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Exclusive: Labour expels White after public criticism of Starmer – but tries to save Harpin by claiming backdated

Party’s feeble ruse to save libellous right-wing hack fools no one

The Labour party has expelled famous Liverpool left-wing activist Audrey White, five days after she gave Keir Starmer a very public piece of her mind over his betrayal of members, working people, the people of Liverpool and the vulnerable when Starmer dared to show his face in the city after writing for the Murdoch S*n.

But in a transparent effort to try to hide Starmer’s vindictiveness and save the skin of libellous right-wing hack Lee Harpin – who had smeared White by implying she was lying about being a party member – the party’s expulsion letter claims she was expelled in February but that an ‘administrative error’ meant they were just getting round to informing her today.

Skwawkbox understands that Ms White, a noted women’s rights activist, is already consulting her lawyers about both the libel and Starmer’s cowardly vindictiveness.

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    1. Solidarity Audrey. Starmer is craven vindictive scum who won’t last beyond the next GE. All the Tories need to do to repeat GE19 is say “keep Brexit safe ” and, if Labour is still led by Starmer, GE19 will repeat itself & Starmer is toast.

  1. Stand strong Audrey, and sue the bastards for every penny they haven’t got!
    You and all the other victims of that putrid Thatcherite, White European, Zionist, Globalist Neoliberal Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES!
    Sue the fuckers dryer than the Wriggling, Squirming Dead Skin that they occupy and that once was, The UK Labour Party!

  2. “Expelled in February but that an administrative error meant that they were just getting round to informing her today”.
    What kind of clown car operation are members subs actually paying for?
    No serious political operation would resort to such pathetic “dog ate my homework” excuses and expect any normal person to believe them.
    But as the damning Internal Report and the resulting Forde Report have shown, in many areas, Labour HQ, like the PLP, has a worrying number of people in there who would hardly qualify as normal.
    And in our country at least, vindictiveness is one of the facets least admired in our politicians. Its a real turn-off to normal voters.

    1. Not with the god – “You must fall down, kiss my feet and worship me” Starmer in Charge. NO, not at all surprising. He had no answers when she confronted him, just a copwardly attack when she wasn’t in the room. Leader? THat’s laughable!

    2. That Starmer’s a shallow, vindictive hypocrite who can’t tolerate dissent, even when it’s the truth?

      No, not at all surprised.

    3. You’d have to admit Starmer deserved it, though- he has never been personally popular as leader and the poll leads Labour has had on his watch would have happened under RLB, too- they were never contingent on Labour having a leader who was viciously anti-socialist and anti-democracy, who thinks no one but himself and the PLP- a group whose only distinction is winning seats ANY Labour candidate would automatically win- should have any say in what Labour stands for, how it is run, and who stands as its candidates.

      It isn’t possible for a dictatorial, top-down run party where the grassroots membership has no voice to stand for anything at all even minutely to the left of the Tories, and none of the brutal rightward swings in policy have gained the party votes. There is nobody who is only supporting Labour in the polls at the moment because the party won’t nationalise or place in social ownership the energy sector- nothing Labour can be done with the energy sector through mere mundane regulations, and there can never be a Green New Deal if the energy sector continues to be run solely for profit.

      As soon as Johnson’s successor is chosen, the Tories will be back in the lead. What will you say then, Steve? Will you continue to defend the reactionary and the indefensible? Will you continue to treat the AS Smear and the unjustified purges- including the unjustifiable accusations of AS against Jewish non-ZIonists- as ” a small price to pay” for whatever just-barely-non-Tory things you think Starmer will do?

      The country isn’t right-wing enough to justify Starmer’s tactics, and getting Labour in only on “pro-business (i,e, Thatcherite) economic policies, pledged to balanced budgets (which can’t be created without massive austerity) isn’t anything at all. Nobody wants a change of government in name only, other than you, Steve.

      1. YAAAAWN!
        Spinporn “Policies” without Actions are NOTHING at all!
        Notable Neo-Labour Party TORY Actions:
        BlueKeef actively ran the office that got Julian Assange imprisoned, based on Lies, Threats, Ilegal Arrest in a foreign embassy and loopholing permissions for the embassy to be wired and bugged all for his American Masters. Thus handing Julian over on a silver platter to be executed by the Americans, for speaking the truth!
        Not that I need to go on:
        BlueKeef was the first to jump up and down about banning RT, blocking Freedom of Information from The PEOPLE!
        BlueKeef fully supports the war and was in Poland even before BoJoke!
        BlueKeef actively is against StopTheWar, recommended action to be taken against them.
        BlueKeef passed laws to lock up the poor for “Benefit Fraud” for 10 years!
        BlueKeef voiced his support and voted to lock up Climate Activists, and his anti-BLM stance on the removal of Racist and offensive Tw@ts on Plinths is overly telling no matter how many “black and brown” people he “helped”
        Mattinson’s campaign to target the “middle class and lose the undeserving poor” cements my stance on your Thatcherite Globalist Neo-Labour Party TORIES!
        There really are so much more Streeting, “we care deeply for the NHS, we don’t want to Privatise, not now not ever, but we are going to privatise” clrarly represents that Neo-Labour Party TORY’ policies are dog turds hiding in the park’s grass.
        Pollard and Reeves undivided support for Nazi Supporting Nancy Astor! Practically the entire Neo-Labour TORY Party supportive and active with Labour Friends of Apartheid. Reeves wants to make life even tougher for people, already struggling, on benefits, and does not believe anyone should be out of work, I wonder how many of us who can’t work will be killed by your Thatcherite Neo-Laboir TORY Party!? All thanks to sheer ignorance and arrogance of deluded entitled tw@ts, who know NOTHING about The PEOPLE!
        Which of these facts of your TORY PARTY do you agree with most, which of those would you like to flog off to us “UNDESERVING POOR” first!?

      1. Doug – I see you are still relying on childish playground taunts. Who is PWC?

    4. The Labour Party is no longer fit for purpose & has become a liability, working against the interests of working people.

    5. Not in the least surprised. Labour showing scant ‘respect’, to Audrey White, in a clumsy attempt to cover for a hack journalist.

      That’s one word of their ‘new’ three word slogan, ‘gone for a burton’. Down to two words, now.

  3. Audrey please don’t waste any more time or money on legal advice, just tell Starmer and Co. go **** themselves. How bloody dare he treat a fine honourable member like this. And to add a huge insult to injury to protect Harpin! Of all the stuff that has happened since Starmer lied to get the Leadership this is just the last in a long line of appalling treatment of of loyal, often lifelong, hardworking members but really does scrape the barrel. As someone in their 70’s it does sadden and anger me, but the Labour Party is finished.

    1. Julia, I believe Audrey has been offered the services of a barrister pro bono. Hence, taking Harpin to court isn’t going to cost her a penny. On the contrary it is either Harpin or the Labour Party the ones that will have to pay compensation to Audrey when she wins.

  4. It was a foregone conclusion Audrey would be expelled Starmer doesn’t like dissent. As for the party trying to save the shameful Harpin this is no surprise either. When it comes to briefing he appears to be the go to hack for someone in LOTO. In any case surely Audrey should have been told of her expulsion before that t**t was told.

  5. Solidarity Audrey! Take them to court for libel and take their money.
    The good news is that now that you are no longer a Party member you can openly campaign in favour of the former Labour Cllrs that abandon the rotten Labour Party to defend the decent people of Liverpool.
    You are a pensioner but in good health and active. Hence, plenty of time in your hands to canvass in favour of socialist candidates against rotten Labour ones.

    1. Do you mean the idiots who wanted to set am illegal budget, what did they hope to achieve.

      1. One imagines that they would have been trying to make a political point. For example to the effect that council workers needed an increase in pay to keep up with cost of living increases. Or that funding was desperately needed to keep vital services going.
        Thus putting the government (and its Starmerite shadow) in the position of having to cancel programmes and cut wages.
        Look up Lansbury, Poplar Council in I think it was 1921.

    2. Absolutely Maria, it is not the right of “Labour” vs the left of “Labour”, they are a Polar Opposite Parasite Party that infested killed, devoured and now occupy the dead dry skin of what once was the UK Labour Party.
      There is a War on The PEOPLE, all over The “Western” World and The PEOPLE must rise up for their rights. We can start by voting the Parasites out with the closest thing to a Socialist, forget Parties, we just need Socialists in that Sea of Globalist Neoliberals that is The House of Commons.
      They will all naturally have one thing in common, They Stand FOR The PEOPLE and NOT FOR Themselves or the Elitist Establishment! Talks of Parties etc can follow, but now VOTE THE PARASITES OUT!

      As far as I am concerned this is my plan of Action and how I will Campaign and Vote:
      Enemy 1: Sabotaging Globalist Neoliberal Neo-Labour Parasite Party TORIES!
      Enemy 2: Globalist Neoliberal Conservative Party TORIES!
      Enemy 3: Any other Flavour of Globalist Neoliberal TORY. ie NeoLib Dems!
      This is a battle of Globalist Neoliberalism VS The PEOPLE.
      VOTE IN: ANYONE who is NOT Globalist Neoliberal and who Stands and Speaks FOR The PEOPLE and NOT FOR Themselves OR Their Elitist Establishment Masters.

  6. Who is that entitled piece of shit, sitting next to BlueKeef and looking at Audrey like dogshit under her shoe!?
    I don’t condone violence, but here I do wish Audrey got hold of her head and bounced it off the table, a few times, as she gave BlueKeef a piece of mind.

    1. Yes, that struck me immediately too. None of them are fit to lick Audrey White’s shoes, for want of a better expression.

    1. No, I haven’t seen any account of her supposed expulsion in February. I doubt that it really happened and I’m certain that whatever reason they would have been given (had it happened) it would not stand against fair and normal criteria. He’s not likened to Joseph Stalin for nothing you know SteveH.

    2. Reply to Steve H
      You’ll probably need to ask Lee Harpin that. After all he seemed to know all about Audrey’s expulsion before she did.

  7. Harping with knowledge before the event on two occasions this week???

    Hmmm 🤔🤔🤔

      1. Quick to reply to me….but shy of posting on the latest thread regarding this, aren’t ya?

        Nonce apologist fantasist shithouse that you are.

      2. Quick to reply with Fart Bubbles, just like his Dear Leader and Master BlueKeef, but making a defence with facts or answering a question without Blowing Fart Bubbles!? No that is not Possible.
        Empty and Holloway like that Parasite Party of his, The Neo-Labour Party TORIES.
        They believe that their Middle Class votes will be enough, the “undeserving poor” black, muslim and “Fringe Jews” are not required!
        JFC will the Elitist Establishment just hurry up and put CheesyLiz in Nr10, so that BlueKeef can call a snap ellection!

  8. Labour’s so-called administration……
    They can’t even lie with credibility.
    Pathetic does not even come close to describing them.

    1. Given that they will be well aware that there will be an electronic audit trail, they are probably telling the truth about their admin failings

      1. qwertboi – It is difficult to see what they had to gain from this admin failure.

      2. Yes a genuine admin error would have had no advantage for Starmer, but this is probably not that thing. Thing is, just as retrospective proscription made sense to Starmer’s ‘forensic’ QC brain, so would this non-expulsion expulsion.

      3. qwertboi – As I said above there will be an audit trail.

      4. BlueKeef the dark master of Dissapearing Evidence, is in charge, and MrBlobby is equally masterful at dodgy, corrupt, vanishing acts.

    2. Do they really use the term “Fringe Jews”? So some “Jews” are acceptable whilst others deserve punishing?
      There is a historical precedent but now is not the time and Skwawky isn’t the forum to discuss this absolutely disgusting terminology.

  9. She was suspended in 2020 apparently –
    so why has it taken them 2 years to expel

    I think one of the many criticisms of the
    Labour Party in the Forde Report
    was the length of time it took to process

    Lets see now – there is a pattern to this.
    In November 2019 there was a ruling
    in the Courts that she was libelled by
    the Jewish Chronicle in 4 articles – and
    they subsequently apologised and she
    was paid damages (in Feb. 2020).
    In December 2020 the JC
    claims she was suspended from the
    Labour Party because of antisemitism:

    Some mistake surely because she was NOT?

    In July 2022 Lee Harpin claims she was not
    in the Labour Party when she shouted at
    Starmer –

    Another mistake I assume?

    A couple of weeks after she shouted at Starmer Labour
    Admin expel her – for belonging to illegal organisation ..

    Not sure who comes out of this worst – Starmer
    or Lee Harpin via the Jewish Chronicle ..

    Despite them saying they “really” expelled her in
    February you really would think they would
    revoke her removal so Starmer didn’t look petty ..?

    Hopeless ..

    Now this gives Gordon Brown a chance to butt in
    and point out his contrasting behaviour to the
    woman who button-holed him ..

  10. Atvtime of writing, wee nonce apologists had made 14 posts of 44 ( including this one)

    Most of them trying to mitigate for labour party shithousery, others sneering at people’s questioning of it.

    On the new thread – with evidence highlighted and explained by skwawkbox proving labour party shithousery – wee nonce apologist has made the grand total of one single post. A post asking me what I expect him to write.

    The measure of the party and the shithouses that infest it summed up succinctly.

    1. Toffee – I haven’t attempted to mitigate anything or anyone, I’ve simply pointed out the obvious.

  11. This is clearly a shameless attempt at deceit by the LP.
    Anyone who can not realise this is only left with one explanation, that the LP is spectacularly incompetent.
    It’s probably both.

  12. It makes no difference whether or not she
    was expelled in February for she said
    words to the effect of: “I am still in the
    Labour Party – for noone has told me

    All power to Audrey’s elbow – but have no doubt
    about it – someone else will pay any damages
    as they have before in respect of slander by

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