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Exclusive: possibly Starmer was signing visitors’ book – but if so, he took it out for another Memorial photo opp

Berlin Holocaust Memorial tells Skwawkbox visitors’ book is kept inside and only rarely allowed out of visitor information centre, deepening row over exploitation of memorial for photo opportunities

Earlier today, Skwawkbox reported on outrage at Keir Starmer appearing to use a stone at the Berlin Holocaust Memorial as a ‘desk’ while he wrote in a notebook. Some of his supporters claimed that he was writing in the memorial’s book of remembrance – and it’s possible that he was.

However, what his allies think might excuse him in fact inflames the row still further.

Skwawkbox called the Holocaust Memorial to ask where the book of remembrance is normally kept. Memorial staff told Skwawkbox that the book is kept inside the memorial’s visitor information centre and, while it might very occasionally be allowed outside, this would only be on request and the book would not be left outside for any length of time.

Outrage at Keir Starmer’s actions in Berlin was triggered by his exploitation of the Holocaust Memorial as a backdrop for a political campaign video, especially as the video doesn’t even mention the Holocaust. But now it appears that Starmer or his aides also took the book outside so that they could film him writing in it with the memorial in the background, rather than in the visitor centre where everyone else signs it if they wish to.

Starmer’s actions have already led to a vicious row between right-wing MPs and groups, with some MPs even claiming criticism of him is weaponising antisemitism – words that would see any left-wing MP suspended or expelled.

Now the excuse put forward by Mr Starmer’s fans in fact seems to indicate that the ‘repulsive‘ exploitation of the memorial as scenery was even more cynical than it looked to begin with.

Keir Starmer was contacted for comment.

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  1. Safest country in Europe for the Jewish Community thanks to JC and the Labour Movement
    Lowest level of racism against Jews is to accuse Jews of antisemitism
    Yair Lapid
    Israeli Foreign Minister
    That makes PWC the lowest form of anti semite
    Go back to Holocaust Memorial folk and ask them what they think about him accusing Jewish Members of AS to get them out of the party

  2. Isn’t it ironic that Hodge has now the face to defend Starmer and calls on what she perceives as political manipulation? Perhaps Corbyn was right some Zionist don’t understand irony.
    After all we know she is the most prolific complainer to the Labour Party on anti-semitism, many times the people she was complaining about weren’t even LP’s members. However, it didn’t stop her from demanding that Corbyn took action on her say so. No evidence that Hodge ever took her complaints to the Police for investigation Her disgraceful behaviour culminated in calling Corbyn a fck antisemite in front of witnesses.
    The least she could do, if she is interested in keeping a semblance of personal integrity, is to keep quiet and absent herself from defending Starmer’s fault pass. She had two choices:
    -Either ignore Starmer’s behaviour
    – Criticising Starmer’s behaviour
    Defending Starmer while lambasting others for similar and even smaller fault pass, exposed what she is: a person without an ounce of decency and zero personal integrity.

  3. Now would be a good time to put the same point to the CAA and Margaret Hodge and any of the other Cockwombles responsible for the AS Scam

  4. Deep in his soul he has no idea that what he did was offensive and insulting. I greatly appreciate that you highlight this disrespectful shamelessness in the man, SW. A sheynem dank

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