Video: Tory leadership debate halted as journalist collapses

Right-wing journalist Kate McCann’s off-camera collapse shocks Truss and stops debate

The latest Tory leadership debate has been halted by the off-camera collapse of Telegraph journalist Kate McCann, who was hosting the event:

Talk TV has said that Ms Ms McCann is ‘fine’ but the show was cancelled as a precaution.

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      1. That face when you find out steve h has been drafted onto your campaign team….

        Definitely worthy of a caption competition.

  1. This is what happens when you stand too close to a Tory without all your jabs and adequate PPE

  2. Hmm, I think I smell a set-up. Was either candidate losing badly at the time, does anyone know?

    1. Well I reckon the director came through McCann’s earpiece telling her she had a one hour interview with keef scheduled for tomorrow morning…

  3. Truss looked like the mess they’re making of the NHS all of a sudden dawned on her.

    Truss: Quick someone, phone for an ambulance, get her to an A&E.

    Audience: *groans* Don’t bother

    Sunak : Shall I ring for my private physician,..oh I forgot, he’s holidaying in Mustique.

    If there is one thing Labour and Starmer’s near silence over is unforgivable, it’s the dreadful mess the overstretched NHS is in. With long waiting lists, lack of ability to see a GP and staff shortages, exacerbated no doubt, by Brexit especially in the low paid care sector which was reliant on Eastern Europeans. Brexit,that Starmer’s suddenly championing, while fooling no one with his BNP-esque ‘flag in every shot’ antics.

    Given the parlous state of the NHS and mounting public anger, a more competent Labour party really would be 20pts ahead.

    Hope Ms McCann is feeling better btw, her fall sounded rough.

    1. Andy26/07/2022 AT 11:17 PM
      Truss looked like the mess they’re making of the NHS all of a sudden dawned on her.

      Most likely dawned on her that the Japanese are lactose intolerant – and the penny’s just then dropped that she got a shit deal off them because she demanded they lift tariffs on stilton and conceded loads of other stuff in return for a paltry £102,000 worth of the blue veined stuff, the gormless melt. .

  4. I’m just amazed they manage to remain conscious when they’re interviewing that greasy polygonal-headed drip, nevermind those two twunts.

  5. I hardly recognised kate McCann the Wigan warrior..,,if thats what working for Murdock does god help them.Truss looked pannicked for a person whos applying to have her finger on the button.I don’t watch TV and especially British TV which is difficult to get in this part of I wonder what the reaction will be about the old girl 👧showing her age?..thats Mcann not truss who clearly couldn’t give a monkeys if people were dropping like flies especially after the majority have been used as test subjects for big pharma who have no intention of doing proper research and testing when the new world order gave permission for treating humanity like lab rats.Maybe kate needs a booster jab?ITs going to be a “long” long covid as the monkey pox doesn’t seem to be a big hit for putting the frightners on so its back to the bio labs for the unelected world order with free delivery of gas now for Ukraine who now think seven billion a months too little and the comedian wants nine billion to expand his property portfolio in the states before “legging” it back to the mansion in Miami beach 🌴.
    ITs going to be a bitterly cold winter for many in europe and Britain but not half as bad for the fat cats of parliament were nothing is ever achieved and little real work ever done.I wonder if theyve let Biden out yet?

  6. Apparently the debate was much less virulent
    than the BBC one ..

    The woman fainted – it could be for all sorts of
    reasons – they say she is OK now.

    The commentariat say that Truss was quick off the
    mark – unlike Sunak – but that is a woman for you.
    Truss may be a dope but she does have an ability
    to think on her feet for some things .

    After hearing of the super- toxic environment both
    candidates have planned for asylum seekers
    my husband said “hmmm – they’ve joined
    the nasty party then ..”

    Truss uses the term “Project Fear” without irony
    – for that exactly describes Afghan Interpreters
    plus their families in hiding for months in terror
    of the Taliban waiting for visas from our Home
    Office and/or an opportunity to get to the UK
    somehow or other..

    Then there are LGBT asylum seekers fleeing
    from their home countries because of laws
    penalising them there in fear of being sent
    to Rwanda for the same reason.

  7. Truss may be a dope but she does have an ability
    to think on her feet… and talk out of her arse

    Fixed. 👍

    (Oh, and there’s no ‘maybe’ about it. truss is as thick as mince.)

    1. Toffee. Thats libdems for you twice as thick as mince and ahead of the game for trickery and scams.
      .Hate the buggers and with a venom that matches the labour leader.every time he pops up

      Truss started off with the libdems and defected when she was considered ruthless enough for the conservative and unionist party.and slept her way in?so they say?Amazing that anyone could fancy that weasel but there you are Torys love 💘a nasty barsteward.

      1. Apologies. ! .Kay burley….I am mistakenly thought…no wonder I thought she’d changed.McCann I don’t know anything about only that she faints after having to moderate a couple of Torys
        .Should have known it would take an old pie eater burley more than a couple of torys to shut her up.!
        .Definitely see a doctor if I was Mcann …… as she looks like shes feeding somthing..hope Mcann recovers from whatever shes got.!and did she have a booster jab?….if not maybe truss and sunnymak need one soon.!

  8. *The Conservative Party TORY hopefulls go off script and ends up bringing WW3 a little closer to home. Behind the scenes this happens.*

    Earpiece: Stop that debate!
    Earpiece: Stop it immediately, McCann! Earpiece: They’ve gone off script! Stop it FFS!
    McCann: *fiddles with earpiece*
    Earpiece: Do something, anything!
    McCann: Crash! Bang! Wallop!

  9. Sam Tarry will be in the spotlight today
    Change the Language
    The Labour party represents working people, the Tories feed greedy and poor employers
    How much has the Tory government put up prices, how much have you the taxpayer put into the pockets of greedy train companies
    When are we going to nationalise the Railways
    In meantime you cannot profit from Tory cost of Living Crisis
    You cannot raise prices more than wages
    Either give us a cost of living rise or freeze prices and profits
    When PWC sacks Sam, what happens

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