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King’s Fund gets a schooling on the facts after claiming NHS privatisation is a ‘myth’

Think-tank claims NHS privatisation has remained ‘broadly stable’ – but facts say otherwise

An influential ‘independent’ think-tank that once recommended the cutting back of ‘acute’ health services has published a Twitter thread claiming that the Tories’ privatisation of the NHS is a ‘myth’, because – supposedly – the proportion of NHS spending on provision by private firms has stayed ‘broadly stable’ for the past ten years.

Pro-NHS campaigner ToryFibs demolished this nonsense with plain fact, in a response quoting the official figures from the House of Commons Library that show the proportion of NHS spending going to private – and usually Tory-donating – firms has almost doubled in that period:

In cash terms, the amount of NHS money going into private company bank accounts has more than doubled – a 134% increase – and in real terms has almost doubled, since the Tories came to power in 2010. This, according to the King’s Fund, is ‘broadly stable’ spending.

And it should go without saying that every pound spent on fully public healthcare goes into healthcare – while of every pound spent on private provision, a significant proportion goes into company profits, leaving less to care for patients and properly pay the workers who provide the care.

This is the heart of the Tory scam – and the current Labour regime, which takes cash from health privatisers, is entirely on board – more and more spending diverted into the pockets of their pals and donors, while cash available to genuine public services is choked ever more tightly.

Such is the diseased state of our ‘mainstream’ media and our public discourse that many people are more or less unaware of this, while false claims about spending, privatisation and all the other Establishment lies are almost never challenged – even when they’re completely counterfactual.

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  1. Think tank=club paid to deliver results relevant to the sponsor.

    NHS is toast. I’ve said it half a dozen times here already.

    Good example, I broke my foot badly in February. It’s still broke now and they don’t give a rodents furry crack. Burnout, lack of empathy, fed up will th dealing with the political crap? I don’t know, but I do know is end user are not in their interests or cares.

    P.S. if you clapped, you’re part of the problem. Sorry

    1. There are more chicken teeth than “charitable foundations” who are not entirely owned by the Old World Order Globalist Neoliberal Club!
      Charities are nothing more than Photo Opportunities with a big fat Cheque that will be laundered, wrapped in scented paper and delivered to your preferred Tax Haven.
      Rotten to the core for the most of them! Clients and Staff treated like rubbish, Top Dog heavy big bucks!
      As Mattinson clearly shows, the Neoliberals don’t even need payment, they can spin enough dodgy to quit their multi million bussiness to come and work for BlueKeef’s office for NADA! Neoliberalism is an evil web spun around humanity and daily it is choking us a bit more! When will we wake up and cut free! Surely it has to be SOON!

  2. And they rubbished Corbyn when he presented the World with that document to prove this was going to happen.

    Instead the Country voted in the corrupt overweight bath sponge. Corbyn was a fanatical extremist they said.

    A great shame the majority of the population of this Country cannot tell a lie from the truth, a mortal flaw that could might result in their early demise.

    Lemmings over the cliff……………..Truly what can one say?

  3. ‘The health and care system is under intense pressure, with rising waiting times, persistent workforce shortages and patients struggling to access the care they need. As a result, patient and public satisfaction with services has dropped significantly, prompting debate and discussion about the future of health and care services. In the context of what can feel like a heated political and media discussion, we have taken five myths that sometimes feature in this debate and debunked them.’

    5. The NHS is being privatised


    Some, mainly left-wing, commentators have argued for many years that the NHS is being privatised………

  4. The cheap and nasty Tory party have a visceral hatred of public services in general and the NHS in particular

  5. Yes the Tory Salami approach to the privatisation of the NHS continues as this evidence clearly demonstrates.
    Yet Lightweight Right Wing Labour Apathy sticks its head in the sand.
    Need Left Wing Democratic Socialist Fighters for our NHS!

    1. Arguably it was Right Wing Labour Apathy (Tony Blair) that made this ever-increasing tory NHS privatisation possible in the first place. “Market forces”, to quote dear Tony.

      Had it not been for Sir Anthony Charles Lynton Blair and his “third way” the Tories would still have had a healthy electoral fear of privatising the NHS and not enacted the 2012 Health & Social Care Act to It provides for the most extensive reorganisation of the structure of the National Health Service in England to date reorganise the structure of the NHS in England and Wales in readiness for total privatisation – which the BMJ provided “evidence that privatisation is an inevitable consequence of many of the policies contained in the Health and Social Care Bill”

  6. How anyone has the chutzpah to claim there’s no privatisation, when you can’t even get a dental checkup or eye test without paying through the nose, is totally beyond me!

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