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Corbyn more popular than Starmer or Blair, latest poll suggests

Keir Starmer still way behind Boris Johnson, despite repeated scandals and resignation

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is more popular than either Tony Blair or Keir Starmer, according to the latest YouGov poll, as the @leftiestats Twitter account has pointed out:

Corbyn’s popularity exceeds that of either version of Blair, despite continued foul smears against Corbyn both by politicians and the so-called ‘mainstream’ media and the laughably easy ride Starmer has received since he became Labour leader. And Starmer’s weakness ineffectiveness as notional ‘leader of the (non-)opposition’ is made even starker by the fact that his disgraced political opponent still sits at the top of the popularity ratings, way ahead of Starmer on a 30% positive rating.

Substance shows – and both the media and ‘Labour’ saboteurs are guilty of the fact that the country is still run by malignant buffoons while a sizeable chunk of the population can’t see anything better on the front bench opposite.

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  1. Wondering if Twitter is blocking positive tweets your Corbyn. Tried to post this 6 time and every time I get “Tweet failed” aĺI could do is retweet your post.

  2. People prefer authenticity in their Labour leaders.
    It’s sad that JC is up against a nonentity and a bona fide, certifiable, Establishment -anointed war criminal, who, in his pronouncements these days demonstrates a complete lack of any sense of political nouse. He really, really was very lucky.

  3. Just think Corbyns more popular than all of em and he didnt have to bribe anyone with over half a million to say that?…Jeremy has never been bankrolled by outside foriegn groups ..hes never took a bung or drank himself into oblivion and hes always wanted to make life easier for the working class.Wouldn’t it be great if he was PM?…oh forgot the labour party nobbled and cobbled him and threw him out for defending the labour party against Antisemitism smears?….Would any decent person bankroll such a party as that?Never mind its water under the bridge…do we forgive and forget all of those that have been ruined by this obscene labour party?..Idont and never will forget and never forgive..IF Sir Keir Starmer a fanatic is allowed to get near the red button he will destroy the country…he must be stopped for goodness sake!

  4. There is usually a reason that people don’t link to the original data, particularly when literally half the original data is missing.

    1. There’s a reason you won’t criticise keef for ordering party members to vote against allowing poor children a free school meal…

      Quick enough to post on a thread showing Corbyn’s.more popular than keef, though. 😙🎶

      That’s the same Corbyn you voted for TWICE.

      But you wouldn’t now…. He’d feed hungry children.

      Oh of course, you’d feed children too…..To the rottweiler next door.

      Wrong ‘un.

      1. There’s a reason you won’t criticise keef for ordering party members to vote against…

        Sorry…meant abstain…Which is – to all intents and purposes- the same as voting against allowing kids a meal. The result was the same because of keefs’ shithousery and toerag-inspired callousness

      2. Toffee, The Starmer Turd needs polishing, a pointless and fruitless exercise. But the salary has to be justified.

      3. “That’s the same Corbyn you voted for TWICE.”
        He must be the only Thatcherite Neoliberal Parasite Neo-Labour Party TORY who actually voted for The UK Labour Party. All the rest of that toxic well planned, well executed and perfectly resulted MSM Sheeple FBPE, 2ndRef, PV – BLiar, Mandelson and Campbell Remoaner SpinPorn Bandwagon said that they voted Neoliberal Democrat.
        STATISTICALLY that seems flawed, as it was the Conservatives who got the excess/influx votes, not the Neolib Dems. Smells like ‘Kippers’ around there!
        TORY is as TORY DOES!

    2. I have just got back from the market in Le ann and seen the fuel price drop along with sterling…so this manufactured pain from the unelected western world order effects us.Food remains roughly the same and the locals seem to swallow the loss on fuel and imported items like milk and dairy products which are not normally the staple foods for the khmer people Why is it people in business here share the pain whilst in the West its “we cant afford to share the wealth you peasants provide for us” ?I think that the article above this certainly fastens onto what most of us thought that Durham police have been “influenced or nobbled by the labour leader himself and another report on the criminals activities buried.Thanks to Steve Walker of Squawkbox for sticking your neck out.A brave and courageous bit of journalism rarely seen in todays manufactured lies…..Starmer and Rayner are as bent as a nine bob note and god help us if he and her get a sniff of real power.
      …Noted Steve H davidh of the multiple aliases is keeping” stum “which is a sure sign that the squawkbox is onto somthing….Note mr Johnson and Tory candidates make a name for yourselves and bury these two labour party obscenitys.

      1. Anything that has the weirdo media whore ed bollocks as the 2nd most popular politician (he isn’t even a politician but a weirdo who thinks it ok to make it compulsory to teach five year olds about sex) can’t be taken seriously, I’m afraid.

        And then of course there’s keef on 22%. That’s ten times more than know who he is within the Labour party ffs.

      2. Whilst I have no doubt JC could be the figurehead for a Socialist party and bring Unions, 100’s of thousands of members and millions of supporters in on day one


        You have to ask what on earth was the question that gave you Mini Trump as the most popular politician

      3. I recently came across the following observation in an article which was referencing Dostoyevsky’s “Notes from the Underground.”

        It reminds me of someone for whom the description fits perfectly.

        “This Underground Man, this petty, bitter, miserly, resentful, selfish, pitiful, entitled, cruel, deeply unpleasant and frankly miserable… man finds disgusting satisfaction in little acts of petty nastiness, as he perversely enjoys stewing in self-imposed misery and figurative self-flagellation over every perceived slight, building exquisite mountains out of molehills. Underground Man thrives on humiliating others, when not thriving on self-humiliation and self-loathing, even as he assumes that everyone else is beneath his miserable but clearly enlightened and misunderstood self.”

    3. What’s missing?
      This is your Unverified Billionaire Pollsters’ results after all. Reported by your StatsForLefties, do tell!
      As nice as it is to see Corbyn at the top of the “Labour” poll, it means NOTHING!
      Isn’t it odd that Johnson is still heavily criticised, by the public, for all his failings, but then tops such a poll along with Sturgeon in second place?
      Reminds me of the guy who gets chased out of towns, sneaks in the stage door for MSM debates, hides in fridges, refuses interviews and quits campaigning midway through his GENERAL ELLECTION Campaign VS The guy who gets greeted by 1000s of well-wishers wherever he goes, relentlessly runs up and down the country campaigning to 1000s, takes part in all MSM interviews, debates etc and despite everything goes on to lose the GE!
      I doubt that many SHEEPLE would have known anything about Johnson or Corbyn, bar the MSM, Pollster, MSSM False narratives and exposures.
      This is SHEEPLE fodder, utter bollocks gone a bit egg on the Face of the Elitist Establishment.
      One slipped through the net, like September 2015. A happy accident.

    4. “There is usually a reason that people don’t link to the original data, particularly when literally half the original data is missing”

      Or the data doesn’t support the claimed meaning… 😀 or they (the data) do not exist or are not as claimed..

  5. I used to joke that Stammer couldn’t win a popularity contest with Attila the Hun. It turns out he could beat Ed Davey.

  6. Is this really worthy of an article? Stats for Lefties has so massaged those included that it is really rather meaningless.
    The rankings based on popularity (rather than competency or anything else) are
    1 Boris Johnson 30%
    2 Ed Balls 28%
    3 David Blunkett 26%
    4 William Hague 26%
    5 Rishi Sunak 26%
    6 Andy Burnham 25%
    7 Angela Rayner 25%
    8 Lindsay Hoyle 25%
    9 Nicola Sturgeon 25%
    10 Gordon Brown 25%
    11 John Major 25%
    12 Theresa May 24%
    13 Dominic Raab 24%
    14 Rory Stewart 24%
    15 Jeremy Corbyn 24%
    16 Nigel Farage 23%
    17 Keir Starmer 22%
    18 David Steel 22%
    19 Sadiq Khan 22%
    20 Ed Miliband 22%

    If you place any credence in it, then I wouldn’t use it as the basis to suggest Corbyn (or indeed Starmer) should be running a party. Boris, obviously, is famed for his parties.

    1. This poll must have been extremely badly constructed if it had Ed Balls as being more popular than syphilis.

      1. Whahhah, exactly!
        This was probably pooled 65+ Mail Sun, Guardian, Express anti-Socialist readers. With one or two slipped through the net.
        A Farse, our Nation has been turned into a Farce of SHEEPLE!

    2. Looking at that list, who of the top selection has ever had leading votes/polls apart from the Over-Propagandised BoJoke?
      Honestly how many SHEEPLE even know who David Blunkett and Ed Balls are! Lyndsey fucking Hoyle FFS!
      Where did they pool this thing, the house of lawds!?
      These Polls, the MSM, MSSM and MS Internet is now nothing more than a sick joke!
      This is what happens when the ‘sellect few’, inbreeds and filthy rich play with all the money, and The PEOPLE turn into their SHEEPLE and do sweet nowt about it.

    1. Keep it small
      Hundreds of CLP’s threatening legal action is a lot more time consuming and expensive
      When you live that close to the edge’ it doesn’t take much to push you over
      Who is responsible for Bankrupting a Political Party, who goes to gaol, is hit with the cost’s

      1. Doug, I’m looking forward to seeing the latest set of accounts when they get released for Conference in September….The last were bad enough. Labour is basically bankrupt, and it’s getting worse.

      2. baz2001
        Should be getting a set of Management Accounts at every meeting so they can take action if there is a problem
        Never heard a squeak from any of them

      3. Doug, they’re keeping that quiet aren’t they? This is a quote from Akehurst……I laughed out loud when I read it…

        ““We are down to the bones of our funding & staffing, thru burning millions of pounds on legal cases, failed festivals and indulgence. Our job on the NEC is making sure the Labour Party is at a point where it has the money to run the best General Election campaign” –

        They cannot hide the new accounts forever because they have to lodge them with the Electoral Commission.

  7. I haven’t a clue what the Sera affair is about –
    or even what Sera is ..

    and yes I agree the accounts of the Labour Party are
    in a mess because of mis-spending ..

    On the other hand the way the Labour Party is
    organised is byzantine at the best of times!

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