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Starmer, Lammy slammed for cynical ‘selfie’ video at Holocaust Memorial

Keir Starmer has been criticised for choosing to film a promotional video at the Holocaust Memorial, alongside his Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy:

Using the memorial as a backdrop for anything, particularly anything self-promoting, is considered utterly bad taste and Starmer has rightly been lambasted for it:

Despite the obvious offensiveness and narcissism involved in the decision to make and publicise the video, Starmer’s fans have pretzeled themselves to try to justify it, to justified derision:

And others have pointed out that Starmer is supposed to represent working people yet would run a mile rather than be seen on a picket line or in front of a memorial to them and their struggle:

Significantly, by appearing with Lammy in the video Starmer underlined his contempt for working people and their struggle. Earlier this month Lammy told the public he did not support striking workers and lied about the reason British Airways employees were taking strike action. Lammy was not disciplined by Starmer for the comments and Starmer’s appearance with Lammy in a campaign video so soon after them is a clear signal that Lammy’s views are entirely in line with Starmer’s own, despite the anger of Lammy’s local Labour party members.

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