‘Repulsive’ Starmer in trouble as anti-Corbynites turn on each other over Holocaust Memorial ad

Former MP Smeeth accuses anti-Corbyn group of using antisemitism for political purposes as she scrambles to protect Starmer from CAA condemnation

Anti-Corbyn figures and groups are fighting among themselves today over Keir Starmer’s astonishing, narcissistic use of the Holocaust Memorial as a backdrop for a self-promoting political video – and at least one of them appears to have committed the same ‘sin’ that Starmer used as his excuse for kicking his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn out of the party.

Starmer has been rightly condemned today after he and Labour tweeted the ‘party political broadcast’ showing Starmer and his foreign affairs spokesman wandering through the Holocaust Memorial as Starmer rambled about telling German politicians how he’s going to make Brexit work – with leading German Jewish figures demanding to know what he thought he was doing using the memorial for his political videos without even mentioning the mass murder of millions of Jews.

And the CAA, the controversial charity that appeared to make the removal of Corbyn as Labour leader its mission, lambasted Starmer in similar terms in a tweet of a statement by its director Joe Glasman, who notoriously published a video after the 2019 general election boasting of how he and his allies had ‘slaughtered’ Corbyn. The statement reads:

“It is a matter of decency and long-established convention in Germany that you never stoop to using the Berlin Holocaust Memorial as some kind of a prop. But to incorporate the Memorial as the backdrop for a political clip that does not even mention the Holocaust is an insult.” CAA’s Joe Glasman

Cue Ruth Smeeth, the former right-wing Labour MP who regularly attacked Jeremy Corbyn and condemned left-wingers for saying Corbyn’s enemies were ‘weaponising’ antisemitism, to jump in. Smeeth published a tweet in which she accused CAA and others of ‘politicising’ complaints about Starmer’s insult to Jews to attack Starmer:

Ruth Smeeth says CAA’s accusations are ‘completely disingenuous and unfair’, despite Labour’s ban on questioning the motives or accuracy of antisemitism accusations

Jeremy Corbyn, of course, was reinstated by Labour’s national executive, which rightly concluded he had said nothing wrong when he suggested that some accusations of antisemitism were made for political reasons – and Keir Starmer then shredded Labour’s rules and the Equalities and Human Rights Commission’s strictures by withdrawing the party ‘whip’ from Corbyn.

Smeeth also praised Starmer’s record on ‘fighting antisemitism’. Left-wing Jewish members purged by the Starmer regime might well disagree.

Skwawkbox view:

Starmer recently lauded Ruth Smeeth’s return to the Labour party. It would be naive to expect he will apply the same standard to Ruth Smeeth, but the seriousness of his show of contempt for Jewish people and those murdered by the nazis is on show in the fight between people who united in their political hatred of his entirely non-antisemitic predecessor.

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