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BBC lets non-Irish officer insult ‘irrational’ ‘Micks’

Smug commentary to Jubilee parade angers Irish people

The BBC’s commentary on part of its coverage of the Jubilee celebrations has angered Irish people by allowing, unchecked and unchallenged, the non-Irish former ‘Private Secretary to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’ to quote a non-Irish figure insulting ‘irrational’ ‘Micks’ serving in the Irish Guards

Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton – Anthony James Moxon Lowther-Pinkerton, to give him his full handle – chatted happily about the ‘Micks’ and quoted Lawrence of Arabia about the supposed innate ‘irrational tenth’ of Irish people as the BBC pursued its basically non-stop coverage of the royal shindig:

Pinkerton may have served in the Irish Guards, but he was brought up in Suffolk and educated at Eton. TE Lawrence or Lawrence of Arabia, whose sweeping generalisation of Irish people Lowther-Pinkerton quoted, was Welsh.

The reaction of Irish viewers was not hard to fathom:

And in case anyone was still unsure why it was offensive, Irishman Tory Fibs gave a handy explainer:

This is not the BBC’s first time around the casual racism block. At the queen’s 90th birthday celebrations, a BBC guest regaled other guests with a jolly tale of her madge comparing a foreign ambassador to a gorilla. The story was embarrassing enough even in 1967 that the queen banned the broadcasting of a clip of her saying it, but the BBC – despite the obvious discomfort of black musician – had no such qualms.

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      1. Any irish organization that refers to members as “micks” should be disbanded or change the name. Call it the Wiltshire Guards or the Cotswold guards and refer to the men as “micks”

      2. benmadigan – Are you either a serving or ex Irish Guardsman who is offended by this nickname or are you just choosing to be offended on their behalf without bothering to ask them whether or not they confer with your outrage.

      3. Even greater buffoonery than usual – The point is not that the term is offensive to the “Irish” Guards. It is a pejorative term for the Irish as a whole and is, therefore, offensive to all Irish people and to those who have equal respect for all ethnicities. It is especially so when it is used by an English upper middle-class twit.

      4. Two Cheeks
        Are you a waste of space or do you serve a purpose

        A Foreman i worked with sacked a man on the spot for calling him a fucking Irish Bastard, he said afterwards if he had called him a fucking bastard the lad would still have his job

  1. I should have thought the assertion that 90% of the Irish being rational would put them way ahead of Britons who voted Bojo, Americans who voted Trump & French who voted fascist + Hungarians for Orban.

  2. Disgusting racism on the BBC and people should put in official complaints.
    The brilliant Bernadette Devlin once I think got it slightly wrong when she said “The bad guys won” when it could be argued the Irish beat British imperialism and won 75% of the land.
    Perhaps a few political nincompoops still haven’t got over it, and you never know, one day?

  3. Its about time the law was changed and we were no longer forced to pay a licence fee to the BBC. They are a biased untruthful and frequently unscrupulous entity, whose bosses, presenters and “celebrities” are vastly overpaid and are generally incompetent. Many of their political commentators are openly Tory supporters.
    Therefore the fact that the BBC broadcasts the sort of disgusting casual racism referred to should be a surprise to nobody – this is the broadcaster which failed to take action against serial sex abusers like Saville, Rolf Harris and Gary Glitter among others ,the broadcaster which tricked a vulnerable woman, Princess Diana, into participating in what was a disaster of an interview for her and which brought about the end of her marriage and indirectly the end of her life, the broadcaster which vilified and lied about Jeremy Corbyn and the left every day for years and did everything it could to help this appalling Tory government into power and keep it there.
    The BBC is a national disgrace.

    1. Smartboy, stop watching it. If you aren’t watching the BBC or live TV, you don’t need a license. Just make sure the TV isn’t tuned to any of those channels in case they send the Gestapo around to check.

      It’s not a disgrace. It’s an effective tool. A weapon of mass destruction.

      The Sun or BBC1. Whats the difference?

      Typical Guards officer. A prick. Guards churn out great RSMs though.

    2. Thanks for the good advice Never Voting Labour Again – might try that.
      Also you are spot on about the BBC, the S*n and the officer concerned.

      1. Has anybody heard Jason read the Frost books on youtube? There is one story, I forget which, he speaks in his view of how a black detective would. it’s just obnoxious. It would be out of place at Jim Davidson’s gig. It’s demeaning, it’s how a treasure can say and do what he wants, no matter how unpleasant and be grandly enriched and ennobled. No doubt he’ll get the platinum bollocks for his efforts in the theatre. Add a special event, take out onion when his wheelchair-bound ( just for the night) relative spews a load of shite about injured rabbits, nurses, fucking masks, and ukie nazi heroes. Hand it over or we’ll nick you and impoverish your families.

  4. Anyone who’s ever listened to a discussion between a Westminster politician, and an Irish politician – about Brexit, the EU, The Good Friday Agreement, or, the N.I. Protocol – knows which side the ‘irrationality’ is coming from.

    I wish we could swap some of those Irish politicians – Mairead McGuinness for Liz Truss. Simon Coveney for David Frost. Neale Richmond for Dominic Raab – or any other of the many useless and irrational people sitting on the government benches – and opposition benches – in Westminster

    There’s a long list of useless Westminster politicians I’d like to swap, but you get the picture.

    As for Anthony James Moxon Lowther-Pinkerton, f*ck him – the effete, casual little racist that he is.

  5. To be serious about this a few insults are part of being Irish under British rule.IF only it stopped at that nobody would worry too much as bigotry and hatred take time to cure.and need a good education in a open and free society of which the British don’t this moment in time.
    The current jubilee celebrations are a sign of everthing thats wrong with Britain and the archaic system the subjects try to exist.within.People going hungry and the vulnerable punished by even less money to exist on.The fact that people of the establishment with a head of state the queen ridicule the character of the irish Catholic or black people to monkeys and all the slitty eyed peasants comes as no surprise and is only to be expected from those that worship the Crown 👑.No worries lets just hope that they don’t start murdering us again in our own country…..God bless the working class everywhere.

    1. This is clearly an English problem which has been exported widely outside these islands resulting in this same attitude being widespread throughout the West

      As explained here:

      “They lack the elementary decorum necessary to engage peers in respectful manners. Ok, superciliousness, fueled by racist arrogance, might partly explain why they behave so, but we cannot discount the possibilities that they simply lack the education, the culture, and the home training required for civilized behavior, especially in encounters with other cultures….

      …The question needs to be asked how the Collective West ended up with the current gaggle of clowns holding positions of responsibility?….

      ….There is little doubt the arrogance of the Collective West is fueled by ignorance which is a result of the poor quality of the education produced by the ideological institutions the West call universities, which have been transformed from places of rigorous learning into ones that produce only selfish, self-centered, narcissistic, hedonistic ideologues who are incapable of any thought beyond the ME!….

      ….Education reflects the mental attitude of the people. A society that recognizes neither wrong nor right, truth or falsehood cannot produce upright people who are capable of subjecting their thoughts and actions to deep reflections and applying the necessary breaks to curb their animalistic impulses…..

      …..A system of education that teaches everything about personal freedom but remains silent on responsibilities, basic values, and respect for elders and institutions cannot but produce self-seeking, self-affirming narcissistic individuals who will regard any suggestion or notion of rights of others as personal assaults.”

      As a society we have a lot of catching up to do before we can consider ourselves ‘civilised.’

      The current four days of sycophantic forelock tugging towards an Oligarch – who recently advertised for a housekeeper post on or less than minimum wage – and the feudal system upon which they sit and which still rules us and calls all the shots simply demonstrates the reality of our collective mental slavery.

      1. I recognise very little in my Education that
        resembles the link – not
        that I always live up to it Im afraid.

        Everything I have been taught tells me I
        should listen to and respect others. In
        fact I was taught that anyone telling lies
        in an argument reveals the paucity of
        their argument. This goes for using bad
        language, insulting behaviour too. I
        was always taught too to not be afraid
        of pulling apart the arguments of others –
        a lecturer at University said “That is what
        we teach you to do ” when a student
        apologised for arguing with him..

        Now someone behaving badly might lead
        us to think it is their Education which is at
        fault .. However I would be reluctant to blame
        it .. For example I was always taught in
        my Catholic Social Studies RE classes
        that to every freedom there is a
        responsibility. These classes were good -we
        certainly argued with our teachers and each

        In the case of bad behaviour sometimes
        their parents are at fault -or sometimes
        no-one .. for a person can reject what he
        or she was taught – or be caught up in
        a cult. However even the worst of people
        is capable of change.

        Certainly – the MSM sometimes sets a
        very bad example telling lies etc.. or
        does not check because of laziness.
        Then there is “fake news” and conspiracy

        I cannot say that Russians are better or worse
        than anyone else – I have always found Russian
        scientists well informed about their science .. but
        that is obvious! In other areas they differ .

        However I must differ about “Russians making
        mincemeat of the Armies trained by the West”.
        For good or ill that is just not true in general.
        They are however making headway now by
        bombing towns and cities to smithereens – as in
        Chechnya 20 years ago. In fact this is just
        as Guernica and Coventry were bombed by
        the Nazis – and as some German Cities were
        bombed by the British.

  6. C’mon Skwawkie leave the royals alone…

    If you don’t think Prince Charles will advance the class struggle you’re possibly not understanding social democracy correctly from a Marxist viewpoint.

    Not a famous quote from that author of : How to stop Fascism with Fascism.

  7. On another note, we have just had the spectacle of a real life pirate swinging from the Tyne Bridge
    Mr Depp put out a message thanking his solicitors, a local firm going by the name of Messrs Hadaway and Shyte

  8. Grow a skin! What do you expect from the BBC; from Monarchy & military who serve as politician’s muscle. Let them draw attention to their ignorance ;their stupidity & their lack of courtesy. They are a personifiation of everything I despise so let them show ‘their true colours’. They are the establishment who despise the poor & anyone else not educated @ public school. These are the judges & the CEOs of our society, the Executive & the Judiciary (aka Big Tree/Small Axe Bob Marley), let them speak to know who they are & the contempt for us that they feel. This is beyond Racism.;

  9. To be fair to QE2 she deeply regretted that
    comment and straight after asked for any
    recording of it to be deleted ..

    Whatever the case – badly done to David Jason
    for repeating it.

    As for the “Mick” nomenclature – yes it is
    offensive and on a par with offensive names
    for Italians, Chinese .. and the “monkey”
    reference too.

    Getting back to the Irish – my grandfather (of
    Irish ancestry) used to talk of “Paddy” – referring
    to an Irish person of independence who would not
    stand for any nonsense – hence “Paddy jokes” ..

    1. I was born in Bristol but my father was an Irish ‘Pikey’ Traveller & my mother’s family were Taffies ie born closer to the river Taff but when I 1st arrived in Liverpool in 1976 everyone call ed me a ‘Cockney’! Now that really hurt..

      1. Now “Pikey” is an offensive word to travellers –
        in spite of it being used as a diminutive for
        “Private Pike” .. in the BBC TV series
        “Dads Army”. I guess the BBC did not
        know about the offensiveness of the word-
        I must say I didn’t

        Regarding accents – when I started work in
        the South East I was asked to “tone down
        my Northern accent ” as students had
        problems understanding me!

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