvertently turn into the worst kind of anti semite by making false claims of AS against Jewish members
    Did he inadvertently shit on the Unions from a great height bur continue to take their money
    Did he inadvertently waste £13 million of reserves
    Did he inadvertently lose 270,000 members or doesn’t he know yet because the data has been lost
    Did he inadvertently call for a 2nd Referendum then switch to ‘make Brexit Work ‘
    He is as bent as a nine bob note

    1. Doug – I see you still don’t have much confidence iin your own submissions.
      You are welcome to answer your own questions if you want to but ‘just now’ I can’t be arsed with your nonsense.

      1. Two Cheeks
        Did he inadvertently write for the Sun
        Does he inadvertently want to fight until the last Ukrainian
        Does he inadvertently support the Neo Cons next war against China
        Does he inadvertently support apartheid
        Did he inadvertently shag a flag

    2. Doug…Spot on. I’m eagerly waiting to peruse the latest set of accounts to see how much more money he’s managed to ‘lose’.

    1. Andy – I would encourage everybody to read the full article that you have linked to so that they can appreciate for themselves what a load of bollocks it is.

      1. He’s promised to give the five-figure book advance to charity – though given this is Starmer, it’ll be a case of believe it when it happens. Apparently, he’s going to write a book explaining what he believes in , so it should be pretty short.

        He’ll probably hire a Blairite ghostwriter – his speech writer Philip Collins perhaps? Then pass himself off as its author.

        This is a party that imposed benefit sanctions for those that missed as little as one appointment, SteveH, nevermind eight!!!! Hypocrisy? Rachel Reeves seemingly revels in such punishments to the most downtrodden in society.

      2. SteveH

        Why do you keep defending Starmer?

        You stated here that you wanted PR for Westminster, he’s flatly rejected PR for Westminster and will fight it at conference against the unions, members and everyone who can see the UK’s biggest problem is its voting system. A system which is designed to prevent change and has ‘baked in’ mediocrity. Or do you think Truss vs Starmer represents the very best of the UK’s political talent?

        Mr Remain has also become Mr Brexit. There is nothing for true progressives here, whether you’re on the left like Skawkbox or even on centre-left liberal-ish faction. Starmer has basically betrayed everyone now.

      3. …Apparently, he’s going to write a book explaining what he believes in , so it should be pretty short…


      4. ….and your alternative is what???


  4. Starmer could always write a book on the findings of The Forde Inquiry Report, couldn’t he?

    There have, now, been several learn-ed and very worthwhile reviews of The Report, but barely a word from the ‘leader’ of The Labour Party. The body The Report was commissioned for – and paid for, by Members’ subs.

    A curious state of affairs, to say the least.

  5. Keef and New New Labour should be prosicuted under the trade discription act, for calling themselves a Labour party.

    1. Keef should be prosciutto…and fed to those other freeloading bastards…the bliars.

  6. Oh come on folks…. It’s mainly ONLY a few freebies….That most poor sods would have to save for a year or more to afford.

    I mean, £720 (palace tickets) would almost buy a season ticket at clubs around here

    £1410** is travel expenses for best part of a year (perhaps more) for some poor sod on piss poor wages around here.

    Or more relevantly today, their gas/electric/food bill paid for a year.

    But it’s just a trifling freebie for keef. Not worth mentioning.

    **£1410 for Watford tickets? I’d wanna own the fookin town of Watford – as well as the club – for that much ffs.

  7. For clarity £720 will bit you a season ticket at 18 of the 20 PL clubs. Only places you wouldn’t get one are arsenal (where keef has his season ticket**) and tottingham.

    The same amount would get you TWO season tickets at both West ham and Mankchester citeh….With a few quid change for a half time pie.

    But it’s just a freebie unworthy of mention for keef

    **And yes, before he starts his usual but Jeremy has an arsenal season ticket monotony…WE KNOW But IF he accepts freebies, at least he declares them.

  8. I once robbed a bank but I didn’t steal very much. I was once arrested for speeding in my car but the copper agreed that I wasn’t going that fast. I then assulted another person but I didn’t hit them very hard.
    As you can see I do break the law quite regulaly but I am practically innocent because I only break it a little bit each time.
    Anyway because I am a very important person none of these offences matter as much as they would were I just common like you. Lets face it unlike other people I don’t have the time to follow all of the rules that closely as I have far more important things to do. As I am a Knight of the Realm & qualified barrister its obvious to anyone that I have a great respect for the law and all that stuff so given the chance I am certainly reliable & trustworthy enough to run the Government.

    1. Albert Swift, but he apologized so everything’s fine and dandy…..Just like Johnson did so many times. It’s what these bastards do, commit a crime and then issue an apology so they think the slate can be wiped clean.

      Except he’s not getting away with it scot free. He’s a liar and a racist and an increasing number of people are thankfully seeing him for what he is.

      1. He’ll get away with it t
        – The same as every bastard one of them get away with it.

        Sorry guv….honest mistake!/I>

        Or, to use their much-abused favourite term inadvertent

        Because using words like that exempts you from your transgressions.

        Maybe that’s why green & green shafts weren’t prosecuted by keef.

        Fook knows what savile must’ve said. Weren’t exactly known for his eloquence 😙🎶

  9. Just imagine the fuss if this was Jeremy Corbyn! But not much chance of that because Jeremy Corbyn is an honest man.
    Unlike Starmer, whose only apparent interests are destroying the Labour and waiting fort his Tory Peerage!

    1. EXACTLY!
      On Twitter the fuss is still exactly the same, and the fussers exactly the same fussers!
      I wish he would do a permanent vlog, Fireside Troll Tweet Readouts by Uncle Jeremy!
      He could do sell out shows, even to live responses!

  10. Deceitful seems to be the operative word as he does have a history in regards his now defunct ‘PLEDGES’ and the delays in releasing the FORDE report until politically expedient.

    1. SM – I haven’t seen any evidence that Keir interfered with the release of the Forde Report, have you?

  11. SteveH, you have been rather slow to point out that JC declared his interests, like tickets for his family to go to glastonbury, clearly cynical opportunity virtue signalling. Unlike Starmer who is testing the boundaries and readying himself for future opportunities.

    1. Admittedly, it was only a celeb-worship site, but he’s increased his wealth by several million pounds since scheming votes out of party members. I dislike this man more than should be humanly possible.

  12. Keir Starmer breached MP’s code of conduct EIGHT times

    EIGHT times that we know about!

    The more I learn about this man – and see how he is managing the Labour party – the more certain I am that he can breach rules and responsibilities of proper practice (i.e. codes of conduct) in more ways than most people can shake a stick at.

    1. qwertboi – I’m guessing that you haven’t got around to reading the Commissioners findings yet.

      1. The facts speak for themselves SteveH. Even a sympathetic Commissioner would need to exceed your level of perfidy (where Sir Keir of the Commission is concerned) to make systemic dishonesty and ‘forgetfulness’ seem acceptable.

      2. qwertboi – The facts do speak for themselves, they are clearly laid out in the findings of the parliamentary officials.

  13. Why isn’t he even getting a pathetic one-day ban from the commons for it?

    (Correctly) Call the fat tory scruff a liar and you get one.

    1. Toffee – If you’d bothered to read the Commissioners findings you would know why.

      1. Yes I DID read it – you fucking nonce apologist.

        inadvertent & minor

        Inadvertenton EIGHT occasions?

        And in excess of £20k minor

        No deliberate attempt to mislead? Maybe.

        More likely he couldn’t be fucked to bother knowing that the toothless bastard commissioner would do exactly what he expected.

        YOU might excuse it. Millions DON’T.

        Now fuck off. Nonce apologist.

  14. The nub is – Starmer has portrayed himself
    as “squeaky clean” and SO different from Johnson ..
    but otherwise he


    .. or ideas come to that.

    and has spent his time persecuting
    loyal Labour Party members

    So in spite of what the Standards Committee says
    and in spite of it all being small beer compared with
    Johnson’s doings .. the MSM are piling onto him
    for this ..

    Its the “optics” stoopid ..

    So serve him right ..

    Karma folks .. karma ..

    1. HFM – “the MSM are piling onto him for this ..”

      Are they really, I can’t say I’d noticed.

      1. And just how the fuck would you know while your 3000 miles away?

        In fact, how are you the first to post your (irrelevant) links to other i(rrelevant) shite 90% of the time from your Caribbean hidey hole when most of us here are unawares? 😙🎶

        Rhetorical question. Don’t bother answering.

      2. How nice for ya.

        I honestly wasn’t aware of that snippet of information. I thought you posted on here by some sort of sorcery.


  15. I assure you STeveH – the story has been on the
    BBC Network all day and every Labour MP
    who has appeared on TV has been questioned
    about it. It also has appeared in every newspaper
    from the Sun .. to the Guardian ..

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